Olympia and Thurston County, WA History

Thurston County Pioneer Settlers

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In about 1918, the Washington State Historical Society tried to find pioneers, or their immediate families, who had crossed the country by wagon train, ending up in Thurston County. Their intention was to seek as much information as possible regarding their families and the trip to Oregon Territory (later Thurston County, Washington State) The following pioneer (or his/her families) sent back their questionaire.

UPDATE:  These records are now accessible through a searchable database on the Washington State Library, Washington Room Website:

Thurston County Pioneers Before 1870:

(Following the names is information the researcher could expect to find on these forms)

Usually the following information is included:

Should you be interested in further information from these forms, I have a copy, and would be able to send information from the original forms within a day. Contact me for further information.
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Updated October 27, 2001