Welcome to the Natural Litters section of Vertigo. I love breeding, so this section will always be filled up! Also, I just recently started hexing litters, so go check those out. When you find a pet you like go and fill out the adoption form. Enjoy!

Boys have their name written in blue on the picture
Girls have their name written in pink on the picture
Pick o the litter is in bold
Adopted pets are striked out


Aww...My vacation litter. I love these guys...Adopt!

Here are some mismatched danes that I didn't know what to do with, so I gave 'em to you. And yes, Solarite and Forest are pure white. Also, Dusty and Forest are from the same parents, but the others aren't.

Yep, your standard random puppiez. I stole Rustic *mwee hee hee*

These tikkies all turned out the same! Except Piper, he has blueish eyes. That's why he's the POL. The are all cali mixies, and I think they are cute. I'm never breeding this couple again, so this is their only litter.

Aww...My first litter, and I'm so proud of them! They are a bit plain, but their great personalities make up for it. Rusty is the POTL because her eyes are a mutation. She needs a *nice* apply. Jester and Dusty have their mom's coat, while the other's have their dad's. Both parent are mixies. These kittens are 6th generation kitties. Roco and Choco are both q-t's named after eachother. Jade is named after his eye color.

Found the perfect pet? Wonderful! Go here to adopt.
P.S. You can send me litterz of your own for me to add to my site, if you don't have your own site. Go to the contact me page for more information.

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