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Gender: Feminine
: English
Anthea comes from a Greek word, “antheois,” meaning “Flowery.”

The name Anthea comes from a title, Antheia, given to the Greek goddess Hera by the inhabitants of Argos, who venerated her. It may also have belonged to a minor Cretan goddess of flowery wreaths.

Anthea was revived by 17th century Cavalier poets (Robert Herrick, most notably), romantic, light, easy-going sorts who idealized. The name has made sporadic appearances in the English-speaking world ever since, not becoming well-known until the late 19th century (chiefly in Britain). The Penguin Dictionary of First Names (1999) says it peaked in the 1950s.

Pronunciation: ann-thee-ah, an-tay-ah

Alternates: Anthia, Antha, Anthie, Antheia.

Famous Bearers:
Singers and Entertainers:
Andrea Shirley Askey (1933-1999)
British actress.
Andrea Turner (1960-)
British television personality.

Sports Stars:
Andrea Stewart (1944-)
Zimbabwe field hockey player.

Percentage from the 1990 U.S. Census:
less than 0.001 % named Anthea

Popularity of Anthea
Popularity (for newborns):
In the United States...
1880-2004: N/A

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