Jan & Tyler:  A May/December Romance Gone Wrong
Jan, 39, and Tyler, 19, were in love and got married, but love faded.  The infamous couple made several appearance on the show during its early years and Jan always got mad and walked off the show.  the most memorable moment came when they were arguing and Jan threw a box of Kleenex at Tyler, hitting him in the head.  The couple got a divorce and Tyler served as a production assistant on the show for a few years.
Shirley Is Not Your Average Old Lady
A sexy-dressing grandmother who first appeared on the show because she dressed too sexy.  She has been on the show several times since and has even won guest of the year because of her sassy attitude.
I Hate My Own Race!
A white woman who hated how her black boyfriend hated blacks.  He came out waving the Confederate flag, much to his girlfriend's embarassment.
"Jenny's 1000th Show"
This show celebrated her early years as a host and featured a look back at her first show.  The first show dealt with a woman who whistled to her pumpkin to make it grow better.  This episode looked back at some meorable moments, including when the big door, where guests enter through, did not work.  The 1000th show also featured air businessed and celebrities that congratulated Jenny, including Snoop Dogg.  After an hour of memories the entire staff gathered on the stage for some cake, as balloons fell on them.
Club Kids
Young men and women who dressed exotically to get attention at clubs.  Included was a woman wore made a dress out of bubble wrap.
Stolen Implants
The story of a guy who stole money from his mom to buy his girlfriend breast implants.
SEASON TEN  2000-2001
"Stripper Wars"
A heated show about strippers who brought their stripper friends on for lie detector tests.  They wanted to know if their friends did anything extra to get exotic gifts from their customers.
"You Say You're The Next Big Star, But I Know Your Act Won't Go Far!"
Guests who thought they were bound for stardom and the people who didn't agree.  Two guys who thought they were Sisqo snag and were booed off the stage, while a woman who thought she sang like Karen Carpenter was laughed at.  Also, favorite Jenny Jones guests Valerie, Shirley and Rude Jude appeared as judges.  It was 61-year-old Shirley's first visit in a while and she was just as spunky as ever.

"Interracial Conflicts"
J.R. and Jesse were white teens who claimed that they were supposed to be black.  They said that white people are fake and screamed "black power" as the audience laughed at them.  Things got heated when they were confronted by some white family friends who were racist.
"Mack Daddy Makeovers" 
This hilarious show featured makeovers for guys who dressed like pimps.  Two southern guys came on to profess their mack daddy status.  One worked at Burger King and the other picked up girls at K-mart.
"Holiday Family Reunions"
This showed aired Christmas day 2000 and involved guests who had been searching for family members for at least 20 years.  Included was a woman who left her young daughters for her boyfriend, decades ago.  Also, celebrities such as singer Carl Thomas wished Jenny's audience Happy Holidays.
"Will You Accept My Apology?"
Sharis wanted to say she was sorry to her former boyfriend, Charlie, because she did him VERY wrong.  She told him that she was going to a work banquet for the weekend, when she really got married to her ex-boyfriend!  She continued the lies when she told her husband that she came on the show to be reunited with her sister.  In the end, Charlie was not that accepting of her apology.  The audience was mad at Sharis and Jenny offered her some therapy so she could get rid of her uncaring attitude.
"Jenny's 10th Anniversary Show"
Jenny celebrated ten years of being on TV by looking at memorable highlights from past shows and by bringing back some unforgettable guests, such as Rude Jude.  Other hosts, like Maury, Jerry, Ricki and Sally wished Jenny continued good luck with her program.  Trick Daddy and Trina stopped by to perform his song, "Take It To Da house."  She ended the show with all of the members of her crew coming onstage for a cake.
"Teens & Hip-Hop Culture"
Past guest Devin returned to the show to talk about his hatred for black people...even though he was black!  Last time he carried a confederate flag and this time he was wearing a cowboy hat and tight jeans because he thought that those clothes made him look white.  Other guests on the show were confused about their race.  "Dante" was a white guy who dressed in baggy clothes and spoke in ebonics.  He actually claimed that he was black and that he was disliked by whites.
"Should Kids Compete In Pageants?"
Candice was proud that she entered all three of her children in beauty pageants.  Ricardo, 9, did karate, and 3-year-old Cheyenne had worn $1,000+ dresses in shows.  Candice even entered her 5-month-old daughter in a pageant!  The audience was upset because it seemed that Candice was pimping her kids for her own benefit.  Ricardo was obnoxious and told the audience to keep quiet.  One audience member told him that he needed to be hit.  Candice's mother, Blanche, also appeared and said that she did not agree with her grandkids being in pageants at their ages.  A former beauty pageant contestant came out later in the show and said that her parents forcing her in to pageants was the worst thing that ever happened to her.
SEASON ELEVEN  2001-2002
9-3-2001 <SEASON PREMIERE>  "Reveal Crush With Talent"
The 12th season of Jenny Jones began with a new theme song by M-Doc.  The show also features new graphics and an outdoor performance stage.  This show featured guests who wanted to reveal their secret summer crushes to the people they knew.  A woman called "Goldy Locks" came on to tell Raymond, a dance instructor, that she wanted him.  He was interested.  Other guests sang and tried to rap their ways into their potential new lovers hearts.  The show ended with a performance by L.F.O. on the new outdoor stage. 
9-24-2001 "USA:  A Country United"
Jenny's stage was adourned with a flag during this emotional episode about the attack on America...Jason worked in one of the towers and told of how he escaped death on September 11th...Kenny told of how he saw one of his co-workers and brought him out of the building, even though the skin of his arms was pealing off because of burns...Tony worked at a Florida bar and said the hijackers gave him problems about a bill at his place the night before the attack.
10-2-2001  "Facing Extreme Fears"
Toni is scared to death of little people a.k.a. dwarves.  She thinks that they are going to hurt her and even quit her job because she was afraid to face them.  Jenny brought a dwarf named Steve out and Toni quickly turned around and began crying...India has a fear of dolls because her doll began talking to her when she was sleeping as a child.  She became nervous when Jenny showed pics of dolls.  She quickly overcame her fear and held two dolls in her lap...Scott broke up with his fiance because she put a stuffed frog in his face.  His fear of frogs came when a frog jumped on his face.  Scott was frightened when he looked at a pic of a fog on the show and ran when a man brought one out...The craziest fear was Janice's, who was afraid of buttons.  She overcame her fear with the help of doctors.
1-9-2002 Amazing Independent Films
This show dealt with people who make documentary films...Nikea made a film about black male strippers and followed them around with a camera.  Rodney and Marco were two of the strippers in the film and they made an appearance on the show.  Of course, they stripped and danced around for the ladies when they came out...Chris made a film called "Queen For A Night," which was about older drag queens.  The tape showed these old guys dressing on women and talking about how they've been performing as females for decades. 
1-24-2002 Psychic Miss Cleo Proves Infidelity
This show put angry lovers up against each other and let Miss Cleo predict if they were cheating...Kasey just started going out with Zeke, but already thought he was cheating with his ex, Heidi, because he would always visit her at work and she even found a used condom!   She also found his journal that said he wanted his ex and that he did not like Kasey.  Heidi said that all they did was kiss and Zeke denied any sexually involvement...Later, Miss Cleo came out and hugged Jenny.  Jenny thanked her for traveling from Florida to Chicago and then they got down to business.  Miss Cleo said that Zeke and Heidi did kiss, but there are more places to kiss than the face.  Miss Cleo also made predictions for the audience. 
4-15-2002 2000th Show Celebration
Jenny took a look back at 2000 shows with the help of a performance by rap star Mystikal.  Show staff also spoke of some of their favorite moments, including when a female guest tried to walk through plexiglass because she did not realize it was there.  Also, this season's most heartwarming moment was recalled.  It involved a young boy who was brought on the show by his mom to be confronted by boot camp instructor Raymond Moses.  Moses yelled at him because of his bad behavior and asked the boy if he wanted him to be his dad.  The boy said he did because he did not have a father.  This moment made the tough drill sargeant cry during a commercial break.
8-7-2002 "Issues of Race!"
Marian has always hated blacks because she was mugged and beaten by a black man.  Her daughter, Jennifer, was booed as she came out on the stage wearing a KKK shirt.  She screamed and swore at the audience and said that black people were not part of the U.S.A...Barbara was raised to hate by her dad who was in the KKK and said that the "only good black is a dead one."  Her sons, Jim, and Chris, also hated all races and Jim came out holding the "White Man's Bible."  Jim said that Jews want to destroy the white race...The show also featured blacks who hate white.  Michel works for the Black Pathers and preaches blacks to be seperated from whites.  He said "America" means racism and white supremacy.  A black woman in the audience asked him what racism he's experienced and he couldn't answer...Mike is a Grand Dragon in the KKK and came out wearing KKK sheets, saying he hates blacks, Jews, and gays.  Things quickly got heated, but all that was shown was a staff member rushing to hold a black man back from charging the stage.  The racist white guests said the hostile black man proved their point.  It turned out that the black man was a security guard for Black Panther, Michel, and was tossed from the show.  After Michael was allowed back, Jenny had producers shut his and several of the white people's microphones because they kept preaching hate.
SEASON TWELVE (Final Season):  2002-2003
9-2-2002    <SEASON PREMIERE>  "She's Obsessed With Bikini Contests!"
Season 12 opened with a touched-up set, new graphics and a new logo for the show. The set was decorated like a beach and the first topic involved women who make money by appearing and winning in bikini contests.  Jenny Jones regulars Tornado and Chela helped judge the show and a gay guy named Raul helped.  Dana hated how her friends, Brittany and Aspen, made money through these contests and told them to stop.  The ladies said they got money and even trips and enjoyed what they do...Later, Tornado opened a door to let the next guest enter the stage, but quickly shut it when he discovered she was fat...Christopher, 30, also enjoyed flaunting his body and said he won a motocycles and $10,000 doing hot body contests...The show ended with another installment of Rude Jude's "The Brain Game," where he quizzed all of the guests.  Judge asked Aspen what holiday is celebrated on July 4 and she did not know!
9-10-2002  "I'm Obsessed With Eminem"
James said his son, Junior, dresses and acts like rapper Eminem.  Junior came out dressed like the rapper, but was wearing a $10 chain.  Junior said that he calls his girlfriend Kim and wanted to name his daughter Hayley.  He claimed people asked for his autograph all of the time, but James said he never gets approached...In an exclusive interview, Jenny spoke with the real Eminem's grandmother, Betty,  who said that he was very timid and shy growing up.  She also said that his mom, Debbie Mathers, never even read to him or kissed him goodnight growing up.  Betty said that everything he said about his mother was true and that she didn't even speak to her daughter.  Betty hadn't seen Eminem in over 1 1/2 years, but looked into the camera and told him to release a song he did with her late son.  Jenny also spoke with Byron Williams who was Eminem's former bodyguard and author of, "Shady Bizzness."  Betty booed him and said Byron went to Eminem's house with weapons when he was at home with his family.  Byron said Eminem took $6,000 from him.  EXTRA INFO:  Debbie Mathers declined to appear on the show.
9-17-2002   "Arab-Americans Speak Out"
Mohammad said he was not happy about September 11, but Ben told eveyone that he was.  Ben, 22, hangs out at Mohammad's high school and told him that he should be kicked out of the country because of his heritage...Kelly is a Native American, but his former best friend, Dustin, disliked him because his skin color was like an Arab-Americans.  Dustin said that Arabs smell and all of them were involved with September 11.  Dustin even put stickers on Kelly's car that said, "I support Osama Bin Laden" and "F*** America," which could have gotten Kelly killed.
12-5-2002   "USA & Iraq:  What Do We Need To Know?
Jenny began this informative hour by talking with Basil, who said he used to be close friends with Jeff until September 11.  Jeff told Jenny that he thinks Basil and his family are affiliated with Al Qaeda because they were Arab-American.  Yanya, 19, said he has always been harassed because he is Arab-American and after 9-11, he was even attacked by an off duty racist cop...Mitchell Bard is an expert on U.S. issues with Iraq and Afghanistan and explained that the Middle East hates America because we have freedoms that they do not have.  He said he was in favor of a war because we should attack them before they get us...Ahmad told of how he was imprisoned in Iraq because he spoke out against Sadam's regime.  He said he was tortured because of his feelings and even witnessed murders...Jenny ended the show with Medea, a bizarre woman who was on a hunger strike to protest the war.  She told Jenny she stopped her strike to appear on the show.
12-25-2002   "It's Christmas...Let's Not Feud!"
The set was decorated with garland and a big Christmas tree for this holiday show that featured angry families.  Up first, Jillian cheated on her man, Rufus, several times and charged her partners money so she could afford items for their baby.  Jillian told Rufus she was sorry and even brought a ring and proposed to Rufus on the show!  Jenny told them she had a Justice of the Peace standing by, but the two never got married because Rufus could not forgive her...Carmen stole from her brother, Tom, and used drugs for years, but came on to tell him she wanted him back in her life.  Tom said he did not want her around because he could not trust her.  Jenny gave her a drug test that revealed she had not used drugs for six months. 
12-30-2002   "You Shouldn't Hate Your Own Race!"
For this episode, Jenny spoke with some twisted people who disliked their own race.  Emmett said his brother, "Heresy," hates blacks and even calls them "ni**er's!"  "Heresy", who came out wearing a silly outfit that included a leopard hat, dissed his race and even referred to blacks as "negros."  After that comment, a woman from the audience stood up and said, "f*ck you" to "Heresy."...Up next, "Love," a white woman, said whites smell like dogs and that only the black nurses came to her aid during kidney surgery.  "Love" even said that she leaves clubs if there are too many white people around..."Nomad" said blacks are uneducated and that slavery was not a bad thing.  Although he is a black man, "Nomad" had the nerve to come out weraing a t-shirt that said, "White Power."
3-7-2003  "Karaoke Superstar???"
Jennifer says she's embarrassed by her friend, Amber's, karaoke performances.  Amber wears bizarre outfits to get more attention from the audience and wore pajamas on the show.  Complete with hair curlers and duck slippers, she performed "Respect" for Jenny's audience...Peter's daughter said she was embarassed by his karaoke, but he said "it's all about the love."  Peter came out wearing a rainbow-colored sequin shirt with a bright pink Pokemon shirt under it.  He then sang a horrible rendition of "I Will Survive."  Most of the audience hated it, except for one of his "fans" who also performs karaoke at the same bar as Peter.  After the break, Peter changed into a new outfit that featured a shirt with multiple hearts on it.  After other bad performances, the best singer won a karaoke machine.
5-21-2003   <FINAL SHOW>    "Viewers Face-Off With Past Guests!"
Jenny looked sad and sounded hoarse during the whole taping, but the show went on as usual..."Collette" appeared on a previous show and called everyone in the audience names.  She came back for this show and was up to her old tricks.  She repeatedly flashed and even mooned the audience, to their disgust.  She was confronted by "Big Al" who yelled at her, saying she was a shame to the female race...Heather and Tricia work out so much that they look and sound like men.  They were confronted by male bodybuilder, "Horshu," who said the women looked too much like him...Slutty teens and bad kids were also confronted.  The show ended on a high note with a performance by rap group Field Mob...Before the credits rolled, Rude Jude came out and thanked Jenny for 12 years of shows and the audience gave her a standing ovation.  Jude said, "Hold up.  Don't thank me.  Don't thank me.  I wanna thank you Jenny for 12 years.  Give it up for Jenny!  Give it up for Jenny!  Everybody, give it up for Jenny!"  With tears in her eyes, Jenny hugged Jude and told him she would miss him.  Raymond Moses thanked Jenny and hugged her, also.  Jenny, Judge, Raymond and even "Collette" from earlier in the show looked very sad as the credits rolled on the final episode.   (Taped February 7, 2003)
Before she began her 12-year run as a talk show host, Jenny appeared on several other shows.  She appeared as a contestant on THE MATCH GAME, THE PRICE IS RIGHT and PRESS YOUR LUCK  to make ends meet before hitting it big.  In the 1980's, Jenny was on STAR SEARCH and won the comedy portion of the show.  Before starting her show in 1991, Jenny had several breast implant surgeries, unfortunately the implants failed and she had to be operated on again.  After her triumph with the implants, the JENNY JONES SHOW went on the air and was almost cancelled due to boring topics.  Her first show involved a woman who whistled to her squash to make them grow.  Her producers called for a change in format after almost being canned.  Jenny' show became much more controversial, often featuring guests in conflicts.  Some disliked the show because a gay guest who appeared on the show was killed by another guest.  The show claims that the guests knew what they were getting themselves into.  Jenny Jones was canceled in 2003 because of low ratings.  She still has a website:  www.jennyjones.com.
On The Air From 1991-2003
5/22/06 Jenny Jones Appears on The View
Ever wonder what Jenny Jones has been up to since her show went off the air?  On
The View, she joked that she had gone back to prostitution. But she really has been hard at work on a new healthy cookbook, "Jenny Jones: Look Good Feel Great Cookbook." She brought along several dishes for the ladies to try: a squash-filled cake, quesadillas and a popcorn mix. Jenny said she's donating all of the money from the cookbook to breast cancer causes.