Why Radhasoami Satsang Beas has not sued Eckankar

     It is a good question that Johnson raises about why Beas has not yet sued Eckankar over copyright infringement. I cannot speak for Beas officially, but I think there are a few reasons:
1) Johnson's books are copyrighted and they were copyrighted at the time of their publication (the 1930s); and, as I am informed, the copyright has been updated.

2) Charan Singh in 1970 explicitly stated that he was aware of Twitchell's plagiarism in a question/answer session during his last tour of the United States (refer to the book Thus Saith the Master).

3) Kirpal Singh, and his several successors were also keenly aware of Twitchell's plagiarism. Indeed, I had a very long conversation with the late Sant Darshan Singh - Kirpal's son - about the issue.

4) My sense is that Beas does not want to litigate over this issue, since they are not publishing Johnson's books for a profit (all books are sold at cost). This does not mean that Beas may not be forced to do something about this legally in the future. I do know that they have been advised numerous times by various parties to do something legally about the issue.

5) Knowing the late Charan Singh, he always liked to avoid legal proceedings--being trained as a lawyer himself--since they most often cause more harm than good (and cost people thousands of dollars).

6) I should also mention, though this is the first time I have stated this publicly--that several shabd yoga masters in India have read the Making of a Spiritual Movement, including the late Sant Darshan Singh, Maharaj Charan Singh, Baba Faqir Chand, S.D. Maheshwari, and others.

7) Each of them agreed that Twitchell had inappropriately copied huge sections from Johnson's several books.

8) It would be interesting to see what the present shabd yoga gurus think about Eckankar's nefarious activities. I have not talked to any of them about it.

Hope this helps, albeit slightly.