Samples of the final exams


I)       Composition 100 words, you will have to choose between (a) or (b).

II)     Letter-writing also you will have to chose between (a) or (b).

III)  Pick out the errors and correct them.


My sister's name is Amira. She is two years old. She is so pretty and she is so sweet, she talks all the time, and she tells stories. Her friends are many. She loves her mother and me very much, and I love her.

                                                                                                                                            the last five years.

Tripoli is my city. It's the capital of Libya. I have lived in Tripoli with my family since I was five years.

Tripoli is a nice city. People are friendly and kind. There are many cars, houses and hospitals. It is a big city.

I'm a student in university. I study the English language. I like English, it is an international language, and everybody should know it. everyone know it.  I come to university everyday by bus, and go back home by bus.                                                      I commute to university. Classes begin early in the morning. I reach home late because classes end late.


Ann is in hospital. She is sick because she always smokes. She does not care for her health. I always tell her to stop smoking.

Her not to smoke

To give up smoking

Architect                      One who designs buildings and other structures?

Unique                         singular, matchless, unequaled              

Infant                            baby

Insomnia                       sleeplessness