Here are a few picture and bio's for some of my fave Petz. I don't have enoguh room here to have all of them up here at one time, but I will rotate some in and out.

This is my sweetie Jasmine, or Jazzy for short. She is so sweet, but a bit clumsy, as most big danes are. She is one of my favorite pets, and one of the first petz I got. She's four years old, and she's never bred or shown. E-mail me if you would like to breed with her, since I'm open to it.

Aww....I'm such a sucker for that face! Diggy is my first and only Aussie, which just makes him more special. He's just barely an adult, and still acts like a puppy. Diggy got his name after he dug up the adoption center's grass! It was pretty cute.

This is my new puppy Emerald. I love his eyes! I adopted him from Asia (one of my sister sites). I took one look at him and and knew I had to have him. =D

New Arrivals:None at the moment....=(
Aren't my petz cute? Look for some more of my petz here soon!

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