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Hey I'm Robyn and welcome to my Draw the Line pics page. These are all my pics that i have taken of the boys so far! You all prolly came to this page thru my Newie Bands Site. Thanx for making the time to visit my site! Cheers!
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from certain gigs.
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4th October
19th October
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If you see a pic or two  that i have taken which you would love to have on your site feel free to email me and i will send u the pic! But please don't steal my pics as if they are yours! Cos... I know where u live!
last updated 12 January 2002
*******Updates: I've added my pics from Cambridge 7th Feb And also be adding a feature of your pics of DTL so if you have a pic or two of DTL and would love to have them online send em to me... email me below!!!********
9th January 02
7th February 02