Chapter Three



     I do not know whether my realizations are right or wrong. I do not make any claim that my realization is final. People say that my form manifests to them and helps them in solving their worldly as well as mental problems, but I do not go anywhere nor do I know anything about such miraculous instances. At Sarsonheri a person came to me. He had suffered from a paralytic attack. Now he was able to walk, but still the paralytic attack had left its effect on his left side. However, he was not suffering from any serious trouble. He was an old man and a widower. His daughter, who accompanied him, told me that when her father suffered from the attack she prayed to me. I appeared there and told her that her father would be all right. She said to her father, "Baba Ji has come and says that you would be all right." Her father said that he did not see Baba Ji anywhere. Then his daughter directed him to see straight in front, and thus he also saw my form standing there. That man told me that I remained with him for twenty-two days, until he was well. What is this?


     I am here not forever. Death must come one day. For what should I spoil my true self? When I adopted this path of life, I had pledged that I would follow this path with Truth and shall speak to the world my realization of this path. The writings did not reveal the Truth to me. Denunciations of my forefathers in the writings of the Saints pained me, but I had a firm faith in His Holiness Hazur Data Dayal Ji Maharaj. His Holiness had directed me, "Faqir, change the mode of preaching before abandoning this mortal frame."
     Now, after having such experiences with me, I question myself, "Faqir Chand, say, what mode of preaching do you wish to change? Which teachings should I change?" The change that I can make in the present mode of preaching I explained in the discourses that I delivered during my tour. The change is, "O man, your real helper is your own Self and your own Faith, but you are badly mistaken and believe that somebody from without comes to help you. No Hazrat Mohammed, no Lord Rama, Lord Krishna or any God or goddess or Guru comes from without. This entire game is that of your impressions and suggestions which are ingrained upon your mind through your eyes and ears and of your Faith and Belief." This is the change that I am ordained to bring about.


     Shri Jagan Nath is present here. He offered me 403 rupees for the Manavta Mandir. He told [me] that I awakened him at 1:30 A.M. a day before. But I did not go to awake him nor do I know anything about it. Possibly other mahatmas and gurus might have the knowledge of such instances of manifestations of their forms. At least I remain unaware. Many of the present gurus have admitted before me that they remain unaware about such instances. His Holiness Data Dayal Ji also said in his last discourses that he did not go anywhere, but he did not disclose this Truth in his early discourses. My entire life and my mission is based upon Truth. My realization and research is ahead of the realizations and research of the previous Saints. I have not followed their trodden path of maintaining an iron curtain around the Truth. They kept mankind in the dark. The great Saints of the past suffered from untold miseries in their lives perhaps due to this very reason.

     The question is why these great Saints suffered? I have my suspicion that these Saints suffered because they did not speak out the total Truth to the world. The cause of their sufferings might be their untruthful living. I am myself not aware of my own end. I feel pained when I contemplate upon the miserable end of the great Saints. I am not here forever. For what should I indulge in deceitful acts? To me, my "Self" is more dear than anything else in the world; therefore, I always speak the plain truth - that I do not manifest anywhere, nor am I aware of my manifestation to any person at any place. Some people said at the time of their death that Baba Ji had come in an airplane to take them along. Others said that Baba Ji had brought a horse and others said that Baba Ji had come in a palanquin. But I do not know anything about such instances. I simply wonder when people narrate to me such instances of their near and dear ones. I fearlessly proclaim and appeal to the present gurus of the religious world that either they should contradict what I say, or they should speak out the truth that they too do not manifest themselves to their respective devotees. If they too are sailing in the same boat in which I sail, then why do they keep their poor devotees in the dark and exploit them?


     In obedience to the dictates of His Holiness Hazur Data Dayal Ji wherever I went during this tour I said, "O man, be Pure in your deed and be Pure in your conscience." When these great Saints, who spent their lives in meditation, could not save themselves from the fruit of their deeds, then how can you householders be an exception? You cherish enmity against your brothers for selfish gains; you oppose and fight against your parents and you do not hesitate in deceiving your friends. You yourself decide, how would you save yourself? You study your own life and examine what you do. We pray for the death of our own real brother, so that we may inherit his property as well. We indulge in litigation against our parents, brothers and sisters for more and more property. Wives go to the court of law against their husbands and husbands against their wives. How can such people aspire for higher values of life and live happily?


     Nowadays this phenomena of manifestations is the main cause of religious exploitation of the ignorant devotees. This is the root of communal rivalries. Recently in Benares it led to communal riots between Hindus and Muslims. Benares remained under curfew for a week. Why? Because both Hindus and Muslims are ignorant of the Truth.
      In this age of machine Saints incarnate to reveal the Truth, but unfortunately whatever the great Saints like Guru Nanak, Kabir and Radha Swami Dayal have said their devotees do not adopt it in their lives. Their sayings and teachings are used as tools for gaining personal name, fame and wealth by the present gurus and preachers. Ignorant masses are advised to get initiated, for they shall be led to heavens by their guru after their death. Had many of the present gurus not confessed to me that they too remain unaware about their manifestation I would have thought that I am in the wrong. The late Bhai Nandu Singh Ji of Nizamabad, Shri Anand Rao Ji of Secundrabad and Sant Tara Chand Ji have admitted that they too do not manifest themselves to their respective disciples. Of late another Guru known as Shehan-Shah, who works as successor to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji in the Western countries, met me in the train at Sonepat Railway Station. He is a friend of Pir Mughan Sahib. He also admitted that his form also manifests to his devotees, but he does not know anything about his manifestations. Unfortunately none of them speaks out the Truth on the platform.


     I tell you an incident of my own life. My daughter Prem Piari was married for some years, but she had no child. Once my daughter and her husband went to Firozpur in connection with a marriage in the family of Pandi Wali Ram. My daughter came to me and complained that her mother-in-law and other members of the family taunt her and trouble her for being childless even after five years of married life. I consoled her saying, "Daughter! you are born to a Faqir, why bother about children and suffer pains? What is the surety of life, for what should you have a desire for children? Do not listen to others and remain busy with your own work.
     She went away and after about ten minutes, Shri Des Raj, my son-in-law, came and he also complained about the necessity of a child. I promptly said, "Why do you worry about this? You shall have many children." This thought never struck my mind that why I have made two different statements to my daughter and son-in-law on the same subject? Neither could I ever think that my daughter would die. As preordained, my daughter and son-in-law went in for a second marriage and now he is a father of many children.
     What I wish to convey by narrating this incident is that a Saint speaks or tells only that which is destined to happen. No Saint can cancel the result of your deeds. What is allotted cannot be blotted. The punishment for his or her deeds can be minimized by those who understand this and then act upon what a Saint says. Simple initiation into a particular religious sect would not serve your purpose. It would not save you from the result of your bad deeds. This is the plain Truth that I am explaining to you. If you like, you may come and listen to me. If you don't, you may not. You may give any donation to the Mandir or not; you may read any book of mine or not. At least I do not want to spoil my "Self."


     During this tour I also visited the Ashram of Sant Tara Chand Ji at Dinod in Haryana state. About ten years ago he had come to me at Delhi. He had thought that if Baba were a Saint he would give me his left-out food. He came and sat among others. He had no distinct clothing, nor did I know him. In the meantime a cup of tea came for me. I took about two or three sips, and then handed over the cup to Shri Tara Chand saying, "Get to work; you shall be well known in the world." What was this? I did not say anything intentionally to Tara Chand. It was destined to happen.
     Now I went to his Ashram, which is double of our Manavta Mandir. There are very big halls. There are provisions to serve food to at least one thousand people in stainless steel utensils. Tara Chand thinks that this is all the fruit of my blessings. Now, I think that whatever was said by me to Sant Tara Chand, it was pre-destined for him. If my blessings can help in establishing bigger centers than my own then why should not I give the same blessings to all who come to me? It is the law of thought radiation that works. When he came his thought radiations touched my mind and I involuntarily said what was due to happen.
     On the basis of such experiences I say that no Saint can give you anything. A Saint speaks out only that which is to happen. This is what I have understood. I do not know anything about others. I may be wrong. I do not make any high claims. If a Saint can give you anything at all, it is the true knowledge of going beyond the ocean of existence. He can tell you the art of living a happy and contented life. This is all that a Saint can do. This is what I have realized after a long search.


     Different people from different walks of life come to me for blessings. Sometimes I say something and sometimes I do not say anything. Some time back, a man from Hyderabad sent a draft of 10,000 Rupees to the Mandir, with a condition that he should recover from his illness. I did not accept that draft for the Mandir, but deposited it in the name of the sender and wrote to him that life and death were not in my hands. . . My inner self did not accept that donation. Thus, I did not allow that draft to be credited to the Mandir account.
     I did not receive any news from that man for about one and a half months. Now I have received a letter from his wife that her husband is dead, and that the money her husband had sent to the Mandir may be returned to her. I returned that amount to her. Now the question is why did I not write to that man that he shall recover from his illness? To others, who come for such blessings, I do say so. Why, to that man, did I hesitate? What is to happen must happen.

     When I reached Dinod (ashram of Sant Tara Chand Ji), a young man came there and said to me, "What is your name? From where have you come and why have you come here?" I thought him a man of the C.I.D. But later I learned that he was a journalist. I told him that I was a Faqir; I had come from Hoshiarpur to bow my head at the hallowed feet of my Sat Guru Dev Sant Tara Chand Ji. He further enquired, "Is Tara Chand Ji your Guru? How is he your Guru?" I told him that just as Swami Virjanand was the Guru of Swami Dayanand, but the sublime Truth was revealed to Dayanand Ji by the statue of Lord Shiva, similarly I attained the Sublime Knowledge from Sant Tara Chand Ji and my other such disciples. Thus I have come here to pay my respects to Tara Chand Ji, a True Form of my Sat Guru.


If thou hast sustained life, impart Sat Guru's True Name!

By imparting the True Name, thou shalt attain peace!

     See what golden words are written, that if you have come in human body then impart the True Name of Sat Guru. By doing so, what shall you gain? Peace. I have attained Peace. Why did I go to Sant Tara Chand Ji? Why do I respect Dayal Dass Ji? Why do I have regards for Kamalpur Wali Mata (old lady disciple of Kamalpur)? Why did I bow my head to Shri Krishak Ji? Because from them I have attained Peace. How did I gain this Peace from them? When they told me that my form manifested to them and directed them to the highest stages of spirituality within but without any knowledge of mine then I was obliged to realize that whatever forms or scenes I used to visualize within were nothing but mere projections of my mental impressions and feelings. All those inner scenes, colors and forms that I used to visualize and enjoy proved a mere fancy and illusion, thus I attained Peace. I attained the true knowledge of dwelling in my own "Self."


     At Dinod people offered me about 1000 rupees which I handed over to Sant Tara Chand Ji. I had no right to accept that amount from the poor people, though I accepted an amount of 1600 rupees from Shri Tara Chand. Sant Tara Chand told me that I had helped him in reaping his crop of grams. Other people also narrate such instances, but I do not go anywhere. I did not initiate them, but they believe that I am their Guru. Their belief in me has helped me to realize the Truth. What Truth? The Truth is that all these manifestations of Guru, God, Goddess, Rama or Krishna are not a Reality, but an illusion. I am convinced of this Truth. With this realization I have attained Peace. The root cause of disquietude is mind. Once its real form is recognized, you attain Peace. I have recognized the real form of my mind. Sant Kabir writes:

Disciple bows to the Guru, tis known to all!
Guru bows to the disciple, tis very rare!

     This is the secret of Sant Mat (belief of the Saints) which was kept intact behind the iron curtain of gurudom. I have removed this curtain. His Holiness Swami Ji Maharaj revealed this secret through symbols. Once one disciple said to Swami Ji, "Rai Saligram Sahib is your great devotee and true disciple." His Holiness replied, "Who knows whether Salig Ram is my Guru or I am his."
      Similarly Hazur Data Dayal Ji Maharaj used to say about me. Whenever I visited His Holiness at Lahore, He used to say in his discourses, "This Faqir has come to enlighten me and to lead me beyond the Phantasmagoria."
     This secret has caused a great harm to mankind. We householders have been befooled by the so called gurus. Our hard earnings have been taken away by them and even then they expect that we should remain in their very circle ever bowing to their feet. Many people come and prostrate before me as well. Why? Because they are not aware of the Truth. They are ignorant of the Secret. I often say that I have come from the Anami Dham, the Nameless Abode, to tell that "O man, know thyself by thyself."
     There is no difference between you and a Guru. But you are ignorant and you are very much governed by your mind. You run after the gurus and sadhus for the fulfillment of your worldly desires. You make humble entreaties to the gurus. When these gurus themselves have disobedient and characterless children, and when they themselves do not have good relations with their wives, how do you think that they would do any good to you? Therefore, I again emphasize my point, "O man! your good lies in your own deeds." A True Guru simply reveals to you the secret or the Truth. The Truth is that this world is a field of the deeds. Whatever deeds you or I have done, we must face their results. No power on earth can protect us. This is the Truth.

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