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I redid some things, the green writing looked bad, as well as the background of the text bar. I have added a few new ponies to the trade list, I will be adding more as the week progresses. My want list can be found on the trade page. I will be redoing the frames page to match this one shortly. The page theme matches the pony, Baby Glory, from her colors to her symbol. I alsdo liked celestrial backgrounds. The images I have on my page are handrawn, then scanned and editted in Paint and Paint Shop Pro 5. That is why some images aren't nice and crisp. The links to the GB and MB are down below, so could you sign them? Thanks! I have redone the whole part of this site, as well as updated the want list and trade list. Can all of you post in my Guest book telling me how the site looks? The links are below this, so sign away!

I have added some new pics to my cat section, and they are of my kittens. I also added a new picture in my Picture Gallery in the list of sites to see below. I have also updated the trade list. Like the new background? I made it myself with a picture of Baby Glory the I drew myself. I would prefer if nobody used it on their site, since I made it from scratch. If you want one, email me with an idea and I'll try my best to make it for you. There also another pony funny, which can be found in the pony funnies section. I also had some complaints about the font color, so I changed it. I have come up with something new, Pony Funnies!! So far I only have one, but I have many more in the process. If anyone has any ideas I could use, I will make them! LMK what you think when you get a chance! I am also making a Picture Gallery, but I have very few pics right now. I also haven't had the time, because of work and school.

Hi to all of you who have made it this far! This page is somewhat small, because I can't come up with anything MLP related to use! Do you have any ideas? LMK! As of now the trade page is updated! A couple new ponies are on there, so check it out! My want list needs to be updated, and I am thinking about making a good/ bad traders list of people I have dealt with. Right now I am looking for stories to post on my page. Anyone got one they would like for me to post?

I have a few pics that I have made and edited on the computer in the Picture Gallery, and I would love to see some post in my Guest book or on the Messageboard. So, if you have a chance, could you please leave a message?

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April, 16th

disclaimer: This site is in no way connected to Hasbro or it's
counterparts. This is just a personal page. Some pics done
by(c) Baby Glory, and cannot be used on other pages with out permission.
Also, I would like to thank Angel for letting
me use use the birthflower pony on my site.
You can find her page here.