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Recent updates:
- (1/14/03) added one entry into the guestbook. Unfortunately, I went all of 2002 without a single entry, but at least I got 2003 out of the way early.
- (10/14/02) I have decided to either update sporadically at best or not update at all. Really the only thing that warrants constant updating is the Manly Movie Reviews section, and I'm way too lax on that. There may be a time when I get to it, but for now I'm pursuing other avenues and find it difficult to maintain this page. Just thought I'd let the 2 people who read this page know that changes in the future will be few and far between. I refuse to delete this page entirely, as it has been a labor of love and I think it's really quite good, even if it seems a little outdated in this day and age of The Man Show. Thanks to all who have supported it since 1996.
- (9/17/01) added another quote to the Manly Quotables page.
- (9/17/01) Finally got around to adding as many movies as I can remember watching over the past six months in the Manly Movie Reviews section. I still need to write a new commentary.
- (8/07/01) eliminated the Manly MP3 Of The Month page. I don't think it ever worked right anyway and was also a constant reminder that I didn't update this page every month.

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