♪ Links, KiSS and Otherwise

Links where you can download some of my KiSS dolls. I recently started this page to help people find my dolls without having to send them the dolls over email. In the past people have emailed me with websites where I could find my dolls posted, but I never wrote them down. Stupid me.

The other links are just stuff I thought you guys might like; I visit some of these pages a lot. I found many of these in my bookmarks folders, so if a link is dead, please email me about it.

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***Where you can find some of my dolls

KiSS Cafe
Softer Side of Heaven

***Scanlations (scanned & translated manga), Languages

Links to various translations
WeiB Kreuz
DNAngel, various
Links to various sites
Various manga
Firestarter; houses Saiyuki manga
Kazuya Minekura stuffs
Lots of CLAMP stuff; a Russian site
Babelfish, a language translator
IMTranslator, another language translator

***Web Comics

Eph's Seekers comic
Myu's Dead in Dreamland
Angel Moxie
Elf Only Inn
8-Bit Theater
Crow Feathers
Super Nario Brothers


Art of Nao Tukiji
Art of Alan Gutierrez
Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu Database
Don't have Firefox? Get it now; it's free!
A collection of good Sailor Moon art, etc
MuggleNet; all kinds of Harry Potter stuff
CouncilofElrond.com houses Lord of the Rings stuff
Big Sailor Moon site
Sailor Moon stuff, including downloadable episodes
Guild Wars site; lots of pics of fantasy clothing