To those perhaps new to the internet or this site, a short explanation might help. ARE is the usenet newsgroup alt.religion.eckankar, a public forum once naively created to allow free and open discussion of Eckankar and related topics. This did not happen, though, and shows a shameful face of an organization focused on eradicating free speech and any and all dissenting viewpoints.

     A group of "priests" (higher initiates) of Eckankar, seeing the internet as a vast, untapped pool of new members, quickly moved to dominate the newsgroup and choke off any criticisms of their organization. For people claiming to be "spiritual" and seeking truth, they have an appallingly low tolerance level for opposing viewpoints, let alone documented proof.

     One of their most favored tactics to silence any criticisms is to verbally attack the individual, gang up on him/her and, ideally, drive the person away. David Lane, naturally, became their favorite target. At their hands he's endured years of the lowest form of verbal abuse, intimidation and veiled threats. Mr. Lane, to his credit, never stooped to the level of the Eckists and simply presented his findings and answers to challenges in a polite and civil manner.

     Thus, these pages are his responses to the charges of Eckists on the newsgroup. You, the reader, can make up your own minds as to the validity and credibility of the individuals involved. Happy reading!