Creatures Community Purity Test

Have you been hanging out in the Creatures community too long? Has it forever corrupted your way of life?

Find out how you compare!

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes" unless otherwise instructed. After you've finished taking the test, use to submit button at the bottom to get your score.

The Games

  1. Do you own C1?
  2. ...C2?
  3. ...C3?
  4. ...CA? (If you didn't answer yes to at least one of these questions, you are taking the wrong test.)
  5. Have you bought at least one add-on(Life Kits, Genetics Kits, CDN programs, third party shareware)?
  6. least 3?
  7. ...all of them?
  8. Do you own any Creatures products (games,add-ons) illegally? (Naughty you!!)
  9. Have you ever passed on pirated Creaturessoftware to others?
  10. ...and got paid for it (Lucky!)?
  11. Have you "corrupted" an innocent friend into playing Creatures?
  12. ...had them become obsessed?
  13. ...had them join agc?
  14. ...been secretly proud when they corrupted another innocent friend?
  15. Have you ever done a wolfling run?
  16. ...for more than 5 hours?
  17. ...for more than a day?
  18. ...for more than a week (straight, no shutting down the game)?
  19. ...have you ever been unable to sleep at night for worrying about the norns in your wolfling run?
  20. Have you completed the Adventure Mode in C2?
  21. yourself?
  22. ...with hints from JRC?
  23. cheating?
  24. Do you crossbreed the species of creatures just to see what kind of freaks you can produce?
  25. Have you ever stayed up all night just so you can play Creatures in peace?
  26. Do you save all your creatures onto a back-up disk habitually "just in case"?
  27. Do you catalogue your norns by name, sex, parents, and age when saved?
  28. Have you ever been obsessed by just one n/g/e?
  29. Have you ever fallen in love with a n/g/e?
  30. Have you ever cried when a favorite norn/grendel/ettin died?
  31. ...did you mourn for more than a day when your first n/g/e died?
  32. ......for every n/g/e that's died?
  33. Have you ever named a n/g/e after yourself?
  34. ...after your significant other?
  35. ...after your best friend?
  36. ...after your family members?
  37. ...have you had a long line of creatures named after one person (eg. Emynorn, SeEmytail, Emylia, etc.)?
  38. Have you ever bought a "baby-names" book just to get ideas for names for your n/g/e's?
  39. ...have you written a name book for the same reason?
  40. Can you understand what your n/g/e's are saying without looking at the screen?
  41. When you hear people mention weed, do you first think of that "badplant" that can hurt your n/g/e's?
  42. ...and nothing else?
  43. Do you talk like a norn IRL?
  44. you use words like "grah" and "meh"?
  45. ......have your (non-Creatures) friends started saying "grah!" and "meh" just from being around you?
  46. other online communities?
  47. ...all the time?
  48. ...have your friends disowned you for it?
  49. ...or do they understand?
  50. Have you ever called someone a naven IRL?
  51. ...were they insulted?
  52. ......did they know why they were insulted?
  53. you do so regularly?
  54. Have you ever looked at a person in real life and thought "(S)He looks just like a norn?"
  55. ...told the person concerned?
  56. ......had the person concerned know what you were talking about?
  57. ......been thanked for the compliment?
  58. Have norns/grendels/ettins ever put in an appearence in your dreams?
  59. a totally unrelated to creatures dream?
  60. ...and did it seem perfectly natural even after waking?
  61. Do you regularly use the 'cheat' modes in a Creatures game?
  62. Do you know all the discovered Easter eggs for C1 & 2?
  63. ...did you discover them?
  64. Have you downloaded at least three third party freeware programs (must be made specifically for a Creatures game)?
  65. least 10?
  66. ...everyone of them that you've found?
  67. Do you regularly use at least one third party program (BORG, CGM, CrEd, WolfControl, etc)?
  68. least three?
  69. least 10?
  70. Have you ever made a cob?
  71. ...gengineered a norn?
  72. ...made a new breed?
  73. ...made a new species?
  74. ...made a sprite?
  75. ...made a utility?
  76. ...had CL buy your work?
  77. ...had CL "borrow" your work?
  78. Do you dream of being employed by Cyberlife?
  79. ...are they nightmares?
  80. you can tell them what they're doing wrong?
  81. ...have you ever written to Cyberlife demanding they employ you because you know you could do a better job than they are?
  82. ......have you ever written to Cyberlife demanding they employ Lis because everyone knows she could do a better job than they are?
  83. Have you made a creatures-related item that isn't on the computer (toy, poster, t-shirt etc)?
  84. ...made several?
  85. ...recieved emails pleading for one of the items you've made?
  86. Do you understand jokes told in CAOS?
  87. Have you updated a computer (or bought a new one) just to be able to play a Creatures game?
  88. ...did you spend more than a years income on said update?
  89. Do you have more than one beanie norn?
  90. ...did you buy multiple copies of a Creatures game to get the beanie norns?
  91. one named "Emi"?
  92. ......did you understand that question?
  93. Have you ever thought about making furniture for your beanie norn?
  94. ...actually made it?
  95. ...told others about it and had them plead with you to make some for theirs. too?
  96. or clothing for your beanie norn?
  97. ......actually made it?
  98. ......told others and had them plead with you to make some for theirs?
  99. Do you have the urge to make a giant sculpture of a norn?
  100. ...several norns?
  101. ......turn your garden into a small corner of Albia?
  102. you not understand why some would consider this to be odd?
  103. Have you ever printed out screenshots of creatures and had them made into murals on your walls?
  104. you not understand why some would consider this to be odd?
  105. Do you own and/or operate a Creatures webpage?
  106. ...have you ever?
  107. ...for more than six months?
  108. ...for more than a year?
  109. you still update?
  110. ......every day?
  111. ...have you ever gotten email complaining that you didn't update enough?
  112. ......have you sent an email like that?
  113. .........did they agree?
  114. ......did you agree?
  115. ...did you start it just to join an ERFN type group?
  116. ......just as a place to store your norns?
  117. Can you imagine life without Creatures?
  118. you think you could manage it?
  119. Do you sometimes wish you were a norn?
  120. Do you see the norn in this background?
  121. The Community

  122. Do you read
  123. ...every day?
  124. Do you post to a.g.c?
  125. ...every day?
  126. ......and download new messages every 5 seconds to see if you get a response?
  127. Did you lurk more than a month on agc before posting?
  128. ...3 months?
  129. ...6 months?
  130. ...a year?
  131. ...more than a year?
  132. Have you ever been in JRChat?
  133. ...have you ever been temp-opped?
  134. ...are you a sys-op?
  135. ...are you a master op?
  136. ......are you Lummy?
  137. Are you in JRChat at least once a month?
  138. ...once a week?
  139. ...once a day?
  140. ...all day, every day?
  141. Have you ever acted like a naven on a.g.c?
  142. ...been forgiven?
  143. ......relapsed?
  144. Have you ever acted like a naven on JRChat?
  145. ...but really been an op in disguise?
  146. ...been forgiven?
  147. ......relapsed?

  149. Are you part of the a.g.c pantheon?
  150. ...have you even been reading a.g.c long enough to have seen the birth of the pantheon?
  151. you worship the Grendel Goddess Emy above all others? (Hey, I couldn't resist. ;)
  152. Were you on the "Voices of Reason" list?
  153. you ever remember the Voices of Reason list?
  154. you know who started it?
  155. Do you know the story behind the term naven?
  156. ...Were you reading a.g.c when that happened?
  157. Have you ever used the a.g.c flame form?
  158. you even remember the flame form?
  159. you remember who used it first?
  160. Do you remember the c2 explanation thread?
  161. ...Were you reading a.g.c when that started?
  162. Have you posted to the "[JNCOBOY] EVERYONE READ!!!!" thread?
  163. ...were you reading a.g.c when that started?
  164. ......were you one of the ones responsible for it's annoying size?
  165. .........are you Emy, jimbo or Harly?
  166. Were you around for CptSisko and the Avenger Squadron?
  167. ...were you targeted by them?
  168. ......did they actually get a email account/web account/whatever taken away from you?
  169. Were you around for the birth of a.g.c.m?
  170. ...and that argument's many rehashings?
  171. Have you ever been told by someone that they can't imagine you as a newbie?
  172. Have you ever participated in a flame war?
  173. ...that you started?
  174. ...that started with an attack against you?
  175. trying to end it?
  176. Do you have any cheese points?
  177. ...besides the one freebie?
  178. Have you ever posted a "Hey Lis" message?
  179. ...because Lis is a great goddess who can fix any problem to do with Creatures even when no-one else can?
  180. ......and most problems unrelated to Creatures?
  181. .........and because she ties shoelaces well?
  182. you wish someone would produce norns with shoes so that you could make a Lis cob to tie their shoelaces for them?
  183. Have you ever helped a newbie?
  184. Have you ever defended a clueless newbie?
  185. ...and explained to it what it was doing wrong and how to change it?
  186. ......did it listen (hallucinate often, do you?)?
  187. Can you name at least 5 navens or trolls?
  188. least 10?
  189. ...can you not even count high enough to number them all?
  190. Have you ever responded reasonably to a troll?
  191. ...not so reasonably?
  192. ...did you flame the heck out of it?
  193. Have you ever been called a naven?
  194. AOLer?
  195. ...a troll?
  196. ERFNer?
  197. ...a bloody newbie?
  198. Did it take you more than a month to figure out how to get a.g.c?
  199. ...did you ask more than one person the URL for a.g.c?
  200. ...have you still not figured that out?
  201. Do you have more than 1 AGC Alias?
  202. ...more than 3?
  203. ......more than 5?
  204. they argue with each other?
  205. Have you ever posted a weekly FAQ?
  206. ...more than 3?
  207. ...that you had written?
  208. Have you ever been told to "read an FAQ"?
  209. ...and then proceeded to complain that FAQ's were evil?
  210. ......Dillon?
  211. When you first came did you mess up so bad you had to wait a few months and change your name before you could return to the community?
  212. ...did people recognise you?
  213. ......did they find you as idiotic as the first time you came?
  214. .........did you leave and try again?
  215. ............and again?
  216. ...............and again (Dillon, that you?)?
  217. Have you ever been quoted in an a.g.c sigfile?
  218. ...with a quote that you'll admit to saying?
  219. Have you ever written a norn story?
  220. ...made it a series?
  221. ...been published on the Cyberlife page?
  222. Have you ever posted a "send me all your norns" message to a.g.c?
  223. ...more than once?
  224. ...did someone take you seriously?
  225. ......did multiple people take you seriously?
  226. .........was your email down for weeks afterwards?
  227. Have you ever received email from Cyberlife in response to a post on a.g.c?
  228. ...from Toby?
  229. ...from Mark?
  230. ...From Lisa?
  231. ......was it insulting to your intelligence?
  232. JRChat

  233. Were you there when JRChat first started?
  234. ...were you an op then?
  235. you remember ICE?
  236. Do you remember the old ICE trolls?
  237. ...SuperKen?
  238. ...Pogo?
  239. ...Cigarette? CIGARETTE? CiGaReTtE? cIgArEtTe?
  240. ...MoonShadow?
  241. ...Z28Camaro?
  242. ...Alex?
  243. Have you dragged any other Creatures community members into JRChat?
  244. ...did they become as addicted as you?
  245. Have you ever met Gimp, Nyx, SoySauce or any other naven that was not what it appeared?
  246. ...did you figure out who it was?
  247. ......before someone else told you?
  248. Have you met Eve?
  249. ...did you figure out she was a bot?
  250. ...did she hit on you?
  251. ...did you make Eve (Happy now, Lummy?)?
  252. Do you have an IP database of the known navens?
  253. ...of your friends?
  254. ...of *everyone*?
  255. Can you name at least 3 ops?
  256. least 6?
  257. least 12?
  258. ...all 25 (!!!) of them (ex-ops don't count)?
  259. ...can you name ops other than the ones that have kicked/gagged you?
  260. ...have you sucked up to all of them?
  261. Have you ever been told to shut up by a temp op?
  262. ...are you CanadaNorn?
  263. ...have even the non-ops told you to shut up?
  264. ......are you CanadaNorn?
  265. Have you ever been warned by one of the JRC ops for an infraction of the rules?
  266. ...been gagged cause you didn't think you had to listen to them?
  267. ......been gagged longer cause you tried to re-log in and escape the gag?
  268. .........been kicked and banned cause you tried to get them to understand you were sorry with your name (ie. logging in "I'mSorry")?
  269. ............because you tried to insult them with your name (ie. logging in as "EmyUsuck")?
  270. Have you ever defended a clueless newbie?
  271. ...and explained to it what it was doing wrong and how to change it?
  272. ......did it listen (hallucinate often, do you?)?
  273. Have you ever been in JRChat and said "this chat sucks!"?
  274. ...and wondered why everyone thinks you're an idiot?
  275. Have you ever filled out the Op Application?
  276. ...did you know it was a joke when you filled it out?
  277. Have you ever demanded to be opped?
  278. a birthday present?
  279. ...and not gotten the hint when you were told no?
  280. Have you ever sat in chat talking to someone you were NetMeeting with at the same time?
  281. ...have you ever "channeled" someone you were NetMeeting with by way of the Share applications function?
  282. Have you ever been insulted by an op?
  283. SteerPike?
  284. ......and understood it?
  285. Have you ever fallen asleep at the computer while in chat?
  286. ...been kicked for scrolling when your head hit the keyboard?
  287. Have you ever been to "late night JRChat?"
  288. ...and not run away screaming?
  289. ......and actually participated?
  290. Have you been to a late night Acro session?
  291. ...and won?
  292. ......without any kinky Acros?
  293. Have you learned to not visit URLs posted by Emy in Late Night JRChat?
  294. ...did it take you more than 5 URLs to figure that out?
  295. Have you learned that you MUST visit URLs posted by Emy in Late Night JRChat?
  296. ...because you know you'll like them (you sad, twisted person!)?
  297. ...have you sent Emy to see a specific URL and then seen her post it in Late Night JRChat?
  298. ......have you ever sent Emy to a URL that even she thought was too weird?
  299. .........was it your own page?
  300. you have a seperate section in your bookmarks just for "Emy URLs?"
  301. Have you ever had to make Emy go to sleep?
  302. ...did she refuse?
  303. ......did you offer to tuck her in?
  304. .........did she accept?
  305. ............didn't get much sleep, did you?
  306. Do you have no life whatsoever?
  307. you spend your life wasting away in JRChat?
  308. ......hitting on people half your age?
  309. .........twice your age?
  310. ............whose gender you don't even know?
  311. you care?
  312. Norm Tourtour

  313. Have you made a norn torture page?
  314. ...Are you AntiNorn?
  315. Have you ever sent AN hate mail or posted insults to his message board or guestbook?
  316. ...have you ever recieved hate mail for mistreating norns?
  317. ......were you threatened with death by "norn lovers"?
  318. Have you ever been in an ERFN-type group?
  319. ...was it one you started?
  320. ......are you Joe Fowler?
  321. .........are you Jarrett, as well?
  322. ...Do you know how to spell torture?
  323. Have you ever posted in defense of AntiNorn and other norn torturers?
  324. a.g.c?
  325. the middle of a flame war?
  326. .........that you started?
  327. Misc

  328. Check if you understand the following: Cyberlies
  329. ...Mind[less]sc[r]ape
  330. ..."ur crool, auntinrom!!!!"
  331. ..."|_33T!"
  332. ..."17/f/cheerleader!"
  333. ..."Fowler off!"
  334. ..."Font that!"
  335. ..."Plonk!"
  336. ..."NE1 WANNA CH@!!!?!???!?!??!??!"
  337. Have you ever met any one from the Creatures Community IRL?
  338. ...was the meeting planned?
  339. Does the concept of a Creatures Community Commune IRL fill you with joy?
  340. Have you ever met someone in the Creatures community and then realised that you knew them IRL?
  341. Have you ever fallen in love with someone from the Creatures community?
  342. Have you ever got the urge to matchmake between 2 other members of the Creatures community?
  343. ...succeeded in doing so?
  344. ...told them about it?
  345. ......before the fact?
  346. .........were you told to go ahead?
  347. ...and would you tell everyone if your matchmaking did work out?
  348. Do you stay up late in JRChat thinking of questions for online purity tests?
  349. ...for someone else?
  350. ......did you help write this test?
  351. the wee small hours of the morning?
  352. ............are you completely nuts?
  353. Did you htmlise this entire test?
  354. the middle of the night?
  355. ......forsaking all other work you needed to do?
  356. pathetic psycho?
  357. Did you suggest questions for this test for the mere purpose of lowering your own purity?
  358. Do you regularly think of questions for this test?
  359. you write them down?
  360. you get out of bed at 2:00am and get on-line just to tell people your new purity test questions?
  361. ......are you upset when they don't laugh?
  362. Have you taken this test more than once?
  363. ...more than three times?
  364. ......did your score go down?
  365. .........were you upset by this?
  366. ............did you go retake this test right to get a higher score?
  367. ...just to see what scores were possible?
  368. ......did you calculate the highest possible score for someone taking it honestly?
  369. Did you actually get this far without falling asleep?

Once you've taken the test, send me your name (a nickname is fine), your score, and your email address, so I can compile a database of the scores.



Score (% corrupted, please):

Comments? Suggestions? Any more questions you think would be useful?