You wanted to know about my real pets? They appreciate it.


Name: Kutya, means "dog" in hungarian
Nicknames:Koochie, Koochie-Koo, Kooterpups, Kooters, Koochie-Koo (like scooby-doo)
Age: 13
Breed:Purebred Golden Retriever
Etc: Kutya is such a cute dog! I even have a petz named after him. Kutya's favorite toys are tennis balls. He loves to play with them. He also loves to go camping with my family, especially when we take him for walks in the lake.

Name: NA (we just call him kitty)
Nicknames: Kitty, Fatso, Kit-Kat, Reow
Breed: House cat, looks like a B&W longhair
Etc. Kitty never got a named because I was little when I got him and I couldn't pick a name. Oh well. Kitty is HUGE. He's a very large cat, but I think that makes him alot cuter!

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