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Abstract photos
My name is Duane Birkey and I'm the photographer for radio station HCJB, The Voice of the Andes.

Ecuador is truly a beautiful country and within its borders is an incredible diversity of life, people and landscapes that provide thousands of photographic opportunities.

Each month I plan to add a new page focusing on some aspect of Ecuador. But this month, I've decided to share some of my personal photography.

I am often asked what type of photography I enjoy most. As the photographer for HCJB, I am asked to shoot all sorts of subjects in many different situations. While I really enjoy the variety, my answer tends to change based on my most recent experience. So I tend to avoid giving a specific answer. Those who are persistent will ask me what kinds of photographs I take when I'm not shooting for anyone else. I have always enjoyed abstract photography. I think I now enjoy it even more as it is completely opposite of my day-to-day work. For me it is my personal photography; the kind of work that I do just for fun and to relax. I hope that you will enjoy it too.

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