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  Hello and welcome to Troop 665's home page. We hope this will come in handy to answer any questions you may have about our troop and the Girl Souts and Leaders that make the "GREATEST" Troop in our area.
    We have been functioning as a Troop since early March of this year. We are a Troop that is made up of 9 GREAT girls and 2 Hard working Leaders. We have made it through 2 ceremonies and many badge ceremonies, and we are looking at many more to come!!
     Our girls right now are doing their Troop banner and getting ready for the Halloween holiday and they are very excited about it. We are a Troop that believes in Family and we practice it in everything we do. From Parents talking to the Leaders about school work to dealing with oh so troublesome problems of our girls growing up.
     We believe that all things are possible in this life and as a Troop. We practice using our Promise and Law for everyday events and when making that "VERY IMPORTANT" decision. Without the use of those two very important things we would never be as strong as a Troop as we are today.
      So if you find yourself or someone you know that would love to have the advantage of being a part of this wonderful thing we call Troop 665 and to all of us who are already there we call it HOME. Clink on the join button below to find out how.

                                                Thank you,