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Web-Name:Élan or Dixie mainly sometimes my other nicknames
Nicknames:MochaCream, Ophacia
B-Day: May 10th, 1989 *hint**hint*
Interests: Petz, my real pets, my friends, downhill skiing, baseball, speech, cheerleading, tennis

My Faves
Food: Crab legs and shrimp (together or separate)
Guys: Vin Diesel and Ryan Klesko!! *falls into dreamy trance*
Petz: Hmm....I lub dem all!
Sport: Baseball
Movies: Fast and the Furious, The Patriot, A Beautiful Mind, The Mission, Happy Gilmore
Type of Music: I like most types of music (rap, r&b, pop, rock, - just about anything is ok with me!)
Color: Blue

My Least Faves
Food: Meat (I'm a vegetarian)
Color: Brown, maybe?
Type of Music: Classical
Movies: Hmm...I like most movies I've seen
Sport: Hockey?
Petz: Huh? This is not fair *scowls* Like I said before I love them all!

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