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(note the remarkable incidence of the number 7)

Since Adam lived 112 generations ago, this would make Adam our 112th ancestor; (since according to scripture there were 63=9x7 generations to Messiah; and from then on, another 49=7x7 40 year generations to 1960 ... PLEASE NOTE THAT THE JUBILEE OF GENERATIONS STARTED THIS 50TH GENERATION after Messiah, IN 1960, as per Leviticus 25).

We are also descended from Enoch, the 7th generation from Adam. Recall that Enoch did not die, but was raptured directly to heaven, (as will be raptured all of this last generation who endure to trust in the LORD, and please Him right to the end, as Enoch did.)

We Zavitz's are also descendants of Noah and his son Shem. (Note that the flood occurred when Noah was 600 years old, and in the year 1656 (a type of 666) from Adam.)

Our next great ancestor was Abraham, the 21st generation from Adam; (21=3x7); 3 and 7 are both used for God; Abraham was a type for God, and his son Isaac was a type for Jesus.

After Abraham and Isaac came: Jacob, Asher, Beriah, Malchiel and BirZavith, (i.e. Zavitz, 1 Chronicles 7:31). Thus, Zavitz was the 7th generation from Abraham and the 28th from Adam, (28=4x7).

We were born in Egypt in the same generation as Moses. We ate that first passover lamb and our firstborn were not killed by the death angel, because we had applied the lamb's blood to the posts and lintels of our doors, and were gathered inside, under the protection of the blood. We came through the Red Sea on dry ground and watched as Pharaoh's chariots and soldiers coming after us were drowned when the parted sea walls collapsed on them. However, we then wandered in the desert for forty years 'til our unbelieving and murmuring parents died off before we were led by Joshua into the land to the west of the Jordan river. But God was merciful to our parents, and us too, and fed us manna from heaven and water from the rock, and kept our clothes and shoes from wearing out for that whole 40 years. He also was a cloud of shade to us by day and a pillar of fire to us by night.

We lived in Israel under the Judges, and then the Kings, notably King David. David was the 35th generation, (5x7=35 or one half of 70, (an epoch); also David lived in the year 3000 from Adam, which is one half of the 6000 year epoch of Satan and man's reign on earth).

Only a few generations later, we found ourselves being led off into a 70 year captivity in Babylon, due to disobedience, (especially not remembering the 7th day sabbath rest, to keep it holy, nor to let the land rest fallow every 7th year); our foolish and deceitful ungrateful hearts loved the things of the world around us more than the God who had delivered us from slavery in Egypt and who then led us into a land flowing with milk and honey.

It was there in Babylon that our exemplary prophet Daniel was visited by the angel Gabriel, who was sent by God to tell us that there would still be another 70x7=490 years of corrective discipline before Israel would be restored to it's former glory, and then, it's new glory would very much exceed the former. (Look in the article about 666 at

to find more details of this 490 year period, especially the last 7 year section of it, which it looks like began Sept. 13, 1993, with the 'confirming' of the prophesied '7 year' peace 'covenant with RABin'.)

Some Zavitz's may have returned to Israel with Ezra to begin to rebuild when the 70 years of captivity were ended, and others may have chosen to remain in Babylon for some time.

The next possible mention of Zavitz in scripture relates to Anna, who was from the tribe of Asher, as was Zavitz.

When Jesus was born, exactly in the era that Daniel had prophesied, Anna was there in the temple in Jerusalem when the baby Jesus was brought in and dedicated to God. Thus, many Zavitz's may have, right from the start, accepted and worshipped the Saviour because of godly aunt Anna's testimony. (Aunt Anna had eagerly looked forward to this glorious event during her 70 years of widowhood; she was daily in the temple in Jerusalem, worshipping her Lord, Saviour, and Messiah with prayers and fasting. Finally, after watching and waiting for 70 years, she saw the Saviour with her own eyes.

What a wonderful example of persistent, tenacious and faithful worship and waiting "Aunt Anna" set for us all!)

And just as Daniel and then Jesus prophesied, we fled out of Israel again when the Romans, under Titus, surrounded Jerusalem and later destroyed it in 70 A.D.

Continuing west, we reached Poland and Slovakia and likely settled there for a while, and even may have been involved in the reformation in Bohemia.

With a heart to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, some later found sanctuary in Austria under a benevolent prince. But when he died, persecution resumed and some Zavitz's continued west through the Alsace Lorraine area, and then, perhaps after a while, on into the New World with William Penn or his sympathizers.

According to our "family historian", Henry was one of the three Zavitz brothers who crossed into Upper Canada near Niagara Falls and settled there in 1788, each brother settling in adjacent townships.

As the family grew, Benjamin, who was the son of Samuel, who was the son of Henry, moved further westward to the London area, and farmed near Poplar Hill in 1830. Benjamin's son, Alfred, was the father of Walter A. Zavitz, a man who was greatly loved and respected by his community. And Walter A. fathered my father Ira, who fathered me.

Thus, all my generation, including my brothers, sisters and cousins, are the 7th generation of Zavitz's in Ontario. And it looks like this 7th generation is the Enoch generation; we who walk faithfully with our God and please Him in enduring right to the end, will not see death, but will be raptured. (Praise The Lord!)

Have you noticed all the 7 's?

In scripture, 7 is used for completion or perfection and we are about to enter the 7th millennium from Adam, when the wolf and the lamb will lie down together and the lion will eat grass like an ox.

The saints will live and reign with King Messiah for this 7th 1000 years, during the course of which Satan will be bound and kept from deceiving the nations. He is let loose for just one short period again at the end of the 7th 1000 years to test the nations, in preparation for the final judgement and the lake of fire, which is the 2nd death. But blessed and holy are those who have part in the 1st resurrection, which takes place before the golden millennium begins; for on them, the 2nd death will have no power, but they will live and reign with King Messiah for [this 7th] 1000 years, [and also live on into eternity in the new heaven and new earth to come then.]

God bless you, my brothers and sisters.

MAY THE LORD BRING US EACH TO SEE AND TO LIVE EVER MORE APPRECIATIVE OF SUCH A RICH INHERITANCE stored up for all who will trust in Him, just like our father Abraham.

Yes, Abraham did trust and learn to obey Him, who would later be his offspring, but was first His Saviour and Lord.

And the LORD called him, and now calls us too, out of idolatry to trust, and thus to lovingly follow Him.

In light of all His Faithful Goodness to our family, may our hearts be filled with love and gratitude. And may we be propelled yet to FOLLOW ON to seek and KNOW our wonderful Saviour and Lord, the Lord Jesus (Yeshua) Christ (Messiah). Amen.


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