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Welsh Names

Following is a list of Welsh names hosted by Edgar’s Name Pages:

The followings names are thoroughly Welsh Names:
Blodwen (f)
Bryce/Brice (m)
Cadfael (m)
Cadwallader (m)
Caradoc/Caradog (m)
Cathal (m)
Eluned (f)
Enid (f)
Floyd (m)
Glenys (f)
Glynn (m)
Goronwy (m)
Gwenda (f)
Gruffydd (m)
Ifor (m)
Iolo (m)
Llewelyn (m)
Lloyd (m)
Madog (m)
Marvin (m)
Meilyr (m)
Meinwen (f)
Mervin (m)
Morgan (m/f)
Nerys (f)
Owen (m)
Rhys/Reece (m)
Sabrina (f, from mythology)
Urian (m)
Winifred (f)
Wynne (Gwyn) (m)

The following are Welsh names of fairly modern origin:
Aled (m, a river)
Angharad (f, from mythology)
Aranwen (f, from mythology)
Bronwen (f, from mythology)
Ceridwen (f, from mythology)
Dilys (f)
Dylan (m, from mythology)
Gwendolyn (f)
Gwynfor (m)
Morwenna (f)
Olwen (f, from mythology)
Rhian (f)
Rhiannon (f, from mythology)
Talfryn (m)

Some are the Welsh forms from other languages, including:

Alun (from Alan)
Aneurin (from Latin Honorus)
Cecil (originally Seissylt, from Latin Sixtus) -
Dafydd (from David)
Dewey (from David)
Elin (from Ellen)
Evan (from John)
Jevon (from John)
Garmon (from German)
Geraint (from Gerontios)
Gladys (from Latin Claudia)
Hadyn/Hayden (from Irish Aidan)
Hew (from Hugh)
Iago (from Jacob)
Kai (from Latin Caius)
Margiad (from Margaret)
Megan (from Margaret)

And some Welsh surnames have been transferred to be first names, including

Griffith (Gruffydd)