DWoK in the Middle School
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Welcome to the world of Different Ways of Knowing!

Our site offers lesson plans and information to help you successfully use DWOK in the middle school, grades 7-8, classroom. 

Please join us as we look at math, science, and language arts through a DWOK lense.

The authors of this page are practicing classroom teachers in grades 7 and 8 at Ronan Middle School, Ronan, Montana. 

Shawn Harris, harris@ronan.net, is a seventh grade math teacher, currently using Different Ways of Knowing and Math Thematics (STEM) in her classroom.

Shawnda Zindler, zindler@hotmail.com, is a seventh grade science teacher, currently using Different Ways of Knowing and the integrated science program, Science Plus.

Crystal Pitts, cpitts@ronank12.edu, is an eighth grade language arts teacher, currently incorporating Different Ways of Knowing throughout the language program at Ronan Middle School.

This page was last updated on 06/11/00.

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