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Go here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select your operating system (i.e. Windows 98, Windows 2000 etc.). Then click the red download button in step 3. A file download box will come up. Select save this program to disk. Click okay. A dialog box will open. Select desktop from the save in menu and click okay. Once the file is completed look at your desktop. A file by the name of something like ar505enu.exe will be on the desktop. Double click and follow the installation instructions.

Helpful Links:
The Dark Tower
Hostboard 2
The EZBoard Dark Tower (The Backup Plan)

Hostboard 2 is up and running! The Hostboard 2 link will take you to the New Dark Tower. Thanks.

Miscellaneous Goodies:
How to Curse on Censored Message Boards
HTML Color Codes

Useful Free Software:
Pop-Up Stopper
Spyware Detector

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