Primal Agony Down.To.Size Interview


Interview done by me @ the August 16th Hampton Park Gig

(Interview done with responses from different members)


What year did you guys form?

We started as a 3-Piece band in 1998 with Dr. playing Guitar, D-Cup playing Bass and Akshn playing Drums (Duhh!). In 2000 Marcus joined to be the Vocalist.

Who’s idea was it to start a band?

It was kind of a mutual decision between D-Cup and Dr. to start off as the 3-piece with Akshn as well.

What music influences did you grow up with?

We grew up with different influences but all listened to a bit of Punk as well. Some other bands included Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera and Blink 182.

Favourite all-time band?

Dr. : Deftones

D-Cup : Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Best Gig Ever seen?

Cus: Vision of Disorder

D-Cup: Metallica

Dr. : Faith No More

Best Gig ever played?

The best show we have played was at the Annandale for an underage show on the Superheist 'Full Speed Ahead' Tour during 2002. The worst gig was in Canberra on the same Tour.

Down.To.Size Goals? (play at BDO, your own national tour etc)

The goal of DTS at the moment is to probably make it International and get a break over in the States.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic drink?

Dr. : Sustagen and Milk all the way!

Favourite Alcoholic drink?

Dr. : Crownies (all the way!)

D-Cup : Jack Daniels

Biggest set back for band?

We have been pretty lucky and haven't had many set backs in the last 18 months. A set back was the Canberra gig we played, it was like a big chunk of concrete with only a bit of dust to watch us, nobody lives there!

Biggest break (step forward) for the band?

The biggest break for us would have been when we got signed to Shock Records in November 2001.

Favourite DTS song?

Dr. : Stand Over

AKSHN : Stand Over, don't steal my song Nick! (laughs)

Best Aussie Band, apart from DTS?

Dr. : Karnivool, Cog

Cus: Cog

Who has the best Mullet you've ever seen? (requested by Tommy)

D.W Norton (Superheist) would have to take out the prize for that, with Dr. a close second.