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While wallowing my way through my naming research, I came across a list of the names of ancient Scandinavian Royalty. I found their nicknames to be very interesting. Enjoy!

Eirik I Bloodaxe, King of Norway (885-954)
Eirik II the Priest-Hater, King of Norway (1268-1299)
Erik I the Evergood, King of Denmark (?-1103)
Erik II the Memorable, King of Denmark (?-1137)
Erik III the Lamb, King of Denmark (?-1147)
Erik IV Ploughpenny, King of Denmark (1216-1250)
Erik V Klipping, King of Denmark (1249-1286)
Erik VI Menved, King of Denmark (1274-1319)
Haakon II the Broadshouldered, King of Norway (1147-1162)
Haakon V Longlegs, King of Norway (1270-1319)
Harald I Fairhair, King of Norway (858-934)
Harald II Graycloak, King of Norway (?-974)
Harald II Bluetooth, King of Denmark (910-986)
Inge I the Hunchback, King of Norway (?-1161)
Magnus III Barelegs, King of Norway (1073-1103)
Magnus VI the Law-Mender, King of Norway (1238-1280)
Oluf I Hunger, King of Denmark (?-1095)
Sigurd I the Crusader, King of Norway (1089-1130)
Sigurd II Mouth, King of Norway (1133-1155)
Sveyn I Forkbeard, King of Denmark (965-1014) 1