will be remembered for eternity (or at least until this web site expires)
in the history of college radio.
Spewing out all the madness and creativity of it's hosts,
G.T. Grafficks, U.K. and Drew Fungi,
the show was a delight to most
and a thorn in the side (or lower) to a few.

G.T. Grafficks
The show aired on Monday nights, 6 to 9 p.m., from early February to mid-May, 1989...
"over the ether wave", as they say - EGC Youth Radio, "wandering 88 FM".
Spurting out one-half watt of head splitting, chest pounding, decibel ripping power.

The audience: the 500+ population of the EBI campus and, if the wind was blowing just right, the people living in the local environs of Lima, New York, a small village located 16 miles south of Rochester.
Actually, as G.T. would often say, "They probably couldn't even hear us over at West apartments."

This serio-sarcastic, quirky production left it's listeners rolling on the floor
(salmonella tends to have the same effect)
and quickly learning that the show's slogan, "We're all amateurs here" was especially fitting.

Although the show was very amusing, the music was it's main purpose.
was noted by most who listened to it (except the French) as the "avant garde" of Christian radio programming.

Highlighting such artists as:
The Swirling Eddies/Daniel Amos
Steve Taylor
The 77's
Jacob's Trouble
The Choir
Robert Zimmerman
Tonio K
Dave Perkins
Charlie Peacock
Lone Justice
T-Bone Burnett
Sam Phillips
and our weekly tribute to the "Queen of Christian music", Amy Grant.

Of course, if you were an avante garde Christian in 1989, we figure that you already know what these artists are all about and don't need a reminder from us.

Drew Fungi
The show was eventually cancelled, much to the dismay of our many fans (both of them), due to some controversial subject matter which obviously did not sit well with those who had their hand on our switch.


Although the show was quite obviously a satirical view of life in North America, always done in fun and never intending to really offend anybody, there's always someone out there who's not going to like what's going on; especially when sarcastic humour is such a mainstay of the show.
The three hosts realized, without a doubt, it was ALWAYS about the music.

G.T., U.K. and Drew have since gone their separate ways however remain close friends; and the memories of
The G.T. Grafficks Amateur Hour still burn brightly in our hearts. Or maybe that's just the Buffalo wings.

Here are some excerpts from the show
It's Cult Night!
The Infamous Backwards McMasking
Who wrote the book of Hosea?
Take 'Em With You 6?

G.T. & U.K.
Back to School
Music Bash

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