Elite Assassin 6
Irashaimasu Minna-san! Welcome to our Condo! I'm Aoi Mizu Mikoto, and this here is... *looks at  two arguing girls* Um well those two are Leika and Reiana...don't mind them.
Hey Wassup Peeps?!! Umi Shizuka Adams here why dont ya juz check everything out. Sorry if theres all this construction going on and thereaint that much yet we're still working on the place
Hiya! I'm Natsume Kylee, why dont you Check everything out!!! well everything that we have that is.
Hi! I'm Selenea Yumi Reiyuku, hopefully you'll remember to visit the most important person....ME.... *looks at mirror*
Uh yeah anyways dont mind her she tends to be very vain
Please look around, visit us at our condo units! or get info at the Information desk!
Dont forget to visit us aight? Peace out ya'll
Information Desk
Visit the E.A.'s Units


ok ok so our wishes didn't come true... well we didn't get the complete profiles in fact we didn't get any. and no pics too. we are extremely sorry but at the rate were going i doubt we'll have anything new anytime soon since school's gunna start soon... SOWEE!!! oh well anyways email me, Umi, if you have any suggestions or you juz want to rant about how your life sucks... ^^;; well till then


ok the complete pics and profiles should be up by saturday... well the profiles most likely will be but the pics might take awhile depending on our artist *looks at Natsume*. And there is a group pic now in the EA units page so you can see us...hopefully if the pic aint too smal or blurred. now lets all pray that the rest of the peeps cooperate with commander Hidoshi and give us the profiles ne makura?


At last! Umi and I  have finally updated E.A's Units, although it's not yet complete ^^;;; Well anyway, we've added some of the other characters' profiles.  Hopefully we'll post the story and get this page up and running before school starts, which is in June.  (I think we need a miracle ^^;;;)  Feel free to comment our sight ^_^

For any comments or suggestions feel free to email Aoi, Umi, or Reiana