Eddie Venom
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Photos courtesy of Chris Lewis @ Michigan Indy Wrestling Photograph
Eddie Venom, is the 6 foot 9 inch monster who is taking Michigan wrestling by storm!  Formerly known as Jay The Cable Guy, this beast is making his presence felt all over Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio as well! Check back often for updates on where you can see Eddie Venom!!!  And May 12, Eddie Venom will be heading to NWA TNA to work a match for their television show Xplosion!
August 3, 2003, marked the death of The Cable Guy at "Warped Revolution" at the Warped Tour at the Pontiac Silverdome, and now Eddie Venom has taken his place!  HIs new attitude was shown as he destroyed a referee with a huge choke  slam.  Now, the entire Michigan independent wrestling scene is under alert as the new Eddie Venom is on a rampage, determined to make his name known and gain the respect of all of the Michigan indy's!  Not only that, he's invaded the All World Wrestling League in Lansing, MI. which can be seen on channedl 53 on Saturdays and channel 3 on Sundays, as his split personality, Big Jake!  He's already made his presence felt there, and now he's setting his sights on the rest of Michigan, and soon Ohio as well!

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