There are three types of noun.....



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Proper nouns

Common Nouns

Abstract Nouns






The Red Sea bee hate
Atlantic Ocean sea fate
Nile sky freedom
Cairo eye plan
Abstract noun, noun that represents some abstract idea or notion (i.e.. independence, anger, love, etc...)


Proper nouns are all uncountable nouns, Common nouns some are countable nouns and some are not. Also abstract nouns

A- Countable nouns

1. Nouns refer to persons, their relationship and their occupations. 2.Nouns refer to animals, plants, and insects.
persons one boy two boys animals one dog four dogs
relationship one friend three friends plants one flower five flowers
occupations one student five student insects one bee ten bees
3. Nouns refer to things of one shape. 4.Units of measurements.
Ex. one car three cars Ex. one inch four inches
  one house eight houses   one dinar five dinars
  one room nine rooms   one degree three degrees
5. Units of social classes. 6. Containers
Ex. one family four families Ex. one bottle three bottles
  one country three countries   one jar nine jars
  one language two languages   one tube seven tubes
7. A limited number of abstract nouns.  
Ex. one idea two ideas    
  one invention three inventions    
  one plan four plans My home work  

B- Uncountable nouns:  


  1. Nouns refer to food staples...Ex. bread, meat, cheese, ....
  2. Nouns refer to construction materials ...Ex. wood, iron, glass,...
  3. Nouns refer o liquids...Ex. oil, tea, milk, ....
  4. Nouns refer to natural substances...Ex. water, gas, oxygen, ....
  5. Nouns refer to substances with small tiny parts. ...Ex.  rice, sugar, sand. ....
  6. Nouns refer to groups that have different size and shape. ... 
    Ex. clothing but one coat two coats
          furniture but one table three tables
          luggage but one suitcase four suitcases
  7. some abstract nouns ending in -ity -ance -ness Ex. ... beauty, ignorance, business. ....
  8. Most -ing forms. ...Ex. learning, shopping, working. ....
  9. Proper nouns. ... Ex. Ahmed, Tunis, Saudi Arabia, Nile. ...

C- Nouns that have count and non count forms depend on meaning:


  1. Nouns refer to construction materials. Ex. bone, cloth, fire, glass, paper, stone, ...
  2. Noun refer to abstract nouns. Ex. decision, education, history, honor, life, noise, pain, silence, success, time. ...
  3. Other nouns. Ex. light, space, war, work. ...

    Note: uncountable nouns take a single verb.

    Exercise:  I feel pain in my leg. (-)           War makes a lot of pains to people.(+)

D- Count and non-count nouns with similar meaning


Count nouns non-count nouns
  1. a climate ..................climates
  2. a laugh......................laughs
  3. a human being.........human beings
  4. a    
  5. a man / a / women
  6. a person...................persons
  7. a snowflake.............snowflakes
  8. a sunbeam...............sunbeams
  9. a traffic jam..............traffic jams
  1. weather
  2. laughter
  3. humanity
  4. work
  5. mankind
  6. people
  7. snow
  8. sunlight / sunshine
  9. traffic
          tripoli have a nice weather           Tripoli has nice weather.
Exercise: I heard three laughs in the classroom. I heard laughs in the hall.

E- Non count nouns that are count nouns in other languages.


Ex: advice information patience
anger knowledge poetry
courage leisure progress
damage luck poverty
equipment music
fun news

F- Singular and plural expression of non-count nouns.


a piece of  advice a loaf of bread a gust of wind
a piece of  bread a slice of bread a kind of show
a piece of  equipment a slice of cheese a type of homework
a piece of  furniture a slice of meat  
a piece of  information an ear of corn  
a piece of  jewelry a bar of soup  
a piece of  mail a bar chocolate  
a piece of  news a bolt of light  
a piece of music a clap of thunder  
a piece of toast a clap of bombing