SEASON NINE 2008-2009
Weekend of September 27, 2008  Mom Comes Along For the Confrontation
Angela wanted to know if her boyfriend, who's identity was withheld, was cheating on her. Cameras caught him messing around with another woman, Janna, at his place of work. Angela brought her mother, Diana, along for the confrontation, which was quiet heated. Angela showed up at his work and busted them messing around in his office. She started smacking him around and Janna took off. Angela chased after Janna, yelling at her until she hid the the bathroom. Janna emerged with a bloody nose and got into her car and drove off. Angela was no where near done. She continued screaming at the suspect, even throwing her shoes at him. Diane tried to hold her daughter back, but she wasn't having it. After the show, we find out that the suspect had proposed to Janna.
SEASON SEVEN 2006-2007
Weekend of February 24, 2007 Lightning Loses His Lady Love
Bill "Lightning" McCloud is the man, not only because he's 88 years olf and dating a 33-year-old, but because he wears what little hair he has left in a mohawk. Since he's getting older, Lightning was ready to prepare his will, but he wanted to kow if his girlfriend, Genevieve, was trustworthy enough to be in it. Cameras caught her cheating with a man who was known to Lightning as her cousin. Turns out, it was actually her husband! Lightning confronted Genevieve and her man at a bar, but she denied doing anything. She still claimed the guy was her cousin who she was caring for because he he has seizures. During the confrontation, her husband fell to the ground, shaking as if he was having a seizure. He got up awfully quick, leading Joey Greco to believe he was faking. In the end, Lightning was glad he learned the truth before he made the mistake of putting a liar in his will.
Weekend of February 10, 2007  Woman Cheats With His Stepfather!
Lance felt his girlfriend was cheating, but little did he know she was messing around with his stepfather, Mark. After the show presented him with the evidence, Lance burst into his parents home and tackled Mark to the ground. As they fought, Lance's mom went after his wife who had been cheating with her husband. The drama poured outside, with Lance and Mark fighting in the backyard. Lance's mom tried to calm things down by spraying Mark with a hose. The drama ended with Lance's mom kicking Mark out of the house.
Weekend of January 13, 2007 Heartless Cheater
Betty and Hank had been married for years and recently went through one hell of a test. Betty was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and fought hard to beat it. Betty had a nurse, Sue, who was by her side during all of her treatment, but little did she know that Sue was having an affair with Hank. Cheaters cameras caught the two out on the town, having picnics and enjoying their days aboard a boat. Betty was heartbroken when she found out the truth and confronted them on Hank's boat. Hank wanted nothing to do with the show and started sounding off his air horn to get everyone to go away. Betty chased Sue to her car, demanding answers. Sue said she had the affair because they thought Betty was going to die of her illness.
Weekend of December 23, 2006  Double Team
This episode featured a first for Cheaters: a double team confrontation! Ben had a feeling his girlfriend was messing around , but was surprised to discover she was messing around with one of his workers. Before the confrontation, he called up his employee's girlfriend, Christina, who met the Cheaters crew at a hotel for the confrontation. The confrontation went down at the bar. Ben and Christina both went after the guy who messing around with Ben's girlfriend.
Weekend of December 2, 2006  Suspect Gets Run Over!
With the help of Cheaters, Kayleigh confirmed that her man, Jeff, was cheating with another woman. During the confrontation, Kayleigh smacked the hell out of Jeff, who said he wanted his new woman. But his mistress wanted nothing to do with him and got into her SUV to drive off. As she started to drive away, Jeff clung to the side of her vehicle but fell off when she hit the gas. As he fell, his foot got run over by the car!  Jeff sat on the ground in pain, telling Joey Greco that he wanted an ambulance. Kayleigh wasn't so sympathetic and kept yelling at her cheating man. An ambulance finally came and took Jeff to the hospital for an evaluation.
Weekend of November 18, 2006  The Church Man and The Towel
Kathy became suspicious after her boyfriend, Bud, kept spending his time at church and with his parents. Cheaters detectives followed Bud around and found that he was messing around with another woman, whose identity was withheld. Cameras captured her pleasuring him in a car. When they got out of the car, Bud threw a DNA-covered towel to the ground, which investigators had tested. Joey Greco presented Kathy with the evidence, including the towel, and the confrontation was on. They met up with Bud and his new woman at a restaurant. Kathy threw the towel at Bud and demanded to know what was going on. Bud responded by running away. Joey Greco caught up with him inside a construction site and walked him back out to Kathy. When Kathy didn't want to talk to Bud, he tried to make his way into the Cheaters van but was tackled down by security. At the end of the show, we learn that the couple is trying to work things out.
Weekend of November 4, 2006  "Cheaters" Not Welcome

Kerry, 24, wasn't so sure he should tie the knot with his girlfriend of four years, Janel, 22. So, he had Cheaters private eyes follow her allow while he was out of town. Turns out, she was cheating with a bearded fellow named Travis at a bar. Kerry came back from his business trip early to confront Janel at the bar. As Kerry and the Cheaters crew walked inside, they were greeted by an angry Travis, who got the crowd to start chanting "F*** Cheaters, F*** Cheaters!" Not feeling welcome, Joey Greco and his men took the confrontation outside. Travis and a few of his angry friends followed. As Kerry and Joey got into the Cheaters van, Travis and his friends started pushing and throwing drinks at the van. Fortunately, they got out of there before things got even worse.
SEASON SIX 2005-2006
Fall 2005  Cheater Hides In A Tree
Everyday, Will told his girlfriend, Danielle, that he was going to work out for a few hours.  He'd return six hours later, which made Danielle wonder.  Cheaters cameras followed Will and confrimed that he was working out in the park with the help of another woman.  With the Cheaters chopper in the sky, it was confrontation time.  Danielle confronted Will, who did not like all the cameras.  As he sipped on some Gatorade, Danielle smacked the drink right out of his hands.  Will couldn't take the heat and sprinted away!  Of course, the Cheaters crew and chopper above were hot on Wills trail.  Cameras traced Will to a tree, which he was trying to climb to get away.  Danielle arrived on the scene and told Will to bring his "monkey ass" down from the tree since he had already been busted.  By the time Will got down, a huge crowd had gathered to watch the confrontation.
November 2005   Cheaters Crew Charged:  Messing Around With A Police Captain!
This is the one that got four Cheaters crew members, including Joey Greco, charged with assault.  It all started with Rafael, who thought his estranged wife, Maria, was cheating.  Cameras busted Maria cheating with Captain Duane Paul of the Fort Worth Police Department in his own cop car!  The confrontation went down as Maria stood outside Bally's.  In Spanish, Rafael accused Maria of cheating with a "black man."  Maria was tweaked from the beginning.  She ran all around, saying she wanted the police.  Several times, Joey Greco told everyone to stay back.  Based on what aired, no one from the Cheaters crew touched her.  But after the confrontation, Maria accused Greco and three other crew members of assault.  She said one of the security guards hit her with his leg.  As Cheaters creator Bobby Goldstein says, the charges are completely unfounded.  Since the show, Duane Paul was suspended and demoted.
Weekend of November 19, 2005  Airport Bust

Star was starting to worry because her longterm boyfriend, Craig, was becoming distant.  Cheaters detectives found out why:  he was cheating with another woman, Peaches.  Cameras caught them all around town and the evidence was presented to Star.  Joey Greco told Star that Peaches had accompanied her man to the airport before he left town.  NOW, Peaches was greeting Craig at the airport as he arrived home.  The perfrect setting for a bust.  An angry Star confronted Craig, luggage in hand.  Star also got up in Peaches face.  All this drama quickly attracted the attention of airport police.  Peaches took an attitude with police and was told to put her hands up against the wall.  The cop called for back-up, telling his fellow officers that some "stupid show" was taping at the airport.  No arrests were made, but everyone was forced to leave the airport.
Hair-Raising Confrontation
Ashley figured her boyfriend of two years, Dee, was up to no good.   She was right as Cheaters found him cheating with another woman whose identity was withheld.  After presenting her with the evidence, Ashley confronted Dee as he got his hair done at a local salon!  All of the clients smiled as Cheaters walked through the door and busted Dee mid-haircut.  One woman even took out her cell phone camera to snap a few shots of the confrontation! After Ashely got in a good smack, everyone went outside.  Dee and his new girl took off, but Cheaters followed them to a convenience store, where another crowd gathered to watch.  Dee showed no remorse and threw something at Ashley.  She jumped all over him and then Dee threw some water at the crew, which sparked another small fight.  Once again, Dee and his boo took off.  Only this time, Dee showed eveyone his favorite finger as he drove away.
December 2005  New York City Schmuck
Cheaters took another trip to New York and caught up with Heather who believed longtime boyfriend, Carlo, was cheating.  Cheaters found him messing around with Jamie, taking her to art galleries and strolling through Central Park.  After presenting the evidence to a teary Heather, it was time for the confrontation.  Cheaters tracked Carlo and Jamie to a rock club.  The confrontation quickly poured into the streets where Carlo became angry with the Cheaters crew.  His stereotypical New York accent made it all the more hilarious when he called Joey Greco a "schmuck."  He then told Heather that we "don't do our laundry in the streets" before he complained that the show was using him to get high ratings.  Jamie was not interested in the drama, so she hailed a cab and took off.  Carlo told Heather that he "f***ed up" and wanted another chance. 
Weekend of January 14, 2006  Out of Rehab, Out of Luck
Eric had a feeling his girl, Shannon, was being untrue.  Detectives proved him right.  During the investigation, Eric checked himself into some sort of rehab.  Cheaters had to get special permission to get him out.  They did, just in time for the confrontation.  Shannon and her new man, Richard, were caught at a local bar.  The confrontation made its way to the parking lot, where Shannon yelled at Joey Greco.  As Eric got back in the van, Shannon approached him.  Enter Richard, who strarted to fight with Eric.  Security jumped in to pull the guys apart.  Then, in true Cheaters style, the crew was kicked out of the parking lot by attendants.
SEASON ONE 2000-2001
October 2001  Cheating In The Park
Cynthia and Dennis were together for years, but Cynthia thought Dennis was doing her wrong.  Cheaters investigators discovered that Dennis was cheating with a co-worker and presented the evidence to Cynthia.  Host Tommy Grand and Cynthia confronted Dennis with his pants down (literally) in the park with another woman.  The other woman ran off and Dennis demanded to talk to Cynthia in private.  Cheaters obliged, but kept the audio on and zoomed in on them.
December 2001  Military Man Gets Dissed In His Own Home
Kenneth proudly served his country, but was worried his fiance, Renee, wasn't serving him.  Cheaters hid a camera in their house and busted Renee getting it on with the best man!  Kenneth came home early for a business trip, so Cheaters could catch them in the act.  They found the dirty duo in the bathroom.  The best man made a run for it, but Rennee begged for forgiveness.  Kenneth called off the wedding and said his Christian faith kept him from killing someone that night.
It's Okay To Cry
Jacob, 22, and Elizabeth, 19 were clearly too young to be married.  Jacob thought Elizabeth was having an affair, which (surprise!) detectives confirmed.  Jacob and the crew traced Elizabeth and cheater Nathan to a gas station.  Nathan wanted no part of the confrontation, so he got back in his car.  When he did, Jacob ran up to the car for a fight, but was held back by a female security team member.  Throughout the confrontation, Elizabeth was a crying machine.  She sobbed that Nathan was just a friend, something Jacob did not believe.  Elizabeth's crying spell spread to hubby Jason and the two bawled their eyes out in the gas station parking lot.  The young lovers said they hoped to work things out.
CASE CLOSED -- Grandpa Wasn't Cheating!
Rose was married to her husband (identity withheld) for forty years, but found some evidence which suggested he might have been unfaithful.  After coming out of the shower, the steam revealed hearts drawn on her mirror.  She also found a thong in her home.  Cheaters followed her husband around for 20 days, only to find him carrying on with his everyday activities.  With no evidence on an affair, Cheaters closed the case.  On a later show, Rose's grandson (identity withheld) came forward to confess that the evidence his grandmother found was the result of him and his girlfriend.  The grandson said he just wanted to clear the air for his grandfather.
CASE CLOSED -- An Innocent Fiance
Greg wanted to make sure his fiance (identity withheld) was being perfectly faithful before they tied the knot.  So, he got Cheaters investigators to follow her around town.  PI's found no evidence of an affair and closed the case.  On a later show, his EX-fiance spoke out, claiming Greg was controlling.  She could not believe that he didn't trust her and had the nerve to allow cameras to secretly record her everyday activities.  She could not deal with his lack of trust, so the wedding was called off.
SEASON TWO  2001-2002
January 2002  How Do You Say "Lesbian" in Russian?
Shortly after Aramis immigrated to the states from Russia, he met and fell in love with Anastasia, a fellow immigrant.  Anastasia also became quick friends with Alex, a blonde with an eye for the ladies.  Aramis was suspicious that they were more than friends.  He was right.  Cheaters detectives caught the women holding hands and kissing.  They were also busted doing shady activities in a hotel room.  During the confrontation, Alex profanely told Aramis that his girl was more interested in girls than guys. A tearful Anastasia told Aramis that she was just playing a game with Alex and still wanted to be with him.  Aramis decided to give her another chance.
February 2002  Don't Mess With An Angry Texan!
Bill has been dating the younger Julie for quite some time, but feels she has been unfaithful.  Cheaters found her messing around with Harry, Bill's roommate and friend for more than 30 years.  Bill and the crew busted Julie and Harry getting frisky in a hot tub at Bill and Harry's place.  Harry was angry from the start, yelling and cussing at the crew to get off his property.  Julie quickly ran into the house and locked herself in a room.  As Bill tried to get her out, an even more angry Harry told her to stay in.  Harry then screamed at Bill and the Cheaters crew to get out of his house or he'd call the cops.  As Bill and Tommy Grand walked away, Bill decided to go back in for something.  Julie was out of the bathroom, but as he tried to talk with his love, enter good old Harry who continued with his rant.  Bill finally decided to leave to let things simmer down.
SEASON THREE  2002-2003
Blood Isn't Thicker Than Water
Panessa and Bruce were married for seven years, but Panessa thought the father of her two children was sneaking around.  Turns out Bruce was keeping it in the family with Panessa's sister, Jessica!  After Cheaters cameras captured the damning evidence, the confrontation takes place out in the woods.  Tommy Grand, Panessa and the crew sneak up on the cheaters in a car.  Panessa opens the car door and smacks both of them around.  Security gets a workout as they try to keep the brawling sisters apart.  Jessica didn't regret what she did.  ?When things finally settled down, the cops showed up and ordered everyone to the ground!  The cops told Tommy Grand that he picked a bad place for the confrontation, but seemed to let everyone go with just a warning.
November 2002   Brawl Outside BJ's
Lisa thought she'd give a woman a try when she began dating Margaret, but she proved to be a cheater.  Lisa paid for Margaret to stay in a hotel when she traveled to Dallas for a business trip.  Cheaters cameras followed along and busted her with another woman on Lisa's dime!  The overwhelming evidence was presented to Lisa who confronted Margaret and her new girl, Chantal, at a gay bar appropriately named "BJ's."  All of woman began fighting from the start and everyone was kicked out of the bar.  Out in the parking lot, an angry Margaret could not believe Lisa hired Cheaters to spy on her.  Security earned their paychecks, as they tried to keep Lisa and Chantal apart.  Finally, Margaret and Chantal drove off.  As Margaret pulled out, she spit in the direction of the camera.  At the end of the show, we find out that Lisa's bisexuality was only a phase and was dating men again.

January 2003  Lesbian Street Brawl
In the last case for former host Tommy Grand, we meet Nicole who worries her girlfriend, Tines, is messing around. She was and they arrange for an ambush outside of a Dallas club.  All hell breaks lose as Tines and her new girl, Shaniqua, emerge from the club.  Angry about the evidence Tommy just showed her, Nicole pounces on Tines.  Before long, a crowd gathers in a window behind the angry women to watch the fighting.  Nicole and Tines both remove their shoes as they go after each other.  Tommy brings Nicole to the Cheaters van, with Tines following.  Before long, Tines starts beating Nicole in the van.  Security breaks them up and the van takes off.  In the show recap, we learn Nicole has given up on women and wants to go back to seeing men.
Rumble At A Restuarant
David went to one college, while his girlfriend and best friend went to another.  His girlfriend, Megan, got lonely.  So, who better to have an affair with than the best friend, Josh?  Cameras busted them and showed that Megan is a terrible student, scoring a 53 on a test.  The confrontation went down as Megan and Josh dined at a pizzeria.  An irate David ran up to them, jumping over a wall and into the patio where they were eating.  David threw Josh up against the wall and yelled at him.  Megan quickly became overwhelmed and had trouble breathing.  Heroic Josh ran to his car to get her inhaler.  Josh told David he thought he would understand his affair, even putting his arm around his longtime friend.  But David didn't feel like making up.  Josh grew angry and flipped over a table before taking off in his S-U-V. Megan and David took off in the Cheaters van.  Believe it or not, they kissed and made up!

April 2003
S&M Shocker
Drew thought his fiance, Danielle, was becoming distance after their engagement.  Danielle said she was hanging out with a group of "artists," but PI's found out she was doing much more than hanging out.  Armed with evidence of betrayal, Drew, Joey and the crew busted in on Danielle.  They found her tied to a bed with two girls in bizarre costumes around her. Not to mention, the bed was surrounded with police tape and a lighted picture of Jesus was one of many wierd items adorning the wall.  Drew flipped out at her bizarre past time, as Danielle's "friends" ran from the room.  Surprisingly, Drew decided to patch things up with his wacked out girlfriend.
April 2003  A Very Close Call
Allen was suspicious of his girlfriend, Laneece, especially since she began shaving...downtown. ? Cheaters investigators verified his suspicions and the confrontation was on in a parking lot.  Allen went after Laneece's unidentified lover right away, tackling him several times.  Cheaters security got a workout trying to separate the guys.  Annoyed with the cameras, Laneece and her new guy drove off to another parking lot.  Joey told the crew to "stay on them," so the confrontation would continue.  The crew bailed out of the Cheaters vans to shoot some more, when Laneece's new lover pulled out a gun and waved it around!  He yelled at Cheaters PI's who quickly scrambled back into the vans when they noticed the extra force.  After all the drama, Allen said he was glad he didn't get shot because his child would have been without a father.
Jack E. Jett, who does another show for Cheaters creator Bobby Goldstein, hosted this show because of what happened during this case.  Renee,21, was pregnant with her scumbag boyfriend's first child.  The boyfriend, Mitchell, whose identity was withheld, wanted Renee to have an abortion, but she refused.  After days of investigation, Cheaters catches the suspect cheating with another woman, Cassandra.  Cheaters crew members and Renee take a boat out on to a nearby lake, where they find Mitchell and Cassandra enjoying a day of fishing.  The crew boards the boat and Renee demands to know why Mitchell cheated.  The suspect gets angry with Joey and Cheaters cameras and pulls out a fishing knife!  As bodyguards tackle the suspect, a crew member falls into the water.  In the midst of all the chaos, Joey was stabbed by the punk!   Security quickly handcuffed Mitchell, while the crew raced Joey back to land.  Joey layed on the ground, his hand covered in blood, as he waited for paramedics. 
SEASON FOUR  2003-2004
October 2003  SEASON PREMIERE -- Mace In His Face
Joey began the season by thanking the public for their concern about the stabbing.  Tonya thought her mortician husband, Jason, was cheating on her.  Cameras busted him flirty with a woman at a bar and taking another woman out on the town.  Investigators also caught Jason peeping through his new girlfriend's window to watch her change!  When it was time to confront Jason, Tonya pulled out some mace and sprayed him in face!  She then smacked him around.  Jason could not believe his wife maced him and said he wanted his new woman.  Joey Greco played back the surveillance, which showed Jason peeping into her window.  His new love didn't like that so much, but took left with him anyways. 
November 2003  Once, Twice...Five Times the Lesbian Cheater!
Musician Isis figured her girlfriend, Kalan, was messing around but she had no idea just how much.  First, investigators found her on a date with other woman.  Then, they found her out with another guy.  After all this, PI's installed cameras in the studio they practiced music in.  What they caught on tape was shocking and disgusting.  Kalan was cheating with ANOTHER guy and ANOTHER girl and cameras caught them having an orgy!  Clearly, there was enough evidence, so it was time for the confrontation.  Isis met up with Kalan in a parking lot with a FIFTH person, Isis' own step-sister!  Of course, Isis screamed at them both, getting so mad she took off her backpack and threw it!  Kalan had no defense for her actions, but Isis' step-sister said she wanted to be with Kalan.  The two walked off hand in hand.
February 2004  Cheating On A Church Lady
49-year-old Vanessa is a devout Christian who thinks her man, Horace, has not been honest.  Cheaters caught him cheating and recorded a phone conversation between them where Horace called his wife, "...one crazy ass broad."  After presenting Vanessa with the evidence, cameras move in to their home where Horace is found with a naked woman!  Vanessa smacks Horace around several times and the naked lady runs from the house.  Horace explains that the woman was simply using the bathroom.  After Horace called the police on the crew, everyone took off.  Unfortunately, Vanessa decides to stay with Horace, who claimed that no one would want his old body.
February 2004  Amusement Park Bust
Wess, 26, took comfort in Cathy after his grandparents passed away.  They dated for awhile and are engaged.  Cathy's supposed to be busy doing all the wedding booking, but has been cheating with Victor.  Wess and the Cheater's crew meet up with double-crossing Cathy and her beau having a fun time at am amusement park.  Things get violent quickly, as Wess and Victor brawl several times.  Cathy denies cries as she denies cheating, but takes off with Victor.  As the confrontation ends, a voice on the park's loudspeaker says, "You've been busted by Joey Greco!"
March 2004  S&M Shocker II
27-year-old Christina's husband, Joe, recently moved out of the house and is becoming distant.  Worried he's cheating, Christina enlists the help of Cheaters PI's to find out the truth.  Investigators trace Joe to a club where they catch him cheating with a dominatrix, Mistress Tanina.  Devasted by the evidence, Cheaters brings Christina to a trashy hotel where they bust into a room only to discover Mistress Tanina and Joe in bondage gear!  They quickly run down the hall and the Mistress even cracks her whip at the cameraman.  The drama spills outside the hotel room where as angry Joe pushes host Joey Greco.  Security quickly gets in between them.  Joe and Christina talk and he tells her he thought the affair would help because he was having intimacy issues.  At the end of the show, we learn that Christina has filed for a divorce.
Weekend of May 8, 2004  Up In Smoke!
Andrea, 27, was with Jermaine, 25, for four years, but was having suspicions about his fidelity.  Cheaters PI's found him cheating with another woman, Lynn.  The confrontation took place at Andrea's house, where she let herself and the crew in to discover Jermain and Lynn together.  Andrea screamed at them and then went to gather up some of Jermaine's stuff.  She brought it in the backyard and doused it with lighter fluid.  As she lit it, she said, "Burn for mama! Your shit's on fire, mister!"  Jermaine ran into the backyard and tried to stomp out the fire with no avail.  Lynn grabed him and they took off.  Shortly after, the police showed up to find out what was going on.  They left, but promised to check in to make sure Jermaine didn't return.  Someone of the Che aters staff put the small fire out with some water.
Weekend of May 29, 2004  Frightening Confrontation
Just when you thought you saw it all, along came this case.  Ronnie thought his longtime girlfriend, Sharon, was cheating because he was always out of town.  Ronnie was also afraid for her because she was on medicine for emotional problems. Cheaters found Sharon cheating with a younger guy, Bradley.  Ronnie and the crew confronted the Sharon and Bradley on a night when it was pouring rain.  Ronnie ran up to Bradley's van where he found Sharon completely naked!  Sharon grabbed her clothes and ran from the van as Ronnie and Bradley fought.  Host Joey Greco followed Sharon up a building where she quickly got her clothes on.  As the men continued to fight outside, Sharon made her way to the roof where she sat on the ledge and threatened to jump! Joey Greco, now soaking wet, told cameras to back off as he pushed her away from the ledge.  Sharon was crying and had a panic attack as Joey got her away from the ledge. As Sharon cried, Joey gave her his coat.  Bradley drove off and Ronnie made his way to the roof.  Ronnie held Sharon in his arms as he helped her off the roof.  Joey told Sharon that killing herself was not the answer as they dried off in the Cheaters van.
SEASON FIVE  2004-2005
May 2005  Cheaters Car In The Drink!
Dan suspected his wife, Josie, was cheating and she was, but with an older man.  Cheaters detectives documented the affair on tape and it was time for the confrontation.  Dan was in his work truck, so Cheaters vans followed him along to the confrontation.  When they got to a lake, Dan spotted his wife with the other guy.  Dan was so angry that he took off in his truck.  As the Cheaters crew rushed to stop him, Dan drove his truck right into the car his cheating wife was in, pushing it into the lake!  Josie fell to the ground as she got out of the car and Dan got into a fist fight with his wife's lover. Even after all this drama, Dan and Josie decided to stay together.
Host Joey Greco shares some laughs  with Cheaters creator Bobby Goldstein.
     Cheaters is real, reality television where real life investigators follow around suspected cheaters and catch them in the act.  The caught on tape evidence is presented to the faithful partner who then confronts the cheater and lover TOGETHER, sometimes in the act.  The confrontation is the most outrageous part of the show because tempers often boil over and fights break out.  The first two-and-a-half seasons of Cheaters were hosted by Tommy (Habeeb) Grand, but Joey Greco took over halfway through season three after alleged contract disputes.  Cheaters is an hourlong show that airs weekends in syndication. Thanks to strong ratings, the show entered its seventh season in the fall of 2006. Cheaters is also on in many markets worldwide.  In fall 2004, Cheaters began airing everyday in many U.S. markets. Each half hour show features one case and an update on a previous case.  If you STILL can't get enough of Cheaters, buy The Best of Cheaters Uncensored: Volume One. It came out on November 1, 2005.  The four-disc DVD set features the best confrontations captured on the show.  There's also a three disc set, which is censored. Also, keep an eye on the Maury show.  Host Joey Greco often travels to New York to share clips with Maury and his audience.
    Tommy Habeeb was the first host of Cheaters.  He went on to host Eye For An Eye for one season.  He's now working on several projects, including STAG: Last Night of Freedom.  Visit his Web site:  tommyhabeeb.com