SEASON ELEVEN: 2001-2002
9-17-2001  <SEASON PREMIERE>  "Wet, Wild And Naked"
Jerry began his season 11 talking to people in the sex industry...Alisa liked to walk around town naked and found that she could do it if she air-brushed herself.  She came out with a picture of Jery air-brushed on her chest.  An audience member went backstage to have Steve painted on her...Roxy stripped on weekends, but liked to volunteer at old folks homes during the week.  She brought SpringerCam along as she stripped for elderly old men.
9-24-2001   "Freaky Fetishes"
Eric worked with fish as a teen and came on to reveal his sex fetish with fish to his girlfriend.  He pulled off his shirt and revealed fish strapped all over his body...Johnnie loves ice and has never had a lover because no one could please him as well as ice.  They brought out an ice sculpture of Jerry and he stroked and kissed it...David  is a "plushy" who has sex with stuffed animals and wanted to tell his girlfriend, Liz.  He brought out his stuffed duck and made out with it in front of her.  Liz was so upset, that she ripped the stuffed duck into pieces.
10-3-2001   "Midgets! Midgets! Midgets!"
"Shorty" earns his money by covering himself with grease and wrestling with women.  A stripper wrestled with him on the show and hog-tied him.  However, he was confronted by Janice, a fellow little person who said he was a disgrace to all midgets...Kato owns a business called S.E.L.P., Seeing Eye Little People.  He helps a woman named Jenny get around town with a harness on his back.  Janice (from the last story) came out and yelled at them.  Kato was proud of his business that helps people.
10-12-2001   "Scandalous Springer Secrets"
Russ is a dirty old man with an odd fetish that he had to confess to his wife of 30 years.  He likes to sniff underwear.  He even goes to bars and pays people for their underwear!  Russ paid women in the audience for their underwear during the show!  His wiife came on and said that if he doesn't stop, she will walk away.
11-12-2001   "Freaky Fetishes II"
Chrissy really enjoys cleaning her house, while her husband goes to work.  She has a sex fetish that involves humping appliances!  Spinger Cam caughter her humping her vacuum and blender in her home.  Chrissy told her man, Chris, her secret and he did not approve.  The crew brought out a washing machine and she stripped naked and crawled all over it!... Ashlee told James that her fantasy was getting frisky in a dumpster.  She took Springer security member, Al, to one of the shows dumpsters for some fun.  They went threw the trash and dumped it all over each other!
11-16-2001   "Jerry's Book Club II"
Dave is an overweight  freak who loves SPAM way too much.  He eats it all day and even brings it in bed when he has sex with his girlfriend, Terry.  Terry came out with a woman made of SPAM and told him to choose.  Dave went with the SPAM because it was always there for him...Tammy did not like the size of her boyfriend's penis.  She said Moby's penis was too big and she couldn't handle it during sex because it would hurt her.  Moby showed it to the audience in true Springer style...Nicola had just retired and moved to a new trailer.  She made it her goal to have sex with all of the men at her trailer park.  Nicola was confronted by Michelle who said that she wanted her out of the park.  Michelle then found out that her husband had sex with Nicola!
11-26-2001  "Holiday Hell!"
Once again, Jerry put feuding family members in front of a table of food...Lisa was tired of her lazy husband, Rick, so she decided to sleep with her sister, Lori, who is a dwarf.  Rick thought that the women were disgusting and poured fruit punch all over them as they kissed.  Lori told Lisa thta she wanted to end it so she could try to save her marriage with Brandon.  Food started flying when Brandon came out and said they were nasty...At the end of the show, Jerry let Lori do his "Final Thought."  She told the audience that if they still had a problem with her, she would spit down their throats and shove a turkey up their asses!
11-27-2001   "Secrets Explode!"
Tracy found out her husband, Nick, was involved in the KKK and told him to quit.  Nick came out waving the Confederate flag and mooned the audience.  Nick called Jerry a low-life and a bastard saying said he'd see Jerry in hell...Things got heated after the commercial when Tracy introduced Mick to her new black lover.  Him and Nick charged each other on the stage and were held back by security.  The black guy said he was going to get custody of Nick's kids because he didn't want them to be racist...The best part of the show came during the audience questioning segment, when a black lady, Donna,  began screaming at Nick.  Jerry gave her the mic and cards, so she ran around the audience getting questions from the other people.  One guy took his shirt off and ran toward the stage, saying he wanted to kick Nick's ass.  In the end, Jerry let Donna give the Final Thought.
Jerry's Comment To Nick:  "I can't tell whether I am talking to an asshole now or when you dropped your pants!"
12-17-2001   "Sexy Psychics"
Bobbie was an anorexic-looking stripper who also claimed she could see what's going on in people's lives.  She stripped for Tammy and Robert and said she felt Robert wore diapers.  It was true and Robert took his clothes off to prove it. He said he also used the diapers...Brett was a sick pervert who said he could find out about women by touching their underwear.  He went to Clayton's house to play around with his girlfriend, Tabitha's, underwear.  Brett wound up wearing it, but predicted that Tabitha was cheating with Clayton's brother, which was true.
12-27-2001   "Jerry's Family Christmas Special"
This was yet another great food-fight show!  Jerry wore a scarf and began each segment talking next to women in Santa outfits, while fake snow was poured on him...Karen hated her son's wife, Maggie, and came on the show to tell him to leave her.  Curtis told Maggie that he wanted out because he was in love with his brother's fiance, Leslie!  Shawn did not like this and came after Curtis, throwing food at him.  Leslie said she was not at all interested in Curtis and wanted to stay with Shawn...Later, their third cousin came out and told her boyfriend that she wanted to leave him for her stepson!  Karen could not believe what was happening with her family and told the third-cousin to stay away!...Next, the third-cousins brother, Crawford, came out to show everyone that he was a drag queen!  They said he was a disgrace to the family and told him not to come around anymore.
1-18-2002   "Obsessions, Delusions and Just Plain Wierd"
Alecia was concerned because her aunt Wanda was obsessed with Jerry!  Springer Cam went to her house to find pictures of his all over and a manakin that she has conversations with!  (She even got half-naked and humped the manakin.)  She stipped to her bra and underwear on the show and chased Jerry around the studio...Allison wanted to confront her cheating boyfriend on the show, but her narcolepsy got in the way.  SpringerCam followed her around as she fell asleep everywhere...This show also featured a man who was sick of birds eating his crops, so he dressed up as a scarecrow, straw and all.  A man from the audience thought it was cool, so he borrowed some of his straw and stuffed his clothes with it.
3-14-2002 "Hillbilly Court"
Jerry had two podiums up on the stage so he could hold court with some crazy guests...Mike was upset because his ex, Billie Jean, would not him have his pet pig back.  The pig, Percey, came out and was cuddled by Mike.  Mike showed how the animal could do tricks and said he wanted to keep him.  Jerry let the pig loose to choose who he would live with-  the pig walked over to Mike...Chuck brought his ex-wife to "court" because she refused to give him back his false teeth and wig.  Patti said that he used to cheat on her, so he did not want to give him his teeth/wig back.  She brought the stuff in plastic bags, so he tried them on before a ruling was made.  Jerry ruled that he got to keep his teeth...Garret claimed his ex-wife, Jennifer, was out to get him, so she cast a spell on him that made him itch.  Jennifer said she went to a psychic who taught her how to give him the itching spell.
4-1-2002   "Valentine's Day With the Klan!"
Regular Springer guest and KKK Grand Wizard was back to spread his message of hate.  SpringerCam was there as he cooked Valentine's Day hate candy complete with swastikas.  Alder then came out wearing his hood, which he took off to reveal his black-painted face...Lenika had had it with her klansman neighbor who would always leave watermelon and fried chicken on her lawn.  He even burned a cross on her lawn, so it was time to confront him.  Security had to hold Lenika and several audience members back from beating him.  Jerry later kicked him off the show and security pushed him off the stage...J.D. Alder came back later in the show to perform a wedding ceremony between a woman and her boyfriend, who was in the klan.  She came on to tell him she did not want to marry and introduced him to her big, black aunt!  The aunt ran out and through cake and punch all over her niece's boyfriend.
4-22-2002   "Springer Stories"
Betty said her sex life was from another planet because she claimed she had sex with an alien.  She said it took her on its ship and had its way with her.  She got all excited andfell to the ground moaning when she retold the story to the audience...Wayne, a black man, said the black race is lazy and came out wearing a KKK outfit.  He said he works hard for his money and was ashamed of lazy, drug-dealing blacks.  Jerry told him to take his "clown outfit" off and to stop shaming his race.
5-9-2002    "Exclusive:  The Return of Lori & Reba!"
Lori and Reba were born conjoined to the head and were back to update Jerry on their life.  Since the last show, a guy named Jason said he wanted to meet them, so Jerry brought him to Chicago.  Springer Cam followed the three around as he went out on a date with Lori.  On the show, he said he wanted to date her again and kissed her on the lips several times...Reba (formerly known as Dori) said she was focusing on her country music career.  She debuted her music video and sang with Jerry on the show.  Members of the audience got onstage to dance as Springer and Reba sang.
SEASON TWELVE: 2002-2003
10-7-2002    "A Midget's Revenge"
Brian (aka "Teeny Genie") was tired of being made fun of by average people because he was born a midget, so he decided to take advantage of women.  He said he had a hard life and couldn't even masturbate because he couldn't reach his penis!  He started a business where he gives women advice and gets them to have sex with him as cameras role.  Isabella said she was victimized by Brian and slapped him in the face when she came out!  Things got extra heated when Isabella's husband, Thomas, came out and tried to beat up Brian, with security taking him backstage.
10-23-2002    "Street Kids"
Jerry took his show out of the studio and onto the mean streets of Chicago to talk with homeless teens.  Mike, 16, was surprised he survived as long as he did.  He showed Jerry how he digs through trash cans to find food.  Mike ate a half-eaten chicken wing from the trash and Jerry offered to buy him a real meal, but he refused.  Jerry told Mike that he'd get him an I.D. so he could get a job...Barry is an adult who takes in male and female street teen hookers in exchange for sex.  He allows them to live with him and buys them things, but he forces them to give him sex.
11-6-2002   "I Live In A Car!"
David married Linda, but her two kids, Jeff and Brandi, hated him, so he decided to live in his car!  Springer Cam went to David's "house" and he showed how his car was dented from hitting a deer and how he had to bathe in the woods.  All hell broke lose when Linda's teenagers came out.  Linda was mad at David for his tone with them and slapped him.  David went to hit her back, but security grabbed him.  Steve angrily held David by the shirt, but when he put up a fight, security carried him backstage!  After he calmed down, Jerry cleared the stage so David and Linda could talk.  She said he loved him, but could not tolerate his attitude toward her kids.  He responded, "I spent two years in NAM.  I'm not being disrespected!"
(Update above: 2/2/07)
5-9-2003   Steve Helps A Deserving Mother
Steve spent a day in Columbus, Ohio with local police Chief Robert Howard.  Steve helped catch criminals and also helped a mom reunited with her daughter.  The mom called police because Amber, 14, ran away.  Steve and the police found her and reunited her with her mom, but Amber claimed mom was a ban example.  Steve told her to stay straight for her daughter...Steve stopped at a waffle house to eat and met Evelyn.  Evelyn told Steve that she was struggling to raise her son, Cody, 13, by herself.  Cody has Cerebral Palsy and Evelyn said life would be easier with a wheelchair van.  Steve was so touched by her story that he worked her shift for a day, while mom and son spent the day at the zoo.  Steve also secretly got the community to come to the waffle house, so money could be earned for Evelyn.  ?Many people showed up and donated much money to the cause.  After a much-deserved day off, Evelyn and Cody returned to the waffle house and were surprised with a new wheelchair van.  Evelyn cried when she saw the van and Cody smiled as he got into it.  Steve hugged Evelyn and told her that she's a great person and deserved the surprise.
5-16-2003   Steve Goes To The Prom
Jeana wrote Steve an emotional letter where she asked Steve to be her date to her prom.  Steve came through and showed up at her house wearing a tux.  Jeana never had a boyfriend because she was so involved with schoolwork, so her date with Steve was very special.  The show even made Jeana over before the prom.  Int he limo ride, Steve showed Jeana pics of himself at his prom and said it was an honor to bring her.   After a night of fun, Jeana explained that her dad passed away when she was younger and that Steve made her feel like a princess like her dad used to.
8-22-2003  "You Can't Tear Us Apart"
Janie, born without arms and legs, appeared on the show years ago because her family took her child from her.  On this show, she was back and coming between Iris and Wayne, a couple who were married for almost twenty years.  Janie said she did not mean to come between them, but thought Iris treated Wayne badly.  Their daughter, Kristen, pleaded for her father to return to her mother, but Wayne said he was happy with his new love.  Later, when the audience made comments, a man offered Janie his prosthetic leg!  He said, " Young lady, I know they keep putting you down because you don't have a leg to stand on, but I'll be happy to lend you mine."  He took his leg off and offered it to her.  Janie came down into the audience and gave him a hug.  (see February 18, 1997 for more)  (Not O.A.D.)
11-26-2003  Holiday Hell 2003
A big table of food and a bunch of angry people ready to through the food.  These are the ingredients for each year's popular Holiday Hell shows.  Holiday Hell 2003 aired the day before Thanksgiving and as always mad guests tossed food at each other.  Paula knew her husband, Chauncy,  had a secret and was angry to find out he was cheating with their neighbor, Della.  Food flew all over the place once Della came out.  Security had a difficult time keeping up with them since the stage was so slippery.  One of them even fell on the floor.  Eric and his son Chris, both little people, had been on the show before.  Eric was always having trouble excepting his daughter's boyfriends.  This time was no exception because Laurie was dating Eric's friend, Bobo.  (Daughter and Bobo were also little people.)  When confronted, Eric wound up wearing applesauce all over his face!  Melissa and Bobo also informed the angry dad that she was pregnant with Bobo's child!
2-10-2004   Gary Spivey:  The Love Psychic 
Gary Spivey is a psychic who claims he predicted the September 11 tragedy.  It was hard to believe because he sports a hug white afro wig, claiming angels told him to wear white hair so they could recognize him.  Nevertheless, Spivey gave readings to Jerry's trashy guests during the show...April came on to tell here roommate she'd been sleeping with her man.  Spivey correctly said that April didn't love this guy because her heart belonged to a guy in jail.  The jailbird, Allen, was out of jail and fought with the guy April was cheating with.
10-4-2004  "A Cross Dresser Wants My Gal" 
Tom loved his girlfriend, Jill, but had a big problem with one of her friends.  For more than 10 years, Jill was friend with "Miss Karen," an aging cross dresser who also had a huge crush on Jill.  Tom and "Miss Karen" confronted on the show and fists flew!  "Miss Karen" also professed his/her love to Jill, but Jill said she only wanted to be friends.  Jill told "Miss Karen" that if she/he didn't back off, then they couldn't be friends. 
10-28-2004  "Racist Moms"
John recently married his wife, Tisha, not knowing how racist she was.  He came on the show to tell her to change, but judging by her Klan sheets, she wasn't changing anytime soon.  Tisha said she hates blacks because she was raped by a black man when she was 12.  Things got physical when Tisha was confronted by Cheryl, a black mother....Mike says he's proud his nephew, Jimmy, is following in his racist footsteps.  Jimmy was a huge problem to security because he kept trying to charge the audience.  Steve and other security members were forced to slam him into the wall several times to calm him down!
PAST SEASONS: 1991-2001
10-21-1991 "Jerry Joins The Homeless"
In effort to understand what homeless people go through, Jerry spent a week on the streets.  He spoke to homeless people and even slept on a park bench.
Old Before Their Time:  Children Who Suffer From Progeria
In one of his earliest shows, Jerry spoke with three kids who suffered from progeria, a disease that rapidly ages their bodies.  Lee Ann was only 17, but her skin was wrinkled and she had to wear a wig because all of her hair fell out.  She told Jerry that she used to be a cheerleader and Jerry kissed her on the cheek because he always wanted to kiss a cheerleader...April, 13, said that people stare at her because of her disease.  She told Jerry that she tells them to, "Stare hard, retard!"...Danny was the oldest person in the world with progeria and was turning 20 when he appeared on the show.  The set was decorated with balloons and Jerry surprised Danny with a surprise from his hero, Mr. T.  Mr. T brought all of the kids pictures and comic books and said he was proud to spend time with them.  The show ended with a birthday celebration for Danny, where Jerry presented him with a Ninja Turtles cake.
10-14-1993  "Terminally Ill Children Exchange Wedding Vows"
Hydeia and Tyler had AIDS and came on the show to discuss their lives, which were full of memories of friends who died.  Jerry asked Hydeia about death and she cried, saying that she knows she is going to die just like every other living thing.  Then it was time for the "eternal friends" ceremony.  Hydeia dressed as a bride, while Tyler wore a suit.  They exchanged their friends forever vows and Hydeia threw her bouquet of flowers to the audience.  Later, Hydeia's favorite singer, Billy Ray Cirus, called in to say hello.
EXTRA INFO: Hydeia appeared on Maury in 2002 and was as healthy as ever!
Transsexual Causes An Emergency
A guy who hadn't seen his mom in years came on as a woman.  His mom was so shocked that she had a stroke on the show!  Cameras followed Jerry as he walked along the side of her stretcher to an ambulance.
2-6-1995   "Sexy Occupations"
A "woman" told Jerry that she rubs down men for a living and asked for a volunteer from the audience.  The woman, dressed in white lingerie, got the guy to lay down on the table and began rubbing him.  As she pleased him, she confessed that she was born a man!  The guy jumped up from the table and ran back into the audience.
2-13-1996    "I Have Six Wives"
Tom Green is a Mormon who lives in a compound in Utah.  He lives there with his six wives and more than 20 kids!  His wives came out dressed like they came off the "Little House on the Prairie" set and claimed that they all loved him.  The sickest thing about Tom was that he found himself attracted to minors and even married young girls who were under 16.
6-15-1995     "Jerry On Location in Hollywood With Runaway Teens"
Jerry took his show to Hollywood for a two-day special exposing homeless teens. Tweeky Dave had leukemia and brought Jerry's cameras around to visit the teens of the streets.  Tweeky Dave told Jerry he would often eat from the trash and said he uses trash bags to keep warm on some nights.  Sadly, Tweeky Dave died after he had appeared on several shows.
9-5-1996   "We Live In A Car"
The story of a a family that lived in their car and picked out of the trash to eat.  Jerry brought their station wagon into the studio and the audience criticized the husband for making his wife live this way.
9-9-1996 "I Have 15 Personalities" 
A woman whose multiple personalities have destroyed her life and her families lives.  One of her personalities took her over and she jumped up and accidently broke a chair.
9-19-1996 "Exclusive:  Zack...The 70-Pound Baby!" 
A look into the life of a baby who is more than twice the size of normal babies his age.  His parents were also on the show to discuss his weight problem.
10-4-1996  "Street Performers"
Jerry brought the most talented street musicians off of America's streets and into his studio.  The set was decorated with lamps and the lights were down to bring the streets inside.
11-4-1996 "Exclusive:  Jerry Rescues An Obese Man" 
Jerry went to Ohio to visit his guest, Denny, who was too obese to leave his home.  The 860-pound man said he spent years in his home and had to go to the bathroom while laying down. Denny told Jerry that he eats when he's depressed, but said he was ready to commit to losing weight.  A crew cut a hole in the side of Denny's house to get him out because he was too big to get through the door.  Jerry got him to the hospital so they could help him lose weight.  Unfortunately, he died about two years after the show was taped.
11-15-1996   "Exclusive: The Mole People" 
Bernard and Kelly lived in the subways of New York among filth and rats.  Jerry visited them in their underground homes along New York's subway system.  Bernard showed Jerry his space that was full of all the junk Bernard had collected over the years.  As he interviewed Bernard, a train passed by and Bernard said he got used the subway passing through his living room.
12-30-1996 "I Need To Tell You This!"
In this classic episode, "Taurus" had a load of secrets to tell his fiance, "Raeleen."  First, he told her that he was cheating on her with her maid of honor and friend, "Monica."  A small fight broke out when "Monica" came out so Steve, Todd, and former producer Annette Grundy came out to break it up.  Soon after, "Taurus" shocked both women when he told them he was also cheating with his good friend, "Treynae!"  "Treynae" came out dressed gay and was wearing a disguise, but soon revealed he revealed he was with "Rufus."  "Rufus" also came out wearing a disguise and jumped around as he told everyone how hot he was.  Later, "Monica" tried to make up with "Raeleen" in a tearful apology, which "Raeleen" did not accept.
1-31-1997 "Shock Rock" 
El Duce was the lead singer of a shock rock band who thought it was okay to rape his groupies.  Springer talked with one of his groupies, Dominique,  who said there was nothing wrong with what El Duce was doing.  Metal group Gwar also stopped by wearing some pretty outrageous costumes.  Unlike El Duce, they said they don't promote rape with their music.  Jerry took his cameras to one of their shows where he was brought on stage and eaten by a monster.  Later, Gwar was confronted by a mom who didn't like their music. 
During the show, we learn that after the taping El Duce was sturck and killed by a train.  ?Couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow.
2-7-1997 "Exclusive:  Lori & Dori"
Conjoined twins who showed Springer what a day of their life was like.  Cameras followed them as they went to the mall and as they got ready in the morning.  Dori was shorter, so she has a special chair she had to sit in.  A later episode showed Dori (aka Reba) recording a country album with Springer singing background vocals.  
EXTRA INFO: Lori and Dori have also appeared on Dr. Joy Browne, Sally Jessy Raphael and Padre Alberto. They appeared on Springer again on May 15, 2002. 
2-18-1997   "My Family Stole My Baby"
Janie, a woman with no arms and legs was involved with major family problems, plus she had a baby.  Her ex constantly made fun of her because she didn't have arms and legs and got so out of control during one show that security had to hold him down on the ground.  Janie was married to her boyfriend on this show and wore her ring on a chain around her neck.
3-17-1997 "Dr. Dre and Ed Lover's Favorite Shows" 
The rappers were big fans of the show, so they came on to confront some of the guests who annoyed them.
3-19-1997   "Exclusive:  Black Supremacists vs. White Supremacists"
The Ku Klux Klan is often profiled as one of the worst hate groups in America, but Jerry exposed a groups of black racists in addition to the KKK during this show.  The men wore bizarre flashy outfits and claimed to hang out in cities and harass white people.  A guest that confronted them and the KKK said he didn't realize Jerry was throwing a pajama party.
4-21-1997 "Exclusive:  Male Siamese Twins" 
A day in the life of the oldest male conjoined twins, Ronny & Donny Galyon.  They worked in side shows for years and were now retired.  Jerry brought his cameras behind-the-scenes at their home to see what their living conditions were like.  Back in the studio, an audience member asked them if they had ever been intimate with a woman.  At the same time, they both said, "That's personal."
7-14-1997 "Exclusive:  I Cut Off My Manhood!"
Jerry began the show holding a pair of large garden shears and explained that his guest for the hour used a similar tool to cut off his own penis!  Earl Zea said he was tired of his next door neighbor, Ronnie, hitting on him, so he took matters in to his own hands and cut off his own sex organ.  He said he numbed it with ice, chopped it off and threw it down the toilet. Earl Zea confronted Ronnie for the first time since the incident and told him to stay away from him.  Ronnie claimed that he had sex with Earl, but Earl denied it.  Jerry asked Earl why he didn't just move away from Ronnie, but Earl said it was just a moment of mania.
7-18-1997   "Exclusive:  I Broke The World's Sex Record"
Jerry's cameras went behind the scenes to watch porno star Jasmin St. Claire break the world's sex record.  In just one day, she had sex with hundreds of people so she could make it in the record books.  She told Jerry she was scared when all the strange guys approached her, but loved the whole thing.  (See 2/18/98 for her return to the show.)
8-11-1997 "Exclusive:  I Want To Join A Suicide Cult" 
Jerry talked to members of the Church of Euthanasia, a suicide cult that believed in eating people and killing babies.  This was one of the scarier shows he has aired because members of the cult were tossing stuff (rubber chickens) all over the stage and were very mean to the audience.
8-15-1997   "Exclusive:  I Worked As A Sideshow Freak" 
Jerry took his show on the road to Florida, where he went to a community that was home to several former sideshow acts.  He met the lobster people, who were born with hands and feet that look like claws.  The older son, Grady III, said his father, who had the same afflication, used to abuse him and his siblings, but was mysteriously murdered at their home.  Jerry also spoke with the newest addition to the "lobster family," Misty, 6, who was born with the disease...He also sang a song with a woman who used to be the bearded lady during this trip.
10-22-1997 "Klanfrontation" 
This show included the largest fight in talk show history, which took place when member of the Jewish defense League and the Klan confronted each other.  People from the audience got involved and threw chairs and punches at the guests.  One female Klan member was brought to the hospital and about four others were arrested.
10-30-1997 "Exclusive:  Woman In Labor Confronts Mistress"
Nancy, who was due to give birth went into labor the morning of this show, but still wanted to come on to confront her cheating man's girlfriend.  The woman even jumped up to try to fight the mistress during the show, but security made sure she didn't get hurt.  Paramedics checked her during the commercial breaks to make sure she could continue.
11-3-1997 "I'm Pregnant By A Transsexual!"
On a previous show, Brittany told her boyfriend that she was born male!  She was back for this episode and brought along her new lesbian lover, Dee.  Brittany shocked the audience when she said Dee was pregnant by her (she did not have the surgery yet).  Vera, Brittany's mom, welcomed Dee to the family, but told Brittany that she should dress like a man again.  Brittany was also confronted by Alisha and Maria, viewers who disliked her.  All hell broke lose and everyone started to fight!  The drama wound up backstage, but soon Brittany charged back on the set as Steve held her back.  Steve eventually pushed her backstage for good, so all the shoe and chair-throwing came to an end.
11-21-1997   "I Refuse To Wear Clothes"
Two women, Adara and Amanda, who walked around the streets naked!  They even apppeared on the show in the nude.  At the end of the show, a woman in the audience stood up and said that there's nothing wrong with being nude in public.  She said that in her home country of Italy, nudism is accepted.  She then untied her top and showed the audience her boobs.
12-1-1997  "1200th Show Party"
Jerry took his crew to a bar to celebrate all of the crazy moments from his first 1200 shows.  Producers looked at their favorite sexy moments, fights and heart-warming stories.
2-18-1998  Past Guests Attack!
"Rufus" was a bisexual past guest who was always chasing a guy named "Treynae."  He came on this episode to tell his girlfriend, "Nikki," that he was also seeing a guy.  "Treynae" pranced around stage when he came out and brought "Rufus" some roses.  "Nikki" was so upset that she hit "Treynae" with the flowers...Porn star Jasmine St. Claire was profiled in a past show (see 7/18/97) for having sex with 300 guys in one day.  Michelle was a past guest who confronted Jasmine on this show.  Michelle called Jasmine a "whore" and Jasmine got defensive saying she was happy with the money she made...Things got heated when Mary confronted Brittany, a transsexual who empregnated her girlfriend.  As Mary and Brittany fought, Brittany accused Mary of wearing a weave in her hair.  Mary said, "It's real you ni**er," which angered all the other black panelists.
3-27-1998 "Adult Babies"
Jerry took his cameras behind-the-scenes to a couple's house who had a bizarre fetish.  The guy guy like to dress and act like a baby and wore diapers!  His girlfriend would wipe his ass, bathe him and played games with him as if he was a baby.
5-22-1998 "I Married A Horse"
This was the highly controversial response that the show gave to Studios USA after it said Springer must edit all fights from the show.  It involved guests who LOVED their pets, as they had sexual relations with them. The main guest was a man who became so attatched to his horse, that he decided to start having sex with it!  Another guest was a man who was involved in relations with his cat.  Both guests brouught their animals to the show, but the show was so offensive, that it was pulled in all markets across the country.  Only the preview for it aired the previous day it was scheduled to air.

"Amazing Tales 1,2,3"
On the first show, Teri told his girlfriend, Nina, that he was messing around with a stuffed panda.  She destroyed it.  Other episodes involved a guy who stole his friends leg and a tough guy who told his biker friend her was gay.

"Diaper Bob"
A man who runs around town wearing nothing but a diaper!  They showed him walking all over his hometown and audience members thought he was crazy.

An Extreme Fetish
This story made some audience members run from the studio.  It was about a guy who got off by having people pee and poo on him.  He even liked to lick used Kleenex and Q-Tips.  The audience could not believe what the guy was all about and his live performance made some audience members jump from their chairs.  This show was so outrageous, that it was not aired in many places.

Update: Courageous People
The world's tallest woman, Sandy Allen, gave advice to a family who's son had progeria.

"Exclusive:  The Man With 8 Wives!"
Alex Joseph had 8 wives and Jerry's cameras went behind-the-scenes at their compound to see what life was like in this strange family.  Alex actually had kids by many of his wives!

"Jerry in the U.K."
Jerry took his show overseas and introduced us to Malcolm and Kim who were married by a transsexual priest.

"My Boyfriend Is A Girl!"
Monique found out that her boyfriend, Reno, was born female.

"In Love With A Springer Guest"
Coco was a big -breasted, big-haired freak of a woman who had a HUGE crush on Jerry.
SEASON TEN: 2000-2001
After 5 years of the same set, the show finally got a new set this season
"My Day As A Dog"
Chris came on the show to tell his girlfriend, Krissy, that he had a bizarre fetish.  SpingerCam came along as Chris spent his day dressed as a dog and walked around on all fours.  He told Krissy that acting like a dog was his sex fetish and shocked her when his dominatrix, Mistress Tara, came out.  Mistress Tara walked him around on a leash and told Krissy that she had control over her man.

"Kids In The Klan!"
Steve, Jerry's head of security, went to meet Allison, who suspected her husband, Kenny, had cheated on her.  It turned out that he was at a KKK rally with his friend, Donna, who was raising her grandkids to be racist.  The Klan got upset when Allison and Steve got there, so Steve had to get her out of there before any more trouble started.

"Bizarre Springer Stories"
Helen was a fat woman who ran naked around town!  The Springer Cam captured her as she shocked people at the grocery store and the video store.  Later, she chased Jerry around the set naked! 
EXTRA INFO: Helen was proud of her body, but her son was not.
"A Man And His Food:  A Love Story"
The story of a 700-lb. man named John who loves nothing more than eating.  He came on the show to tell his story and confront his girlfriend who kept nagging him to lose weight.  She brought out a huge sandwich and told him to choose between her and the food and he picked the food!  She got upset and tossed the food in his face and by the end of the show, the set was a mess.

"A Very Springer X-mas"
Johnny told his family that he had been sleeping with his step-sister, Peggy Sue. Their dad got so upset, that he distroyed the Christmas tree by setting it on fire.  In the studio, Peggy Sue's fiance, Randy, tested security because he kept jumping at Johnny.  Steve and Jimmy had to stand behind the guys to prevent a big fight from starting.

"Invasion of the Little People II"
Jason was a midget who was cheating on his bride-to-be, Lynette, with Phyllis.  Phyllis was much older and much fatter, which angered Lynette.  The couple got married on the show despite all of this, but not without trouble.  After running of the show, Lynette came back and covered Phyllis with wedding cake.  During the ceremony, Phyllis dumped the bunch bowl on the Reverand!

"Steve To The Rescue II"
Tiffany's boyfriend was very abusive, so her aunt brought Jerry's head of security, Steve, to Tiffany's house to get her out of there.  Steve confronted her man, Roger, who quickly backed down Steve got up in his face.  Tiffany was able to leave, but Roger still came after her and said that he'd be even worse to her after the show.

4-20-2001   "Evil Confessions"
Don was dying of cancer and talked to Jerry via sattelite so he could reveal a secret to his niece, Mickey.  It turned out that he was a Grand Wizard of the KKK.  Before he confessed his secret to Mickey, who was dating a black man, Don cussed and spouted racial slurs at Jerry.  Mickey's boyfriend came later out and gave him and his KKK cronies a piece of his mind.

"My Day As A Little Girl!"
Stu had an unusual fetish that he wanted to confess to his girlfriend and to the world.  Through Springer Cam, Stu showed us that he had a sex fetish where he dressed up as a little girl, complete with pigtails and a lolly pop.  His girlfriend pushed him around all over the stage when she found out and tried to beat up his dominatrix who he visited once a month.  His cousin came out later and a big brawl broke out.

"Shocking Stories"
Teralisa confessed a wild fetish to her boyfriend via the Springer Cam.  It turned out that she liked to spread food all over her body as a way of turning herself on.  She ripped of her dress while she was on stage and revealed some raw cuts of meat that were taped all over her body!

"Cruel Tales"
Cynthia was born without arms and only had one leg, so she was disappointed when her husband of 20 years started neglecting her.  She created a tape for "Springer Cam" called "I AM NOT A WHORE!" because she had cheated on her husband with another man since he treated her so badly.  Cynthia told of how he made spaghetti one time without giving her utensils and how he left her in a cart at the store.  He even left her laying in the bath tub one time.  After the tape was played, she told her husband that she had been cheating with another man, who told Cynthia that he had a girlfriend.  Both Cynthia and her new lover agreed to be together and leave the past behind.

"The Gross-Out Show"
James wanted to win his wife, Tammy, back and would do anything to be with her again.  So, he decided to eat worms, the creature that he hated the most.  Tammy thought he was crazy, but took him back anyway and they exchanged a wormy kiss on the lips...Next, a man wanted to give his lover a piece of him to show her how serious he was about her, so he took out his fake eye.  The woman thought he was crazy.  Her even got on his knees and offered it to her new lover...Another crazy guest came on with a meal that he prepared for his girl 6 weeks prior to the show.  He ate rotten eggs and steak to prove how much he loved her.

8-13-2001   "Strange Springer Stories II"
Jeff has an odd fetish that turns him on.  He likes it when pretty women throw up on him.  Jeff gets a hard on from it and scoops it up and saves it after they throw up!  He brought the Spinger Cam to where he stores the stuff.  When the owner of the place found out, he brought Jeff's collection of vomit on the show and told him he can't store it there anymore.  Jeff girlfriend, Tracy, did not like his habit, but said she'd try to throw up to keep him happy.  She drank a vomit-inducing substance on the show, but ran to the bathroom so Jeff couldn't see.  Springer called in Dr. Butterworth, the show's therapist, to try to help Jeff out.  He encouraged Tracy to leave him and she agreed to.
          Jerrry Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati, became a talk show host in 1991.  His first celebrity guest was talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael.  The show went virtually un-noticed in its first season because he was unknown and his topics were rather tame.  After almost being canceled, a new producer decided to switch gears and the show turned into the controversial program that it is today.  His first new controversial show was about women who wanted to pose for Penthouse.  The first fight happened on a Ku Klux Klan show and it was fights like those that turned his show into a ratings success.  The show is so controversial, that Joe Lieberman has urged sponsors to pull out.  Although some people boycott the show due to its content, Springer went on to beat Oprah in the ratings.  His show has even been turned into an  opera, which is very popular overseas.  Besides his talk show, Springer now hosts a serious radio show on Air America.  After 15 years Springer's talk show does seem to be winding down.  Ratings are down drastically and every show seems to be about the same thing: cheating. Bodyguard Steve Wilkos has hosted several shows and appears in all of the show's promos. In April 2007, a Jerry Springer reality show called "The Springer Hustle" began on VH1. The show goes behind the scenes of "Springer" to show how producers work hard to get the most entertaining guests possible. Beginning in September 2007, Steve will host his own talk show, which will be paired up with Springer in many markets.
SEASON 16: 2006-2007
7-13-2007  "Jerry and the Vampire"
Jerry's security guards started the show by carrying a large coffin onto the stage. A bizarre guest named Zach emerged from the coffin. Zach told Jerry that he lives his life as a vampire. He has pale skin, fangs, drunks blood and is afraid to go out into the sunlight. Zach was confronted by his wife, Amanda, who described how Zach changed from a normal guy to a blood-sucking vampire over the years. Amanda said Zach was an embarassment who was just trying to be a badass. Later, Zach's friend Reba joined the circus. The freaky 18-year-old is supportive of Zach and even allows him to suck his blood. She showed the audience the bite marks to prove it.
4-16-2007  "Sex and the Old Man"
Crystal is a porn star who was proud to say she was the star off the oldest gang bang. She only had sex with 50 men over 40 in the movie and the whole thing lasted about two-and-a-half hours. One of the men she had sex with was Jerry, a 78-year-old limo driver from California. He said he heard about the gang bang from one of his clients that he drives around and thought it would be fun. Jerry's younger girlfriend, Dana, was also on the show. Dana said she didn't mind that he was in the porn and felt good he was still walking on the wild side at his age.
2-2-2007  "Steve, We Live In A Car"
Steve took over hosting duties as he met a mother named Sharon who was upset because her son and his pregnant girlfriend were living in a van. The van was brought into the studio for the show. When Josh came out, Steve told him to get a job so they could get a roof over their head. LATER, Josh's punk older brother, Matt, came out trying to pick a fight with Steve. Matt was upset because Steve was telling Sharon that the van situation was partly her fault. Steve told Matt to focus on his family. Throughout the show, another car was parked next to the van. Later on, we found out that car belongs to David, who was on the show in 2002. Turns out, he's still living in his car four years later! His wife, Linda, who lives in a house was still angry with him because he won't live with her. Linda's daughter, Brandi, came out and spit in David's face. David got so mad that it took four security guards to keep him down. Brandi was so out of control that Steve had security take her backstage. Steve delivered the quote of the day saying, "You know what? All three of you are fucking crazy!"
1-17-2007 "Update: I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs!"

Back in November, Jerry aired the shocking story of Sandra, a crossdresser who cut off her own legs with an electric saw. Sandra had no clear explanation, saying he just wanted to cut them off. The show got so much mail that they brought her back for an update. Sandra re-enacted how he cut off his legs in a taped segment. Then, he was confronted by his ex-wife, Darlene, who was shocked by his behavior. Darlene said Sandra ruined her life and the life of their daughter, who also came out saying Sandra is one sick puppy.
November 2006  "Exclusive: I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs"
This is by far the sickest story ?Springer has ever aired. Wendall, who now lives as a woman named Sandra, never wanted her legs. Since he was 14 years old, he tried getting rid of them. After a lifetime of anxiety, he cut both of his legs off using an electric saw. Sandra says he is happier than ever now that he's confined to a wheelchair. Sandra was confronted by longtime Springer guest, Kenny, who was born without any legs. He told Sandra that he's been humiliated all his life because of his handicap and said he was crazy for cutting his legs off.

12-22-2006 "Uncle Stash Shot Santa Claus"
It just wouldn't be Christmas without a dysfunctional Jerry Springer holiday special. This year, Jerry did three Christmas specials. This one featured a seven-fingered banjo player who sang Christmas carols, Christmas pole dancers and a dysfunctional Santa. The first guest was Paul who said he was sent to jail at 19 for having sex with a 15-year-old. As he told the audience his secret, Santa got up and dumped a bag of coal in his lap! All these years later, Paul is still obsessed with the woman he went to jail for, Rita. Rita came out swinging, saying she wanted nothing to do with Paul. LATER, Brian says his Uncle Stash is giving his girlfriend the Christmas creeps. Brian says Stash is a harmless drunk and brought a video of him to show the audience. The tape showed Uncle Stash fumbling all over the place drunk. At one point, he picked up a rifle and shot the light-up Santa Claus that was sitting in the yard. Uncle Stash came out saying Brian's girlfriend, Tara, is a bitch. Tara said she doesn't trust Stash around her child. Later, a fat woman playing Oprah came out to give advice to the guests. "Oprah" told Stash to get a job.
9-25-2006 SEASON PREMIERE -- "Jerry's Tranny Special"
Season 16 of Springer began with Rachael who wanted to start up a new erotic business where she shaves men's chests. Two audience volunteers got shaved down and then, Rachael revealed a secret. She was born a man!  NEXT, Dee was upset with her gay cousin because he is now living as a she named "Hershey." Dee said "Hershey" was a bad role model for her kids and got into a violent confrontation with her on the show.
5-11-2006 "2,999th Show"
In anticipation of his 3,000th show, Jerry took a look back at the past 2,998 shows. As silly as the show has gotten in recent years, Springer has done some classic shows over the past 15 years. This epsiode to a look back at some of his best. Wedding day cakes fights. Adult babies. The guy who cut off his manhood. And of course, Springer's best brawls. One of the best moments featured was when Jerry took on August, a racist who was raising his two teen daughters to hate. August said the Holocaust never happened and told Jerry he has his mother in the trunk of his car. That made Jerry take to the stage and when August wouln't let Jerry talk, Jerry said, "You shut your face!" As August jumped up tons of security poured onto the stage. Jerry threw his microphone to the grown in disgust. The audience went wild. Definitely, a classic among many classics featured during the episode.
5-2-2006  "Bizarre Fetishes"
This was beyond freakish and nasty. Kabani says she caters to men who love big, black women. She was brought out in a wading pool full of gravy and mashed potatoes. She said she's been helping a guy named Bill who has a food fetish and is bored in his marriage. Bill came out wearing just boxers and jumped in the pool with her. He poured gravy all over himself and licked the gravy off Kabani. Bill told Jerry that all the food reminds him of his mother. Bill was confronted by his wfie, Rachel, who lost  over a hundred pounds with gastric bypass surgery. She said the whole situation was disgusting.
11-21-2005  "Jerry's Thanksgiving Special"
It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a parade, pumpkin pie...and food fights on the Springer show.  As always, Jerry sat his feuding guests in front of a table of food that was just begging to be tossed.  First up, Towanna slept with her cousin Natasha's boyfriend and brought her on to confess.   Towanna helped herself to some food before confronting her big-boned cousin.  The food fight started after Natasha threw a roll...then it was on!  The women tossed salad, turkey and mashed potatoes, while smacking the life out of each other.  NEXT, Melissa said she was thankful for her family, especially her sister, Patsy, because she was sleeping with her man!  The food fight with this one featured a roasted pig and fish, making it particularly messy.  Patsy's man, Scotty, said he cheated because they didn't have sex anymore.  Turns out Melissa had a boyfriend who later came out and threw a in her face before brawling with Scotty.
SEASON 17: 2007-2008
11-6-2007 "JERRY THE POPE"
Jerry is a pimp who dresses like the pope. He came out wearing a full rope and hat just like the real pope. Jerry's daughter, Selethia, confronted her dad, saying he was a bad example for her kid. Selethia was then confronted by one of Jerry's hoes, Michelle, who went after her. LATER, Rev. Schnorr confronted Jerry and told him that religion is "serious business" that should not be made fun of.
This was an instant classic. All of Jerry's dysfunctional guests were seated at booths on the stage and brought food as if they were eating at a diner. To make it even better, Jerry's Diner had a big, black lady waitress named "Oprah." Of course, all of the food went to waste as the angry guests tossed it at each other throughout the show.
David is a real mess. He came out onto the show wearing a full body cast. He didn't break anything but said wearing a cast is sexual fetish. He said he loved the feeling of a cast going on ever since he broke his leg as a child. David's boyfriend, Rob, confronted him about his bizarre fetish. Rob came out in a cast for David, but said it made him feel miserable. Rob refused to take part in the casting fetish and the two fought, ripping each other's casts off.
Jerry started his 17th season with new graphics and new additions to the set, including a stripper pole which Jerry slid down to start the show. Springer also introduced three new female security guards who replaced Steve Wilkos when he started his own talk show. The show's first guest was former guest Jason, who dresses as a woman. He came out to confront his sister, Jamie, who doesn't except his lifestyle. Instead of telling his story, Jason got mad at the audience and EP Richard Dominick for laughing at him.