Welcome to DUNE REVENANT, a FAN FICTION continuing the tradtion of Frank Herbert's DUNE Saga since 1996. Before there were prequel books, fans of Dune always wondered what took place after the sixth book of the original Frank Herbet saga. I set out to write DUNE REVENANT as one of those fans.  For several years I researched and wrote, my mantra being, "Where would FH have taken us next?"

DUNE REVANANT takes place thousands of years after the events in Chapterhouse: DUNE, where the mysterious SPICE DREAMERS are looking back into the folds of history.

Sheeana is the first human to truley know Leto's Golden Path, will she lose her humanity as a result? Is it possible to explore why Duncan Idaho is such a pivotal being? Who are the Master Face Dancers? Was there a Tleilaxu plot for a ghola Mua'Dib from the cells in Scytales nullentropy tube?


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-William Mitchell

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