Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935) illustrated the David McKay Company's 1922 publication of Heidi.
More than any other, these illustrations evoke Heidi for me.

Cover Page

Title Page

Chapter 1
Up the Mountain to Alm-Uncle

Chapter 2
At Home with Grandfather

Chapter 2
"I want to see what you have inside the house," said Heidi.

Chapter 3
Out with the Goats

Chapter 3
"You can have that. I have plenty."

Chapter 4
The Visit to Grandmother

Chapter 4
"Are you the child who lives up with Alm-Uncle? Are you Heidi?"

Chapter 5
Two Visits and What Came of Them

Chapter 6
A New Chapter About New Things

Chapter 6
"I am never called anything but Heidi."

Chapter 7
Fraulein Rottenmeier Spends an Uncomfortable Day

Chapter 8
There is Great Commotion in the Large House

Chapter 8
So Heidi had plenty of time from day to day to sit
and picture how everything at home was now turning green,
and how the yellow flowers were shining in the sun.

Chapter 9
Herr Sesemann Hears of Things Which are New to Him

Chapter 10
Another Grandmother

Chapter 11
Heidi Gains in One Way and Loses in Another

Chapter 12
A Ghost in the House

Chapter 12c
The moonlight was shining in through the open door
and fell on a white figure standing motionless in the doorway.

Chapter 13
A Summer Evening on the Mountain

Chapter 14
Sunday Bells

Chapter 14
The bells were ringing in every direction now,
sounding louder and fuller as they neared the valley

Chapter 15
Preparations for a Journey

Chapter 16
A Visitor

Chapter 17
A Compensation

Chapter 18
Winter in Dorfli

Chapter 18
Down the mountain they shot like two birds darting through the air

Chapter 19
The Winter Continues

Chapter 20
News from Distant Friends

Chapter 20
Heidi introduced each in turn by its name to her friend Clara

Chapter 21
How Life Went on at Grandfather's

Chapter 22
Something Unexpected Happens

Chapter 22
"Put your foot down firmly," suggested Heidi.

Chapter 23
"Good-Bye Till We Meet Again"