What is KiSS?

What does KiSS mean?
KiSS is an acronym for Kisekae Set System. Kisekae is a Japanese word that has something to do with changing clothes.

What are KiSS dolls like?
KiSS dolls are basically computerized paper dolls. No, they're not all just your standard fluffy girly pink paper dollies with fluffy summer dresses and large innocent eyes. KiSS dolls are about as varied as anything you can think of. There are, of course, happy cute dolls, but there are also historic dolls, real-people dolls, gothic dolls, guy dolls, animal-people dolls, porn dolls, etc. The majority of the dolls are anime-type dolls, though. :P

What makes KiSS dolls stand out from normal paper dolls?
Programming. Clothes have backs to them. The doll can smile and blink if programmed. Butterflies can fly by occasionally. A bag or sweater can open if you click on it. These all have to be painstakingly programmed in, but provide the set with some fun extra activities besides changing clothes.

Are all the dolls safe for kids to play with?
Umm... no. Many dolls you'll find out there (if you look in the right places) are safe for kids to play with. Since the idea of KiSS has no limit, people have even made porn dolls. Usually, though, when you go to a site with KiSS dolls they'll tell you what kind of dolls to expect. The background and mood of the site can often tell you, too.

When I download the dolls and unzip them, I can't play with them. Why?
There's a special program you need to be able to view and play with KiSS dolls. For the sake of my moralistic principle against direct linking, I'm going to direct you to The Big KiSS Page. Click on "KiSS Viewers" and then download the PlayFKiSS program right for your type of computer. Don't unzip the file; the KiSS viewer does that.

Can I sell them?
No! Kiss dolls are free to download. But you can give them as gifts.

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