Montel WIlliams is currently in his 17th season of television, making his show one of the longest-running talk shows in the United States.  In 1996, Montel was honored with a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host.  His most popular shows feature Sylvia Browne who predicts the future for guests.  Before becoming a talk show host, Montel served in the military.  In 1999, he found out that he has MS and has since raised millions to find a cure for the disease.  He has written several books about his life and donated the money to research. The Montel Williams show was cancelled in winter 2008 after New York and Los Angeles FOX stations declined to pick up his show for another season. Montel celebrated his 17 years on the air in a two-week send-off from May 12-23. His "grand finale" aired on May 23, 2008. Montel will still be on the air next season. A year's worth of "The Best of Montel" is being offered to stations.
Scars From The Holocaust A man spoke about how most of his family was killed in the Holocaust.  But he said he did not know if one of his brother's was still alive.  After the the show, the man's brother turned up alive and Montel was able to reunite the men after 50 years apart.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house during their emotional reunion.
Montel Gets Spanked To prove how abusive a man was being to his daughter, Montel had him hit him full force with a belt.  The man took his hardest swing at the host while the audience gasped.
Branded A woman's husband was so controlling that he branded his name to her forehead.  It was still visable as Montel spoke with her.
Baby Breeders   Tammy was proud to raise her son to be racist. and spoke out on a few shows.  She was confronted by Marsha, a black woman, on an update show.  Montel offerred Tammy $500 to eat lunch with Marsha, but she refused.  Later, Montel's cameras discovered something incredible in the green room.  Tammy's son and Marsha's daughter were playing together with no regard to race.
A Child Called It Dave Pelzer's mother abused the hell of out him as a child and it's a miracle he survived.  His mother made him drink chemicals and starved him as his father stood by and did nothing.  Dave told Montel that he loved school because it was a chance to escape from home. 
Recovering After Rape Lisa spoke about how she was gang-raped as a teenager.  She was afraid to look Montel in the eye and admit it.  She also said that she wanted to give her child to her mother because she didn't deserve one.  In one of the most emotional TV moments ever, Montel held her and has her scream, "I was raped," so she could get on with her life.
SEASON TEN  2000-2001
"Celebrating The Holiday Spirit" Montel and Santa gave gifts to deserving people on this annual Christmas show.  A young disabled boy was in the audience because it was his wish granted to him by the Make-A-Wish foundation.  The best gift was given to Montel from FREELOTTO.COM who gave him a check for $25,000 to fight MS.  Montel cried upon getting the gift.
"Ten Years of Montel:  A Look Back" This show featured the most emotional shows done in the past 10 years.  Lisa appeared to discuss how she was gang-raped.  On the last show, she was struggling with coping and wanted to give up her child.  Since the show, things got much better for her.  Lisa was happily married and had a child.
"It's Over... Give Me Back My Stuff!" Arlin wanted his things back from his long-time girlfriend, Leasa, but she did not want to go anywhere near him because she was afriad of him.  She said he was physically abusive and had a restraining order against him.  He also had thre warrants out for his arrest, which greatly angered Montel.  Arlin lied to the show's prodcuers and said he didn't have any warrants.  Montel confronted Arlin, who got upset and yelled at Montel.  Montel made him get up and then the show's security told him off the show.  Arlin was then introduced to the NYPD who arrested him.
9-17 thru 9-21  Montel Special Edition:  The Attacks on America Montel took action after terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  For a week, he brought cameras aboard a military ship that was preparing for the worst.  He also spoke to people on the streets to see how America was coping and visited survivors in the hospital.
12-31-2001  Sylvia Browne's Predictions For 2002 Sylvia said doctors would link seizures to food in 2002.  She also predicted that Montel would not win an Emmy in 2002, which came true...Montel also presented a new Hundai to a woman who won a show sweepstakes.    He got emotional when talking about the company because they always give to fight MS.
2-1-2002  The Lives of Little People Jennifer had several painful surgeries due to her dwarfism, but that didn't hold her back.  At age 27, she was already a respected physician...Tim, 18, had a rare form of dwarfism that twisted and deformed his limbs.  That made it difficult for him to walk and he was even confined to a wheelchair for a time.  Tim had surgery prior to the show and was able to walk out.
2-25-2002  Mail Order Brides Craig wanted to marry a nice woman, but couldn't find one in the USA.  Craig used a mail order bride survice to find Arina, who was half his age...Douglas, 55, and Oksana, 28, met through a mail order Internet service and later married.  Douglas said she respected and pampered him which American women never do.  Montel told the men that they preyed about  women who were too young.
4-22-2002  Growing Up With Tourette's 12-year-old Kyle tried to hold his ticks back during the show, but Montel told him not to be embarassed.  Montel cried as Kyle told about how people picked on him because of his uncontrollable body movements...13-year-old Jamie was beaten up by classmates and was even hit by a teacher because she couldn't control her Tourette's...Duncan also suffered from the disease, but refused to take medicine for it.  He became a doctor and dedicated his life to fighting Tourette's. 
7-12-2002  Growing Up Intersexed Hannah grew up as a boy named Steven but decided to dress as a woman when she began to develop breasts and found out she was intersexed.  Hannah and all of the guests on the show were born with male and female sex organs...Katherine was raised as a boy, but began developing breats in fifth grade.  He doctor wanted to remove them, but gave her testosterone injections instead.  She said the drug made her bi-polar and suicidal.  Through everything, her parents supported her...Jerry found out less than a yearago that he was born with female internal organs.  Jerry said his parents changed his sex several times growing up.  Jerry's wife of 20 years, Cheryl, was able to accept Jerry for who he was.
SEASON TWELVE  2002-2003
11-19-2002  Alternative Sexual Lifestyles Robbie and Vanessa claimed to be devoted to each other, but loved to have sex with other couples.  The couple said they attend swinging parties where they meet other couple to get it on with.  Vanessa told Montel that Robbie pleases her as a male, so mostly women were brought into their relationship...Maureen and David were a couple, but Maureen told David she also wanted to be with Will.  David accepted it, so she was having sex with both men.
12-24-2002  Holiday Wishes Come True The set was decorated with Christmas trees and poinsettias as Montel surprised deserving families in this annual show.  Debra and her three sons were left homeless when a fire destroyed their home.  They were surprised with a $5,000 check and a year's worth of cereal from Kellogg's.  They also got a trip to Disnet World and free home furnishings and electronics...Patrick was serving in the Persian Gulf, but he was flown home for a special Christmas reunion was his family.  Patrick was hidden in a big gift box while his mother, Adeline, and sisters spoke to Montel.  They were shocked to see Patrick in the box, but there was another surprise.  Patrick's mother and father were divorced but wanted to get back together.  Dad lived in Haiti, so the distance kept them apart until Montel brought him to New York to be reunited for this show.
12-31-2002  Sylvia Browne's Predications For 2003 The future didn't look so good for America on this annual show.  Psychic Sylvia Browne said there would be more terrorist attacks on America and that war with Iraq would not be avoided.  She also predicted a famous comedian would die in 2003, but his name was bleeped out of the show.  The audience gasped when they heard the name.
1-30-2003  Strange Fears   Joe always wanted to conquer his fears, so he wrote a book about his top 12 fears and faced them.  A professional knife thrower tossed knives at him so he could overcome his fear of death.  Joe was an expert so he helped Montel's guests face their fears.  17-year-old Tiffany was scared of clowns, so Joe brought her to a circus.  Tiffany cried and held her mom when one came near her, but she was able to hug one once Joe got through with her...Bernadette hated mushrooms because her uncle told her they were bad.  Montel showed her a tray of muchrooms to show her that they were harmless.  She was able to touch one by the end of the show.
5-12-2003   A Miracle On Montel Adella said her daughter, Jamie, had a terrible stutter since her younger brother died of SIDS.  Jamie was afraid that she'd pass the stutter on to her daughter and came to see if there was anything she could do to stop it.  Montel gave her something to read but she could barely read through it.  Dr. Andrew Stuart and Dr. Joe Kalinowski invented the Speech Easy device to help stutters speak clearly.  Dr. Joe knew about stuttering because he had a stutter before using his device.  They fitted Jamie with the device during the break.  Jamie's husband, Eddie, brought their daughter out so she could read to her.  With the use of the device, Jamie was able to read quickly and clearly to her daughter for the first time.  Eddie cried at the miracle was witnessing.
11-11-2003   Remembering Soliders Who Died In Iraq Before introducing his Veteran's Day guests, Montel reminded everyone that soldiers were fighting to ensure American freedom in Iraq.  The first guest was Kathy who spoke to her husband, Robert, the day before troops left for Iraq and the last this he said to her was , "I love you."  Robert was killed in an ambush a few days later.  Kathy said she wanted everyone to know that Robert was a wonderfull person who cared for his family.  LATER, Tara lost her new husband, Simeon, a month before the show aired.  She cried as she said she felt bad for her two sons who would never know their dad.
12-24-2003  Holiday Wishes Come True Montel said that this is his favorite annual show because he gets to help deserving people.  As always, Santa passed out gifts to Montel's guests...Melanie was wroking when he home caught on fire.  Her husband, Keith, tossed their seven children out a third story window to save their lives.  Montel gave the family a $5,000 check and tons of toys.  Tony the Tiger also brought out a year's worth of cereal...Charlotte's son, Dustin, was born deaf but got an ear implant so he could hear.  Kids made fun of the large size of the device, so Montel got her a new earpiece and a new Playstation 2.  LATER, Jessica was confined to a wheelchair and her biggest wish was to meet Montel.  Montel was so touched by her story, that he presented Jessica and her parents a wheelchair van for Christmas.
12-31-2003   Sylvia Browne's Predictions For 2004 Montel welcomed his favorite guest for their 13th new year's prediction show together.  Saddam Hussein was captured in 2003 and Sylvia predicted he would rat out other countries who helped his evil empire in 2004.  (Wrong!) Browne predicted John Kerry would win the Democratic nomination for president, but President Bush would stay in office for another term.  She shocked everyone when she said Osama Bin Laden is dead and that he would be found in 2004.  (Wrong!) She cautioned that North Korea is a threat and will begin to use some of its WMDs.  Browne also said the pope would die in 2004 and a black pope would take over shortly after.  (Ehhh, didn't happen.)
1-13-2004   Climbing Higher:  Montel's Battle With MS Montel began by saying that he always asks the hard questions, now it was time for him to answer some.  His friend and model, Emme, hosted this special show where Montel came clean about his battle with MS.  Montel said he wanted to tell the truth about how he suffers because too many people think his is doing just fine.  Emme read a portion from his book, Climbing Higher, where Montel described how he almost killed himself because of the pain.  He spent several hours in a closet with a gun, but stopped short of committing suicide because of his kids.  Montel said the disease is so painful, that he has smoked marijuana because it's the only thing that will ease the pain.  He said the drug should be legalized ONLY to help the sick.
2-10-2003  Allergic To Water Heidi is the only person alive who was born allergic to water.  If it touches her skin, it blisters and burns.  She can't go out in the rain and has to catch her tears if she cries.  Cameras went to England to follow Heidi around to see how she avoids water...22-year-old Kristin was born with primordial dwarfism, which makes her the size of a child.  She has made many close friends at college and was learning to drive at the time of the show.  Kristin said it was hard because people often mistake her as a child.
2-13-2004 Repairing Deformities   Bob Barron has an incredible skill.  He worked in the CIA for years, making disguises that people's lives depended on.  Now, he uses his skills to help people with deformities.  Bob creates all of the prosthetics himself and will not fit them to a patient unless he's willing to wear it himself...Kathleen lost her eye to cancer and struggled with other prothetics.  Bob fitted her with a prosthetic eye before the show, which she thought looking like a normal eye.  LATER, Joyce's face was horribly burned in a car accident and she was tired of the looks she'd go out in public.  Bob created a full facial mask for her, which was so natural that no one would ever no anything was wrong.
10-12-2005  "My Secret Sex Life"
Shelly was left on her own at a young age and quickly got involved with the wrong crowd.  She had kids at a young age and was working several jobs to get by.  Making ends meet was difficult, so she turned to prostituition...legal prostitution at the Bunnyranch in Nevada.  She said her job provides a service for lonely men.  Montel's cameras went behind the scenes at the ranch, showing Shelly and other legal ladies with their clients.  NEXT, Montel spoke with Kimberlee, a college girl who was raised in a middle class family who still turned to prostitution.  Kimberlee had her back toward the camera so police would not recognize her.  She said she meets clients through a Web site and even reports her money to the IRS.  LATER, the owner of the Bunnyranch, Dennis Hof, said that celebrities, cops and even clergy have been to his ranch.
12-23-2005  "Holiday Dreams Come True!"
It just wouldn't be Christmas without this annual show.   As always, Santa stopped by to help Montel out.  First up, Amanda was on a previous show and got a makeover.  She lives with her grandmother, Marlene, and siblings, but Marleen's home was condemned since the last show.  Marlene said her Christmas wish was to have a new house for her grandkids.  Montel surprised them with: a $5,000 giftcard and check, a year's supply of cereal, a $4,000 check from the HSN, a washer/dryer and....a brand NEW home!  A NASCAR driver also donated $10,000 to help them with the taxes on their new home.  A company also agreed to furnish every room of the house.  That wasn't all:  Marlene also got a brand new Honda van to drive her kids around.  Marlene could not stop crying because of all the generosity.  The show wouldn't be complete without a singer to sing Christmas carols.  This year, it was American Idol's Ruben Studdard.  LATER, Montel surprised Laura and her son, Austin, with a special reunion.  They were reunited with Laura's husband, Phil, and daughter, Lisa, who had been serving in the Navy.
12-30-2005  Sylvia Predicts For 2006
Psychic Sylvia Browne stopped by for her annual New Year's prediction show.  Sadly, she predicted more natural disasters for 2006.  She said New York and Los Angeles would be hit.  (Wrong!) She also predicted more hurricanes and earthquakes around the world.  In politics, Sylvia precicted John Kerry and John McCain would run for president in 2008.  (Wrong!) It's the end of the road for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.  Also, look for a vaccine for lung and stomach cancers.  Some good news:  the U-S will begin to pull out of Iraq in 2006. (wrong again!)
LATEST RATING -- WEEK OF FEBRUARY 18, 2008 -- 1.5   
OFFICIAL SITE -- montelshow.com
FINAL SEASON 2007-2008
Montel celebrated his last show surrounded by his staff and family. He showed clips of the most memorable shows and was honored by the military for all of his years of hard work. Montel's staff surprised him with a snowboard, signed by the staff and a poker table with the show's logo on it. At the end of the show, Montel sat down and thanked the audience for watching him for 17 years.
Montel brought back his most memorable guests for his second-to-last show. First up, Latoyia, who was burned all over her body when her mother's boyfriend set her on fire. She appeared on the show 13 years ago to tell her story. Montel welcomed her back for this show. Latoyia said she had gone through 300 surgeries. She also had a new man in her life: her eight-year-old son. She told Montel that she was learning to drive, so he hooked her up with a brand new car.
Psychic Sylvia Browne has been with Montel since the very first season of the show. She immediately hit it off with the audience back in 1991 and quickly became a part of the show, often coming on once a week. So, after all of this time together, it was bound to be an emotional goodbye. Montel welcomed his friend onto his stage for the last time. As always, Sylvia did some readings for the audience. After that, they discussed the show. Sylvia said she was sad that Montel's show was wrapping and that it was the "end of an era." Sylvia explained that Montel had become a great friend to her. He was there through deaths and her divorce. Montel said that he and Sylvia will continue making public appearances even though his show was ending. At the end of this show, Montel and Sylvia both teared up and walked off the stage with their arms around each other.
Jack McClellan admits he's attracted to girls and has a Website dedicated to his sick obsession. McClellan admitted his lifestyle has left him homeless and told Montel he'd have sex with young girls if it were legal. Montel told McClellan that he's an "abomination" and encouraged his audience to call to the police if they see him. NEXT, Jake was sent to jail for molesting his own daughter when she was only three years old. He served his time and claims he's never molested anyone again. Jake admits he's still attracted to 14 to 17-year-old boys, but stays away from them.
Montel packed his audience with members of the military for this special Christmas show. As always, Santa was there to pass out presents. Tarvis and Tiffany fell in love, but their love was tested after Travis lost both of his legs in Iraq. Despite what happened, Tiffany stayed with Travis and the couple is more in love than ever. Montel surprised Travis and Tiffany with a $30,000 wedding package. They also got hooked up with soem gift certificates and a honeymoon to St. Croix. LATER, Gordon was seriously injured in the war. He lost an eye, much of his hearing and has trouble walking. Gordon says he's happy he's alive so he can spend Christmas with his wife and kids. Montel surpised the family with a bunch of gift cards, clothes, toys, an MP3 player, DVD player and a new Hyundai SUV with all taxes paid.
Shelley is African American but hates black people. She dislikes her own race so much that she's had two surgeries on hr nose and wants to get her skin bleached. At the beginning of the show, Shelley confronted a black woman in the audience and called her all kinds of horrible names. Montel brought on actress Robin Givens to try to talk some sense into Shelley. She told Shelley that black is beautiful, but Shelley wasn't buying any of it.
Even though they're competitors in daytime, Montel welcomed Judge Judy to his show. He sat down with the queen of daytime court shows for the whole hour. Judge Judy discussed her career in family court and spoke out about current events. Montel also surpirsed Judge Judy with a visit from her son Adam, who was recently elected District Attorney. Adam said Judy was always tough but loving with him and his siblings growing up. Judge Judy's husband and former People's Court judge, Jerry, was also on the show.
Trinity and her boyfriend, Devin, brought Trinity's mother on the show to tell her to butt out of their relationship. Theresa said she'll never stay out of it because Devin abuses Trinity. Teresa said Devin beats her daughter even though she's pregnant! Teresa said she had pictures of Trinity after the beating, but Devin told Montel's producers he wouldn't appear on the show if she showed them. It gets worse. Teresa claimed that Devin cut up all of Trinity's maternity clothes and even peed on the UItrasound picture of their baby! Things got heated after Devin said he's going to leave Trinity after the show. Trinity got up and walked off the set. Then, Montel told Devin that he's going to contact local police to make sure Devin isn't abusing Trinity or the baby once its born. Montel got so sick of Devin's attitude that he kicked him of the show.
Cris is a mother by day and a dominatrix by night. She calls herself a "therapeutic roleplay specialist" who fulfills men's fantasies. Cris says she never has sex with any of her clients and can still make up to $2,000 an hour. She says she services high-powered people like politicians and bankers. Burt, 68, is one of Chris' clients who came on to admit his kinky pastime. Burt said his wife has no idea about what he's been up to.
SEASON 16 2006-2007
This episode featured people who are parents who like to take it all off. Diane (aka Sunset Thomas) has been in the adult entertainment industry for 16 years and has two children. Her boyfriend, Kent, is her publicist. Diane's 15-year-old son, Zach, and Kent's daughter, Betty, both told Montel that they have no problem with what their parents do for a living. NEXT, Stephen and Linda call themselves "naturists," which is a fancy way of saying they're nudists. Stephen and Linda raised their children to be naturists and claim it's given them a greater respect for their bodies. Despite his upbringing, their son, Alex, told Montel he likes keeping his clothes on. LATER ON, things got heated when the audience criticized the guests parenting skills. One member of the audience told Kent that he and Diane were living in sin, but Kent said he was a religious man and was in good standing with God. This show also featured an appearance from Judge Lynn Toler, who presides over "Divorce Court." She cautioned the couples about how society might perceive their relationships.

12-21-2006 and 12-22-2006 "ON LOCATION: HOLIDAYS WITH OUR TROOPS"
Montel traveled halfway around the world to spend some time with our troops for the holidays. He also spent these two shows making some dreams come true for some very deserving people. Episode one featured a woman whose son was fighting overseas. To make matters worse, she lost her house in hurricane Katrina. Montel surprised her with a brand new home from Loew's. NEXT, Stacy was sitting in audience missing her boyfriend, Wesley, who was overseas. Montel showed her a taped piece where he proposed to her. Turns out, Wesley was in studio and surprised Stacy with a proposal in person. AND, Tiffany was married to the man of her dreams, but lost him in Iraq and is now a 23-year-old widow with two kids. Montel mad her Christmas happier by hooking her up with a new car. Day two... Montel spoke with some of the new mothers aboard the USS Eisenhower. Some of them just gave birth and were already shipped out to see to fight their country. They said they were proud to serve so their kids will grow up in a safer country. The average age on aboard the ship is just 19 years old, so Montel spent some time with some of the ship's youngest crew members.
Toni's son knew he wanted to be a girl from a young age. One day, he told his mom that he wanted to go to school dressed as a girl. Instead of brushing it off as a phase, she accepted it. Her son, now Ashley, is now living as a girl at only 11 years old. LATER, Mark lived as a woman most of his life. His mom forced him to act like a woman and he even got married to a man. When he was 39, he realized he should stop hiding who he is and become a man. Even before all that, he fell in love with a woman who is still with Mark today.
Montel began season 16 with a brand new set and graphics. Since the season kicked off on 9/11, Montel spoke with those whose lives were forever changed by the tragedy. Five years ago, Montel spoke with Carmen whose face and hands were burned in the attack on the World Trade Center. She was back on the show today and looking healthier than ever. Incredibly, Carmen's husband, Arturo, also survived the attacks. They both told Montel that their lives have been hell ever since the attacks. They said they've both been more private since the attacks because they are afraid of another attack. Montel hooked them up wih some money and a gym membership to help get them out of the house. NEXT, Montel spoke with Rich, a fire chief he met after the attacks. Rich spent hours trapped in the rubble and survived. Since the show, Rich retired from the department and said he went through a rollercoaster of emotions like the other guests. He also wrote a book and is doing motivational speaking about surviving the tragedy.