Caption: The Cylons were created by man.

They were created to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies.

(Image of a ship docking with a space station.)

And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters.

(Door opens. Man in Colonial uniform walks down a hallway, sits at a small table with two chairs, opens his briefcase.)

After a long and bloody struggle, an armistice was declared. The Cylons left for another world to call their own.

(The man is looking at paperwork on the Cylons - drawings, specifications.)

A remote space station was built...

...where Cylon and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations.

Every year, the colonials send an officer.

The Cylons send no one.

No one has seen or heard from the Cylons in over forty years.

(Close-up on pictures of the man's wife and young son.)

(The man is nodding off to sleep. Suddenly, the doors open and two metallic Cylons walk in and flank the doorway. We hear high heels clicking in the corridor, and a blonde woman in a red suit enters the frame and walks down the hallway towards the man. She leans against his side of the table and bends over him.)

Woman (let's call her Number Six): Are you alive?

Man: (confused but eager) Yes.

Six: Prove it.

(She kisses him. Outside, a Cylon Base Star appears and fires on the space station. The man breaks away.)

Six: It has begun.

(She kisses him again. He watches the paperwork on the Cylons blow off the table, sheet by sheet. The space station explodes.)

(Credits - in this case, just the Battlestar Galactica title.)

(We zoom in on Galactica from a distance as the actors' names appear.)

(Inside the ship, Starbuck is jogging through the corridors. She passes several people and then approaches a tour group.)

Starbuck: Make a hole.

(Tour group makes a hole and she runs through.)

Tour guide: As I was saying, form follows function. Now, nowhere is this axiom of design more readily apparent than on board the world famous Battlestar Galactica. This ship, the last of her kind still in service, was constructed over fifty years ago in the early days of the Cylon War. Now originally there were twelve battlestars, each representing one of Kobol's Twelve Colonies. Galactica represented Caprica and was first commanded by Commander Dash-

(The camera moves away from the group, follows a passing officer and then finds Commander Adama, who is reading over a speech.)

Adama: (reading to himself) The Cylon War is long over, yet we must not forget the reasons why...

Random Captain: (salutes) Commander Adama, if I may?

Adama: Captain.

Captain: I just wanted to say what a pleasure it's been, serving with you in your command, sir.

Adama: Captain Kelly. It's been my honor. Good luck in your next assignment. (They shake hands.)

Captain: Thank you sir.

(He moves off. Adama goes back to reading his speech.)

Adama: The Cylon War is long over, yet we must not forget...

Starbuck: (jogging up from around the corner) Morning, Sir.

Adama: Good morning, Starbuck. What do you hear?

Starbuck: Nothing but the rain.

Adama: Grab your gun and bring in the cat.

Starbuck: (pointing) Boom boom boom. (She jogs off.)

Intercom: Attention auto-guard(?) detail: report to starboard hangar bay for ceremonial briefing and rehearsal.

(Three techs appear in orange suits.)

Tech (Prosna): Let's go guys, Chief's gonna have our ass.

Female tech (Cally): Yeah, well, you're the one who was supposed to wrap that yesterday.

Prosna: Shh, it's the old man. (Hands clipboard to other tech.)

Adama: Too late. What's up?

Other Tech: (As they all salute) Nothing sir, just another leak in that frakking window. Pardon me, sir.

Prosna: It's supposed to be a battlestar, not a museum. Sorry for saying so, sir.

Adama: I couldn't agree with you more. Be careful out there, all right? (We follow him into the command center as he goes over his speech again.) The Cylon War is long over, yet we cannot forget the reasons why...

Lt. Gaeta: Morning, sir.

Adama: Good morning.

Gaeta: Comm traffic from the mid-watch.

Adama. Hmm. Anything interesting?

Gaeta: Uhh, mostly housekeeping. Ah, there was one odd message, the one that we were copied on from fleet headquarters there, sir. Courier officer's overdue coming back from Armistice Station. They've asked for a full status report on all FTL capable ships, just in case they need someone to jump out there today, see if his ship is having any mechanical problems.

Adama: I think we're a little bit busy today, wouldn't you say so, Lieutenant?

Gaeta: (smiling) Yes, sir.

Adama: I'm glad we agree.

Gaeta: And may I take this opportunity to say that it's been both a pleasure and an honor to serve under you these past three years.

Adama: It's my honor, Lt. Gaeta. (They both salute.)

(We follow Gaeta out into the hallway as Adama rehearses his speech yet again in the background. Colonel Tigh is leaning against a wall with a cup in his hand.)

Gaeta: Colonel? (They salute each other and then walk in different directions; we follow Tigh, who passes the same tour group.)

Tour guide: You'll see things here that look odd, even antiquated. (To Tigh) Hello. (Tigh walks past, we stay with the group.) Uh, antiquated to modern eyes, like phones with cords, awkward manual valves, computers that, well, barely deserve the name. It was all designed to operate against an enemy who could infiltrate and disrupt even the most basic computer systems. Galactica is a reminder of a time when we were so frightened by our enemies that we literally looked backward for protection.

(We catch up with Commander Adama again, as he walks down a flight of stairs to the hangar.)

Adama: Good morning. (yells) Attention on deck!

(Chief Tyrol turns around and salutes.)

Adama: Hey, Chief. At ease.

Chief: (gestures) This way.

(Cut to some techs pulling a sheet off an old-model Viper.)

Adama: (smiles) Mark II. Haven't seen one of these in about twenty years.

Chief: If the commander will take a closer look. (The side of the ship reads: Lt. William Adama, "Husher") (Adama laughs) At the tail numbering. Nebula 7242 Constellation.

Adama: Oh my god. Where did you find her?

Chief: Rusting out in a salvage yard in Saggitarion. We had hoped the commander would allow her to participate in the decommissioning ceremony.

Adama: She'll fly?

Chief: Oh yes, sir. We've restored the engines, patched the guidance system, replaced much of the controls...

Adama: You guys are amazing.

Chief: ...she's fueled, armed. Ready for launch, sir. (He holds out a package) Commander.

Adama: What, more? (Takes it, opens the paper) Somebody's buckin' for promotion around here.

Chief: I believe that would be Prosna, sir. He found this in the fleet archives; he was doing some research for the museum.

(It's a picture of a younger Adama with two boys, one blond and one dark-haired. They're all wearing jumpsuits and are standing in front of a Viper.)

Adama: (Taking a deep breath) Thank you. Thank you all. It's an honor.

Chief: You're welcome, sir. (To the crew) Fall out.

(Adama stands and looks at the photograph.)

(Indistinct intercom announcement)

Intercom:...prior to 23:00 hours.

(Cut to Tigh pouring something from a flask into a mug. He's in some sort of common room; Starbuck, Boomer, Helo, Tigh and the CAG are playing some sort of poker-like game with octagonal cards. Starbuck is smoking a cigar; Helo is sucking on a lollipop.)

Starbuck: Uh oh.

Man: Here we go.

Starbuck: If you're gonna play with the big dogs...

Boomer: No fair.

Helo: I'm in. That's you, XO. (He's says something to Starbuck.)

Starbuck: Ohhh, Helo. When you gonna learn? First you're flying with rooks, and then... (Boomer hits her)

Boomer: Hey.

Starbuck: And then you're betting against Starbuck. (Helo makes a 'bring it on' gesture.)

Tigh: Starbuck. That's a good call sign. Starbuck-buck-buck-buck-buck-buck-buck. (Making it sound like a chicken clucking.) Where'd you get that nickname, anyway? Was that before you were thrown in the brink for drunk and disorderly as a cadet, or after?

Starbuck: After.

Tigh: After, that's right, it was... after.

Helo: I'm in. Thanks to you, XO.

Starbuck: (not amused) How's the wife?

Boomer: Too early for that kind of money.

Helo: Hey. Check out that pyramid game on Geminon?

CAG: What were you doing on Geminon?

(The camera is swinging around the table; Tigh and Starbuck are glaring at each other.)

Helo: There's a girl there I know.

Boomer: What girl don't you know?

Tigh: The wife is just fine.

Starbuck: Talk to her lately?

CAG: That's you, Lieutenant.

Starbuck: Great. Thirty to me, and it looks like I'm going to bring this lovely little game to a close, cause - full colors. Aha! (She laughs, does a little victory dance.)

(Tigh pushes over the table, she punches him in the face. Boomer pulls Starbuck back.)

Starbuck: Okay, I'm fine, I'm fine. (They lunge at each other again; the others pull them apart.)

Tigh: (pointing) You have finally gone too far, and now you're done. Lieutenant, consider yourself under arrest, pending charges. Report to the brig.

Starbuck: (picks up her cigar, holds up her hands) Gentlemen. (She leaves.)

(Adama's quarters. He's washing up and getting dressed.)

Adama: Are you really going to press charges against Kara?

Tigh: For striking a superior officer? You're damn right I am.

Adama: Heard you started the day off pretty early.

Tigh: (walks over, picks up picture of Adama and his kids) I wasn't on duty. (laughs) Where did you get this?

Adama: Tyrol's deck gang scrounged it up. I couldn't talk you out of it, could I?

Tigh: Not a chance. She is insubordinate, undisciplined-

Adama: Probably one of the finest fighter pilots I've ever seen in my life.

Tigh: Yeah.

Adama: She's better than I am. Twice as good as you.

Tigh: Like hell. Jesus.

Adama: Listen. I'm not gonna defend what she did, especially the cracks about your marital problems. But you did kick over the table first.

Tigh: I did not. (pauses) Unless I did.

Adama: You did. So what do you say we just drop the formal charges, throw her in the brig, cool her heels off until we get home.

Tigh: You always did have a soft spot for her.

Adama: Yeah, I guess I'm just a crazy old man.

(Zoom in on a city coastline. Caption: Caprica City, Caprica)

(In a large room, looking up through a glass ceiling. Ships are flying past overhead; one of them looks remarkably like Firefly's Serenity. Camera pans down to Laura Roslin, sitting in a chair in front of a desk. She's looking out the window, and jumps at the sound of the door. A doctor in a white coat walks in.)

Doctor: I'm afraid the tests are positive. The mass is malignant. It's advanced well beyond our... (Noises drown him out - we see a ship taking off and then moving through space.)

(Inside the ship, a futuristic food and drink cart goes by.)

Billy (Roslin's assistant): So I also sent the President a copy of your speech for Galactica's retirement. Uh, hopefully he'll have a chance to review it, but there is a thirty-minute time delay between Galactica and...

Roslin: Excuse me. (She heads for the bathroom.)

Intercom: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. Welcome aboard. We are on route to Galactica, and our estimated flight time is approximately five and a half hours. Please sit back and relax, and enjoy your flight.

(Alone in the bathroom, Roslin gasps, pulls at her shirt, puts a hand over her heart.)

(And we're back on land. Caption: Riverwalk Market, Caprica City. It's crowded with people and we see the blonde woman (Number Six) from the first scene. She touches some flowers, eyes some drinks, finally stops and looks down at a baby in a carriage. The baby's mother walks over, touches the carriage protectively.)

Six: How small they are.

Mom: I know. But they grow up so fast.

Six: May I?

Mom: (smiling, but a little uncomfortable) Sure. (She picks up the baby and hands her to Number Six. The baby starts crying.)

Six: So light. So fragile. Shhhh. (She touches the baby's face.) There, there. It's okay. You're not gonna have to cry much longer.

Mom: We really should be going. (Takes the baby back.)

Six: Of course. (The woman puts the baby back in the carriage.) It's amazing how the neck can support that much weight.

Man in the crowd: Chantara! Honey, let's go! (waves at the woman - she moves off to talk to him) I've got to show you something.

Mom: Okay! (They talk at each other in the background. Six leans down, and there's a quiet snapping noise. When the woman turns back around, she's walking away in the distance. The woman leans down to check on the baby.) Oh my god. He's not breathing! He's not breathing!

(Number Six walks away, looking upset.)

(Cut to a tv screen, where a reporter, whose name is given as Kellan Brody, is talking to a man, Dr. Gaius Baltar.)

Brody: For those of you just joining us from the pyramid game on Geminon, welcome to The Spotlight, our weekly interview program devoted to people making news on Caprica.

(Gaius is looking out the window and then looking at his watch.)

Brody: Today, we're talking to Dr. Gaius Baltar, winner of three Magnet Awards over the course of his career, a media cult figure and a personal friend of President Adar's. He is currently working as a top consultant for the ministry of defense on computer issues, but he's perhaps best known for his controversial views on advancing computer technology. (The camera pans around so that we can see that Baltar is giving the interview from his home. Nice place.) Dr. Baltar, again, welcome.

Baltar: Thank you, Kellan. And first may I say how lovely you're looking, and secondly, what an absolute pleasure it is to be on the show.

Brody: Well, we're delighted to have you with us. Could you summarize your views for our audience?

Baltar: Yes, I'd be happy to. My position is very simple. (Off to the side, we see Number Six walk into the house and put a metal box down on a table.) The ban on research and development into artificial intelligence is, as we all know, a holdover from the Cylon Wars. Quite frankly, I find this to be an outmoded concept. It serves no useful purpose except to impede our efforts.

(Number Six smiles. We cut to her and Baltar kissing; she pushes him against the wall. They stumble into the bedroom, pulling off their clothes.)

Six: Miss me?

Baltar: Can't you tell?

Six: Your body misses me, but what about your heart, your soul?

Baltar: Yeah, those too.

Six: Do you love me, Gaius?

Baltar: What?

Six: (grabbing his face) Do you love me?

Baltar: Are you serious? (She smiles; they go back to kissing.) You had me worried there for a minute.

Six: (tossing him on the bed and straddling him) I'm hot, Gaius. (She undoes her bra.) I'm so hot. (We can see her spine glowing as they have sex.)

(And we're back out in space.)

Intercom: Viper 450, this is Galactica. Approach port landing bay hands-on, speed 105. Checker's red. Call the ball. (?)

Apollo: Galactica, this is Viper 450. Check that, did you say hands-on approach?

Intercom: Viper 450, that's affirmative. Hands-on approach.

Apollo: Copy that, Galactica. Port landing bay, hands-on approach, speed 105, I have the ball.

(The Viper flies in and lands.)

Intercom/Captain McCallie: It's a good stow, neg-lock secure. On behalf of Galactica, I'd like to welcome you aboard, Apollo. It's an honor to have you with us.

(The Viper slides into the frame. Nameplates read: Cpt. Lee Adama, "Apollo")

(Apollo takes his helmet off, gets out of his ship. Chief Tyrol is standing there and they both salute.)

Chief: Morning, sir. Chief Tyrol. I'll be your crew chief while you're aboard.

Apollo: Morning, Chief. Captain Lee Adama.

Chief: It's a pleasure to... (He holds out his hand; Apollo walks past him) you sir. I'm sure you've heard this before; I'm a great admirer of your father's. Service is gonna miss him when he retires.

Apollo: Well, I'm sure someone will. Is your auto-landing system down? I was hands-on for the whole approach.

Chief: It's all hands-on here, Captain. There are no auto-landings on the Galactica. *Commander* Adama's orders.

Apollo: Is that right?

Intercom: Attention in the port hangar bay. Raptor touching down. Clear. The checker is red.

Chief: Nice flying, Lieutenant. I think they heard that clear up to the bridge.

Boomer: Yeah, I'm gonna catch hell from the XO. But it wasn't entirely my fault, Chief. Primary gimble's acting up again.

Chief: Oh, it's the gimble's fault again?

Boomer: Helo, am I lying?

Helo: Gimble looked bad to me.

Chief: I've pulled that gimble three times and stripped it twice. The gimble's not the problem, *sir*.

Boomer: You're not listening to me, Chief.

Chief: Lieutenant, I listen very closely to what each and every one of my pilots has to say. (They're walking off together; Helo looks amused.)

Boomer: You're not the one out there trying to bring in fifty tons of Raptor onto a moving hangar deck with a bad gimble.

Chief: (as they walk into a supply room and shut the door) I've got ten years experience-

Boomer: Here we go!

Chief: -breaking down and stripping every component in every system (Boomer starts to repeat the spiel along with him) that's ever been installed on every spacecraft on my hangar deck.

(They start pulling each other's clothes off.)

Boomer: The gimble *is* broken.

Chief: Shut up, sir. (kissing ensues)

(Cut to the pilots' briefing room)

CAG: Morning.

Pilots: Morning, sir.

CAG: All right. Now today's the main event. We have a formation demonstration, fly-by maneuvers in conjunction with the decommissioning ceremony. I've got a few changes to the flight plan. Lt. Thrace is being replaced in the slot by Lt. Anders. Also, we have, uh, Captain Lee Adama joining us, and he's going to be flying lead during the fly-by, so please, welcome, Captain.

(Clapping, scattered welcomes. Apollo nods at Helo and Boomer.)

CAG: Now thanks to Chief Tyrol and his deck gang, Captain, you're gonna have the honor of flying the actual Viper that your father flew almost forty years ago.

Apollo: (after a long pause) Great. That's... quite an honor.

CAG: Yes it is, Captain. And personally, I can't think of a better way to send this ship into retirement.

(Back to Caprica City)

Baltar: (Walking outdoors with Number Six) It may interest you to know that the final results of the CMP project are working close to 95% efficiency throughout the fleet. Hold your applause, please.

Six: No applause for me? I doubt you would have ever completed the project without me.

Baltar: Yes, well, you helped a bit.

Six: I rewrote half your algorithms.

Baltar: All right, you were extremely helpful, but let's not forget, you got something out of it. All that poking around inside the defense mainframe. Should give you a huge advantage bidding for the contract next year.

Six: You know that's not really why I did it.

Baltar: No, you did it cause you love me.

Six: That, and God wanted me to help you.

Baltar: Right, he spoke to you, did he? You had a chat?

Six: He didn't speak to me in a literal voice, and you don't have to mock my faith.

Baltar: Sorry. I'm just not very religious.

Six: Does it bother you that I am?

Baltar: It puzzles me that an intelligent and attractive woman such as yourself should be taken in by all that mysticism and superstition. But, I'm willing to overlook it on account of your other attributes. (They both smile. He tries to kiss her, but she pulls away.)

Six: I have to go. I'm meeting someone.

Baltar: Really? Who is he? I'm insanely jealous.

Six: I doubt that.

Baltar: So touchy today. Well, as a matter of fact, I'm meeting someone too. Business. A new project at Defense I might do. So, uh... (kisses her on the cheek) You'll call me later, right?

(He walks away. Six looks up.)

Six: It's about time. Wondered when you'd get here.

(On Galactica. We cut to a museum display of a Cylon Centurion and Basestar. Roslin's ship is docking.)

Tour Guide: Secretary Roslin.

Roslin: Yes.

Tour Guide: Uh, Mr. Krikeya.

Billy: Keikeya.

Tour Guide: Oh, sorry, hi. My name's Aaron Doral. I'm from public relations. I'd like to welcome you aboard Galactica.

Roslin: Thank you.

Tour guide: If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your quarters.

Intercom: Attention all hands. At this time, Galactica would like to welcome aboard the Secretary of Education, Laura Roslin. (Billy notices Dualla walking past and gets distracted.) The Secretary is a member of the President's cabinet; we're honored by her presence aboard our ship, and her participation this afternoon in Galactica's decommissioning ceremony.

Billy: (looking down the corridors, lost) Madame Secretary? Madame Secretary?

Intercom: Attention all hands, EVA activity on hull. Do not radiate any electrical equipment while EVA is in progress. Thank you.

(Billy picks a door and opens it. Turns out to be the bathroom - Dualla is washing up.)

Dualla: In or out.

Billy: Excuse me?

Dualla: Get in or get out. Shut the hatch.

Billy: Sorry. (He shuts the hatch.)

Dualla: Where are you trying to be?

Billy: Visitors' quarters. I'm a visitor.

Dualla: Yeah. Never woulda guessed.

(Roslin, Adama and Doral are walking down a corridor)

Roslin: It tells people things like where the restroom is, and-

Adama: It's an integrated computer network, and I will not have it aboard this ship.

Roslin: I heard you're one of those people. You're actually afraid of computers.

Adama: No, there are many computers on this ship. But they're not networked.

Roslin: A computerized network would simply make it faster and easier for the teachers to be able to teach-

Adama: Let me explain something to you. Many good men and women lost their lives aboard this ship because someone wanted a faster computer to make life easier. I'm sorry that I'm inconveniencing you or the teachers, but I will not allow a networked computerized system to be placed on this ship while I'm in command. Is that clear?

Roslin: Yes, sir.

Adama: Thank you. 'Scuse me. (He walks away; Dualla shows up with Billy.)

(Down in the brig - Apollo walks in and salutes the guard. Starbuck is doing push-ups in a cell.)

Apollo: This seems familiar.

Starbuck: (getting up) Captain Adama, sir. Sorry I wasn't there to greet you with the rest of the squadron. Did they kiss your ass to your satisfaction?

Apollo: So, what's the charge this time?

Starbuck: Mmm. Striking a superior asshole.

Apollo: Ahh. I bet you've been waiting all day to say that one.

Starbuck: Most of the afternoon, yeah. (They laugh.) So how long's it been?

Apollo: Two years.

Starbuck: Two years? We must be gettin' old. Seems like the funeral was just a couple months ago. Your old man's doing fine. We don't talk about it much, maybe two, three times a year. He still struggles with it, though.

Apollo: I haven't seen him.

Starbuck: Why not?

Apollo: Kara, don't even start.

Starbuck: How long are you gonna do this?

Apollo: I'm not doing anything.

Starbuck: He lost his son, Lee.

Apollo: And who's responsible for that?

Starbuck: (shaking her head) Same old Lee. You haven't changed either.

Apollo: Zack was my brother.

Starbuck: What was he to me, nothing?

Apollo: That's not what I meant, and you know it-

Starbuck: You know, you should go. I'm getting the urge to hit another superior asshole.

(Baltar's house. Six is sitting in a chair in his bedroom.)

Six: Gaius. (waits) Gaius!

(Gaius is in bed with another woman. They sit up, confused.)

Baltar: What are you doing here?

Woman: Who the hell are you?

Six: Get out.

Woman: Gaius, who is this woman?

Baltar: She, she, she's a friend. Well, more than a friend, when I say friend-

Six: Get. Out.

Woman: This is just great. (She gets out.)

Baltar: Bye. (door slams) Look, it's, it's me, all right? (He gets up and starts pulling on clothes.) It's, it's, it's totally me, I, uh, I screwed up. I am screwed up. I always have been, it's a, uh, it's a flaw in my character that I have... I've always hated, and I've tried to overcome-

Six: Spare me your famed self-awareness and remorse. I came here because I have something to tell you. (Baltar sits down. Close-up on Number Six: she has tears in her eyes.)


Doral: (to photographers/reporters) Here he is. If you'd just like to, ah, put a little space. Captain, thank you for joining us. (Apollo walks in, they shake hands.) Hi, Aaron Doral. If you'd just like to stand up there, we'll get a few shots of you and the Commander.

Adama: Captain. (They stand next to each other.)

Doral: Ahh, okay gentlement, could you maybe stand a bit closer? Fantastic. Commander, could you put your arm around your son? Great, perfect. (The photographers take pictures) Okay, thank you very much. See you at the ceremony. We'll just be leaving this, through this doorway, and, and to our right...

(Adama turns his back on Apollo, walks away. Apollo goes to leave.)

Adama: You want some, ah, coffee?

Apollo: No, sir. Thank you, sir.

Adama: Why don't you sit down? (He doesn't sit down) Congratulations on making Captain. I'm sorry I wasn't there.

Apollo: Thank you, sir.

Adama: How's your mother?

Apollo: Getting married.

Adama: Good for her. We spoke about a year ago, had a real heart-to-heart, it was good.

Apollo: I'm glad to hear that, sir, will that be all?

Adama: Why don't you talk to me, Lee?

Apollo: What do you want to talk about?

Adama: About anything. You've been here for an hour.

Apollo: Well, I don't have anything to say. My orders said, report here and participate in the ceremony, so I'm, I'm here. And I'm gonna participate in the ceremony. There wasn't, wasn't anything in my orders about having any heart-to-heart chats with the old man.

Adama: Accidents happen, in the service.

Apollo: Dad, listen, I-

Adama: You know, all the things you talked to me about the last time we were together-

Apollo: I really don't want to do this.

Adama: -at the funeral, they still ring in my ears after two years.

Apollo: Good! Good. Cause you know what? They were meant to.

Adama: Zack had a choice. You both did.

Apollo: "A man isn't a man until he wears the wings of a Viper pilot." Doesn't that sound at all familiar to you?

Adama: That's not fair, son.

Apollo: No, it's not fair. Because one of us wasn't cut out to wear the uniform.

Adama: He earned his wings, just like we all do.

Apollo: One of us wasn't cut out to be a pilot, one of us wouldn't have even made it into flight school if his old man, his daddy, hadn't have pulled some strings.

Adama: That's an exaggeration. I did nothing for him that I wouldn't have done for anyone else.

Apollo: You're not even listening to me. Why can't you get this through your head? Zack did not belong in that plane. He shouldn't have been there. He was only doing it for you. Face it, you killed him.

Adama: That'll be all, Captain.

(Apollo leaves)

(Back to Baltar's house)

Baltar: So now you're telling me, umm- Now you're telling me that you're a machine?

Six: I'm a woman.

Baltar: You're a machine. You're a synthetic woman. A robot.

Six: I've said it three times now.

Baltar: Well, forgive me, I'm having the tiniest bit of trouble believing that, because the last time anybody saw the Cylons, they looked more like walking chrome toasters.

Six: Those models are still around. They have their uses.

Baltar: Prove it. If you're a Cylon, prove it to me right now.

Six: I don't have to. You know I'm telling the truth.

Baltar: See, stating something as the truth doesn't necessarily make it so, because the truth of the matter is, I don't believe a word of it.

Six: You believe me, because deep down you've always known there was something different about me. Something that didn't quite add up in the usual way. And you believe me because it flatters your ego, to believe that alone among all the billions of people of the Twelve Colonies, you were chosen for my mission.

Baltar: Your mission? What mission?

Six: You knew I wanted access to the defense mainframe.

Baltar: (stunned) Def- Wait a minute, the defense mainframe? What exactly are you saying?

Six: Come on, Gaius. The communications frequencies, deployment schedules, unlimited access to every database.

Baltar: Oh my god. (Thinks for a moment.) I had nothing to do with this. You know I had nothing to do with this.

Six: You have an amazing capacity for self-deception. How do you do that?

Baltar: How many people know? About me? Specifically, that I'm involved?

Six: Even now, as the fate of your entire world hangs in the balance, all you can think about is how this affects you.

Baltar: Do you have any idea what they'll do to me if they find out?

Six: They'd probably charge you with treason.

Baltar: Treason is punishable by the death penalty. This is unbelievable.

Six: What are you doing?

Baltar: I'm phoning my attorney.

Six: That won't be necessary.

Baltar: Yeah, he'll know what to do, he'll sort this out. He's the best in the business.

Six: It won't be necessary, because in a few hours, no one will be left to charge you with anything.

Baltar: What exactly are you saying?

Six: Humanity's children are returning home. Today. (Outside the window, there's a bright flash of light on the horizon.)

(Galactica. Caption: Galactica Starboard Landing Bay, Decommissioning Ceremony)

Doral: I'd like to thank you all again for being here today, and Elosha, thank you very much for those wonderful words. Next is a ceremonial fly-by by the last Galactica battle squadron led by Captain Lee Adama. (Music play, ships fly over, people applaud.) And now it is my great pleasure to introduce the last commander of the Battlestar Galactica, Commander Adama. (applause)

Adama: Thank you very much. The Cylon War is long over, yet we must not forget the reasons why so many sacrificed so much in the cause of freedom. The cost of wearing the uniform can be high, but... (pauses) Sometimes it's too high. You know, when we fought the Cylons, we did it to save ourselves from extinction. But we never answered the question: why? Why are we as a people worth saving? We still commit murder, because of greed, spite, jealousy, and we still visit all of our sins upon our children. (we hear the voiceover in Apollo's ship) We refuse to accept the responsibility for anything that we've done. Like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play god, create life. (We see Starbuck listening in her cell.) When that life turned against us, we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that it really wasn't our fault, not really. You cannot play god, then wash your hands of the things that you've created. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things that you've done anymore.

(There's a moment of silence, and then Roslin leads the applause.)

Tigh: (to Adama) You are one surprising son of a bitch.

(Back out in space, some time later)

Apollo: Colonial Heavy 798, this is Viper 7242. My call sign is Apollo, and I'll be your escort back to Caprica.

Pilot: Copy that, Viper 7242. Glad to have you with us, Apollo.

Boomer: Viper 7242, Rapter 312. This is Boomer; just wanted to say it was an honor to fly with you, Apollo.

(Inside the ship)

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, we are now on-route back to Caprica. If you look out the starboard window, you might be able to see one of Galactica's old Mark II Vipers, which will be escorting us back home...

(At Baltar's house - he has his hands clasped, as though in prayer, and the television is on.)

Reporters: We don't have any more information yet, but, uh... / ...all remaining ships able to leave Caprica... / actual enemy has yet been sighted... / ...get out into the open countryside or the lesser populated areas of the city... / ...but there doesn't seem to be any doubt... (One tv feed goes out. On the other, we can see the force of a blast before it too goes to static.)

Baltar: What have I done? What am I gonna do? There's no way out.

Six: I know.

Baltar: Sure you know. That's your doing, isn't it? Wait. Wait, there has to be another way out of here. I mean, I mean, you must have an escape plan. You're not about to be destroyed by your own bombs, are you? How are you leaving? (There's a bright blast outside.) Ow!

Six: Gaius. I can't die. When this body is destroyed, my memory, my consciousness, will be transmitted to a new one. I'll just wake up somewhere else in an identical body.

Baltar: You mean there's more out there like you?

Six: There are twelve models. I'm number six.

Baltar: (crying) I don't want to die. I don't want-

Six: Get down. (She pushes him down as the windows explode.)

(We see the surface of the planet - there are lots and lots of explosions.)

(Galactica - Adama is in his quarters reading. The intercom buzzes.)

Gaeta: CIC to commanding officer.

Adama: (picking up the phone) Go ahead.

Gaeta: I'm sorry to disturb you, sir, but we have a Priority 1 alert message from Fleet Headquarters. It was transmitted in the clear.

Adama: In the clear? What does it say?

Gaeta: "Attention all Colonial units. Cylon attack underway. This is no drill."

Adama: I'll be right there.

(Colonel Tigh is looking at a picture of a blonde woman and pushing a lit cigar through her face. Alarms go off throughout the ship.)

Intercom: Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill. Repeat, action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill. Repeat, action stations, action stations. (Tigh pulls his jacket on, the crew rushes around.)

Prosna: Not a drill? They cannot be serious.

Cally: Sounds like it to me.

Prosna: What are we gonna shoot with? The ship's got no ammunition.

Chief: All right people, let's go. Let's get this hangar bay ready for possible incoming.

(Up in the CIC)

Tigh: What have we got? Shipping accident? (Adama hands him the memo)

Gaeta: Combat? Understood. (hangs up the phone) Condition One is set. All decks report ready for action, sir.

Adama: Very well.

Tigh: This is a joke. The fleet's playing a joke on you. It's a retirement prank, come on.

Adama: I don't think so. (on the intercom) This is the Commander. Moments ago, this ship received word of a Cylon attack against our home worlds is underway. We do not know the size or the disposition or the strength of the enemy forces. But all indications point to a massive assault against Colonial defenses. Admiral Negala has taken personal command of the fleet aboard the Battlestar Atlantea following complete destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters in the first wave of the attacks. How, why - doesn't really matter now. What does matter is that as of this moment, we are at war. You've trained for this, you're ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow shipmates, and we'll all get through this. Further updates as we get them. Thank you.

(In the hangar)

Prosna: (to Cally) War with the Cylons.

Chief: All right people, this is what we do. We're the best. So let's get the old girl ready to roll and kick some Cylon ass! Come on! Let's go! Move! (to himself) This better be for real.


Adama: Tactical.

Gaeta: Sir?

Adama: Begin a plot of all military units in the solar system, friendly or otherwise.

Gaeta: Yes, sir.

Adama: XO.

Tigh: Sir.

Adama: We're in a shooting war. We need something to shoot.

Tigh: I'll start checking munitions depots.

Adama: Dee. Send a signal to our fighter squadron. I want positions and tactical status immediately.

Dualla: Yes, sir.

Adama: And get Kara Thrace out of the brig.

(Caption: Galactica Attack Squadron, 2 hours from Caprica)

CAG: Boomer. Acknowledge Galactica signals. Send them our position, tell them we've detected a formation of Cylon fighters directly ahead, and I intend to attack. Boomer, do you copy?

Boomer: Copy that.

Helo: Ease up there, Boomer. Take a deep breath.

Boomer: Stand by. Helo?

Helo: I show ten, no, no make that five, Cylon raiders on course 324, mark 110, speed 7.1, time to intercept, 7 minutes.

CAG: You don't sound too sure.

Boomer: There's a lot of jamming going on. Cylons are using a lot of defensive decoys. Sorting through them, but-

CAG: Understood. Just take your time, guide us in, we'll do the rest.

Boomer: Yes, sir.


Gaeta: So, that would put our squadron about here. Now, looks like the main fight is shaping up over here, near Virgon's orbit. But even at top speed, they're still over an hour away.

Adama: Plot a course along this axis. If we can keep Virgon between us and the battle, (Starbuck walks in, looks at Tigh, points to her eyes) we might be able to get pretty close before the Cylons are even aware.

Gaeta: At least, sir.

Starbuck: Commander. (salutes) Ready for duty, sir.

Adama: Good.

Starbuck: Where the hell did the Cylons come from?

Adama: All we know for sure is that they achieved complete surprise and we're taking heavy losses. We lost thirty Battlestars in the opening attack.

Starbuck: That's a quarter of the fleet.

Adama: I need pilots, and I need fighters.

Starbuck: Pilots you've got - there's twenty of us climbing the walls down in the ready room, but fighters...

Adama: I think I seem to remember an entire squadron of fighters down on the starboard hangar bay yesterday.

Starbuck: (thinks about that for a second and then salutes) Yes, sir.

(Starboard hangar bay - shot of the museum railings being knocked over)

Starbuck: You're sure they'll fly?

Chief: Well, the reactor's still hot. So all we have to do is pull the rad buffers from the engine, refuel it, load the ordinance and you're ready to go. The biggest problem's gonna be getting them over to the port launch bay.

Starbuck: Why can't we use the starboard launch?

Chief: It's a gift shop now.

Starbuck: Frak me.

Chief: (yelling) All right, let's go! Everybody pick a bird, we're going to the port launch bay.

(Dualla gets a printout from one of the machines)

Gaeta: What's the latest, Dee?

Dualla: A lot of confusion. I keep getting these weird reports about equipment malfunctions.

Gaeta: Why is that weird?

Dualla: It's the number of malfunctions. One report said an entire Battlestar lost power just before it came in contact with the enemy. They said it was like someone just turned off a switch.

(Back with the squadron as ominous music plays)

Helo: Cylon formation ahead. We're down to two confirmed Cylons now. Approaching visual range.

CAG: Okay, Boomer, we'll take it from here. You back way off.

Boomer: Roger that.

CAG: All right boys and girls, you break into attack formation. Now, there might only be two of them, but I want you to stick with your wingman, and do not get overconfident.

Random pilot 1: Anybody know what these things look like?

Random pilot 2: Pictures I've seen of the old Cylon fighters, it's gonna look like a big flying wing.

Random pilot 1 (I think): Those pictures are 40 years old.

CAG: Okay, keep the chatter down.

Boomer: CAG, Boomer. We've got a lot more contacts showing up. Looks like a couple of squadrons at least.

CAG: All Vipers, weapons free. Let's go get 'em.

(The ships approach each other. The power goes out in the CAG's Viper.)

CAG: What the- (the power goes out in all of the other ships as well) I've lost power. Joely, Joely take over. Joely, can you read me? (his ship bumps into another, also clearly drifting)

Helo: What are they doing?

Boomer: I don't know, they're going straight in.

Helo: Comm chatter's gone, they're not talking anymore.

Boomer: CAG, Boomer. CAG, Boomer, do you read?

CAG: Boomer, this is CAG. If you can hear me, they must have done something to our computer systems, some sort of electronic jamming. I've never seen anything like this. (gets a closer look at the Cylon ships) There's no cockpits. Nobody's flying these things. (Cylons fire) Oh my god.

(The ships all explode)

Helo: No! (everything goes off their radar except for the Cylons) Boomer, get us out of here.

Boomer: Right. (The Raptor takes off; the Cylons follow)

(Caption: Colonial Flight 798, 3 hours from Caprica)

(Roslin is in the bathroom, possibly having just been sick)

Pilot: Once again, we are processing the information that we have been given, and I urge you all to try to stay calm. As we get more information, I will pass it along to you. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

Roslin: (looking at Billy) What's going on?

Billy: I'm not sure.

(In the cockpit)

Pilot: Any luck over there, Captain?

Apollo: No, just picking up a lot of confusing chatter.

Pilot: Well, to be honest with you, I'm kinda glad you're sticking around. Makes us all feel better to see you out there.

Apollo: Well, don't get too comfortable. This old junker I'm in was meant for show, not combat. If we run into a problem, well, I'll do what I can to protect you, but the first sign of trouble, you pour on the speed and you run.

Pilot: Don't you worry about that. I've got my hand on the throttle, hasn't left since I got that first message. Colonial Heavy 798, out.

(Back with Helo and Boomer - the Cylons fire on them)

Helo: Two missiles, now.

Boomer: Jam the warheads.

Helo: I'm trying. Can't find the frequency, drop the swallows.

Boomer: Got two left. (They fire a decoy; one of the missiles goes for it and explodes) Dammit. Come on.

Helo: Oh, frak.

Boomer: What?

Helo: Check the screen ahead.

Boomer: Guess we found the main fight.

Helo: Missile, lock!

Boomer: We've got one left. (They fire it; missile explodes, but some shrapnel hits the ship. It rips through the hull and catches Helo in the leg.)

Helo: Ahh!

Boomer: We're hit!

Helo: No, really?

Boomer: Helo. (He seals the hole.) Okay? Are you okay?

Helo: Present.

Boomer: Stay with me. Okay, we have a fuel leak. We have to put it down and repair it. Nearest world is Caprica.

Helo: (bandaging his leg) Lot of company between us and there.

Boomer: Yeah. (shuts off the power)

Helo: So we're cruising?

Boomer: Best way to avoid attracting attention. No power signature, go in a straight line. Unless somebody actually gets close enough to see us, we just look like a chunk of debris on the sensors. I think we have enough inertia to make it to Caprica's ionosphere. Then we power up, find a place to land.

Helo: Nice. Nice thinkin' there.

(In the distance, the explosions continue on Caprica.)


Adama: (over the intercom) Preliminary reports indicate a thermonuclear device in the fifty-megaton range was detonated over Caprica City thirty minutes ago. Nuclear detonations have been reported on the planets Aerlon, Picon, Saggitarion and Geminon. No reports on casualties, but they will be high.

Cally: How many people in Caprica City alone?

Starbuck: Seven million.

Adama: Mourn the dead later. Right now, the best thing we can do is get this ship into the fight.

(Roslin's ship - she knocks on the cockpit door)

Pilot: Yes?

Roslin: Excuse me. (She enters and shuts the door.) One of the passengers has a short-wave wireless. They've heard a report that Caprica has been nuked. It has, hasn't it?

Pilot: Caprica and three other colonies. (He holds a paper out to her. She takes it and grips his hand to keep it from shaking.) I guess I, uh, I should go make an announcement or something.

Roslin: I'll do it. I'm a member of the political cabinet, it's my responsibility. (He nods.) While I'm doing that, I would ask that you... contact the Ministry of Civil Defense, see what we can do to help.

(Back in the main section of the ship)

Roslin: ...including the colonies of Caprica, Picon, Aerlon and Tauron. (The passengers gasp, and then everyone starts asking questions at once.) Stop. Please, stop. Please, I'm trying to reach the government right now to get more information. In the meantime, we should all be prepared for an extended stay aboard this ship, okay? So, uh, you, please, and you (points at flight attendants) take an inventory of the emergency supplies and rations.

Doral: Wait a minute, who put you in charge?

Roslin: Well, that's a good question. The answer is no one. But this is a government ship and I am the senior government official, so that puts me in charge. So why don't you help me out, and go down into the cargo area, and see about setting it up as a living space. Everyone else, please, please, try and stay calm. Thank you. (She and Billy walk off by themselves.) All right, this is the passenger manifest. (She takes a look at him.) Are you all right?

Billy: Yeah, yeah. My parents moved to Picon two months ago. To be closer to my sisters, and their families, and their grandkids. Umm...

Pilot: Madame Secretary? We got your comm link. (She puts a hand on Billy's arm and then walks back into the cockpit.)

Man's voice: Thank god you're not here, Laura. Thank god. I've never seen anything-

Roslin: Jack. Where is the President?

Jack: -thousands of people wandering in the streets...

Roslin: Where is the President, Jack? Is he alive?

Jack: I don't know. I think so. We hear all kinds of things.

Roslin: Have the Cylons made any demands? Do we know what they want?

Jack: No. No contact. I'm pretty sure about that.

Roslin: Has anyone discussed- Has anyone discussed the possibility of surrender? Has it been considered?

Jack: After Picon was nuked, the President offered a complete, unconditional surrender. The Cylons didn't even respond!

Pilot: (on the radio) Colonial Heavy 798. (pauses) Where? (radar starts beeping) What should we do? Uh, copy that. The Cylons have found us. There's an inbound missile.

Roslin: Where the hell'd our escort go?

(Missile approaches. Apollo swings in front of it to let it lock onto him. He turns around, fires, and blows it up. His ship is jolted and the power goes out.)

Apollo: Crypter, crypter, crypter. This is Apollo to Colonial Heavy 798. I'm declaring an emergency. Flight systems are offline. Data systems.

(Caprica - Boomer and Helo are parked in a field. There are huge mushroom clouds in the distance.)

Helo: (listens to explosion) That's six. How you comin' on that fuel line?

Boomer: Almost there. We'll be airborn pretty soon. (Helo sees something, hobbles forward.) Okay, that should do it.

Helo: Sharon? Grab your sidearm.

(A crowd of people is running toward them, across the field.)

Boomer: Helo?

Helo: Just stand your ground.

(People run, carrying bags and books. One falls down, and we see that it's Dr. Baltar.)

(Caption: Colonial Flight 798, Cargo Bay)

Doral: Captain. Are you all right?

Apollo: I'm fine.

Doral: Uh, my name's Aaron Doral. (He holds out his hand, Apollo ignores it.) I met you before. Uh, I took some publicity photos with your... when your father... What are these things?

Apollo: Electric pulse generators from the Galactica.

Doral: Really? That's interesting... Captain, I can't tell you how glad I am to see you.

Apollo: Oh? Why is that?

Doral: Well, personally, I'd feel a lot better if someone qualified were in charge around here.

Apollo: Is something wrong with your pilot?

Doral: No, it's just that he's not the one giving orders. It's, uh, it's a bad situation, isn't it, sir?

Apollo: Yes, it is.

(Back up in the passenger area)

Roslin: What if we transfer the ell(?) containers from bay 3 to bay 4, then we would have one, two and three for passengers.

Pilot: Yeah, that's doable. That's a lot of heavy lifting without dock loaders, though.

Roslin: A little hard work is just what the people need right now. (Apollo and Doral enter. The pilot stands up.) Captain. (Apollo ignores her and shakes the pilot's hand.) Good to see you again.

Apollo: Likewise. Thanks for the lift.

Pilot: (laughs) Should thank her.

Roslin: Start the cargo transfer, and prep bay 3 for survivors.

Billy: Yes, ma'am.

Apollo: I'm sorry, survivors?

Roslin: As soon as the attack began, the government ordered a full stop on all civilian vessels. So now we've got hundreds of stranded ships in the solar system, some are lost, some are damaged, some are losing power. We have enough space on this ship to accomodate up to 500 people and we're going to need every bit of it.

Doral: But we don't even know what the tactical situation is out there.

Roslin: The tactical situation is that we are losing, right, Captain?

Apollo: Right.

Roslin: So we pick up as many people as we can, we try to find a safe haven to put down... Captain? I'd like you to look over the navigational charts for a likely place to hide from the Cylons. That's all.

Apollo: (to Doral) Lady's in charge.


(Helo fires at the ground.)

Helo: That's as close as you get, now just settle down. Settle down, and no one gets hurt.

Man: I have to get on board. I'll give you fifty thousand. (Other people yell similar things.)

Helo: We're not taking money. This isn't a rescue ship, this is a military vessel, and we're not taking money.

People: You can't just leave us here! What about the children? (Man approaches, Boomer fires into the air.)

Boomer: All right, all right. Children first. Children. (The children go up.) All right, we can take three more people.

Helo: That's the maximum load if we're gonna break orbit.

Man: Who chooses the three, you?

Boomer: No one chooses. No one. Lottery. Everyone gets a number. Put the numbers in a box, take out three. That's it, no arguing, no appeal.

Helo: And I will shoot the first person who tries to board before then.

Boomer: Helo, get your flight manual, tear out the pages.


Tigh: (on intercom) Attention: inbound DRADIS contact. Rated highly probable enemy fighter. All hands stand by for battle maneuvers.

Adama: Launch Vipers.

Dualla: Vipers, clear to launch.

Man: Joker, this is Shooter, I have control, stand by. Viper 1104, clear forward. Navcon green, interval check. Navcap ready. Tube door, ready. Thrust positive, and good luck. (He pushes button, Vipers launch.) (To Starbuck) Interval, check. (Starbuck gives him a thumbs-up.) Thrusters, positive. Stand by. Thrusters fluctuating. Abort take-off.

Starbuck: Galactica, Viper 8547, copy that. Throttle down, tube safe.

Shooter: Roger, Viper.

Starbuck: Frak. Get me out of here!

Chief: Let's go, go, go. (Lots of fast tech-talk.) Cally, Prosna, figure out what's going on.

Starbuck: Three frakkin' aborts, Chief?

Chief: We're on it, sir. It's the pressure reg valve again.

Cally: We should pull it.

Prosna: Can't. We don't have a spare.


Adama: Bow up half. Forward left one-quarter. Stern right, full.

Gaeta: (on intercom) Inbound enemy contact, bearing 247. Range 115. Closing.


Starbuck: Let's go!

Chief: Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Cally: We should just pull the valve and bypass the whole system.

Prosna: We can't do that, the relay will blow.

Cally: It'll hold!

(Everybody yells)

Chief: Just pull the valve!

(Outside, Cylons and Vipers engage.)

Pilot over intercom: Firing. Miss!

Other pilot: Watch it, watch it.

Adama: Engines, all ahead, full.

Tigh: Ahead full, sir. Engines report ahead full.

Pilots: Wait, I can't get a lock... Karen's got him, Karen's got him... No! ...Vipers, stay in formation... Oh wait, I got him, I got him... (Starbuck listens impatiently)

Cally: Ready!

Chief: Okay, clear the tube, let's go! Get her in! Move!

(Starbuck takes off, fires at the Cylons. One of them turns around, aims at her.)

Starbuck: Oh, frak me. He's irradiating some sort of weapon at me, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. (She fires and destroys it.) All Vipers: systems are go! (One of the Vipers goes down.) Hold it together, guys.

Adama: Come on.

(Fire grazes the tail of Starbuck's Viper.)

Starbuck: I'm all right.


Dualla: Radiological alarm.

Tigh: He's got nukes.

(Starbuck fires, takes out two missiles, misses one.)

Starbuck: Galactica, you've got an inbound nuke. All Vipers, break, break, break.

Adama: Brace for contact, my friend.

Tigh: Haven't heard that in a while. (Missile hits; things fall over, people fall down.)

Starbuck: Galactica, Starbuck. The forward section of the port flight pod has sustained heavy damage. Galactica, you've got violent decompression all along the port flight pod, do you read me? Galactica?

(Inside, they're righting the equipment and breaking out the first aid kits.)

Adama: Radiation levels within norms. The hull plating kept out most of the hard stuff.

Gaeta: Sir, port stern thrusters are locked open, all bow thrusters non-responsive. We're in an uncontrolled, lateral counter-clockwise spin.

Adama: Send a DC party up to ox control and have them cut all the fuel lines to the stern thruster.

Tigh: Okay, we have got buckle supports all along the port flight pod, and chain reaction decompressions occuring everywhere forward of frame 2- 250.

Adama: That's a problem. Saul, take personal command of the DC units.

Tigh: Me?

Gaeta: Sir, the stern thruster's still locked open. We need you.

Adama: You're either the XO or you're not.

Tigh: Sir.

Intercom: Attention. All decks switch emergency power relay to positive flow.

(Port flight pod - lots of chaos and smoke)

Prosna: (on the phone) Chief, we're losing pressure. The port pod, it's buckling. We need help.


Tigh: Report.

Chief: We've got structural buckling all along this line. We've gotta get those fires out!

Captain: I know! Fire suppressors are down, water main is down, I'm trying to fight this fire with hand-held gear.

Chief: We've got another decompression heading toward the port pod.

Captain: What are your orders, sir?

(Tigh says nothing, looks at Adama.)

Captain: Sir? (to Chief) All right listen, I need you to get the rest of your DC teams down from the landing bay, give them a-

Tigh: No time. Seal off everything forward of frame 30 and start an emergency vent of all compartments.

Chief: But wait, I've got over a hundred people trapped up behind frame 34, I just need a minute to get 'em out.

Tigh: We don't seal it off now, we're going to lose a lot more than a hundred men. Seal it off, now.

Chief: They just need a minute!

Tigh: We don't have a minute! The fire reaches the hangar pods, it'll ignite the fuel lines and we'll lose the ship. Do it!

Chief: (on intercom) All hands. Seal off... all bulkheads, 25 through 40. That's an order.

(We see people in the affected area, running, coughing, through the smoke. Tigh turns a key to vent the areas - bodies fly out, the fire extinguishes.)

Captain: Venting complete. Fires are out.

Tigh: If they remembered their training, then they had their suits on and they were braced for possible vent action.

Chief: There's a lot of rooks in there.

Tigh: No one's a rook anymore.

(Caprica - Boomer picks out a slip of paper)

Boomer: 127. One two seven.

Woman: Here. Thank the Lords of Kobol. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Boomer: Last one. 47. 47. (Everyone groans, Baltar looks distressed. Helo looks at Baltar, recognizes him.)

Old woman (with glasses perched on top of her head): (to Baltar) Excuse me, I forgot my glasses, I must have left them somewhere. Could you please read this for me? (She has #47.)

Helo: Hey. Aren't you Gaius Baltar?

Baltar: Yeah, I haven't done anything. This lady has ticket number 47. This lady here.

Helo: Could you come up here, please.

Baltar: Here.

Boomer: (to Helo) What are you doing?

Helo: (taking her hand) I'm giving up my seat.

Boomer: Like hell.

Helo: A civilian should take my place.

Boomer: You're going.

Helo: Look at those clouds. Sharon, look at those clouds, and tell me this isn't the end of everything.

Boomer: Helo...

Helo: Whatever future is left is gonna depend on whoever survives. Give me one reason why I'm a better choice than one of the greatest minds of our time.

Boomer: Helo-

Helo: You can do this without me. I know you can, you've proven it.

Boomer: Get on board. (They get on board; the crowd objects.)

Helo: I think you better go. (to the crowd) Stay back. Stay back! It's over, it's over.

(Baltar sees Six in the crowd - he looks again and she's gone.)

(Boomer starts to take off. A man climbs onto the side of the ship and Helo shoots him. He and Boomer wave at each other as she leaves.)

(Back on Roslin's ship - she and Apollo are up in the cockpit)

Radio: This is an official Colonial government broadcast. All ministers and officials should now go to Case Orange. Repeat: This is an official Colonial government broadcast. All ministers and officials should now go to Case Orange.

Roslin: It's an automated message. It's designed to be sent out in case the president, the vice president and most of the cabinet are dead or incapacitated. I need you to send my ID code back on the exact same frequency. D as in dog, dash 456 dash 345 dash A, as in apple. Thank you. (She leaves the cockpit. Apollo follows her back and finds her sitting alone.)

Apollo: How far down?

Roslin: 43rd in line of succession. I know all 42 ahead of me from the President down. Most of us served with him in the first administration. Some of them came with him from the Mayor's office. I was there with him on his first campaign. I never really liked politics; I kept telling myself I was getting out, but... he had this way about him. (The pilot appears with a piece of paper.) Just couldn't say no to him. (He hands her the paper.) Thank you. (She sits up, puts her jacket back on.) We'll need a priest.

(People are gathered around. The priest - Elosha - reads from a scroll.)

Elosha: Please raise your right hand and repeat after me. (Roslin raises her right hand.) I, Laura Roslin.

Roslin: (sounding like she's on the verge of tears) I, Laura Roslin.

Elosha: Do now avow and affirm.

Roslin: Do now avow and affirm.

Elosha: That I take the office of the President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Roslin: That I accept the office of the - That I accept the office of the President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Elosha: And that I will protect and defend the sovereignty of the Colonies.

Roslin: And that I will protect and defend the sovereignty of the Colonies.

Elosha: With every fiber of my being.

Roslin: With every fiber of my being.

(Galactica - they're pulling the bodies out of the burned section of the ship. The Chief stands and looks around, lost.)


Adama: What was the final count?

Tigh: Twenty-six walked out. Eighty-five didn't. (They look at each other for a moment.) There's a munitions depot at Ragnar Anchorage.

Adama: Oh, it's a super-bitch to anchor a ship there.

Tigh: Well, the book says that there are fifty pallets of Class-D warheads in storage there. They should also have all the missiles and small-arms munitions we'll need.

Adama: We'll verify that.

Tigh: Yes, sir.

(Port flight pod - Cally is holding Prosna's burned body and crying. The Chief helps her move him.)


Chief: Do you know how many we lost?

Adama: Yes. Set up a temporary morgue in hangar Bay B.

Chief: 40 seconds, sir. All I needed was forty seconds. Eighty-five of my people. And I told him. I told that son of a bitch-

Adama: (stepping closer) He's the XO of this ship. Don't you dare forget that. Now he made a tough decision. If it'd been me, I would have made the same one.

Chief: Forty seconds, sir.

Adama: Resume your post, Chief. (The Chief leaves, gives Tigh a look on his way out.)

Tigh: Munitions depot confirmed, but we have two problems. One, the Ragnar station is at least three days away at best speed. Two, the entire Cylon fleet is between here and there.

Adama: Specialist.

Specialist: Sir.

Adama: Bring me our position.

Specialist: Yes, sir.

Tigh: You don't want to do this.

Adama: I know I don't.

Tigh: Because any sane man wouldn't. It's been, what, twenty, twenty-two years?

Adama: We trained for this.

Tigh: Training is one thing, but - if we're off in our calculations by even a few degrees, we could end up in the middle of the sun.

Adama: No choice. Colonel Tigh, please plot a hyperlight jump from our position to the orbit of Ragnar.

Tigh: Yes, sir.

Dualla: (in tears) Priority message, sir.

Tigh: Engineering, spin up FTL drives one and two.

Man: Spinning up FTL drives one and two.

Tigh: Lieutenant Gaeta, break up the FTL tables and warm up the computers. We are making a jump.

Adama: Admiral Negala is dead. Battlestar Atlantea's been destroyed. So's the Triton, Solaria, Columbia... the list goes on.

Tigh: Who's the senior officer? Who's in command?

Adama: (to Dee) Send a message. To all Colonial military units. Use Priority Channel 1. Message begins: Am taking command of fleet.

(Colonial One)

Pilot: Geminon Liner 1701, this is Colonial Heavy 798. No, strike that. This is Colonial One.

Other pilot: Go ahead, Colonial One.

Pilot: We have you in sight. We'll approach your starboard docking hatch.

Other pilot: Copy that, Colonial One. Thank the Lords of Kobol you're here. We've been without main power for over two hours now.

(Apollo takes printed message from machine.)

Roslin: What is it?

Apollo: To all Colonial units: Am taking command of fleet. All units ordered to rendevouz at Ragnar Anchorage for regroup and counter-attack. Acknowledge by same, encryption protocol Adama.

Roslin: Captain Apollo, please inform Commander Adama that we are currently involved in rescue operations and we require his assistance. Ask him how many hospital beds he has available and how long it will take him to get here.

Apollo: I, uh -

Roslin: Yes?

Apollo: I'm not sure he's gonna respond very well to that request.

Roslin: Then tell him this comes directly from the President of the Twelve Colonies, and it's not a request.

Apollo: Yes, sir. And sir? Apollo's just my call sign. My name is Lee Adama.

Roslin: I know who you are. But Captain Apollo has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

(Galactica - CIC)

Adama: Is this a joke? (to Dee) Are they within voice range?

Dualla: Yes, sir. (on the phone) Colonial One, Galactica. Galactica Actual wishes to speak with Apollo.

Apollo: This is Apollo. Go ahead, Actual.

(Dualla passes Adama the headset.)

Adama: Yeah, are you - (clears throat) Is your ship all right?

Apollo: We're both fine. Thanks for asking.

Adama: Is your ship's FTL functioning?

(The pilot nods.)

Apollo: That's affirmative.

Adama: Then you're ordered to bring yourself and all of your passengers to the rendezvous point. Acknowledge.

Apollo: Acknowledge... receipt of message.

Adama: What the hell does that mean?

Apollo: It means, I heard you.

Adama: You're gonna have to do a lot better than that, Captain.

Apollo: We're engaged in rescue operations.

Adama: You are to abort your mission immediately and proceed to Ragnar.

Apollo: The President has given me a direct order.

Adama: You're talking about the Secretary of Education. We're in the middle of a war, and you're taking orders from a schoolteacher?

(Alarms go off.)

Pilot: We've got trouble.

Apollo: Stand by, Galactica - What?

(Adama pulls headset off in frustration.)

Pilot: Inbound Cylon fighters.

Roslin: How long til they get here?

Pilot: ETA two minutes.

Apollo: He's right, we have to go now.

Roslin: No.

Apollo: Madame President, we cannot defend this ship -

Roslin: We're not going to abandon all these people.

Apollo: But sir, if we stay -

Roslin: I've made my decision, Captain.

Apollo: You're the President.

Roslin: All right then.

Apollo: Permission to go below?


Gaeta: Sir, we have remote sensor telemetry on Captain Apollo's location, and two enemy fighters closing in on his coordinates.

(Colonial One - Apollo runs below and starts fiddling with the electric pulse generators.)

Adama: Colonial One. This is Galactica. Apollo? You have inbound enemy fighters coming towards you. Get out of there! Apollo? Apollo? Lee, get - Lee!

(Big flash of light - the radar gets fuzzy.)

Gaeta: Fifty-kiloton thermonuclear detonation. (silence) Cylons moving off, sir.

(Tigh walks over and puts his hands on Adama's shoulders.)

Adama: Resume... jump prep.

Tigh: Resume jump prep.

Intercom: Attention all hands: jump prep underway. Set condition two throughout the ship. Set condition two throughout the ship.



Chief: Lieutenant. What did you do to my Viper?

Starbuck: I wondered why the engine gave out.

(The Viper now appears to be missing a chunk of its tail section.)

Chief: We're gonna have to pull the whole mounting. Get the high lift. Don't know how you managed to fly this thing, much less land it.

Starbuck: That's not something I want to think about right now. Where's Prosna? He's gotta get the frakking gimble off or I'll have his ass.

Chief: He's dead, sir. He died in the fire.

Starbuck: How many did we lose?

Chief: Eighty-five.

Starbuck: Right.

Chief: Oh, Lieutenant? I don't know if you heard about Apollo, but...

Starbuck: Heard what?

(He looks down.)

Starbuck: Right. Any word on Sharon?

Chief: No, sir.

Cally: You okay, Chief? Chief?

Chief: Get back to work.


Boomer: Three, two, one... Launch. Drone deployed and transmitting.

Boxey: Now they'll come find us?

Boomer: There's a lot of interference around here. Lotta noise. Keeps my wireless from working. Hopefully, once that communications pod I launched gets far enough away from here, a Colonial ship will pick up the signal and start looking for us.

Boxey: Is everyone on Caprica dead?

Boomer: I don't know.

Boxey: My dad's in the Colonial fleet. They told me he's missing, but I think he's dead too.

Boomer: What's your name?

Boxey: Boxey.

Boomer: You know something? Both my parents died when I was little too.

Boxey: Who do you live with?

Boomer: A bunch of other people on a ship called the Galactica.

(Baltar is hunched over in the back of the ship.)

Six: You know what I love about you, Gaius? You're a survivor. (Baltar looks up and sees her talking to him. He looks back, and she's gone.)

(Galactica - the flight pods are retracting.)

Tigh: The board is green. The ship reports ready to jump, sir.

Adama: Then take us to Ragnar, Colonel.

Tigh: Lt. Gaeta.

Gaeta: Yes, sir.

Tigh: Execute the jump.

Gaeta: (on intercom) All decks prepare for immediate FTL jump. (He puts a blue crystal device in one of the consoles and turns it.) Clock is running. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two...


Cally: I hate this part.


Gaeta: One. Jumping. (Everything goes a bit weird. The ship jumps.)

Adama: Report.

Gaeta: Taking a bearing now. We appear to be in geosynchronous orbit directly above the Ragnar Anchorage. (People clap and cheer.)

Adama: Colonel Tigh?

Tigh: Sir.

Adama: Let's update your chart for a course right down into the eye of the storm.

(Caption: Colonial One, 4 hours from Caprica)

(Everyone is just waking up; President Roslin is lying on the floor. They go down below and find Apollo knocked out as well.)

Roslin: Captain Apollo?

Apollo: That was fun. (They laugh.) I think it worked.

Roslin: What exactly did you do?

Apollo: I basically just used the hyperdrive to manipulate the energy coils, to p-p-put out a big pulse of electroma-magnetic energy that must have disabled the warheads. (He wobbles a bit.) I'm - I'm hoping that it looked like a nuclear explosion.

Roslin: Oh. So that's what that was.

Pilot: So, uh -

Roslin: Did it fool the Cylons?

Apollo: I don't know. But if they weren't fooled, then they'd be on top of us by now.

Pilot: Does the rest of the fleet know about this trick?

Apollo: I doubt it. It's just a theory we toyed with in war college, but it never used to work during war games, the Cylons would see right through it and destroy the targets anyway.

Roslin: The lesson here is not to ask follow-up questions, but simply to say, thank you, Captain Apollo, for saving our collective asses.

Apollo: Now, if I could suggest -

Roslin: Evacuate the passenger liner and get the hell out of here before the Cylons realize their mistake. I'm right with you, Captain.


Tigh: Five seconds to turn three.

Gaeta: Five seconds, sir.

Tigh: And turn.

Gaeta: Bow pitched positive one-half. Stern pitched negative one-quarter. Bow yaw negative three-quarters.

(In her quarters, Starbuck is changing out of her flight suit. She takes a picture of herself and Zack out of her mirror, and unfolds it; Lee is there next to them. In the temporary morgue, the bodies are laid out and the crew are collecting dog-tags.)


Dualla: Crossing into the ionosphere.

Adama: (on the intercom) All hands. Be ready for some chop.

(The support crew gets ready to go into the munitions depot.)

Starbuck: Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer. Take the souls of your sons and daughters lost this day, especially that of Lee Adama, into your hands.

(Back to the morgue.)

(Outside, the ship maneuvers down and docks with the depot.)

Gaeta: And hard seal.

Cally: Hard seal secure, sir.

Chief: Copy that, sir, we show hard seal as well.

Adama: Go find me some bullets, Chief.

Chief: All right, get your gear. Let's move out.

(Caption: Ragnar Station Ammunition Reserve)

(They push open large, iron doors.)

Chief: All right, people, let's be quick about this. Cally, find the genny, get some lights on in here.

Cally: Yes, Chief.

Chief: Let's find out where the lift is, get it fired up.

(A man appears in front of the Chief, pointing a gun at him.)

(Colonial One - They've picked up Boomer's Raptor, and the people are being unloaded.)

Apollo: Come on.

Woman: Excuse me, my husband, he's in the Colonial fleet. In Geminon?

Apollo: Okay, the Colonial fleet in Geminon, I'll see what I can do, if you can just head right this way.

Woman: (to flight attendant) Have you heard anything of Geminon?

Boomer: Captain, I've got two communication pods left, sir. That's it. No jiggers, no drones, no mufflers, nothing.

Apollo: Well, at least you've still got your electronic suite. That old crate of mine can barely navigate from A to B.

Boomer: That old crate may have saved your life, sir.

Apollo: How's that?

Boomer: The Viper Mark Sevens? The Cylons shut them down like they threw a switch or something. And I've been hearing reports like that from all over. The only fighters that are having any success at all are either old or in need of some major overhaul.

Apollo: (seeing Baltar get off the Raptor) That him?

Boomer: Yeah. (loudly) Hope he's worth it! Sorry sir.

Apollo: Don't be. I hope he's worth it too. Dr. Baltar, Captain Lee Adama. The President's asked to see you, sir.

Baltar: President Adar is alive?

Apollo: No, I'm afraid Adar is dead. President Laura Roslin was sworn in a couple of hours ago.

Baltar: Oh. Who?

Apollo: If you'll come with me, I'll - She's this way.

(Back in the main area of the ship)

Roslin: ...I really appreciate it, thank you so much. Oh, Dr. Baltar. It's a pleasure to meet you. We met at last year's Caprica City Symposium.

Baltar: Oh, of course. You'll have to forgive me, I'm bad with faces.

Roslin: Oh, no, that's perfectly all right. I'm sure I wouldn't remember me either. Doctor, I need you to serve as my chief scientific consultant and analyst, regarding the Cylons and their technology.

Baltar: I'd be honored, Madame President.

Roslin: Lt. Valerii - is it Valerii?

Boomer: Yes.

Roslin: I understand that your ship has a limited faster-than-light capability?

Boomer: Uh, yes, sir. The Raptor was designed to make short jumps ahead of the fleet, scout for enemy ships, and jump back and report.

Roslin: I want you to go out there and find as many survivors as you can and bring them back to this position. We will then form a convoy. We will guide them out of the combat zone, and into safety.

Boomer: Yes, sir.


Chief: Everybody, hold fast.

Man (Leoben): I don't want any trouble.

Chief: Okay, let's talk.

Leoben: I'm not going to jail.

Chief: What?

Leoben: You understand me? I am NOT going to jail.

Chief: Nobody's taking you to jail, just calm down.

Leoben: Frikkin' right, you're not.

Chief: We're not the police, we're not here to arrest you. Now, put your gun down.

Leoben: Yeah, maybe, so who the hell are you?

Chief: We're from Colonial fleet. We just came to get some equipment from the station, to get back in the fight.

Leoben: What fight?

Chief: You don't know.

Leoben: Know what?

Chief: There's a war on. Give me your weapon.

Leoben: You think I'm stupid or something, is that it? You think I'm stupid, you expect me to believe that? I want passage out of here! On a safe transport ship. With an untraceable jump system, okay? Now!

Chief: Look. I don't have time to argue with you, so here's the deal. We've got over 2,000 people on that ship. Now, you think you can shoot every single one of us, fine, but if not, get the hell out of my way!

Leoben: (lowering gun) Okay, okay.

Chief: Now! (to his men) Get his weapon. If he moves, shoot him.

(Colonial One - Baltar is alone, with paperwork spread out before him)

Six: I see they've put you to work. (He looks over, sees her sitting next to him.) Ignoring me won't help.

Baltar: No, I've decided you're an expression of my, uh, subconscious mind playing itself out through my waking states.

Six: Oh, I'm only in your head?

Baltar: Exactly.

Six: Hmm. Have you considered the possibility that I could very well exist *only* in your head? Without being a hallucination? Maybe you see and hear me, because while you were sleeping, I implanted a chip in your brain that transmits my image right into your conscious mind.

Baltar: No, no, see that's me again. My subconscious self is expressing irrational fears, which I must choose to ignore.

Six: (moving closer to him) What are you working on?

Baltar: If you were really a chip in my head, I wouldn't have to tell you, now would I?

Six: Indulge me.

Baltar: I'm trying to figure out how you managed to pull this kind of an attack. You virtually shut down the entire defense network without firing a shot. Entire squadrons lost power just as they engaged the enemy. The CMP's a navigation program, but you, uh, you made changes to the programs that you were building in, backdoors for your company to exploit later.

Six: All true, in a sense.

Baltar: That was your job.

Six: Officially. Unofficially, I had other motives. We had something, Gaius. Something... special.

Baltar: This is insane.

Six: And what I want most of all is for you to love me.

Baltar: Love you?

Six: Of course, Gaius. Don't you understand? God is love. (She goes to kiss him. He jerks awake.)

Baltar: No!


Chief: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Take it easy, guys, just slow down!

Adama: We don't know much more than that. It's just imperative that we get our equipment and get out of here. What's in there?

Leoben: Stuff.

Adama: Light. (gets a flashlight from one of the men) Where's your spaceship?

Leoben: Docked on the other side of the station.

Chief: Careful, don't stack 'em so high!

Leoben: Okay, those warheads over there? Here's the deal. They would have brought a nice price on the open market.

Adama: So you're an arms dealer, huh?

Leoben: People have a right to defend themselves, I just supply the means.

Adama: You don't look too good.

Chief: Be careful with that, all right? Be careful with that! (Stack of explosives falls over; one of them rolls off and starts beeping.) Look out, get down, get down, get down!

Adama: It's hot! (He grabs Leoben and they jump forward into the room full of weapons. The door slams shut behind them as the bomb explodes.)

Cally: Commander? Commander Adama!

Chief: Stay back, stay back, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's unstable. You guys, go back to the ship. We need hadlifts, fire equipment and a plasma torch. Go!

Cally: Wait, wait. Chief, listen.

(Inside, Leoben is laughing, and he and Adama are getting up.)

Cally: Commander, are you all right?

Chief: Commander Adama!

Adama: Yeah. Anybody hurt out there?

Chief: No, sir. We got some equipment coming, sir, we're gonna get you out of there right away.

Adama: No! No, get all the bullets and equipment into the ship. Don't waste anybody on anything else. (to Leoben) Is there another way out of here?

Leoben: Yeah. (laughing)

Adama: Listen, we're gonna go out another way.

Chief: Sir, I don't think that's a wise idea.

Adama: You got your orders. Tell Colonel Tigh he's in command until I return.

Chief: Yes, sir.

Adama: Let's go.

(Caption: Botanical Cruiser, 5 hours from Caprica)

Cruiser pilot: Most of the passengers are from Geminon or Picon, but we've got people from every colony.

Roslin: Give Billy a copy of your passenger manifest and a list of all your emergency supplies.

Cruiser pilot: All right, what about the power situation? Our batteries are running pretty low.

Roslin: Captain Apollo will be making an engineering survey of all the ships this afternoon.

Billy: Actually, the Captain said it will be more like this evening before he can coordinate the survey.

Roslin: All right, this evening, then. But you will get your needs tended to, Captain. You have my word on that.

Cruiser pilot: Thank you, Madame President. (shaking her hand)

Roslin: You're welcome. (They walk over to a little girl who's playing with a doll.) Hi. What's your name?

Girl: Cammy.

Roslin: Hi, Cammy. I'm Laura. Are you alone? (Cammy nods.)

Cruiser pilot: She was travelling with her grandparents, but her grandmother's having some health problems since the announcement. Not to worry, though, we are taking care of it.

Cammy: My parents are going to meet me at the space port in Caprica City.

Roslin: Space port. I see.

Cammy: We're going out for dinner, and I'm having chicken pie, and then we're going home, and then Daddy's gonna read to me, and then I'm going to bed.

(Roslin smiles at her. We cut to President Roslin sitting alone on Colonial One, looking pensive.)

Apollo: Uh, message from Lt. Valerii. She's found a fuel refinery ship, filled with Tillium.

Roslin: Ah, good. About time we caught a break. That brings us up to about, what, sixty ships so far? Not bad for a few hours of work.

Apollo: No, sir. But only about forty of those ships have faster-than-light capabilities. We should start transferring people off the sublights onto the FTLs as soon as possible.

Roslin: Colonial One.

(Boomer's Raptor jumps back to the convoy)

Boomer: Colonial One, Raptor 312. I'm back, and I brought a friend.

Pilot: Welcome back, Boomer. We got a lot of thirsty ships here eager to make your friend's acquaintance. Did you pick up any other contacts out there?

Boomer: Negative. There's no one left. (Cylon ship appears on their radar.) Got a visitor!

Pilot: We see him. Can you jam his signal?

Boomer: Trying. (The Cylon jumps away again.)

(Inside Colonial One)

Pilot: It definitely scanned us before it jumped.

Apollo: We have to go, now. The Cylons will be here any minute.

Roslin: Will they be able to track us through a jump?

Apollo: No, sir, it's impossible.

Roslin: Theoretically impossible.

Apollo: Theoretically.

Doral: Madame President, there are still thousands of people on the sublight ships, we can't just leave them.

Pilot: I agree. We should use every second to get as many people off the sublights as we can. We can wait to jump until we pick up a Cylon strike force -

Apollo: We're easy targets. They're gonna jump right in the middle of our ships with a handful of nukes and wipe us out before we have a chance to react.

Doral: You can't just leave them all behind, you'll be sacrificing thousands of people.

Apollo: But we'll be saving tens of thousands. I'm sorry to make it a numbers game, but we're talking about the survival of our race, here, and we don't have the luxury of taking risks and hoping for the best. Because if we lose, we lose everything, and Madame President, this is a decision that needs to be made right now.

Roslin: Order the fleet to jump to Ragnar immediately. (Apollo and the pilot walk off.)

Billy: Madame President, something else you should be aware of.

Roslin: I have cancer.

Billy: I know. (She turns to look at him.) Little things, couple of comments you made.

Roslin: My prognosis is doubtful. I wish I could say it was the least of my worries, but the world is coming to an end and all I can think about is that I have cancer and I'm probably going to die. How selfish is that?

Billy: It's not selfish. It's human.

Roslin: Is there something you wanted to say to me?

Billy: Well, I just thought you should know. That little girl you met earlier, Cammy - her ship can't make the jump.

Roslin: (looks at him for a moment) Thank you.

Pilot: Passengers, please take your seats and stand by to jump. Thank you. (He looks at the co-pilot and shakes his head.) Set ESB trajectory.

Man on radio: Colonial One, for god's sake, you can't just leave us here.

Apollo: Set.

(We see President Roslin sitting by herself, then Cammy playing with her doll.)

Voice on radio: Colonial One, this is Picon 36. I can't believe you want us to leave these people behind.

Apollo: Cycle.

Voice on radio: At least tell us where you're going. We'll follow at sublight.

Apollo: No. If they're captured, then the Cylons know too.

Voice on radio: Please!

Voice on radio: I've got fifty people on board. Colonial One, do you copy this?

Pilot: Spinning up FTL drive now.

Voice on radio: Don't leave us here. (Something) humanity, we don't have any weapons.

Apollo: All ships, prepare to jump on our mark. Five...

Voice on radio: Colonial One, please respond.

Apollo: Four...

Voice on radio: May the Lords of Kobol protect those souls we leave behind.

Apollo: Three...

(Cylon ships appear.)

Voice on radio: I've got DRADIS contact. Inbound targets, heading this way.

Apollo: Two...

Voice on radio: I see them too. Are they Colonials?

Apollo: One.

Voice on radio: Oh my god, they're Cylons.

Apollo: Mark.

Voice on radio: I hope you people rot in hell for this.

(Most of the Colonial ships jump. The Cylons fire. Cammy is still playing with her doll. The screen fades to white.)


(Leoben and Adama are walking deeper into the base. Leoben's looking increasingly ill.)

Adama: You all right?

Leoben: I'm fine, it's just something about this place...

Adama: What about this place?

Leoben: Yeah, ever since I got here, something in the air affects my allergies. You always keep me in front of you. Military training, right? Never turn your back on a stranger, that kind of thing? Suspicion and distrust, that's - that's military life, right?

Adama: So you're a gun dealer/philosopher, I take it, right?

Leoben: (laughs) I'm an observer of human nature. When you get right down to it, humanity is not a pretty race. I mean, we're only one step away from beating each other with clubs like savages fighting over scraps of meat. Maybe the Cylons are God's retribution for our many sins. What if God decided he made a mistake? And he decided to give souls to another creature, like the Cylons?

Adama: God didn't create the Cylons. Man did. And I'm pretty sure we didn't include a soul in the programming. Let's go.

Leoben: How 'bout you go first for a while?


Gaeta: Copy that. Chief says we're looking at three hours minimum before we have all the warheads in our magazines.

Tigh: Book says there's also fifty tons of -

(Alarms go off.)

Intercom: Action stations, action stations!

Gaeta: We have multiple contacts coming down through the storm towards the anchorage. Looks like more than fifty ships.

Tigh: Cut us loose from the station. Launch the alert fighters! (on intercom) Set condition one throughout the ship. Prepare to launch -

Dualla: Wait. Wait, I'm getting Colonial signals now.

Tigh: Confirm that. Don't just accept friendly ID.

Dualla: Confirmed, sir. Incoming ships are friendly.

Tigh: (on intercom) Action stations, stand down.

Dualla: The lead ship is requesting permission to come alongside, sir. They say - they say they have the president of the colonies aboard.

Tigh: Grant the request.

(Cut to Tigh and Roslin discussing the situation.)

Tigh: We are in the middle of repairing and rearming this ship. We can't afford to lose a single man off the line to start caring for refugees.

Roslin: We have fifty thousand people out there. Some of them are hurt. Our priority has to be caring for refugees.

Tigh: My priority is preparing this ship for combat. In case you haven't heard, there's a war on.

Roslin: Colonel, the war is over. And we lost.

Tigh: We'll see about that.

Roslin: Oh yes, we will. In the meantime, however, as the President of the Colonies, I'm giving you a direct order. To provide -

Tigh: You don't give orders on this ship.

Roslin: -men and equipment.

Apollo: Hold on, Colonel. At least give us a couple of disaster pods, hmm?

Tigh: Us?

Apollo: Sir, we have fifty thousand people out there. Fifty thousand. Some of them are sick, some are wounded. Two disaster pods, Colonel, you can do that.

Tigh: Because you're the old man's son, and because he's gonna be so damn happy you're alive. Okay, two pods. But no personnel. You get them yourselves, and you distribute them yourselves. And you are all off this ship before we jump back. You, report to the flight deck. You're senior pilot now, Captain.

Apollo: (salutes) Yes, sir.

(Billy and Baltar are wandering through the corridors.)

Baltar: Knowing this place was going to be a museum, they might have given us a map.

Billy: Oh, I think it's this way.

Baltar: Yeah?

Billy: Yeah.

(The crews are bringing equipment onto the ship.)

Chief: As soon as the other magazine's loaded, I want a status report on Commander Adama's whereabouts. (He sees Boomer and Boxey walking toward him. He and Boomer hug and swing each other around and kiss, and Boxey is clearly thinking, "Eww, mushy stuff.")

(Billy and Baltar are lost again, and they run into Dualla.)

Billy: Dualla! Hi. Umm, we're kinda lost. Again. We need to get to the CIC. (She kisses him.)

Dualla: It's this way.

(Boomer and the Chief back off a bit.)

Boomer: There's someone I want you to meet. (She gestures at Boxey.) New crew member. He's gonna need some quarters.

Chief: I think I can manage that. (They kiss again.)

(Apollo walks up to Starbuck, who's working underneath her Viper.)

Apollo: Hey. (They look at each other for a moment. He helps her up and they hold onto each other's hands.)

Starbuck: I thought you were dead.

Apollo: Well, I thought you were in hack.

Starbuck: It's good to be wrong.

Apollo: Well, you should be used to it by now.

Starbuck: Everyone has a skill. (There's some more silent gazing.)

Apollo: So, how... how go the repairs?

Starbuck: On track. Another hour, and she'll be ready to launch. So I guess you're the new CAG now.

Apollo: Yeah, that's what they tell me.

Starbuck: That's good. It's the last thing I want. I'm not a big enough dipstick for the job.

Apollo: I'll be in the squadron ready room.

Starbuck: Hey. Does your father know you're still breathing?

Apollo: I'll let him know.

(Ragnar Anchorage - Adama and Leoben are in some sort of room with lots of pipes and steam. Leoben is extremely pale and sweaty now.)

Leoben: What is it about this place? What's it doing to me?

Adama: Must be your allergies.

Leoben: I don't have allergies.

Adama: I didn't think so. What you got are silica pathways to the brain, or whatever it is you call that thing you pretend to think with. It's decomposing as we speak.

Leoben: It's the storm, isn't it? It puts out something. Something you discovered has an effect on Cylon technology. That's it, isn't it? And this is a refuge, that's why you put a fleet out here. Last ditch effort to hide from the Cylon attack. Right, well, that's not enough Adama. I've been here for hours. Once they find you, it won't take them that long to destroy you. They'll be in and out before they even get a headache.

Adama: Maybe. (He grabs Leoben, pushes him up against the wall.) But you, you won't find out, because you'll be dead in a few minutes. How does that make you feel? If you can feel.

Leoben: Oh, I can feel more than you could ever conceive of, Adama. But I won't die. When this body dies, my consciousness will be transferred to another one. And when that happens, (he collapses to the ground with a groan) I think I'll tell the others exactly where you are, and I think that they'll come, and they'll kill all of you. And I'll be here watching it happen.

Adama: You know what I think? I think if you could have transferred out of here, you woulda done it long before now. I think the storm's radiation really clogged up your connection. You're not going anywhere. You're stuck in that body.

Leoben: Doesn't matter. Sooner or later, (he smiles) the day comes when you can't hide from the things you've done.

(His head lolls to the side for a moment, but suddenly he grabs Adama's throat. He picks him up, chokes him, hits him. Leoben pulls off a piece of pipe and aims for Adama, but misses. Adama hits him back a few times, forces his head into the steam, and then pretty much bashes his brains out with the flashlight.)


Gaeta: So let me get this straight. You're saying that the Cylons found a way to use your navigation program to disable our ships?

Baltar: Essentially, uh, yes. I think they're using the CMP to infect your ships with some kind of computer virus, which makes them susceptible to Cylon commands.

Gaeta: Uh, well, you can see we do have your CMP navigation program here on Galactica, but... our computers aren't networked, so it's never been loaded into primary memory, or even test run.

Baltar: Good. That's good. Well, you shouldn't have any problems then. Still, I should, uh, purge all remaining references to it that appear on your memory tapes.

Gaeta: I should probably retrofit the newer Vipers as well. Um, here's the checklist for the CIC computer.

Baltar: Ahh. Thank you.

Gaeta: (after a pause) Must be hard for you.

Baltar: Mmm. What do you mean?

Gaeta: Just having something you created twisted and used like this. Must be... horrible. The guilt?

Six: (appearing next to Gaius) I remember you telling me once, that guilt was something small people feel when they run out of excuses for their behavior.

Baltar: It is hard, yes. Hard. I feel responsible, in a way, for what happened...

Six: But you don't. That's part of the reason I fell in love with you. You have a clarity of spirit, you're not burdened by conscience or guilt or regret.

Gaeta: I bet. Just try to remember, it's not really your fault. I mean, you didn't mean for any of this to happen, it's not like you knew what they were gonna do. (Baltar shakes his head emphatically.)

Six: It's not like you were lying. Not like you were breaking the law. Not like you cheat on women, not like the world's coming apart, and all you can think about is Gaius Baltar.

Baltar: No. No, I know... exactly what you're saying. I know.

Gaeta: Right, umm, just let me know if you need anything.

Six: You know, I really do hope you make it out of here alive. I think we could have a real future together.

Baltar: Yeah, that would be special.

Six: You don't have to be sarcastic. Especially when I'm trying to help you.

Baltar: How are you trying to help me? How are you trying to do that?

Six: (standing behind Baltar and guiding his head to look at a spot in front of him) See anything there that looks familiar? (There's a strange device overhead in the main section of the CIC.)

Baltar: No, should I? (pause) Although, now you mention it, I - I have seen something like it... somewhere before.

Six: Yes.

Baltar: In your briefcase. (He has a flashback.) You used to carry it around with you. Said it was your electronic organizer.

Six: That would be a lie.

Balter: Then it's - it's a Cylon device.

Six: That would follow.

Baltar: Did you-?

Six: No. (She looks around.) Not my job.

Baltar: Then that means-

Six: Say it.

Baltar: There's another Cylon aboard this ship.

(Cut - now Baltar is walking around the CIC eying the device.)

Gaeta: (clapping him on the back) Everything okay there, doc?

Baltar: Oh, yeah, fine. Just finished erasing the program from the defense mainframe. I'm just gonna check it again.

(He goes back and sits down. Number Six comes around and sits on his lap.)

Baltar: You're not helping.

Six: I'm sorry, how can I help?

Baltar: You can start by telling me what that is.

Six: Honestly, I don't know.

Baltar: Well, it hasn't exploded.

Six: Yet. I'm just guessing.

Baltar: I have to warn them.

Six: (laughs) How do you propose to do that? Oh, look, a Cylon device. Really? Well how do you know what a Cylon device looks like, Doctor? Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm familiar with their technology because I've been having sex with a Cylon for the last two years now.

Baltar: I'll come up with something.

Six: I love surprises. Speaking of sex...

Baltar: I... I don't think that's such a good idea right now, really. Really.

Six: Why not? No one will know, it'll be our little secret. (Baltar tilts his head back as Six proceeds with her plan.)

(Doral walks up.)

Doral: Doctor.

Baltar: Uh, yes.

Doral: You asked for a report on how many civilian ships had your CMP program.

Baltar: (takes a moment) Right, thank you.

Doral: Are you all right? You look a little flushed.

Baltar: I'm fine, thank you very much.

Doral: Okay. (He walks away.)

Six: What are you thinking?

Baltar: I'm thinking someone else might need to be implicated as a Cylon agent.

Six: He doesn't seem the type, and I don't remember seeing him at any of the Cylon parties.

Baltar: Funny. (He gives her a look.) He's a civilian. He's an outsider. And he's been aboard this ship for weeks with virtually unlimited access to this very room. There is one problem, though.

Six: Morally?

Baltar: Practically. So far, aboard this ship, no one even suspects the Cylons look like us now.

(Cut to men carrying Leoben's body onto the ship. Tigh and Adama are standing there and a medic is cleaning up a cut on Adama's face.)

Tigh: This just gets worse and worse. Now the Cylons look like us.

Adama: Down to our blood.

Tigh: You realize what this means? They could be anywhere. Anyone.

Adama: I've had time to think about it.

Tigh: So what do we do?

Adama: I don't know. How we doing on the warheads?

Tigh: Magazine 2 is secure, 3 and 4 within the hour. Something else: Lee is alive.

(Cut to Lee in his father's quarters.)

Apollo: Commander? (He sees a picture of himself, Zack and their mother. Adama walks in as he's looking at it.)

Adama: I'm sorry.

Apollo: I, uh, gotta go. (Adama stops him, pulls him into a hug. They hold onto each other for a minute, and then Adama turns away. Apollo leaves.)

(Tigh, Apollo and Baltar are gathered around a table.)

Tigh: Ship's doctors say that at first glance, everything in Leoben's body appears human. Internal organs, lymphatic system, the works.

Baltar: Right, well the tissue sample yielded unique chemical compounds during the cremation that reveal the nature of the sample to be synthetic. (He feigns surprise.) So he was a Cylon?

Adama: Yes, he was. And now we have a problem.

Tigh: A big one.

Adama: If the Cylons look like us, then any one of us could be a Cylon.

Baltar: That's, that's a very frightening possibility.

Adama: We need a way to screen human from Cylon. And that's where you come in.

Baltar: Me? Umm...

Tigh: Rumor has it you're a genius.

Baltar: Well, I, well, uh, I'll certainly give it my all. Commander.

Tigh: Keep this to yourself for now. We don't want to start panic or for people to start accusing their neighbors of being Cylons because they don't brush their teeth in the morning.

Baltar: I'll be very discreet.

(Hangar - Starbuck's in one of the Vipers)

Apollo: You understand the mission?

Starbuck: Put my head outside the storm, look around. Listen for wireless traffic. Come home.

Apollo: No heroics, this is strictly recon. Look, listen, return.

Starbuck: You don't have to worry about me. My taste for heroics vanished about the time I engaged that first Cylon fighter. (He nods and turns away.) Lee? Zack failed basic flight.

Apollo: What?

Starbuck: Or at least he should've. But he didn't, because I passed him. His technique was sloppy and he had no feel for flying, but I passed him. Because he and I... Because I felt something and I let it get in the way of doing my job. And I couldn't fail him.

Apollo: Why are you telling me this? Why now?

Starbuck: It's the end of the world, Lee. I thought I should confess my sins. (She puts her helmet on.) Set!

(Three armed men approach Doral. He puts his hands up.)

Man: Halt! No sudden moves!

Doral: Whoa! Whoa, wait a minute guys.

Captain: Get down on your knees and cross your ankles, now.

Doral: Just, just, just wait a minute! W-what? What do you want?

Captain: Hands behind your head.

(Cut to Doral, handcuffed to the bars of a cell.)

Tigh: If he's really a Cylon, why hasn't the storm radiation made him sick by now?

Baltar: Well, I can only theorize that it takes a while for the storm's effects to become readily apparent on Cylon physiology. By the time you'd encountered Leoben, he'd been here for several hours.

Doral: I don't suppose it matters to you that I am *not* a Cylon.

Tigh: Smartest thing you could do right now would be to shut your mouth. (to Baltar) Are you sure?

Baltar: One can never be a hundred percent sure. But the evidence, the evidence seems conclusive. Basically, basically all I did was, I expanded on, on your doctor's analysis of Leoben's corpse. I then went around the CIC discreetly taking random hair samples of people who've been working there, subjected that to a special form of spectrum analysis that I've been experimenting on for quite some time now. I then wrote a clinical computer subroutine to screen that for synthetic chemical combinations. Uh, his ones, his samples were the only samples to register as synthetic. As you can see...

Tigh: I'll take your word for it.

Six: And just like that, Dr. Baltar invents the amazing Cylon detector.

Doral: Look, gentlemen, I understand your concerns here. This is a very difficult situation, but I think you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and really look at what you're doing here.

Tigh: I want everyone aboard this ship screened. No exceptions.

Baltar: I promise.

Doral: (He stands up, the guards point their guns at him.) Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't know about anybody else, but I can tell you that I'm human. I'm, I'm from Oasis, you know it? It's a hamlet a couple stops out of Caprica City. I grew up on the South Side. I went to school at the Kobol Colleges on, on Geminon and I studied public relations!

Baltar: Oh, by the way, I don't know if this is important - might be important, might not be important - but earlier, when I was on the CIC, I noticed that Mr. Doral seemed to be doing, umm, well, I'm not exactly sure what it was that he was doing, but he seemed very interested in this odd-looking device on the battam - bottom of the DRADIS console.

Doral: What are you - What?

Baltar: (nodding) Yep.

Six: We should really make a copy of your brain patterns at some point.

Doral: What device? What are you talking about? He's lying, he is frakking lying.

Tigh: (on the phone) Combat, this is Tigh. Isolate the DRADIS console -

Doral: Don't listen to him!

Tigh: - no one comes near it until I get up there.

Doral: Lords of Kobol, this isn't - this isn't happening to me.

Guard: Colonel, your orders, sir?

Tigh: If he moves, kill him.

Doral: You mixed the samples up! I'm human!


Dualla: (using some kind of scanner) It's not hot, sir.

Tigh: Very well. Remove it.

Gaeta: Ahh, I don't see anything in the maintenance records about it, sir, but I'm pretty sure I first noticed it about a week ago.

Tigh: And you didn't say anything? Didn't investigate a new piece of equipment that just appeared in CIC?

Gaeta: No, sir. I just assumed that it was part of the museum. Sorry, sir, there's no excuse.

Tigh: You're not alone, Lieutenant. Any one of us should have seen the perfectly obvious staring us in the face. Especially the ship's XO.

Dualla: What should I do with it, sir?

Tigh: Take it to Dr. Baltar. I've given him clearance - he's become our resident Cylon expert. Have him take it to the lab, figure out whether it's a bug, or whatever the hell it is. In the meantime, I want every inch of this ship searched for any other equipment that just appeared in the last week.


Intercom: Starbuck, Galactica. You should be approaching turn eight.

Starbuck: Copy that. Starting to lose wireless contact. Making the final turn now. Galactica, Starbuck. I boost(?) the threshold. Galactica, do you read me? Galactica, do you read me? (checks readings) That can't be right. (There are lots and lots and lots of Cylons waiting out there.)


(Adama walks up to a room. Guards open the door.)

Adama: (to the guards) As you were.

Billy: ...and medical supplies are running low again, Madame President. Ah, three ships have reported engine trouble and want to know when they'll be receiving engineering assistance from Galactica.

Roslin: That's a good question. Hello, Commander, have a seat. I'll be with you in a moment. Keep going, Billy.

Billy: Ahh, the captain of the Astral Queen wants you to know that he's got nearly five hundred convicted criminals under heavy guard in his cargo hold. They were being transported to a penal station when the attack happened.

Roslin: Oh, great.

Billy: He wants to know what to do with them.

Roslin: What to do with them?

Billy: Well, with food and medical supplies being what they are, I think he's considering just...

Roslin: No, no. No, we're not gonna start that. They're still human beings. Tell the captain I expect daily reports on the wellbeing of his prisoners, and if there's any mysterious deaths, the Astral Queen may find herself on her own without the Galactica's protection.

Billy: Yes, Madame President.

Roslin: Thank you, Billy. (He leaves.) You planning to stage a military coup?

Adama: What?

Roslin: Do you plan to declare martial law? Take over the government?

Adama: Of course not.

Roslin: Then you do acknowledge my position as president as duly constituted under the articles of colonization.

Adama: Miss Roslin, my primary objective at the present time is to repair the Galactica and continue to fight.

Roslin: What we do know at this moment is that there are fifty thousand civilian refugees out there who don't stand a chance without your ship to protect them.

Adama: We're aware of the tactical situation, and I'm sure that you'll all be safe here on Ragnar after we leave.

Roslin: After you leave? Where are you going?

Adama: To find the enemy. We're at war, and that's my mission.

Roslin: I honestly don't know why I have to keep telling you this, but the war is over.

Adama: It hasn't begun yet.

Roslin: That's insane.

Adama: You would rather that we run?

Roslin: Yes, absolutely. That is the only sane thing to do here, exactly that: run. We leave this solar system, and we don't look back.

Adama: And we go where?

Roslin: I don't know. Another star system, another planet, somewhere where the Cylons won't find us.

Adama: You can run if you like. This ship will stand, and it will fight.

Roslin: I'm gonna be straight with you here. The human race is about to be wiped out. We have fifty thousand people left, and that's it. Now, if we are even going to survive as a species, then we need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies.

Adama: Excuse me. (He leaves.)


Starbuck: I didn't get an accurate account, but it looks like two base stars with ten fighter squadrons and two recon drone attachments patrolling the area.


Tigh: Starbuck, were you followed?

Starbuck: Negative. No sign of pursuit. By the way they were deployed, I'd say they're waiting for us to come to them.

Adama: Bring her home.

Dualla: Thank you, Starbuck. Continue present course, return to visual contact, and stand by for instruction.

Starbuck: Copy that, Galactica. Starbuck out.

Adama: Captain. Lt. Gaeta, stay please.

Tigh: How the hell did they find us?

Adama: Doesn't really matter. They've got us.

Gaeta: Why aren't they coming in after us, sir?

Tigh: Why should they? They can just sit out there and wait us out. What difference does it make to them? They're machines. We're the ones who need food, medicine, fuel.

Adama: I'm not gonna play their game. Not gonna go out there and try to fight them. Can we plot a jump from inside the storm?

Tigh: With all this EM interference muckin' up the FTL fix?

Gaeta: I tend to agree, sir. I don't think we should even attempt to jump until we've cleared the storm threshold.

Apollo: Have to be quick about it, though. They'll launch everything they have, first glimpse they get.

Tigh: Stick our nose out just far enough to get a good FTL fix, then jump.

(A few feet away, Billy walks over to talk to Dualla.)

Billy: Hi.

Dualla: Hi.

Billy: I'm getting ready to head back to the transport.

Dualla: Oh.

(Adama is watching them talk.)

Apollo: What about the civilians?

Tigh: Oh, they're probably safe for the time being.

Apollo: You mean, leave them here?

Gaeta: The Cylons may not even know they're here in the first place. They're probably only after us.

Apollo: Now that's one hell of an assumption.

Tigh: Well, we can't very well cram fifty thousand men, women and children aboard this ship.

Billy: I know this is awkward and all, but what happened in the passageway was...

Dualla: Yeah, I don't know why I did that... Sorry.

Apollo: I'm not suggesting that, sir, I'm just saying that we can't leave them behind. They should jump with us.

Gaeta: I just don't see how we can manage that without jeopardizing -

Apollo: We pick a jump spot. Far enough outside the combat zone for -

Tigh: What the hell is outside the combat zone at this point?

Adama: They better start having babies.

(Apollo and Tigh look over.)

Tigh: Is that an order?

Adama: Maybe before too long. Okay, we're gonna take the civilians with us. We're gonna leave this solar system and we're not gonna come back.

Tigh: We're running.

Adama: This war is over. We lost.

Apollo: My father's right. It's time for us to get out of here.

Tigh: So where are we going, Commander?

Adama: The Perlmar (Promar?) Sector.

Tigh: That's way past the red line.

Adama: Can you plot that jump?

Gaeta: I've never plotted a jump that far, sir.

Adama: No one has. Can you plot that jump?

Gaeta: Yes, sir.

Adama: Do it. By yourself. This is a bad tactical position. We'll pull the Galactica out five clicks. The civilians will come out behind us, cross the threshold, make the jump. While we hold off the Cylons. Once the civilians have made the jump, every fighter is to make an immediate combat landing. We don't have much time.

Apollo: I'll tell them.

Adama: I want all my pilots to return. Do you understand?

Apollo: Yes, sir, I do. (He leaves.)

Tigh: So can I ask what changed your mind?

Adama: You can ask.

Tigh: So what do we do about our prisoner?

(Down at the anchorage)

Doral: What? You can't, you can't do this, you can't just leave me here to die!

Tigh: You've got food, water, all the luxuries of home.

Doral: Don't. I'm, I'm begging you. Don't do this! I'm not a Cylon.

Tigh: Maybe, but we just can't take that chance.

Doral: (as they close the doors) I'm not a Cylon! What kind of people are you? Don't leave me!


Intercom: Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. Repeat: Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship.

Tigh: The fleet is ready to jump, sir.

Adama: Lt. Gaeta.

Gaeta: Yes, sir.

Adama: Disperse to all fleet. Final coordinates.

Gaeta: Yes, sir.

Adama: Stand by to execute battle plan.

Tigh: Sir.

(The ships begin to pull out.)

Tigh: Weapons grid to full power. Stand by enemy suppression barrage.

(Galactica's guns come out. The Cylon ships leave the base star.)

Gaeta: Incoming, 72 Cylon fighters, closing at one two zero mark four eight.

Adama: Enemy suppression fire, all batteries execute.

Tigh: All batteries, commence firing.

(Galactica fires, takes out some of the fighters.)

Gaeta: Perimeter established.

Adama: Launch Vipers.

Dualla: Vipers, clear to launch.

(Vipers launch)

Apollo: Broken formation, razzle dazzle, don't let them use their targetting computers and for frak's sake, stay out of Galactica's firing solution.

Gaeta: Vipers in position.

Adama: Signal Vipers engage fighters only, leave base stars to us. Execute.

(Vipers and fighters fire at each other.)

Tigh: Galactica to all civilian ships: commence jumping in sequence.

(The ships pull out past the storm and jump, one by one.)

Gaeta: Incoming ordnance.

(Galactica is hit by two missiles. Fighting continues. Apollo's ship gets hit, and one of the engines is taken out.)

Starbuck: Apollo, do you read me?

(A missile heads right for him. Starbuck takes it out.)

Starbuck: (yells) Whoooo! C'mon, bad (?). Looks like you broke your ship, Apollo.

Apollo: I've had worse. But thanks.

(Galactica takes a few more hits.)

Tigh: Function check on the damage control panel. (Another hit) They're targetting the landing bays. We gotta get those fighters back on board and retract the pods, or we won't be able to jump.

Adama: Fleet status?

Gaeta: Last civilian ship is away.

Adama: Recall all fighters. Stand by to secure landing bays.

Dualla: Galactica to all Vipers: break off, come on home. Repeat: come on home.

Gaeta: FTL? Go. Sublight? Go. Board is green. Ship reports ready for jump as soon as landing bay's secure, sir.

(Another missile hits.)

Dualla: Two Vipers still out there, sir. Starbuck and Apollo.

Tigh: We can't stand toe-to-toe with those base ships. (on intercom) Retract the pods.

(Pods retract.)

Adama: I can't leave them here. Patch me through to Starbuck. (on radio) What do you hear? Starbuck, Galactica. What do you hear?

Starbuck: What?

Adama: Good morning, Starbuck, what do you hear?

Starbuck: (listening to debris hit the ship) Nothin' but the rain.

Adama: Grab your gun and bring the cat in.

Starbuck: Aye aye, sir. Comin' home.

Apollo: I'm losing power. I'm not gonna make it. Starbuck, it's over. Just leave. Dammit, that's an order.

Starbuck: Lee, shut up and hold still. (She swings around, yells, aims right at Apollo.)

Apollo: Oh no.

(Starbuck yells again, locks their ships together and pushes him home.)

Apollo: You are beyond insane!

Starbuck: Kickin' in the burn.

Adama: Come on.

Apollo: We're coming in a little hot, don't you think?

Starbuck: No? Not really?

(Galactica is hit again. Glass breaks, people fall over.)

Adama: Come on.

Dualla: They're coming in.

Starbuck: Hang on!

(They just squeeze through as the doors shut.)

Dualla: They're aboard.

Tigh: Stand by for jump.

(Starbuck and Apollo slide across the bay and smack into the opposite door.)

Gaeta: Landing bay secure.

Adama: Jump.

(They jump.)

(Cut to all the ships, gathered together. There's a religious service/funeral going on on Galactica, and the priest, Elosha, is singing.)

Elosha: With heavy hearts, we lift up their bodies to you, oh Lords of Kobol, in the knowledge that you will take from them their burdens and give them life eternal. We also pray that you look down upon us now, with mercy and with love, just as you did upon our forefathers many years ago. Just as you led us from Kobol and found the twelve worlds, so now we hope and pray that you will lead us to a new home where we may begin life anew. So say we all.

Crowd: (quietly) So say we all.

Adama: (turning and walking in front of the crowd) So say we all.

Crowd: (a little less quietly) So say we all.

Adama: So say we all.

Crowd: (louder) So say we all.

Adama: So say we all!

Crowd: So say we all!

Adama: Are they the lucky ones? That's what you're thinking, isn't it? We're a long way from home. We've jumped way beyond the red line, into unchartered space. Limited supplies, limited fuel. No allies, and now, no hope? Maybe it would have been better for us to have died quickly, back on the Colonies with our families, instead of dying out here slowly, in the emptiness of dark space. Where shall we go? What shall we do? Life here began out there. Those are the first words of the sacred scrolls, and they were told to us by the Lords of Kobol, many countless centuries ago. And they made it perfectly clear that we are not alone in this universe. Elosha, there's a thirteenth colony of humankind, is there not?

Elosha: Yes. The scrolls tell us a thirteenth tribe left Kobol in the early days. They travelled far and made their home upon a planet called Earth, which circled a distant and unknown star.

Adama: It's not unknown. I know where it is! Earth. The most guarded secret we have. The location was only known by the senior commanders of the fleet, and we dare not share it with the public. Not while there was a Cylon threat upon us. For now we have a refuge to go to. A refuge the Cylons know nothing about. It won't be an easy journey. It'll be long, and arduous. But I promise you one thing: on the memory of those lying here before you, we shall find it, and Earth shall become our new home. So say we all!

Crowd: So say we all!

Adama: So say we all!

Crowd: So say we all!

Adama: So say we all!

Crowd: So say we all!

Adama: So say we all.

Elosha: So say we all.

Adama: Dismissed.

(People clap and cheer, some of them look disbelieving.)

(Starbuck's quarters - Tigh walks in, Starbuck stands up)

Tigh: As you were.

Starbuck: Just trying to avoid another trip to the brig, sir.

Tigh: Lt. Thrace. Kara, what you did out there today with Lee Adama, it was a hell of a piece of flying. The Commander has always said that you were the best pilot he has ever seen. Well, today you proved it. Now, about yesterday, during the game, well, maybe I was out of line too. And I just- (Starbuck smirks) I wanted to say - sorry. Well, don't you have anything to say?

Starbuck: Permission to speak off the record, sir?

Tigh: Granted.

Starbuck: You're a bastard.

Tigh: You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut, do you? I am offering you a clean slate here.

Starbuck: I'm not interested in a clean slate with you. You're dangerous. You know why?

Tigh: This'll be good.

Starbuck: Because you're weak. Because you're a drunk.

Tigh: Are you done?

Starbuck: Yes, sir.

Tigh: You're returned to flight status. Let's see how long that lasts.

(Adama's quarters - he's eating pasta when there's a knock on the door.)

Adama: Come in. (Roslin enters.)

Roslin: Firstly, I suppose that I should thank you for deciding to bring us-

Adama: Listen, you were right. I was wrong. Just leave it at that.

Roslin: (nods) All right. (pause) There's no Earth. You made it all up. President Adar and I once talked about the legends surrounding Earth. He knew nothing about a secret location regarding Earth, and if the President knew nothing about it, what are the chances that you do?

Adama: You're right. There's no Earth. It's all a legend.

Roslin: Then why?

Adama: Because, it's not enough to just live. You have to have something to live for. Let it be Earth.

Roslin: They'll never forgive you.

Adama: Maybe. But in the meantime, I've given all of us a fighting chance to survive. And isn't that what you said was the most important thing? The survival of the human race?

Roslin: Who else knows?

Adama: Not a soul.

Roslin: All right. I'll keep your secret, but I want something in return.

Adama: I'm listening.

Roslin: If a civilization is going to function, it's going to need a government. A civilian government, run by the President of the Colonies.

Adama: (stands up, straightens his jacket) So you'll be in charge of the fleet. The military decisions stay with me.

Roslin: Yes.

Adama: Well then I'll think about it, Madame President. (They shake hands.)

(Baltar is walking through the corridors, and sighs when he sees Number Six in front of him.)

Six: You're escape is a temporary one at best. We will find you.

Baltar: Yeah, you can try. It's a big universe.

Six: You haven't addressed the real problem, of course.

Baltar: Yes, yes, there may be Cylon agents living among us, waiting to strike at any moment.

Six: Some may not even know they're Cylons at all. They could be sleeper agents, programmed to perfectly impersonate human beings until activation.

Baltar: If there are Cylons aboard this ship, we'll find them.

Six: We? You're not on their side, Gaius.

Baltar: I am not on anybody's side.

(Shots from around the ship: Tigh dumps his bottle of booze in the trash. Boxey finds Boomer playing cards. Starbuck pulls out the picture of her, Zack and Lee.)

Apollo: And tomorrow I'll begin a formal combat patrol around the fleet.

Adama: Good. Have a good night, kiddo.

Apollo: (hesitates) I just...

Adama: Why don't we save this for another time, son?

(Boxey sits down at the table with Boomer, and she gives him a cookie. Dualla walks past Billy, who is flirting with a couple of girls.)

Billy: Dualla... (She keeps walking, but she's smiling.)

(Cally and the Chief are working on a Viper.)

Cally: Tada.

Chief: Nice to be small.

Cally: There you go, Chief.

Chief: Nice to be small.

(Tigh has his bottle out and is staring at it. Starbuck looks at her picture and lights a cigar. She goes to lie down on her bunk.)

Apollo: Goodnight, Commander.

Adama: Goodnight, Captain.

(Adama shuts the door to his quarters. He sees a slip of paper lying on the table and puts on his glasses. It says: There are only 12 Cylon models.)

(At the Ragnar Anchorage station, we see Doral, shaking and sweating. The door blasts open. The metallic Cylons enter, followed by the humanoid ones. There are a few copies of Number Six and Leoben, and a couple of Dorals as well.)

Doral: We have to get out of this storm. The radiation affects our silica relays.

Leoben: Where did they go?

Doral: I don't know. They were prepared for a big jump.

Leoben: We can't let them go.

Six: Unfortunately, I agree.

Leoben 2: If we do, they'll return one day and take revenge.

Six 2: It's in their nature.

Doral: They have no choice.

Leoben 3: It may take several decades to track them down.

(Cylon Boomer walks in, in a Galactica flight suit)

Boomer: Don't worry. We'll find them.

Six: By your command.