Time to hear my opinion on some things in the Petz world.

Hexing:I think hexing is ok. It's just another way of creating new things for your game that the petz creators didn't create. I personally have lotsa "hexies", but I also have lotsa "naturals". I am not a fan of weird looking hexies, though. I wouldn't want to own a bumblebee colored great dane, since it's not natural. That doesn't mean that you can't have/own those. This is just my opinion, remember?
Final Decision: Hexing is a-o-k with me!

Showz: I love dog and cat showz. I enter my petz as often as I can. (speaking of show, don't forget to check out the showz section of Vertigo) Although my pets don't always win, I always have fun, and learn from the competition. Improving my petz poses is a big thing for me, and every BIS pet I see helps me get the perfect pose for my petz. I don't think its mean at all to take a buncha pics of your petz and enter them, unless you are totally "forcing" your petz to have their pic taken, etc.
Final Decision: Showz are cool, as long as your petz enjoy them.

Giving up your Petz: Giving up your petz. Hmmm...Tough one. Actaully, my opinion is pretty clear on this subject. Personally, I think it's better to find homes for your pets than return them or neglect them until they runaway. I think it's always hard to do, but sometimes certain pets just don't strike you anymore, and you know someone else can give them a better home that you can. Before I could post some of my petz for adoption on this site, I always made sure that when I wanted to put a pet up for adoption, that I found a good site. Through a good site with lots of hits, your pet probably has a better chance of making it into a good home.
Final Decision:Giving up you petz is okay when your reasons for giving them up are good.

Please remember that everything on this page is of my personal opinion. You can email me with your opinions, as long as its not just to contradict my beliefs. *Thanks*

All of this site is copyright me 2002, so no stealing, okay?

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