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In Bangladesh, unlike global context, the disciplinary orientation of Anthropology traces its history back to early nineties while the University of Dhaka took the pioneering lead in popularizing Anthropological knowledge in understanding social realities. Though Anthropological enterprise in Bangladesh is of relatively recent origin, the Department, during this short period, is highly motivated to develop a research infrastructure in Bangladesh through producing professionals by providing intensive training, on the one hand, and developing professional and scientific collaborations, on the other hand, transcending disciplinary, institutional, geographic and national boundaries.


The Department of Anthropology at the University of Dhaka was established on December 03, 1992 and the first course was offered in the autumn of 1993. The Bachelor of Social Science and Master of Social Science Degree in Anthropology were first awarded in 1996 and 1997 respectively. Thenceforth, the Department has been one of the major sources of professional anthropologists in Bangladesh with its continuing commitment to produce explorers of social realities, as well as to build capacities for the application of anthropological knowledge to approach contemporary development concerns.


Despite its moderate life span, the Department of Anthropology at DU has become highly ranked and reputed both nationally and internationally. The learning and sharing opportunities are further enhanced by the Department's joint research programs with other research units of international excellence in both home and abroad. The Department is noted for its strength in Sociocultural Anthropology, at large, along with significant accomplishments in specialized areas like the anthropological study of traditional societies, urban societies, ethnic minorities, modernity, religion and symbolism. Since inception in 1992, the Department is persistently functioning to establish a research infrastructure in Bangladesh for an international community of scholars that would facilitate the sharing of experience and information in anthropological research. The Department believes that the theoretical learning in the classroom is not adequate which is to be complimented by learning from the people directly through gaining firsthand experience as well as sharing of experience with other professionals of home and abroad.








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