IBM-DTLA A5AA-A6AA Firmware Update

(60GXP/IC35L0xxAVER07 owners: see related links!)


Deskstar 40GV, 5400rpm Deskstar 75GXP, 7200rpm
DTLA-305010 (10.2 GB) DTLA-307015 (15.3 GB)
DTLA-305020 (20.5 GB) DTLA-307020 (20.5 GB)
DTLA-305030 (30.7 GB) DTLA-307030 (30.7 GB)
DTLA-305040 (41.1 GB) DTLA-307045 (46.1 GB)

DTLA-307060 (61.4 GB)

DTLA-307075 (76.8 GB)

* While S.M.A.R.T. offline scan running in background, a read error could
cause a potential failure. This is corrected with current microcode.

* (A5AA/A6AA) will detect and prevent application specific usage patterns
that cause excessive dwell times in particular areas.

Before downloading these files here take a look at the mirrors below (and use them)! - 1.38 MB - 0.70 MB

After download remove the .zip extension and unpack with RAR archiver.

Update instructions:

DFT-Firmware-Update.pdf - 0.06 MB


- #1 -

Mirrors of the update as one file (not splitted!)

- #1 -
- #2 -
- #3 -

dtlaupdt.tar.gz - disk image for Linux - 1.10 MB

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