Small Project Page
Here are some projects I have done.  Updated 12-23-04 
Cordless Drill Holder
It isn't fancy, but it works.
This is my solution for a cordless drill holder.  It is made out of 4" pvc pipe.
Oak and Pine Routed  Letter Barn Signs
Here are two signs I have made. The one directly below is from a red oak board thatI cut with my Alaskan chainsaw mill and the other one is from a 2 X 12 X 12 treated pine board.  I dried the oak board in my solar kiln down to about 12% since it is for outdoor use.  I used a 1/2" core box bit to cut the letters with my router in the oak board and a 3/4" core box bit on the treated board.. 
I used my Dremel tool to engrave the horse detail on either side of the lettering.  I then applied Flood UWF-UV wood protector over Minwax golden oak stain on the oak sign (left) and left the pine board (right) untreated.
Belt and Hat Storage System
This is a belt/hat/key rack that I made from some eastern red cedar, walnut and hickory.  The back section came from a 22 inch cedar log that was salvaged from a location where a local convenience store was being constructed.  It is actually two 11" pieces glued together with biscuits.  The shelf is made from a piece of hickory that was a scrap from the bed I made.  The horseshoe is made of walnut from a board I have had and can't remember how I ended up with it.  The "hat hooks" are old buggy steps, key hooks are 3/4" brass cup hooks and the belt hooks are coat hooks I got at the local big box.
Here is one made from white oak.  The shelf is made from red oak and the horse shoe is made from walnut.
Oak pot rack
This is the very first item I made with wood cut from my homemade chainsaw mill.  It is hanging from the ceiling secured into the ceiling joists with 6" eyebolts and chain.  The eyebolts on the pot rack are 4".  I used silver coat hooks for the pot handle hooks and 3/4" eye bolts with hooks hold the smaller items on the lattice work.  It is currently holding an assortment of 12 pots and pans, the picnic basket, a strainer and bread basket.
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