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Changing Black Britain: Why we need immigrants. New survey Say's chronicleworld.org (Changing Black Britain) shows Black immigrants bring needed work ethic, entrepreneurial and labour skills to Britain... So why the closed door immigration policy?  For example, The booming ethnic cosmetics and toiletries market in which African and Afro-Caribbeans have a prominent share is expected to grow in value from £77.2m in 1999 to £177.8m by 2004, and is the most developed ethnic marketing sector in the UK.


“Silence Is No Longer An Option” - Immigration Making Colonies Out Of Nation-States 

Immigration,  transforming Britain into “a foreign land.” British society is being utterly transformed and for what?? so ethnics can make money from selling ethnic MAKE UP. Some thing they could equally do well in Africa if they had any technology of their own


From amazon.com latest Race Insult, "Stupid White Men ..." It will leave you feeling cold. The Main highlight of the Book is to recommend that white Women should mate with Black men to ensure the end to white people. 

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CRE Race in the Media Awards (RIMA)

The CRE established the Race in the Media Awards (RIMA) in 1992 to encourage informed coverage of race relations across all media in the United Kingdom. Highlights from RIMA 2003)

RIMA 2001 Keynote speech

Establishment of the Cultural Diversity Network, an industry-wide, industry led body, which is committed to changing the face of British television. The membership includes the BBC, ITV Network Center, Carlton, Granada Media, GMTV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BSkyB and ITN, and a range of other industry bodies and regulators including ITC, BSC, RTS and BAFTA...... All the broadcast companies have signed up to the basic objectives of increasing diverse employment, including at senior executive levels......Diversity will become one of the criteria against which a programme proposal will be evaluated for commission......40% of the kids in this, our capital city, will be black, Asian or of mixed race within ten years......

School teaches pupils 'Baa, baa white sheep'

A father has claimed a school has taken political correctness too far after his daughter came home singing "Baa, baa, white sheep". Gary Stone, 41, from Peterborough, Cambridge shire said four-year-old Michelle said she had been taught it instead of the more well-known "Baa, Baa, black sheep."


UK: Immigrants 'behind crime wave' - police
Claim by Britain's most senior officer sparks new asylum row

The row over Britain's asylum policies took a new twist last night when Britain's most senior police officer claimed mass immigration has created a 'whole new range of crimes' threatening to overwhelm towns and cities across the country. Claiming the numbers of asylum seekers coming to Britain had reached 'tidal wave' proportions, Fox said: 'Mass migration has brought with it a whole new range and a whole new type of crime, from the Nigerian fraudster, to the eastern European who deals in drugs and prostitution to the Jamaican concentration on drug dealing.'


"France Tied Up in Knots Over Islamic Headscarf"
PARIS (Reuters) - As France seeks to nurture a moderate Islam able to live happily within its secular state, it is getting tied up in knots over the Muslim headscarf.

Calls are growing for its prohibition in school, where young French minds are trained to respect the 1905 law separating the state and religion. A final decision could come next month.


BBC NEWS UK Campaigners demand slavery compensationCampaigners for slavery reparations are planning to sue the UK government to pay off African debt as an apology for its part in the long-gone trans-Atlantic slave trade.



Extreme Britain?- Both the Americans and the French have done little to hide their frustration with what they see as Britain's role as a safe haven for Islamic extremists. Several alleged Bin Laden associates are in prison here, awaiting extradition to the US and France on terrorism charges.



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