Welcome Friends!

My name is Sharon. I was a member of Eckankar, the "Religion of Light and Sound", for almost 15 years. I was a "good" eckist, and always trying to be a better one...

Eckankar is not what is claims to be. Eckankar is a pseudo-religion created by Paul Twitchell, an intelligent man who could have perhaps done some good in the world if he'd wanted to. I will be presenting clear evidence here which shows that Paul Twitchell's intention was to set up a cult with himself as "Godman."

Thousands of people have left Eckankar. Some ex-eckists are speaking out on the internet and in the "real" world, but many are silent, still trying to heal from the spiritual and psychological damage inflicted on the minds, hearts, and souls by Eckankar.

Leaving a cult is not as simple as not going to church on Sunday. Eckankar's subtle mind-control methods are effective. Only someone who's been through it really can understand. When we were eckists, we seemed to be thinking clearly and in control of our lives. Only after leaving Eckankar did our minds begin to clear, and it doesn't happen overnight. For some ex-eckists, the lingering effects of mind-control can hang like a shadow over your heart and mind for many years.

Don't be lured into this cult until you've investigated the whole truth from both ex-eckists and cult experts, and use the mind your Creator gave you to make a rational decision.

The teachings of Eckankar are stolen and plagiarized truths, which are freely given elsewhere, with no strings attached, by TRUE spiritual giants. Eckankar may tell you that it is the original, primal religion...but beware...Eckankar lies.

Please follow the links below...your personal relationship with Spirit is too important to buy into something blindly... You don't need a connection with any kind of "master," especially the imaginary and/or evil self-proclaimed "masters" of Eckankar.

God is in your heart, and God's love and grace are given freely to all who desire it.

Hugs.....from Sharon P.S. Thank you for your patience...I'm still under construction, and learning a little about HTML...it's not that hard, really!!!