In September of 1998, The Maury Povich Show relaunched as Maury and featured a new set, graphics and outrageous topics.
1998   "I Hate My Race" Tracie said she hated blacks since she was five years old, but she was black!  She told Maury that black people used to beat her up and that she prefers dating white men.  Gary, 16,disliked white people because he was raised in a black neighborhood.  Tracie thought he was "nuts" because he could get a job much easier than she could.  Things heated up at the end of the show when Jeff, a white man, came out and yelled at all of the guests.  A bi-racial woman, Heather, who hated whites and blacks, jumped up and told him to sit his "ass" down!  Maury and a security member had to get between Jeff and Heather, but therapist Jeff Gardere came out to try to help the guests.  Gardere, a black man, got Tracie to agree to spend a day with him to change her mind.
1999 "I Lost My Arms and Legs" Rosemarie was born with deformed legs, so they were amputated at a young age.  Rosemarie uses a skateboard to get around, not letting her disability stop her.  She also caught the attention of a young man, who proposed to her on an update show.  They went on to have a healthy boy.
Wolf Brothers This show involved two Spanish brothers who were born with a rare genetic condition that made them grow hair all over their bodies.  One of the guys had a pretty girlfriend who said that her hairy guy was cute.
Mindy:  Born Without Legs A  teen girl who was born without legs sang beautifully for the audience.  She even got a date for the prom after a guy who watched the show visited her on an update show.
"I Married My Exact Opposite" Russ, 39, is married to Bea, 78, and they are madly in love.  They have also appeared on Sally, Jerry Springer and Dr, Joy Browne.  Their appearances are usually characterized by long make-out sessions, which turn my stomach.  However, Russ got in fights on Springer and Sally.
"I'm A Little Kid With A Big Wish" This was the saddest show Maury has ever done.  Renee came on because she wanted to spend a memorable day in New York before her best friend, Rachael, died of brain cancer.  Rachael was in a wheelchair and had lost most of her hair due to chemotheraphy.  Rachael cried as she told her story, but Renee soon came out to surprise her.  Renee and Rachael's story made the audience cry, but Maury was able to give them a memorable time in New York.  For a sad update on this story, check out the recap of "Maury's Seasons Best" below.
SEASON THREE / 2000-2001
"I'm Terrified of Spiders, Lizards...and Olives!"   This show was about guests whose phobias got in the way of their everyday lives.  Kim ran off the set because she was afraid of the spider they brought out and Sally ran for her live after a staff member brought out a jar of olives!  One lady ran screaming and crying into the arms of an audience member after two guys came out wearing Halloween masks.  Luckily, after hours of mind reversal therapy, Gary Coxe was able to cure them of their fears.
"I'm Only A Kid...Please Don't Stare"   Lizzie has a disease that does not allow her to gain weight.  The 50-pound 11-year-old came on the show with her mom to discuss her disease that has doctors baffled.  Devin, a 3-year-old boy with progeria also appeared on the show withhis mom.  Maury and his audience celebrated Devin's birthday by surprising him with a cake and giving him some gifts. (Read an update on Lizzie below!)
"I Need To Come Clean And Tell You The Truth" Valerie has alopecia which means that she can't grow hair anywhere on her body.  She came on the show to tell her longtime boyfriend her secret.  She told him and took off her wig for him and he accepted her.
"I May Look Different...But I Have New Friends!" Maury brought back some of the most memorable children at odds guests from 2000. Hannah was born with a type of dwarfism that makes her smaller than other kids.  She came back on the show to meet Tiffant, another past guest with the same disease.  Hannah was also reunited with her brother, Mark, who was home from the Navy...Lizzie, a girl who was born with an aging disease, came on the show and met Jackie, a girl who shared the same illness...Finally, Mindy, who was born without legs and her prom date, Jason, came on to sing a duet that touched the audience.
"I'm Desperate To Find My Family For The Holidays" Janet told her three daughters that she had given away her first daughter over 30 years ago.  She trembled and cried as she told them, but Maury was able to reunite Janet and her three daughters with the missing daughter, Jan. Jan said she had been searching for her birthmom as well and that she had a great childhood with her adoptive parents.  (Read their update in the next topic!)
"Maury's Seasons Best" This Christmas look back show featured reunion and memorable guest highlights from 2000.  Janet and her daughter Jan were reunited on a Christmas show and for this show, Janet send a tape of her and her new family gathered for the holidays.  ALSO, a very sad update on the show, "I'm A Little Kid With A Big Wish," that aired in March of 2000.  This show featured a girl named Renee who wanted Maury to give her and her friend, Rachael, a day in New York together before Rachael died of brain cancer.  This was the most moving show that Maury did all year, on this update show, Maury sadly reported that Rachael did die from the disease.
"I May Be Tiny...But I'm A Superstar!" Stories of children who were born with rare medical conditions.  Ory was born with the aging disease progeria and was reunited with former Maury guest, Devin, who also had the disease.  Also, 11-year-old Bobby said he was constantly made fun of and had no friends because of his skin condition that made it look like he had scabs all over his body.  Maury was able to get Bobby a gift basket from Troy Aikman, who is his favorite football player.
"I Must Confess My Shocking Secret!" Tammy had been keeping a secret from her mom, Carolyn, for months and had to tell her.  Through a tearful confession, Tammy told Carolyn that doctors had found brain tumors in her head and weren't sure if they were cancerous.  Maury promised them that the show would pay for travel and therapy for both of them. 
4-18-2001  "People Call Me A Walking Miracle!"
Here's a sampling of the guests:
> Samantha:  She was born with a purple birthmark that covered her entire face.  Despite her looks, she got married and had two kids, including her daughter, Sierra, who appeared with her on the show.
> Laurie:  In her first public appearance in five years, this woman came on and showed the audience the huge tumors that covered her legs.  She weighed 544 lbs. and once had a tumor that weighed 115lbs. removed from her left leg!
> Mark:  He was born with only his thumb on his left hand, so he had two of his toes surgically attached to his hand for better mobility.  He showed how he could move them and even showed us his left foot, which only had 3 toes on it. 
"They're Back! Shocking Guest Updates!" Samantha first appeared on the show around Christmas to discuss her disease, which fuses her bones together.  She told Maury that she wanted to own her own pet store when she grows up.  After the show, Vicki, a pet store owner, called the show and said that she wanted to give Samantha the opportunity to own her store for a day.  Vicki told Samantha and her parents the news on this show and Maury showed highlights of the young girls day at work.  Vicki even donated all of the profits that day to Samantha.
"Don't Laugh At Me or Call Me Names!" Ronita gave birth to an incredible daughter named Atuaria.  She was born without a neck and could not move her head from side to side.  Despite her disability, Atuaria behaved like a normal kid and Ronita considered her to be an angel.
7-10-2001  "Don't Be Afraid Because I Look Different Than You!" Vicky was born with a rare condition called Cherubism, which made her face chubby and gave her a large chin.  She talked about how kids used to tease her in school.  Despite her looks, she had a boyfriend who also appeared on the show with her... Valencia had a condition that made her leg grow huge tumors, making it weigh over 100 lbs!  Her daughter often had to skip school to look after her mom.    EXTRA INFO: Maury surprised Valencia with a new van on an update show.  Her daughter got tickets to see Nelly in concert.
8-15-2001   "Don't Stare At My Scars...I'm Just A Kid!" This show was about children who had burnt their bodies in fires and cooking accidents.  LaToya  was only 12, but what she had been through would last her a lifetime.  Her mom, Rosalind, told of the fire that burned 75% of LaToya's body.  Her face was barely recognizable, but she was lucky to be alive.  NEXT, Daniel had not seen his daughter, Darby, since he accidently spiled grease on her.  It had been two months and the two were reunited.  AND, April was devasted that her 7-year-old son was burned beyond recognition in a Christmas fire that happened when he was four.  He was burned so badly that he hardly looked human.  It was a miracle that he was alive.
SEASON FOUR / 2001-2002                                                                                                                                              
9-25-2001   "Two Weeks Later...America The Brave!"
Two weeks after the terrorist attacks on America, Maury aired this special show.  Jillian and Kevin were high school sweathearts who were planning to be married and even had their honeymoon planned.  Jillian's life changed when she found out her fiance was in the WTC when it collapsed.  She broke down as she said she believes in miracles and feels Kevin will come back to her  Maury also showed footage of his and Jillian's trip to Union Square-- a makeshift memorial site in N.Y.
10-1-2001  "Please Don't Stare...We're Not Monsters!"
Mario is 28 and has a condition that makes him look like he is 12.  He came on to surprise Jon, 26, who had the same condition.  (Jon also appeared on Howard Stern.)...Valerie's face was deformed on the right side due to tumors.  She said she was made fun of all her life.  She came on the show because she wanted people to be aware of her condition.  AND, Adriana was born without arms, but had hands that were attached to her shoulders.  She showed Maury that she can do anything despite her disabilities.
10-10-2001 "We're Absolutely Opposite...But We're Madly In Love!"
Bea, 80, had been with Russell, 35, for years and appeared on several talk shows.  She came on Maury's show to reveal that she had divorced Russell because she wanted a younger man!  Bea said she missed all the love and sex she had with Russell, but wanted a younger guy.  Maury hooked Bea up with John, a man in his 20's who was willing to date her.  John came out half-naked and danced for her.  Bea said she liked his muscles and grabbed on to him.
10-19-2001  "Help! I'm Afraid of Aluminum Foil & Cotton Balls"
Luz is scared to death of roaches and thinks that they will eat her if she tries to kill one.  Some roaches were brought out and she ran off the stage screaming and crying...Peggy has been afraid of cotton balls since she was a kid.  A staff member brought a tray of them out and Peggy ran like hell backstage... When Melanie told the audience she is afraid of aluminum foiled, they laughed at her.  She says her co-workers chase her around work with it.  She ran offstage when foil was brought out... Michelle knocked over furniture, grabbed Maury and ran into the audience when a dog came out...All of the guests were able to conquer their phobias with the help of Gary Coxe.  Other guests were afraid of balloons, spiders and snakes.
11-7-2001 "I Know I Look Different...Don't Be Afraid!"
Zahra, 18, was born with a difficult life to face.  She was born without a mouth, so doctors has to create one for her, so now it looks like her face is frozen in a constant whistling position.  Her feet were crocked, so doctors had to amputate them.  Zahra breathes through a hole in her throat and is just over 3 feet tall.  Despite it all, she had many friends and was reunited with her best friend, Christina, on the show...Isabella and Magui were born with a disease that makes their skin shed.  They cried as they spoke about having no friends and being teased.
11-21-2001    "Conjoined Twins:  Two Girls In One Body!" 
Carmen and Lupe were 16-month-old conjoined twins who were born in Mexico.  They shared 2 legs and 4 arms and could never be separated.  Norma, their mom, brought them to the U.S. for better treatment.  Their physical therapist, Gretchen, appeared and showed the audience how the girls are learning to walk.  Gretchen said she was going to move to Mexico with them after the show.  UPDATE!: See an update on the twins below:  "A Man Without A face."
12-25-2001 "Maury Spreads Holiday Cheer"
Maury helped families that were affected by the 9/11/01 attacks on this show.  Melody and her family were mourning the death of her dad, Esmerlin.  Maury introduced them to Roselyn, who was the last person to see him alive because he saved her life that day.  Maury gave Melody tickets to the Bahamas to meet her favorite group, "N "Sync," as a way to help...Jillian appeared on the show in the past and spoke about how her fiance, Kevin, died on 9/11.  Since her appearance, the show gave her a job as a production assistant.  Maury surprised her with a free trip with her friends to brighten up the holidays for her.
1-23-2002    "I'm Terrified of Sunflowers, Snakes and Santa!"
This was another great show about irrational fears.  As usual, Maury taunted the guests with what they were afraid of before curing them...Rosemary was terrified of sunflowers because she lived near a field of them as a child.  She ran all over the stage screaming and crying when Maury's staff member brought some out... Jenny was always scared of Santa Claus and even did her Christmas shopping in the summer.  Before she knew it, she was surrounded by Santa's and ran around screaming. AND, Edna got the prize for being the most scared.  She ran out of the studio and next door to the Sally show because she was so scared of snakes!
2-11-2002    "A Man Without A Face" 
Nancy's husband, Mark, suffered a rare infection that made his lose his face.  His eyes, nose and much of his skin were removed from his face.  Although Mark was left horribly disfigured, Nancy stuck by him because he was the same person he always was.  Maury and Nacy helped guide Mark from backstage to vbe in front of the audience.  Mark wore a large pair of sunglasses over his face to disguise his appearance, but said he never wished he would have died.  He was happy to live because of his loving wife and new grandchild.  After thew show, Maury's cameras went along as Mark got a new prosthetic face...This show also featured a special update on conjoined twins Carmen & Lupe who appeared on the show on 11-21-01.  Their mother, Norma, said it was difficult for them to get care for their twins in Mexico, so they had to come to the US.  Maury brought his cameras to Mexico to show the difficulties Norma has with bathing and dressing them. (UPDATE: Sadly, Mark died in March of 2005.)
6-14-2002 "I'm Afraid of Bandages, Bugs, & Birds!" 
Another hilarious, yet cruel installment of Maury's staff chasing scared women around the studio.  The worst victim was Fifi, a lady who hated cats.  The audience taunted her by making cat noises and then they brought a cat out.  Fifi ran off the set and hid in the corner until the cat was taken away...Next, a woman who was afraid of mounted animal heads!  She got into a fetal position when one was brought out...Later, a woman with kids who was scared of bandages!  She said she would not put them on her kids and ran backstage when a guy came out wearing Bandaids and gauze.  All of the guests faced their fears with the help of Maury regular, Gary Coxe.
6-18-2002     "Memorable, Shocking Mailbag Updates!" 
Maury took some time to answer viewer mail on this show.  Over the years, Maury got many letters about a young lady named Hydeia.  Hydeia was born with A.I.D.S. and came on the show for the first time 1993 to tell her story.  Maury was in tears as she spoke about how she missed her friends who had passed on.  After a many years, Maury surprised us with Hydeia!  She was now about to turn 18 and looked healthier than ever.  Maury gave her some jewelry and surprised her with a cake to celebrate her birthday....Ashanti thought she lost her friend, Carmen, in the 9-11 attacks, but was surprised to see her on Maury's show one day.  Maury surprised Ashanti by bringing Carmen out for a reunion.
8-29-2002    "We're Cool Kids...We Just Look Different!" Tiffany suffers from a disease (FOP) where her muscle turns to bone, making her body look stiff and rigid.  The disease twisted and deformed her back and her mom said it was hard to watch the changes occur without being able to help.  Tiffany said she wished she could play outside like other kids, but enjoyed staying inside drawing pictures. PLUS, Janai has a disease on her right arm that makes it swollen and hairy as a result of tumors. Her dad, Lemarr, said the toughest time was when Janai had her pinky finger removed and asked him when it was going to grow back.  Her parents said they would only allow an amputation as a last resort. AND, Ashley and her mom Lori appeared on the show six years ago to discuss Ashley's progeria.  This time, former guest with progeria, Devin, surprised her with a new cat for her birthday.  The kids were happy to see each other again and Devin put his arm around Ashley.
SEASON FIVE / 2002-2003
10-24-2002    "I'm Terrified of Chalk, Hair and Circus Clowns"  Juana is so scared of all spiders, that she took her shoes off so she could run before Maury even brought some spiders out!  Of course, Juana ran backstage screaming when they brought a tarantula out. NEXT, Charlotte is so scared of hair that Maury had to convince her to come on the set, telling her he wouldn't bring any hair near her.  When she finally came out, she yelled at Maury's executive producer, Amy Rosenblum, because she was playing with her hair...Sheri dropped out of school because she refused to use chalk in class.  She was afraid of it because he grandfather told her that chalk is made from the skin of dead people.  She ran backstage screaming and crying and hid in the corner when they brought chalk out. AND, Justin is 6'4" but cried like a baby as soon as Maury started to talk about clowns!  Maury sent a bunch of clowns onstage and when Justin knew he was corned, he ran threw the audience and jumped a rail to get backstage.
1-1-2003    "Make My Wish Come True For The New Year" Jenny's daughter, Christina, has one of the worst cases of Eczema ever.  The disease has covered her whole body, making her skin peel and bleed.  Jenny said her daughter did not like going to school because everyone made fun of her.  She told Maury that Christina likes wrestling, so Maury surprised her with a huge gift basket from the WWE.  Goldberg, wrestler and friend of the Maury Show, also surprised Christina and brought her a new puppy from the Humane Society...Carla felt bad for her student, Millie, 13, because she had a disease that made her lose her hands and feet.  Millie would walk on the stumps that were left for feet because her mom, Carmen, could not afford a wheelchair.  Carla felt so bad for them that she even put her own vacation on hold and bought the family a new living room with the money.  Maury surprised Millie with a new computer and a large van to help get her to school.  Maury also gave Carla a trip to the Bahamas since she was so generous to Millie and Carmen.
2-12-2003     "I'm 28 And I Weigh Only 60 Lbs!" Melissa suffers from anorexia and bulimia and told Maury that she is ready to die.  Her mother even made her make out a will because she is 28 years old and only 60 pounds!  Maury's audience sat silently because she was a human skeleton.  Cameras followed her to her house where she revealed a shoebox full of Equal, which she puts on all her food.  She said she eats canned pumpkin, sticks of celery and baby food everyday.  Melissa once wanted to be a journalist, so Maury surprised her with her role model (also Maury's wife) Connie Chung.  Chung came out crying and hugged Melissa.  The show gave her six months at an anorexia center to begin her road to recovery...Maury also spoke with Annie, who survived being set on fire by her boyfriend three months before the show was taped.  Maury gave her a shopping spree to a clothing store to make her feel good again....Gilbert, 7, says he gets teased at school because his mom, Araminta, has a disease that has spread thousands of bumps all over her body.  Maury sent them to a broadway show.
3-28-2003     "I Survived...And It's A Micracle!" Lee was hit from behind on the highway, which sent his car off the road.  He spent over two days with his arm trapped under his car and did the unthinkable to free himself.  Lee actually cut his own fingers off and stabbed himself in the arm!  He lost his arm, but told Maury that his life is still normal.  His daughter, Elaine, 17, cried as she told of how she was so happy her dad was alive...Melissa appeared on the show before (2-12-2003) because she was suffering from anorexia.  She said that she looked up at Growing Pains star Tracey Gold because she over came anorexia.  Melissa came back for this episode and Maury surprised her with Tracey Gold.  Tracey told her that she can be an inspiration and overcome her illness.  Maury promised to stick by Melissa.
4-18-2003    "Beaten, Shot & Stabbed...But I Survived!"  Gidget was at home when her drunken boyfriend burst in and beat her in the head with a baseball bat!  After she blacked out, she woke up with a piece if her skull in her head.  As a result, she was paralyzed from the neck down and had a large piece of her forehead missing.  Her mother, Sherry, told Maury that they lost count of her surgeries...Tawnya was attacked by her boyfriend, who threw her around so hard that he snapped her neck!  After that, he raped her and went to bed.  Tawnya survived, but was confined to a wheelchair.  She was angry because he only got 2 1/2 years in jail for paralyzing her, but 15-20 years for raping her.
5-21-2003   "Exclusive:  The Secret Is Out...I'm Married To A 14 Year Old Boy!"
Daina, 42, and Ivy, 14, started a relationship when Ivy was only 13 and met because Ivy was friends with Daina's son, Justin.  They quickly fell in love and went to Alabama to marry when Ivy turned 14.  Ivy's parents accept their relationship, even thougn Ivy is now Justin's stepfather!  The audience booed the controversial couple when they came out and laughed when Daina said she buys Pokemon cards for her new husband.  Daina said they never made love until they were married and said they chose the Maury show for the exclusive interview because Maury is their favorite host.
6-30-2003   "My Son Weighs Over 700 Pounds!" Glenda is worried sick about her son's weight problem, yet she cooks huge meals for him everyday.  Glenda said that Shawn wakes up in the middle of the night to eat and has even fell through the floors of their home.  When 700-pound Shawn came out, he told Maury that he was out of breath just walking to the stage.  He said food is a comfort to him, so he doesn't have to deal with people.  The young man cried as he told Maury that he couldn't even go to his own niece's funeral because he was so heavy.  Maury introduced Shawn to Debbie, a registered nurse, who wanted to help him lose weight...John Paul, 20, suffers from brittle bone disease and should have died by the time he was 4.  He brought his mother, Janie, to the show to thank her for being there for him and surprised her with a makeover and a night on the town.

SEASON SIX: 2003-2004
10-2-2003   Survivors of Horrific Trauma 
Sabrina thought her boyfriend was cheating and her suspicions were confirmed when his jealous lover through a toxic mix of chemicals in her face.  Sabrina was left blind and with burns all over her face.  She said she wants to regain her sight so she can see her kids...Jennifer's daughter, Jenna, was playing in the garage when a can of gas spilled over and caught fire.  Jenna, 7, was burned over 95% of her body and survived!  She lost all of her fingers and toes and was horribly disfigured.  Maury surprised her with some Barbie accessories to chear her up...Paul's whole body fell into an industrial mixer and was chopped to pieces.  He survived, but lost his left leg and almost his left arm.  He also lost his right thumb, but doctors replaced it with his big toe from the leg he lost...Electrician Ron Hunt was at work when he fell off his ladder and on to the 18-inch bit of his drill FACE FIRST!  Ron lost his right eye, but walked away with his life.
12-15-2003   "Attacked By Sharks, Dogs & A Killer Virus...But We Survived!" 
Bethany, 13, gained national attention after her left arm was completely bitten off by a shark.  The Hawaiian surfer could have let it ruin her love of the waves, but she kept a positive attitude and continued surfing...Katelyn was enjoying college until her body was attacked by Meningitis.  The disease attacked her skin so badly that both her feet had to be amputated.  She walked out on to the set and told Maury she just started to snowboard...Joy was putting up shelves when she miscalculated with her nail gun and shot herself in the heart.  She passed out and was taken to the hospital where she was clinically dead for 15 minutes!  She told Maury she was lucky to survive...The last story of the show was the most bizarre.  Judy, an American woman, suffered a stroke and lost her voice.  When she regained her voice, she was horrified to hear she now had a British accent.  What happened is known as Foreign Accent Syndrome and is very rare.  She said the new voice marked a new life for her, so much so that she changed her name to Tiffany.
12-19-2003   "Maury, Make My Holiday Wish Come True!" 
Maury surprised inspirational guests with holiday gifts for this annual show.  Freda was about to retire when her daughter lost custody of her six kids.  Freda took in all of the kids, but struggled to make ends meet.  She even had to sell her car just to support them.  Maury surprised them all with toys, a $5,000 shopping spree and a brand new 2004 minivan.  Freda was moved to tears and thanked Maury...Lindsay, 15, always wanted to be a model, but her dream was shattered when a disease attacked her skin.  She was left with burns all over her body.  Maury surprised her with a makeover from Cosmo Girl...Matt, 17, was confined to a wheelchair because he had MD.  Seven of his friends thought he was an inspiration, so they called Maury to help him and his family out for Christmas.  Maury hooked them up with an entertainment center, art supplies, a new living room set and a $5,000 shopping spree.
1-23-2004   Bizarre Fears:  Scared of Frogs, Puppets and Mice  
Maury worse his sneakers because he knew he would have to run after his fearful guests.  His first guest, Tressie, was so scared of frogs that Maury had to find her backstage.  She ran like hell and cried when a staff member brought one out.  AND, Melissa runs a day care and won't bring in any puppets because she is terrified of them.  As always, staff members taunted her with some puppets and she ran backstage.  AND, The biggest scare came when a snake was brought out.  It turned out that all of the woman were afraid of snakes so everyone ran backstage.
3-31-2004   Kids Overcoming Birth Defects  
Lorraine was horrified when her son Zach was born with a severely deformed face.  Zach has had about 20 surgeries since her was born and is thriving, despite the odds...Annie 11-year-old Annie is just like other kids her age even though she was born without arms and legs.  After she rolled out on stage, she told Maury that she tries to do everything, including skateboarding.  Maury gave her a new board and a bike, which Annie told Maury she'd learn how to ride...Brie first appeared on the show six years ago and was interviewed via satellite because she was embarassed because she has a bad case of Tourette's.  She would often tick and blurt out swears uncontrollably.  Brie was back for an update on this show.  She told Maury that a computer he gave her changed her life because it allowed her to enroll in college.  She hugged the host and thanked him for everything.
5-4-2004  "That's Not A Monster...That's My Mom!"  
Erica, 32, always had a weight problem, but things spun out of control.  She came on the show weighing more than 600 pounds, begging Maury for some help.  She cried uncontrollably as she told Maury she wanted a new body.  her 13-year-old daughter, Shaquana, cried as she explained her worries about her mother.  Maury introduced Erica to a doctor who said he'd help her lose the weight...Carolyn was looking forward to a normal pregnancy, but something went terribly wrong.  Her son, Mitchell, was born with several facial deformities.  Mitchell was 13 at the time of the show and had been through more than 50 surgeries.  Mitchell loved music and brought along his harmonica, which he played for the audience.  Maury surprised him with a guitar and Mitchell screamed with excitement upon receiving it.
9-1-2004  "I'm 25 and I Weigh 65 Lbs....It's A Miracle I'm Alive!"
25-year-old Tabatha used to live a normal life, but that all changed after she got married at 20.  That's when she began losing weigh rapidly because she was not happy with her body.  At the time of this show, Tabatha was down to a deadly 65 pounds.  Although she looked like a skeleton, Tabatha told Maury that she still thought her legs were fat.  Maury introduced her to a doctor who pledged to help her...Kim's ex-boyfriend kept stalking her for months until one fateful day.  Kim agreed to meet him at his car to pick up some of her stuff, but when she got there, she was staring down the barrel of a gun.  He shot her before turning the gun on himself, killing himself.  The shooting permanently damaged Kim's hands, but she survived and since got married.

SEASON SEVEN: 2004-2005
10-13-2004  "I Was Born A Woman...Today I'm A Man!"
Jill and her sister Beth shared the perfect childhood together, but Beth always knew she was meant to be a boy.  Beth grew up and decided that she wanted to be a he.  Beth took hormones and had her breasts removed.  Beth changed her name to Lando and is now living her life as a man.  Jill told Maury that she had a hard time accepting Lando at first, but came around.  Lando, who looks like he was born male, every found a girlfriend who he introduced on the show.  NEXT, Kimberly was married to a man for 11 years, but always wanted to be a man.  She got a divorce and became a man, now known as Kimrey.  Kimrey told Maury he's happy with his new life.  He also had a new girlfriend, Jeanie, who told Maury that Kimrey was perfect even though he doesn't have a penis. AND, Dan, born Trevelle, also hated being a woman. In fact, he referred to his past gender as his "dead twin."  Dan married a woman, Mya, who accepted him, but he had to tell his 70-year-old father.  Maury made the reunion happen after the show and his father also accepted him.
10-22-2004  "My Fear of Mice and Mustard is Ruining My Life!"
Emily is so afraid of mice that she had to have her husband, Jerry, sit on stage with her to calm her down.  Maury's staff brought out a tank of mice and she fell to the ground, knocking over chairs!  Jerry had to hold her back as she freaked out!  Tara is afraid of frogs and says if they pee on her she will turn into a witch!  Staff brought out a frog and she ran into the audience...Shawn had a very bizarre fear -- he was afriad of peaches!  Maury's staff brought out some bussels of peaches and Shawn ran into the audience.  He wound up backstage, curled up into a ball because he was so afraid of a piece of fruit...Alea got the prize for the strangest fear -- mustard scared the hell out of her!  Staffers brought out a tray of mustard and she ran crying backstage.  Life coach Gary Coxe had sessions with all of the guests to cure them.  He had the most difficult time with Emily, who screamed and shook during the session.  In the end, he was able to get her to touch a fake mouse.
11-12-2004  "I May Look Scary...But It's A Miracle I'm Alive!"
Michael says he's his daughter's best friend.  That's because Katora, 14, was born with a rare skin condition that other kids are afraid of.  The disease left Katora without hands and she needs bandages all over her body to keep her skin from peeling.  Katora loves singing, so she sang for the audience and was even surprised with her favorite singer, Kelly Price.  PLUS, Samantha was sitting in her car when she a stranger threw acid in her face!  She lost both her eyes and was left terribly scarred.  Maury surprised her with a gospel choir and even gave Samantha a chance to sing.  AND, Garrett was a handsome baby boy until the family dog attacked him.  Because of the attack, Garrett's eyes were sewn shut, leaving him blind.  Garrett was given a drum set to make him feel better for what he endured.
THE MAURY POVICH SHOW                                                                          
The Amazing Swallower A guy who could swallow all sorts of things and then bring them back up.  He swallowed pool balls and a goldfish.  He even inhaled some sugar into his stomach and it still came out as a powder!
5-4-1993    Hydeia Broadbent Hydeia was born with A.I.D.S. thanks to her drug-addicted mother, but was adopted by a woman named Pat.  On this show, the young Hydeia had Maury and his audience in tears as she spoke about her life.  Maury asked her about her friends in heaven and she began crying and said she wished she could be with them again.  Maury hugged her and told her that he would never forget her.  UPDATE!  See above (June 18, 2002) for an update on Hydeia.
I Walk Around Naked! The story of a college guy who walks around campus wearing nothing but shoes!  He even came out nude in front of the audience.  Before his arrival, Maury warned the audience and an old lady and a young man left.
Cat Woman The ex-wife of a New York millionaire told of how she spent tons on pastic surgery. She spent so much money and had so may surgeries, that her face looked like that on a lion.  She looked like hell!
Anorexia Maury did many shows on teen girls and women who were suffering from anorexia.  One show involved a woman who was so skinny that she couldn't fit into her shoes anymore.
Progeria In the final season of his old show, Maury talked to some brave kids who only had a few years to live due to this rare aging disease.  One girl who appeared on the show told of how she graduated from high school.  Unfortunately, she had died before the show had aired.
Cher Helps Deformed People Actress/singer Cher appeared on an earlier show and discussed her role in the film, MASK, while listening to the stories of people who had physical deformities.
We Need To Be Adopted A mom who had AIDS came on the show with her young daughters to discuss how she wanted them to be adopted.  Their mom died, but the girls were adopted. 
Phone Sex Operators An overwieght female phone sex operator talked dirty to Maury from backstage, before revealing her true identity.
Bounty Hunters Maury spoke with male and female bounty hunters who helped the police in catching the bad guys.  The show included a behind-the-scenes look at how stressful their jobs can be.
            Maury began hosting THE MAURY POVICH SHOW in 1991.  It originally consisted of two topics per hour, but later became a single topic show.  Maury's show had a news-like feel in the early years and was almost cancelled due to tame topics and low ratings. Sally Jessy Raphael's producer, Amy, moved over to Maury's show in season eight and brought a whole new energy to it. It became known as MAURY and started over with a new set, graphics and outrageous topics.  Maury also got rid of his suit that he had wore for years and started dressing more casually.  The new MAURY tackles topics like abusive husbands and out-of-control teens. Angry guests often get out of control, so security has to break up fights.  In fact, much of the backstage area was decorated like a set because guests frequently run off the show.   MAURY airs in syndication, so check your local listing for times.
SEASON 11: 2008-2009
Ryder Skye quit her stressful day job to become a porn star. She's also married to a guy named Bill. Believe it or not, Bill says he's Ryder's biggest fan. He's even been on the set during one of her films! The couple says it works for them because they are open and honest about everything. NEXT, Farrah Foxx weighs 324 pounds and is building her own empire in the porn business. She says she's felt better about herself since she started taking it all off for the cameras. Farrah also has a 20-year-old son, Shawn. He says he accepts his mother's job and is proud of her. THEM, Elli, 22, got into the porn business and later brought her mom, Desi, 48, into it. The mother-daughter team are in movies together, but never touch or look at each other.
Michelle always knew that her son, Manuel, was different. Growing up, she watched him behave more like a girl. So, when he entered his teens, she helped him embrace his true gender. Manuel is now living as Melaina. Melaina says most people in her life accept her, though she does worry that someone will beat her up because she's transgendered. Melaina says she's started dating boys and so far, she hasn't had any problems. THEN, Rochelle, 17, was born a boy and is now living as a woman. She says her high school was not happy about her transition. Rochelle's mother fought school officials and now, she can go to school like everyone else. Rochelle says she looks forward to finding a date for the prom. PLUS, Blake lived his entire life as a woman, knowing it was a lie. It wasn't until he was 56 years old that he started taking hormones and got his breasts removed. Blake says it took him so long because he lives in the deep south where transgender people aren't as accepted. LATER, Terri and Chuck were married with two kids. But Terri's world came crashing down with Chuck revealed he wanted to become a woman. Chuck now goes by Chelsea, but Terri says she can't stay in the marriage because she's not attracted to woman. Maury promised to give them help after the show.
SEASON TEN: 2007-2008
Maury celebrated 10 years of his talk show by bringing back some of his most memorable guests. Up first, 12-year-old Hannah, who's a primordial dwarf. Hannah is doing better than ever and is still cheerleading. Maury also caught up with Rosemarie who was born without legs. She got engaged on the show and had even had a baby. Rosemarie brought along her son, Luke, and said she had had another baby since being on the show. LATER, Maury reunited with Alexis,12, and her father, Bruce. Alexis brought her dad on the show a few years ago to get a makeover before she went blind. Bruce has kept his new look and Alexis still has some of her sight. THEN, Melissa suffers from extreme anorexia and weighed only 60 pounds when she appeared on the show. She was back and said she gained about 20 pounds. She thanked the show for all the help it gave her.
More crazy women with crazy fears. Margaret has missed family reunions because of her fear of red gelatin. She told Maury she thinks it looks like blood. When show staffers brought some out, she ran screaming backstage. NEXT, Amanda is afraid of chicken, whether dead or alive. She says she's even scared of the San Diego chicken. When two staffers dressed as chickens came out, she also ran off screaming. THEN, Amberley lives in Florida but she doesn't go in the water much because of her fear of crabs. Amberley said she once kicked her friend's mother in the face because she was being taunted by a crab. The strangest fear of the show may go to Quincher who's afraid of chewing gum. The look of it, the smell of it and the bubble's people blow with it driver her nuts. Fortunately, Quincher and all of the other guests overcame their fears thanks to Maury's house hypnotist.
SEASON NINE: 2006-2007
6-14-2007  "Can You Save Me? I'm Terrified of Cotton Balls and Frogs!"

Andrea is so afraid of birds that she came out crying and breathing into a paper bag. She said birds have always followed her and pooped on her since she was a kid and wants to overcome her fear. Maury made Andrea face her fears by bringing out some birds. She ran into the audience crying and screaming. NEXT, Carolyn says she's been deathly afraid of cotton since she was a kid. To this day, she has dreams about a cotton ball man attacking her. In true Maury fashion, the show brought out two cotton ball men who chased her around the studio. Maury also spoke with women who had a paralyzing fear of lizards and frogs. Thanks to a hypnotist, all of the guests were cured of their fears.

2-13-2007  "Miracle Surgeries and Shocking Survival Stories Caught on Video!"

Kai was playing in her third floor apartment in Boston when shots rang out. She was hit and left paralyzed. At six years old, Kai is confined to a wheelchair, but amazingly she and her family are not bitter about the shooting. In fact, she and her mother, Tonya, forgave the gunman in court. LATER, Leah was babysitting her brother, Johnny, when he and his older sister brought a candle into a barn. The candle sparked a fire and Johnny was trapped inside. Leah was able to rescue Johnny from the blaze but he was left with third degree burns over 95 percent of his body. On the show, Johnny presented his sisters with necklaces for their heroism. AND, last season we met St. James Davis who lost several fingers, an eye and his nose after he was attacked by chimps. He and his wife returned with a good news update. St. James was given a prosthetic nose so he could look more normal.

2-5-2007 "Wild Secret Sex Lives...All Caught on Video!"

Sheila and Jacie, 22, are mother and daughter who own a legal brothel in Nevada. Maury's cameras went there to see what it's really like, exposing a world of hookers who work for big money. Sheila said the woman all are tested for STD's weekly to make sure they're clean. Keysha is a mother and wife, but also spends her days sleeping with people at Sheila and Jacie's brothel. Keysha says she makes an outrageous $240,000 a year being a prostitute. Her husband, Michael, said he has no problem with her line of work....Maury also spoke with Cheaters host Joey Greco and Andrea Lowell of VH1's
Surreal Life and Playboy TV during this show. Both presented clips from their shows.
9-19-2006  "Unbelievable Medical Mysteries...Uncovered!"

Larry and Chuy were born with human werewolf syndrome, a condition that covers the body in hair. They have passed on the disease to family members, including some of the women. Despite it all, both are successful cirus performers in Mexico. Chuy is even married with kids. NEXT, Maury spoke with Tricia and Steve whose daughter, Gabby, can't feel pain. Because of that, Gabby had to have her teeth pulled and one of her eyes removed because she poked it out. She now wears goggles so she won't injure her other eye. AND, Marlie made international news after she had a 19-pound tumor removed from her face. Of course, the tumor left her terribly deformed, so she was brought to the US for surgery. For the first time since the surgery Marlie showed off her new face on the Maury show. She couldn't talk and still had many surgeries to go, but she was no longer ashamed to show her face in public.


SEASON EIGHT: 2005-2006

4-25-2006  "Shot In the Face And Set On Fire...I'm Lucky To Be Alive"

Veronica was planning to marry her longtime boyfriend, Keith. One night as they were relaxing, Keith pulled out a gun for no reason. He literally shot her face off before he shot himself to death. Amazingly, Veronica survived, but lost most of her face. She came on the show with her mother and was wearing a surgical mask. She took the mask off to show everyone how far she had come.  When she revealed her face, the entire audience gave her a standing ovation. Veronica said she gets tired of people staring, but her faith in the Lord gets her through it. Maury told her she's alive for a reason.

1-31-2006  "Shocking Plastic Surgery...Caught On Tape!"

Jenny's ex-boyfriend was emotionally abusive, so she went off the deep end and had 30 surgical procedures to enhance her looks.  She now looks like a plastic Barbie and says she still wants more!  She's had several surgeries on her lips, so Maury asked her if her lips are soft.  She kissed his hand and Maury was left with a lipstick kiss.  After all this, Jenny said she still doesn't think she's pretty.  ?LATER, Allanah admits that she's addicted to plastic surgery.  She also admits that she was born a man.  Since dressing as a woman, Allanah claims she's had over 300 cosmetic surgeries, including six nose jobs and four breast implant sugeries.  Despite all that, she still has not had a sex change!  NEXT, Steve really turned himself into a freak show. He has spent over $250,000 on procedures and now has the face of of a transsexual.  Steve told Maury he's not addicted to surgery.

1-26-2006  "She Was Born My Twin Sister...Today She's A Man!"

Mark was born female, but always wanted to be a man.  Before his sex change Mark even married a woman!  Once he took up bodybuilding, he realized how much he wanted to be a male, so he changed sexes at 37 years old.  Now, he takes hormones to grow hair all of his body.  Another big change:  he remarried to a WOMAN named Violet, who met Mark when he was still female.  Violet told Maury that Mark is the best lover she's ever had.  NEXT, Liana had an identical twin named Juanita, but she always felt like a man.  Juanita is now Juan, which Liana has no problem with. They said they still think of each other as identical...NEXT, Joe has changed genders TWICE.  He was born male, but transformed into Judy.  He spent more than $100,000 on breast implants and other procedures to become a woman.  He even married three times, to three different men.  After 20 years as a woman, he realized it was all a mistake and became a man again!  After all the changes, Joe told Maury that he's finally happy. 

11-30-2005  "Animal Attacks! Outrageous Near Death Moments! Caught on Tape!"

This show featured plenty of near death clips, but the best story was that of Saint James Davis.  Davis and his wife, Ladonna, went to visit their pet chimp, Moe, for its 39th birthday.  Their celebration turned to terror when two other chimps went on the attack!  The chimps went for Ladonna first, ripping off her thumb.  Saint James stepped in to save her, but then HE became the victim.  The chimps ripped him to shreds.  Saint James wore a surgical mask at the beginning of Maury's interview, but Ladonna took it off to reveal the damage.  The chimps ripped off his nose, right eye, many off his fingers and the heel of his foot.  Saint James' only regret of that day was that he didn't save his wife from any pain.  A tearful Ladonna kissed her husband and told him she loved him.  Victims rights lawyer Gloria Alred appeared with the couple and called them "heroes."  Despite everything, Saint James STILL has a love for chimps.  He even wrote a book about Moe, who was not involved in the attack
. (Update above: 2/13/07)
10-20-2005  "Stop Teasing Me Because I Look Different!"

Nine-year-old Lexi wasn't supposed to live longer than a year because of a terrible skin disorder.  Her skin is extremely sensitive and can tear with the slightest touch.  Lexi came out crying and told Maury that she wished she was just like everyone else.  Maury introduced Lexi to Katora, a girl with the same disease that she suffers from.  Katora wrote Lexi a song, which she sang to her.  LATER, Tarja introduced Maury to her 15-year-old daughter Tishonna, who suffers from a syndrome that disfigures her face and body.  The disease also made her go through puberty at only one year old.  That means she could have gotten pregnant at only a year old!  Tishonna overcame the odds and is excelling in regular school.  FINALLY, Maury spoke with talk show regular Robert Barron who creates prosthetics for disfigured people.  Maury spoke with one of Robert's clients, Vicki, who lost her nose to cancer.  She demonstrated how her new nose can come on and off.