When we see the this world, try to feel the beauty of the creator who made each of it on special purposes.  Feel deeply and see where we are ..... How so tiny we are compare to the creatures but what a wonderfull that there is a big thing that THE Creator wants us to do.
Dedie Tooy
Research Interest
Hi..I am Dedie Tooy.  I am a lecturer at Agricultural Faculty,  Sam Ratulangi University, Agricultural Engineering Study Program, Manado, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. I am now pursuing Doctor's degree at Osaka Prefecture University, Laboratory of Bioinstrumentation, Control and System Engineering, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences.
Seminars & Training
Sam Ratulangi University
It is well known Government University in North Sulawesi Province which has been broadened to be international institution in development of Indonesia. It has 9 Schools; Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering, Animal Husbandry, Fish & Marine Sciences, Law, Social & Politics, Economics and Letters.  
Bunaken Island
Agricultural Faculty
Traditional House
Sea of Manado
It has 5 Departments :
1. Agricultural  Technology
2. Soil Sciences
3. Pest and Disease of Plant Sciences
4. Agricultural Economics
5. Agronomy
Coconot tree
Agrictultural Technology Department
Children's Easter Parade
in front of Agricultural
Technology Dept.
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My Department; Agricultural Technology has two Study Programs;
Agricultural Engineering,
Agricultural Product Technology

This Department has special outstanding future which started in 2003, when  the two study programs had awards to develop the academic environment, nationally even internationally by cooperation and collaboration and some other opportunities pursuing more higher qualification by competitive project TPSDP-ADB-Dikti.  These awards grant the development of Study programs for 4 years period of time, and were obtained by competitive selection among  many study programs in Indonesia for 2 years period of selection.

This department has 42 Lecturers, where 4 are already in Doctor degree with high qualification and almost all the rest are in Master Degree.  Several are pursuing higher degrees by The TPSDP-ADB-DIKTI project at :
1.  Osaka Prefecture University, Japan             (Agricultural Eng./Dr)
2.  Quensland University, Australia                  (Agricultural Prod.Tech/Dr)
3.  Gajah Mada University, Indonesia               (Agricultural Prod.Tech/Dr)
4.  Southern Quensland University, Australia,   (Agricultural Eng./Master)
5.  Western University, Perth, Australia,          (Agricultural Eng./Master)