So you wanted to know a bit more about Vertigo? Well, you came to the right place!

Name: Vertigo
B-Day: June 20th, 2002
Owner: Elan
Background info: Vertigo was created on June 20th 2002 by me (elan). But then it was called Pacific Palisades, and had a very cheesy pink layout. Within 5 days I was sick of it, so I changed the name to Vertigo and created a much nicer layout. The colors were cool, and so were the frames, especially for a beginner at webpage design. Anyways, our first litter was added on June 23rd, and our first adoptions and downloadz on June 22nd. All of them were moved over to Vertigo when the name/layout change happened.

Vertigo Now: Vertigo now a bit older, and blue!. This is Version 2 of Vertigo, called Blue Lightning . I actually like this version, it has a nice calm and serene feeling. And blue and whtie go good together!

Yes, I did ALL the HTML by myself *wipes brow* Was that ever alot of work?
Everything here is copyright me (elan) 2002, okay?

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