" The term Black does not denote skin colour but is used as a political term to emphasize the common experience of individuals opposing the effects of racism." (Black Police Association)  English whites are suffering RACISM on a daily occurrence, with the full weight of the establishment against them who are working to destroy their statues, influence, culture and majority in their own ancestral home land.

Where Whites gather the Charge of RACISM is not long in coming.


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Black History Month - Black History Month (BHM) has been celebrated in October / November since 1987, when it emerged as part of the African jubilee year Marcus Garvey celebrations.

BHM has grown from strength to strength, especially over the past five years, as an occasion for celebrating the rich diversity of black people


So Solid Crew: UK Garage act won two awards

Music of Black Origin Mobos 2001 - This year's Music of Black Origin Awards were bigger than ever - and 15 of the 18 categories were voted for by music fans

Danielle and Melanie Brown

Ethnic Minority Media Awards - The UK's media community has celebrated the contribution of blacks and Asians in the third annual Ethnic Minority Media Awards - the Emmas. With nominees drawn from both the ethnic and mainstream media (excluding white) , the awards recognised excellence in terrestrial and cable television, film, journalism and entertainment.


The Black Film Festival - The bfm International Film Festival is the only annual International celebration of black world cinema in the UK. This premiere black film festival explodes into the heart of London from the 7th to the 16th of September 2001...more.


Black Information Link, Welcome to BLINK, web site of The 1990 Trust. This is a community interactive site. 
Afghan refugees: urgent information wanted
If you have any information on the forced removal of Afghan refugees, get in touch with NCADC
US troops ' kill 15 Iraqi protesters'
"They were asking the Americans to leave the school so they could use it"
WCAR follow-up conference on cultural diversity
The conference will discuss issues concerning community cohesion and promotion of cultural diversity


Changing Black Britain

Britain cannot successfully compete in a globalising economy (against other nations in Europe, America and the world) without a continuous injection of immigrants and ethnic minority groups,

The Black Police Association - was born in 1993, It's overall aim is "to improve the working environment for police officers and civil staff of African, African Caribbean or Asian origins". 


'Miss India UK - The most glamorous Asian event of the year' 'Experience the atmosphere, excitement and suspense unfold live throughout the evening and see the First ever Miss India UK announced in sensational style at this prestigious gale dinner event'

This event is open to people of Asian Origin ONLY. Native UK citizens are excluded form entry. How a bout a Ms European White Compittion?

Commission for Racial Equality home page Authorites - Commission for Ethnic Promotion - The Commission for Racial Equality works in partnership with individuals and organisations for a fair and just society which values diversity and gives everyone an equal chance to work, learn and live free from discrimination, prejudice and racism "UNLESS YOUR A NATIVE BRITAIN".

The amended Race Relations Act places a general duty on public bodies to promote racial equality The new Act strengthens and extends the scope of the 1976 Race Relations Act; it does not replace it..."


LAW - Race Relations Act - Promotes Aliens at the expense of the English people, This act is a major vehicle in subduing debate on the subject of immigration and race relations

Lord Desai Religion - Religious hate law - Labour peer Lord Desai says that Home Secretary David Blunkett's proposal to outlaw incitement to religious hatred will be a mullah's delight.
Education - Putting anti-racism into the curriculum - The Government has recommend a greater emphasis on multi-culturalism in schools. Provision for encouraging pupils towards racial tolerance, developing an understanding of other cultures will be put into the ciriculam. It will provide an opportunity to make multi-culturalism part of the school timetable.
Education- Cash boost focus on minorities- Local education authorities are to receive 162m next year to help schools to raise the academic performance of children from ethnic minority - a 7% increase on this year.

Black and Asian politicians Politics - Call for ethnic minority candidates Minorities claim Labour is To WHITE. Operation Black Vote claimed 20 marginal seats could be swung by putting up black or Asian candidates - 20 seats that could make the difference between winning and losing the next general election.

BBC NEWS UK Politics Black activists plan 'political assault'

ARMY Ethnic-minority dirve for army - The army is working with the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) to ensure 5% of the force is made up of ethnic groups by 2003. In October 1997 it introduced an Equal Opportunities policy, and launched a poster campaign designed to recruit from black and Asian communities for its non-commissioned ranks

Greg Dyke MEDIA - BBC is 'hideously white' - BBC director-general Greg Dyke has described the corporation as being "hideously white". Mr Dyke did not say the corporation was racist but acknowledged that, like the Metropolitan Police, it had a problem with race relations

Bradford's Asian Eye

World Musik Makers music workshop at Wembley Manor Infant School ART - Ethnic minority groups are being encouraged to apply for funding for projects celebrating their cultural heritage. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) is holding a conference in London on Tuesday to inform community groups about funding opportunities


Business: The Economy Working against racism In the London boroughs of Hackney and Lambeth alone, a total of 818,000 was awarded to people last year at industrial tribunal race cases. Bosses to be forced to employ more minorities to reflect the area the are based
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