So, you want to win something? Alright here's your prize *hands you prize*. Wait! You have to do something to get that *takes prize back*. Scroll down to see some real ways to win something.

Find-It #1

Alright, I'm guessing you like find-its (I do!), so I decided to add one to Vertigo. Look all over the site to find this mysterious floating feather, then once you find-it, click it, and you'll win a graphic award. This find it is pretty easy, but I'll add tougher ones soon, with better prizes (downloads, etc.). Look down to see a picture of what you have to find.

Okay, this contest is easy! All you have to do is come up with a motto for Vertigo. Once I get 10 entries I will pick my favorite and you will win a *free* adoption from Vertigo.

Your Name:



If any of Vertigo's submission forms don't work for you, feel free to send them to me via e-mail (

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