THIS SEASON 2006-2007
5-21-2007  "Next Door Neighbors Face Hate"
Shelly says her former neighbor, Dennis, stole her pool accessories but also made racist comments about her son. Shelly admits she sold Dennis and his wife the pool for $500 but NOT the accessories that went with it. Shelly says she was shocked to find all her pool gear on Dennis's property. Shelly also claimed that Dennis and his wife are "racist idiots" who made racial comments about her four-year-old son, who is Arabic. They allegedly told Shelly that the boy was not welcome at their home since they had a firned just home from Iraq who hated anyone who looked Iraqi. Shelly says she had to tell her son that he could not go next door because of the color of his skin, something that broke her heart. In the end, Judge Hatchett ruled in favor of Shelly, saying she wouldn't have sold the pool and all the expensive accessories that go with it for just $500.
11-17-2006  Racist Defendant Storms Out of Court

Edward and Brenda brought their landlord, Doug, to court saying he extorted money from them and for harassment. Little did Doug know it, but the plaintiffs brought in nasty, profane message Doug left on their phone. Doug, who is white, told the African American couple that white people are better than black people, "that's why we rule the world." Judge Hatchett said the recordings were "outrageous" and asked Doug to explain them. Instead, Doug stormed out of court, saying he didn't want to be made a fool of.  Judge Hatchett told the bailiff to make sure Doug walks home and ruled in favor of the plaintiff, granting them $2400.
9-11-2006  SEASON PREMIERE - "Conquering Hate Groups"
Judge Hatchett kicked off season seven with a racist 14-year-old. Dina brought her son, Cody, in front of Judge Hatchett because she could not stand his attitutde toward the other races. In court, Cody admitted to hating blacks, Jews and even gay people. Dina brought along all sorts of racist artwork that Vody hangs in his room. One picture was of a huge swastika, with language so bad it had to be blurred out. Disgusted by the drawings, Judge Hatchett sent Cody out for an intervention. First, he met up with a former skinhead who turned his life around. Then, Cody spoke with a woman who survived a Nazi concentration camp. After the experience, Cody said he didn't realize how bad his actions were. Judge Hatchett ordered him to go to therapy.
SEASON ONE  2000-2001
"My Three Daughter's Are Terrors!" 
Lisa's three daughters, Allison, Tanya and Amanda were stealing, having sex and dressing like sluts.  To teach the teens a lesson, Judge Hatchett took the clothes they were wearing right off their backs! 
"My 16-year-old Daughter Is Still Stripping!"     
A concerned mother returns with her daughter who strips and has even had sex for money.  Judge Hatchett sentenced her to a night on the streets of Brooklyn to talk to prostitutes.  After her experience, the girl said she will try to change.
Busted For Lying!
Ashley, 15, was brought to the show my her mom how was worried about her drug abuse and sexual activities.  Ashley told the judge that she hadn't used drugs for months, so she agreed to take a drug test.  The test came back positive, which pissed Judge Hatchett off.  Hatchett told her that she had six weeks to get her life together or she'd have to go to a treatment program.
Jennifer Causes An Uproar!
This 14-year-old girl was making her parents life a living hell, even though her mom was confined to a wheelchair.  She said that she could survive off a minimum wage job, so Hatchett asked her to multiply 50 by 4 and she couldn't do it.  Hatchett told Jennifer that she couldn't multiply because she wasn't in school. Jennifer said she could multiply the numbers but didn't feel like it.  Hatchett yelled at her to do it, Jennifer broke down, sais she couldn't, swore at the judge and threw her clipboard across the set!  Hatchett said that if she cussed one more time that she'd come down from the bench! She then threw the girl off the show and she ran backstage swearing!
Dying Mom Sues Son
A woman who had spent time in a hospice sued her son for $3,000 that he accumulated in parking tickets.  She yelled at him and accused him of not visiting her when she was in the hospital.  Judge Hatchett granted her some money, but felt bad for the mom and son. After she rendered her verdict, she came down from the bench and got the two to reconcile and hug.
Grandmother vs. Granddaughter
Annie brought her druggie granddaughter, Amber, on the show because she broke her window after Annie refused to give her money for drugs.  Things got heated when Amber's mother, Bonnie, came out and both sides screamed at each other.  While court was in recess so Amber and her mom could be drug tested, Annie broke down in front of Judge Hatchett, saying she was scared of Amber.  In the end, Bonnie was clean, while Amber tested positive for marijuana and had to pay $350 for the broken window. 
The Cussing Cockatoo
Ramona sold her pet cockatoo to Terry and his pet shop because she became allergic to it.  Terry agreed to pay her $600 after he sold the bird.  Terry sold the bird, but Ramona never got her $600 because Terry claimed the bird taught one of his exotic brids how to swear!  Judge Hatchett showed a hilarious tape of Terry's bird saying "FU" to the camera.  In the end, Hatchett ruled in favor of Ramona and awarded her $600 because Terry never held up on his end of the deal.
Crazy Carrie
This show was about a 22-year-old woman who was addicted to heroin.  Her family, who was watching after her 3-year-old boy, brought her to court for one final attempt to get her help.  Hatchett sent her to spend a day with a woman who was addicted to heroin for 40 years.  They roamed the streets of New York together, but when they returned to visit with Hatchett, Carrie did not seem like she wanted help.  Judge Hatchett said she was "pissed off" at her because she didn't seem to want help.  In the end, Judge Hacthett sent her for treatment.
Bad Boy Cleans The Set
Isaac was pissed because his 17-year-old neighbor, Jimmy, broke several windows of his car.  Isaac brought him and his mom, Juliana, to court to sue for the damages.  Judge Hatchett tossed Jimmy off the show after he would not stop yelling at Isaac.  She found in favor of Isaac, who was awarded $425.  Judge Hatchett allowed Jimmy to come back and had him empty his pockets, which only contained $4.75.  Hatchett made him give up his money to his mom so he could pay her back for the money she owned Isaac.  The judge then made him clean the set and the halls for $5.50/hr. so he could pay his mom back.
SEASON TWO  2001-2002
9-10-2001  SEASON PREMIERE - The Female Stalker
JP and Gavin met at a bar and went home together that night!  JP thought she was dating Gavin and even agreed to buy a plane ticket for him so they could go on a trip. JP was before Judge Hatchett because she wanted the money she was owed for the ticket.  They never went on the trip because she caught him with another woman.  She followed them around in her car and constantly made prank phone calls to the couple.  Judge Hatchett made Gavin pay for the ticket and ordered JP to leave Gavin and his new girl, Tammy, alone.
11-7-2001 Deadbeat Dad Runs From Court
Rhonda said Anthony was the father of her son, but he wanted a paternity test to prove it.  Rhonda said that her new love, Zack, supported her son, but Anthony has never cared.  During the case, Anthony began mocking Zack, which Judge Hatchett did not tolerate.  She told him he didn't have a say.  Anthony got made and ran off the set!  He came back later, after the test revealed he was the father.  Judge Hatchett encouraged Rhonda to get every penny in support from Anthony.
UPDATE!: After the show, Anthony still refused to pay Rhonda for child support.  All he did was send her a $10 check.  He told Judge Hatchett's producers that he did not want to be involved with her anymore, but while he was on the phone, the police knocked on his door.  Anthony got off the phone and decided to run from the police.
1-28-2002 Rapper Mr. Cheeks Helps A Troubled Teen
Dwayne was a troublesome teen who wore two shirts so he could change in case the police were after him.  He sold drugs and gangbanged on the streets and his mom, Cynthia, wanted him to stop.  Judge Hatchett sent him to spend time with rapper Mr. Cheeks so he could be turned around.  Mr. Cheeks told him about how he used to be on the wrong path until his best friend was killed.  He encouraged Dwayne to take the right road, while playing basketball with him and rapping at the studio...Mr. Cheeks made a special appearance in Judge Hatchett's court after their day out and Judge Hatchett thanked him for giving his time to help out.  Dwayne said their day made a difference.
1-29-2002 Judge Hatchett Walks Off The Bench!
Dave swore he was not the father of Patricia's kids, so he brought her in front of Judge Hatchett to get a paternity test.  Patricia also said he fathered her third child and got pregnant with that kid so he would have to stay with her and support her and the kids.  Judge Hatchett got mad when she heard that and walked off the bench!  Upon returning, she revealed that Dave was the father of the twins and encouraged him to pay support.    
2-25-2002 A Disgusting House
Jason brought Judge Hatchett's cameras to his house to show her how bad his wife, Rebecca, is with his kids.  He found stains all over the carpets, bedrooms that stinked of urine and a towel that was covered in poo!  Rebecca said that Jason got violent with her and he admitted that he put her in a headlock, which she passed out from.  Jason had cerebral palsy and said he had to defend himself when she came after him.  Judge Hatchett provided them a therapist to try to help them out, but as she was asking them questions, Jason stormed out of the room. Judge Hatchett told them to get marriage counceling once they returned to her courtroom.
6-25-2002 The Irresponsible Bartender
Kay hired Brian as a bartender to work the graveyard shift, but things quickly turned ugly.  She put up cameras to see what he was up to and discovered him going in and out of the bathroom with customers.  The bar got robbed one day and she brought him in front of the judge to get her money back.  During the hearing, Brian admitted to doing drugs at work and said that Kay accepted it!  Kay said that she would never do that because she could have lost her license.  Since Brian was not responsible, Judge Hatchett granted Kay a $1,000 judgment.  The drama continued in the hall after the case, when pothead Brian accused Kay of trying to check out his "package" one night.
7-31-2002   Handicapped or Taking Advantage?
James had cancer, M.S. and AIDS, so he often needed a wheelchair ramp to get into his apartment building.  Anthony build him a ramp, but he didn't like it, so Anthony started from scratch.  James got impatient and called the local news and an inspector!  Anthony said that James takes advantage of people because of his handicap.  James said his apartment was in bad condition, but Anthony surprised him with a videotape that showed the apartment looked fine.  Anthony said he lost about $5,000 because of James and wanted him to leave him alone.  Unfortunately, Anthony lost the case, but only had to pay James a small amount of what he wanted.
SEASON THREE  2002-2003
9-16-2002   SEASON PREMIERE - Boy Teases Overweight Mom
Season three of the show opened with Jeff, 14, who teased his mother, Shadon, who weighed over 400 lbs.  Shadon said her son called her names like "Free Willy" and "lazy," even though she had six kids to raise.  Jeff said he gave her a hard time to get her to lose the weight because he didn't want her to die.  Obesity ran in the family because Shadon's father died at over 1,000 pounds!  Judge Hatchett sent Jeff to spend the dad with a cop who dressed him in a fat suit.  Jeff tried to race other kids his age and fell because it was hard to move.  Back in court, Jeff told the judge he felt bad and Judge Hatchett said he had to attend therapy and get a mentor.
11-28-2002 Updates:  Judge Hatchett Reforms Ashley and Jennifer
On a previous show, Ashley's mom brought her in front of Judge Hatchett because she used drugs and was out of control.  Judge Hatchett gave her a drug test after she denied using drugs and got very upset when the test came back positive.  Since the show, Ashley turned her life around and dressed well...Jennifer was taken out of court after she cussewd and threw papers on the floor in a previous show.  She also flipped out when Judge Hatchett told her to take her hat off.  Jennifer came back for this show and was wearing a bandana for medical reasons.  Judge Hatchett showed footage of her at a wilderness camp for bad teens and Jennifer showed the judge her certificate she got for graduating the camp.  The judge brought Ashley out to surprise Jennifer and show her how people can change for the better.
12-31-2002   Brother Begs Sister To Stop Driving Under The Influence
In a very appropriate New Year's Eve show, Irving brought his sister, Akela, to court because she crashed his car, causing $2,000 in damage.  Akela proudly told Judge Hatchett that she often drove under the influence of alcohol and weed and said she drove better with the substances in her system!  Judge Hatchett did not like her smug attitude, so she kicked her out of the court to calm down.  After she came back, Judge Hatchett made her visit a man named Michael in Arizona.  Michael was confined to a wheelchair and could barely move because he got into an accident with a drunk driver.  Akela returned to Judge Hatchett and promised she would never drink and drive again.  However, the judge told her to pay the $2,000 she owed Irving.
2-13-2003   Don't Disrespect The Judge!
Jessica brought her ex-husband, Justin, in front of Judge Hatchett because she wanted money for belongings he left at his house.  Jessica was already 2 1/2 months pregnant with her ex's baby when she married Justin...after they only dated for two weeks!  Her ex, Chris, came out and acted rude to Judge Hatchett and even called her "confused."  Judge Hatchett got angry at that comment and had the bailiff take him backstage.  She called Chris a "punk" and said she wouldn't let him run her courtoom.  After all the chaos, the judge ruled in favor of Justin and encouraged him to find a respectable woman.
SEASON FOUR 2003-2004
9-15-2003    <SEASON PREMIERE>  Bad Teen Goes to the Morgue
Season four of Judge Hatchett launched with a firecracker of a case.  Anna, 14, was at odds with her mom, Debra, because she had slept with over 30 guys that she met online.  The judge asked her how much money she made and Anna told her not to worry about it.  She sent Anna backstage with Bailiff Tom to cool off.  After she came back, the judge asked her why she was acting like such a whore, but she was quickly kicked out again for calling ?Debra a fool.  Judge Hatchett sent her to a funeral home to show her where she'd be if she didn't stop her trashy ways.  The day didn't help because Anna still cussed in court when she returned.
9-17-2003  Gay Guys Bicker Over A Car
Anthony and Travis used to be best friends, but things turned bitter after Travis's dad didn't fix Anthony's classic Mercedes.  Anthony promised Travis free rent for a year once his dad did the repairs.  After a while, Travis got involved in drugs and was booted out by Anthony who was still without his car.  Anthony told Judge Hatchett that Oxycotin built a wall between them because Travis was high on it all the time.  The judge ruled in favor of Travis because Anthony did not pay him for the work, but told Travis to return the car to Anthony.
SEASON SIX 2005-2006
2-8-2006  Judge Hatchett Calls The Plaintiff A "Bitch"
Michael and Patty used to be together and had two children.  Michael is now with Diana and they brought Patty to court over $1,800 in child support.  They said they gave the money to Michael and Patty's son, Sean, thinking he was in college.  College was delayed because Sean got in a bad accident, so Michael and Diana wanted the money back.  Patty wondered why they kept signing the checks if they didn't want Sean to have the money.  Patty also accused Diana of calling her names, which she proved in an email.  After both sides went at it, Sean angrily entered the courtroom, asking his father why he was letting Diana control her.  Judge Hatchett thought that Diana was coming in the middle of the family.  Diana said, "At least I'm sober."  To which Judge Hatchett replied, "You may be sober, but you're a real bitch!"  The audience gasped.  The judge then Diana tossed out of the courtroom.  After a break, Diana was brought back in and Judge Hatchett apologized for her outburst.  Judge Hatchett ruled in favor of Patty, saying her son had the right to the money.
            Judge Glenda Hatchett is one of the youngest female African-American judges in the country.  She delivers justice with a great deal of compassion, but is not afraid to let guests know that they are wrong.  She often screams, "YOUR ATTITUDE SUCKS!" Hatchett's show deals with a lot of out-of-control teens.  She usually sends them to spend time with people who used to be in their situations, such as gang members and prostitutes.  Once she even took the clothes off the backs of three unruly teen girls as part of their punishment.  What seperates her from the other judges is that she has a huge amount of compassion for the guests, often leaving the bench for one-on-one conversation and the occassional hug.  The bailiff is Tom O'Riordan. 
Judge Hatchett has been cancelled after eight seasons on the air.
Repeats of the show will be offered to stations for the 2008-09 season.