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---1987 TO 1998---One of the most outrageous talk shows ever, Geraldo always pushed the envelope.  In the early days, Geraldo got in fistfights with the KKK and yelled at club kids.  After years of shock TV, the show became the Geraldo Rivera Show and focused on issues in the news.  Too much O.J. Simpson coverage and Celebrity News shows drove ratings down and Geraldo called it quits in 1998.  Since the show, gerlado hosted a newsmagazine, Geraldo At Large, for over a year.  He now anchors a weekend news show on FOX news.
The Infamous Skinhead Brawl

Whevever someone says "Geraldo," this infamous epsiode is the first thing to come to mind.  It begins with three skinheads and a husband and wife on stage.  The husband, who is white, has a black eye and speaks about how he was attacked by skinheads five days earlier.  Already, things start to get out of hand,  The front row is full of skinheads and the haters on stage keep interupting.  After a break, Geraldo brings out Rabbi Bruce Goldman from the Center for Jewish Living and Roy Innis of the Congress for Racial Equality.  After an audience question, one of the skinheads refers to Jewish people as "kikes" and calls Innis an "Uncle Tom."  Innis gets up and starts yelling at the skinhead that made the comment.  The skinhead next to him stands up, but Innis grabs his neck to choke him.  All hell breaks loose.  Chairs start flying and all the skinheads in the front row join the brawl.  In the corner, we see Geraldo throwing a punch.  Security breaks up the chaos, but Geraldo emerges with a bloody nose and tosses to break.  After the break, Geraldo is wiping his nose.  All the skinheads have been kicked out of the building and only Goldman and Innis remain on stage.  Innis said he was motivated to stand up because he's tired of "hoodlums" who verbally assault others.  He said if more people stand up than "these hoodlums will back off."
Club Kids
Wacky and drug-addicted young people who dressed in outrageous costumes.  RuPaul was discovered on one of his club kids shows.
Kaito Kaelin Confesses
He confessed that he thought O.J. committed murder while Geraldo was on location in L.A.  Here's a look at the conversation him and Geraldo had:
Geraldo:  "As you sit here today...Do you think O.J. Simpson murdered Nichole?"
Kaito:  "Uhhh...that's a very tough question that...
G:  "I don't care what it is.  I want you to reach into your soul and answer that question...Kaito, what do you think?"
K:  "I...yes."  G:  "Say it again."  K:  "Yes."   G:  "Yes, what?"  K:  "I do believe he murdered Nichole."
"Sinister Sisters" 
A show about sisters who hated each other got heated after one said that the other had 5 abortions.  The accused got so upset, that she tossed a cup of water in her sister's face and then they started to fight.  Geraldo and his security jumped up onstage to break up the brawl.
I Was Painted White
An African-American boy named Bryan described how white supremacists painted him white so he would look like them.  He said that he had nightmares every night due to the violent incident.
"Lady Lifers" 
Geraldo reunited Jesse with his mother who was behind bars.  It was emotional to see the man run out and hug his mom who he hadn't seen in years.
Ryan White
A young man who had AIDS died shortly after the taping of the show.  His mom came on to speak about his death and AIDS awareness.
Gang Girls
His show featured some of the toughest female gang members over the years.  Geraldo always wondered what made girls want to join violent gangs.  His aftercare program helped reform many of the girls and he often updated their stories.
Willowbrook Update 
Geraldo did a news report on this facility for mental patients 25 years before this show aired.  The report showed how the people were being abused.  On this show, Geraldo talked to former patients and workers of Willowbrook.
Charles Manson
Geraldo scored an exclusive prison interview with Charles Manson and asked him why he killed so many people.  Rivera yelled, "You're a goddamned evil person and a fucking murderer!"
Jason Ellison:  Old Before His Time
Jason was born with an aging disease called progeria that wrinkled his body and made him weak.  He wrote a letter that Gerlaod read saying  he wanted people to look past his appearance because he did not wish to be born looking older than he is.  Unfortunately, Jason died after the taping of the show.
Eddie Diaz
A young boy who lived in the same apartment complex as Elisa Izquierdo, a young girl who was killed by her mother.  Eddie wrote a sad letter for Geraldo to read.  He said he wished that there was something he could of done before it was too late.
Oklahoma City Bombing
Geraldo went to the site of the bombing and talked to greaving families who would never see their kids again.  The highly emotional show aired live, while rescuers were still searching for bodies.
Drug-Addicted Women
The stories of women who were addicted to drugs.  One woman ran off the show because she couldn't handle Geraldo's questioning.  He said that he would get her help, but it was later revealed that she died before she could get help.
The Final Show
Geraldo aired a compilation of his favorite and most memorable highlights from his 11 seasons as a talk tv host.  The infamous klan fight was aired and his producer brought out the chair that broke his nose.  Geraldo's family, friends and VIP audience members appeared on this episode to bid their favorite host farewell from daytime talk televison.  Geraldo taped 2,163 shows during his 11 years.
---1992 TO 1996---The RICHARD BEY SHOW was an outrageous talk show that was be taped in New Jersey and eventually aired in syndication.  The show featured crazy topics like, "Veteran's Day Strippers" and had hilarious sound effects that played whenever a guest did something crazy.  Bey was never  afraid to push the envelope and was ALWAYS original.   Unfortunately, the show was cancelled in 1996 after an exclusive interview with Gennifer Flowers.  His ratings were higher than ever, so the only reason he was canned was because that show angered off some people in Washington.  The  show can now be relived through the site: 
"The Booty Awards"
He gave awards to his most outrageous guests that ever came on his show.  It was called "The Booty Awards" because the winners won an award that looked like a cowboy boot.
Bey's Phrase That Pays - Whenever an audience member said the phrase of the day, they were awarded a cash prize.
"Veteran's Day Strippers"   What better way to celebrate our veterans than to have exotic dancers on the show?
Aliens - People who claimed that they were real-life aliens living on Earth.
Fat Pamela Anderson  - A HUGE woman who claimed she looked just like Pamela.  She even dressed skimpy like the real thing.
"Neighbors From Hell" 
Things got heated as neighbors who hated each other were confronted.  Bey dressed up as Mr. Rogers for this show and did a spoof of his show.
I Slept With Too Many People
The stories of those who say they've slept with over a hundred people.  Not all of them did not have protected sex.  They were confronted by virgins who said the best thing to do was abstain.
---1994 TO 1998 --- Rolonda Watts was a reporter for INSIDE EDITION before getting her own talk show.  It started and ended as a rather serious show, but during the middle years of her show, it was much like Springer.  Her New York show had a very outspoken audience, especially on racial shows.  Since the show, she guest-anchored EXTRA and TALK SOUP.  She has also appeared in TV commercials and had a guest role on the sitcom, SISTER, SISTER.
I Want Octuplets
The story of a woman who was pregnant with 8 kids, but lost all of them because it was such a high-risk pregnancy.
Bill Cosby
Came on the show to discuss his bro's learning disability.  His brother, Enis, appeared to talk about his learning problems.  Highlights from "Fat Albert" were shown, as well.
James Brown
He performed some of his hits and then hit on Rolonda!  The couple had been casually dating for a couple moths, when Brown proposed to her in front of her audience!  She said she'd talk about it with him later, but they were never married.  Rolonda looked at his as an uncle figure, not a husband.
Crazy Romances - Two clowns who met and fell in love, made balloon animals.
To kick off the release of the LITTLE RASCALS movie, Rolonda had the entire cast of kids on her show. The dog was there, too.
Racial Shows
Rolonda did many shows on interracial dating and the state of racism in America.  I found her audience to be the most animated and outspoken when it came to these topics.
Breastfeeding My Baby
A woman who thought their was nothing wrong breastfeeding her older child in public.  She breastfed him live in front of the audience.
EXCLUSIVE:  An Interview With A Killer - Rolonda got an exclusive jailhouse interview with a woman who killed her young daughter.
---1994 TO 2000--- Leeza Gibbons got her start as an entertainment reporter on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT before she got her own show.  The LEEZA Show began as JOHN & LEEZA in the early 1990's, with fellow E.T. reporter JohnTesh as her cohost.  John left the show, so it became LEEZA.  It aired with on NBC for 6 seasons and had good ratings.  But the show was cancelled in 2000 after it was put into syndication.  Nevertheless, LEEZA got 27 Daytime Emmy nominations and won three throughout the years.
Club Kids - Teens who dress outrageously and pierce themselves to look different from normal people.
Lizard Man
A guy who covered most of his body with tatooes so he could look like  a lizard.  He even had steel balls implanted in his head!
Medical Mishaps
A man who received female breast implants by a doctor without a degree.  The "doctor' was still on the lose and the man will forever be disfigured.
Leeza went behind-the-scenes into a family were a guy had several wives.  The women got a little jealous when he spent time with his other wives.  The audience thought the women should leave him.
Montel Williams
Montel appeared on her show in L.A. and talked about his kids, his show and the future.  Leeza even allowed him to tape some episodes of his show on her set while he was visiting.
Almost Killed By My Attacker
A woman told of how she was attacked as a child.  The bastard cut off her arms and left her for dead. She still has dreams about it today.
1998   "My Innocence Didn't Save Me"
Ellis was sleeping in the nude in his New York apartment, when the police ran in and shot up his home!  They destoryed his home and shot holes though his furniture.  He said they put handcuffs on him and dragged him out of his house naked in front of all his neighbors.  Ellis claimed that they even called him an "animal" and a "ni**er."  Ellis' lawyer told Leeza that the police had a warrant, but went to the wrong house!  Ellis showed Leeza that he still had handcuff marks on his wrists, since the incident took place one week before his appearance on the show.  His girlfriend, Mary, said that Ellis had been terrified ever since and suffered from nightmares.
Athletes and Their Handicapped Children
Star athletes and their families talked about how they had children with deadly diseases.
Burned Beyond Recognition - A woman whose face was completely bured and left disfigured told her story.
"Summer of Hate"
White supremacist Matthew Hale is the leader of the World Church of the Creator and said that blacks and whites should be separated.  He has to backstage while Sherialyn Byrdsong came out to talk about the death of her son.  He was killed because he was African-American.
"Hollywood Black-out"   Guests talked about how there weren't many minority characters in the fall 1999 televsion line-up. 
---1998 TO 2000---Guests on FORGIVE OR FORGET had to decide whether on not they would forgive the people in their lives who had done them wrong.  The person would be behind the door if they were forgiven.  Originally hosted by author and radio personality Mother Love, FORGIVE OR FORGET was a calm environment to clean one's sole.  However, the show became more controversial once a younger and thinner Robin Givens took over in the winter of 2000.  Givens was brought in to increase ratings, but it didn't happen and FORGIVE OR FORGET was cancelled by April of 2000.  Repeats ran through August of 2000. 
May 1998   People Who Ruined Their Relationships Ask For Forgiveness
This was one of the first episodes and featured Terry and Jennifer, who ruined their relationships with their lovers.  Terry wanted to apologize to Teresa because he had a tattoo with another woman's name and for slapping her in a drunken rage.  Terry showed Mother Love the huge tattoo on his chest and said he put Teresa's name on it instead of his ex's.  He said that Teresa was the only woman for him and wanted to get back with her.  Teresa forgave him by coming through the door, but refused to get back with him.  Terry showed her a new tattoo of her that he got on his arm, but she told him to move on...Jennifer was going out with Donny, but cheated on him with her ex who she had been with since she was 13.  Her ex was over when Donny came over and she hid him under her bed!  Jennifer asked for Donny's forgiveness and he accepted her apology.
Talent Search - Mother Love practiced her acting skills in a spoof of a soap opera to help wannabe actors.
Halloween Reunions - People who had never met or lost contact were reunited, in costume, on Halloween.
"Sis, I Tortured You & Left You Homeless!" 
Julia told of how her brother Douglas slapped her and left her homeless on the streets with her baby.  It seemed that Douglas didn't even care about what he had done to his siter and appeared heartless when Julia was crying onstage.  Mother Love yelled at him for being such a terrible person.  Luckily, on an update show, it was revealed that Douglas was treating Julia with respect.
Exclusive:  I Was Attacked By Gary Coleman!
Tracy Fields told Mother Love how she was hit by Gary Coleman in this exclusive interview.  She said she was shopping when she recognized him and asked him for an autograph.  Fields said he got so upset about the request that he punched her!  She told Mother Love that she was shocked by his behavior, especially since she just wanted an autograph.  (For more, see Judge Mills Lane below.)
"Forgive or Forget:  Texas Style"
A country-themed show where guests asked for forgiveness.  At the end of the show, Mother Love showed a clip of herself learning how to line dance.
Racist Lost His Teeth!
A racist man was confronted by a family member and as he was preaching hate from backstage, his false teeth popped out of his mouth!  Robin and the audience went crazy!
Dad Gets Mad
A man who had an out-of-control son got pissed at him after he made a comment from backstage.  The guy jumped up from his seat and ran backstage to kick his son's ass, but security was able to stop him. 
---1998 TO 2001---Judge Mills Lane was a boxer and lawyer turned court show host.  The show did well at first, but ratings began to slip.  JML got a new set in its final season, but that wasn't enough to turn things around.  The show aired on TNN for a while and is now off the air.  The judge sufferred a stroke after the show was cancelled.  He survived and is living a quiet life.
Quotes From The Judge    "Let me tell you what 'besa mi culo' means.  It means 'kiss my ass.'' ...Damn!  You have enough tongue for ten rows of teeth!...Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back...What part of 'don't interupt' don't you understand?...Let's get it on!...Hold on a minute...If she tells you to go to hell, you'll look forward to the trip!...She's got you where the hair is shortest...I'm the judge and that means that I'm not always final because I'm right.  I am right because I'm final...Sometimes your tongue can act like a shovel and dig your own grave...Security!  Get him outta here!...You're a piece of work...I'm damned if I understand it.
Dominatrix Is Sued
Christine, a fat and freaky dominatrix, was sued by a dorky guy named Frank for payment on a loan.  She said they met through her S&M sex line.  Judge Lane asked her to explain because he did not know much about her profession.  She said she tied up men and tickled them into submission!  Frank admitted to having sexual relations with her once, but considered their relationship a friendship.  Christine said they were never friends and she considered him a client.  Later in the case, Christine's leather-wearing dominatrix friend, Melissa, testified to say that Christine and Frank were friend and she didn't owe him any money.  Judge Lane granted Frank $245 after all was done.
Gary Coleman Lawsuit
Tracy Fields brought childhood actor Gary Coleman on the show because he hit her in a store after she asked for his autograph.  She also accused him of saying that he hates black people.  Coleman lost and had to pay Fields for medical bills, but Fields did not get any money for pain and suffering.
Mad Men Get The Boot
Two men were at odds and appeared with their calmer wives.  The defendant would not stop talking over the judge, so Lane called for security to take him out.  The plaintiff was no better because he began talking over the judge.  He was also kicked out.  The plaintiff's wive said she knew that was going to happen because they were both hot-headed.  Lane brought them back in for the ruling and they kept quiet.
Anger Boils Over
Tora was mad because Ms. Williams destroyed her windshield.  Tora presented pics to the judge to prove her case.  She called the defendant a "ghetto bitch" several times, which angered her.  Tora told the judge that she and the defendant got in a physical fight after the incident.  Mills Lane asked who won and they both said that they did!  Things got heated when Ms. Williams' witness wouldn't stop talking, so the judge kicked her out.  Mills Lane's verdict was for the plaintiff.
Over-Emotional Plaintiff Loses It
Ruth hated her ex-husband's new girlfriend, Catherine, and even attacked her once!  Catherine said that Ruth was mentally unstable, while Ricardo, Ruth's ex, said that their daughter was taken from them because they were both unstable.  Ruth was stressed and going crazy  because Catherine stressed her out and Ricardo used to abuse her.  Ruth lost all her marbles after Judge Mills Lane told her she needs help and ruled against her.  Ruth started crying out of control and kept trying to convince that judge that she was right.  Mills Lane said that all the crying in the world wouldn't change his mind.
Landlord/Tenant Dispute Tests the Judge's Patience
Alix was suing Scott for 3 months worth of rent and for destroyed property.  Scott kept talking over the judge, so Mills Lane had security take him off the set.  Alix claimed he destoyed the carpet and when she tore it up, it was full of maggots!  Scott came back and said that when he moved in, the carpet smelled like baby formula.  Alix denied it and Mills Lane kicked her out.  After everyone was let back in, Judge Mills Lane ruled in favor of Alix, granting her $3,000.  Scott told the court reporter he was pissed.
"Mr. T" Gets His Day In Court
Carl, who looked a lot like Mr. T complete with mohawk, brought Stephen in front of the judge because he lent him his stereo system and Stephen refused to give it back.  Carl said that he lived across from the defendant and could hear him blasting the stereo all the time, which made him angry.  He said he had not seen Stephen until court, but if he did he would have broken his neckl.  Stephen's only proof were notes that he wrote down in his own handwriting.  The audience laughed because his notes to himself were not submissable evidence...Things got funny when Judge Mills Lane said, "Don't interrupt again Mr. T," to the plaintiff.   Later, Carl interupted again, and Mills said, "I'm gunna come and grab that tuff of hair on your head and pull it off.  Carl's drama paid off, because he won $500 for the stereo.
---1999 TO 2000---This short-lived talker was produced by the former producer of Jerry Springer, Burt Dubrow, so it had to be crasy...and it was.  Unfortunately, ratings never got much higher than a 1.0 and it was cancelled after one season.
Incredible People
This show  featured conjoined twins, Lori and Dori, and an obese man who could barely make it out of his house.  Also, a woman with the largest natural breasts in the world:  SIZE "I."
Marshall Sylver - This man cured people of their phobias.  He brought a woman with no arms out of her house for the first time in years.
Shocking Show - Dr. Joy actually gave guests a small shock whenever they lied or said something hurtful to their mate.
Dr. Joy Court - Featured cases like the guy who was mad because a woman's cat pissed on his coat.
Girls in A Gang - Teen girls who refused to give up the gang life talked about it, in disguise.
Woman Goes Crazy
A woman who did not get along with her son drops to her knees on the set before a commercial break because she was so worked up.
One-On-One Corner
This was a special corner of her studio where guests could have intimate conversations with the doctor.  One show involved a teen daughter screaming at her mom.  The girl got so mad, that she collapsed backstage.
"I Want To Be Honest With You" 
Snoop had a secret to tell her godmother and she was worried about her reaction.  Snoop, who was born female, was living her life as a man.  Her godmother, Beulah, was surprised, but she did not disown her goddaughter...godson.
---1999 TO 2001---From rapper to TV star to talk show host.  Queen Latifah launched her talk show in 1999, but it got bad time slots in many markets.  Despite low ratings, it was picked up for a second season.  She got a colorful new set and graphics, but that wasn't enough.  Latifah's show was cancelled during spring 2001.  Repeats ran through summer of 2001. 
SEASON ONE  1999-2000
Overweight Teens
A teenage girl was considering leaving school because people picked on her due to her weight.  Latifah decided to go to school with her so the teasing would stop.  She made a speech in front of all of the students and since the show, the girl has lost weight and school hasn't been a problem.   EXTRA
Celebrity Guests
Shaq, Puff Daddy, Rosie O'Donnell, Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill wre among the stars that stopped by in season one.
12-25-1999   Christmas Show
Latifah made kids wishes come true and a young lady sang to get everyone into the holiday spirit.
SEASON TWO  2000-2001
Bertha Hates Her Own Race
Bertha appeared on the show several times to talk about how she disliked black people even though she was black.  She said blacks are lazy and blame slavery for all of their problems.  Bertha was adament about this issue that she got into a verbal fight with Latifah.
"Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader and Special Guests Phil Donahue and Susan Sarandon" 
The talk show pioneer appeared with Nader to discuss why everyone should vote for him.  2% of the votes went to him.
Abusive Husbands
Husbands who wanted thier wives to lose weight had to work out as the audience laughed at how weak they were.
Parents Who Spank Their Kids 
Latifah went behind the scenes to the homes of young parents who spank and hit their children.  Luckily, most of the guests changed their minds after watching themselves on tape.
"Relationships At A Crossroads:  A Test Will Determine The Future" 
Kendale found out that his girlfriend, Charity, had cheated on him when they were separated and also when they were together.   Kendale was so hurt, that he walked off the show.  Latifah was able to bring him out later and he was in tears.
"Fans Compete to Meet Their Favorite Celebs" 
Culture Club performed "Karma Chameleon" after Iggy, a gay guy who loves them, sang his favorite Culture Club song.  Boyz II Men and BB Mak also appeared on this episode.
"The Vice President Meets America's Young Voters" 
Queen Latifah interviewed Al Gore in front of students at a community college in Iowa.  Gore showed pics of his family and revealed that he used to ride motorcycles and evaded the police one time!
Trading Places:  Part One
Latifah's innovative project that is exclusive to her talk show.  A 19-year-old white girl named Allison agreed to live with a black family for two weeks.  Allison is a college student who thinks all black people eat fried chicken and listen to wrap.  Also, 20-year-old Jai is a black man who agreed to live with a white family for two weeks.  Jai thinks that white people are too happy and cook funny.  On this episode, Latifah introduced us to Allison, Jai and the families that they are going to live with.  Will Mega, the first guest to get tossed from BIG BROTHER, also appeared on the show and gave advice to all of the participants in Latifah's project.
Trading Places:  Part 2
Allison gets in an arguement at her host family's house with the father of the family, Robert.  Robert claimed that the white race owes him, but Allison disagreed.  Allison called her dad in tears that night...Jai was shown eating dinner with his host family, when Eddie, the son, asked him why black guys like women with big butts.
Trading Places:  Part 3
Allison feels lonely living with a black family and gets a hug from the families mother...Jai and his white family get in an argument about black heritage.  The mother says that black people instigate white drivers when they cross the road.
Trading Places:  Part 4
This was the final episode that featured Jai and his host family.  It featured clips from his trip with the white family and both sides discussed what they learned from the project.
Trading Places:  Part 5
Allison appeared with the black family that hosted her for two weeks and apologized for some of the ignorant things she said about black people.  It turned out that Allison and her host families niece, Kellie, became best friends and Allison said that she wanted to remain close with the family for life.
"I Think You're Cheating And It's Time To Make A Choice"  
A woman got so pissed that her boyfriend was cheating on her that she tossed her microphone at the floor and ran off the show!
"Women Defend Their Right To Wear What They Want" 
This show involved hochie drssing girls and women who said they had the right to wear anything without being molested by guys.  R 'n B artists Pink and Donell Jones came on to speak their minds about the issue and things got heated!  One of the guy guests said he disliked her pink hair and refused to listen to her speak.  After he argued with Pink, Latifah threatened to kick the guy off the show.  Pink said, "Where did you find this guy?"  Mysteriously enough, the bad-mouthed guests was no longer on the panel after the commercial break.
"Queen Latifah Confronts Racist Past Guests"
Pam confronted Warren who said that black people were "scammers" who brought crack to the white community.  Warren was also confronted by his friend Bill who said that Warren claimed to have slept with a black woman.  That was proven false with a lie detector test.  Incredibily, Warren had a change of heart at the end of the show after a black audience member told him to expand his horizons.  He realized that all black people are not like the few bad ones he had experiences with.  Warren said he'd try to be friendly to people of other races, much to Latifah's delight.
"QL Viewers Confront Memorable Guests"
Joan got upset when she saw Tom Green, a man with 5 wives and 29 kids, appear on QL.  After calling him a "son of a bitch" and a "bastard," Joan confronted the polygamist.  She yelled at him and said he was a child molester that should be locked up.  (Green was jailed for multiple years in 2001 for his acts of polygamy.
"I Hate My Own Race!"
Tommy Anderson was white, but he loved Puerto Rican culture.  He thought he was actually Puerto Rican!  Tommy came on the show waving a Pueto Rican flag and a shirt that said "100% Pure Puerto Rican."  His mother did not understand why her son would not carry on his Jewish heritage.  Audience members said he should be proud of who he is. 
10-2-2000   <SERIES PREMIERE>   "Dwarf Tossing" 
This case was about two dwarves who were at odds because the other one allowed himself to be tossed across the room for money at bars.  His friend thought it was outrageous and demeaning to little people, but Judge Elder ruled in the favor of the dwarf who was tossed.
"You're No Howard Stern" 
Adam brought his friend, George, on the show because he dressed and acted like Howard Stern.  George wore a black wig and classes on the show and told Larry Elder that he has never told anyone that he is Howard, but Adam said that was a lie.  Adam said that George acts like Stern to get women into bed, which George did not deny.  George even said that he wears the wig and glasses when he has sex with women!  Adam told George he could get girls without acting like Howard and Larry Elder agreed, granting Adam $1,000.
"Music Man Wears A Skirt"
Imagine finding out that a potential male business client who you spoke with over the phone dresses like a woman!  That's what happened to one lady and she won her case because she had to keep a good reputation.
"Naked Neighbor Sunbather" 
A guy brings his older next door neighbor to court because she sunbathes naked outside.  He said the sight of her flabby boobs made him sick, especially since she was old..
Black Racist / Old Man Does Naked Commercial
Both these stories appeared on the same show.  The first one involved a black man who refused to date black women. He only won his case because he was right to date anyone he wanted, but Larry said that "no sister would want his black ass!"  The second story was about four old ladies who were upset because a 73-year-old man, John, posed nude in a commercial.  John won because he has the right to do whatever he wants.
94-Year-Old Clubber! 
Jack, 94, brought Mae to MORAL COURT because he claimed that she did a terrible job portraying him in her documentary.   She recorded him because, despite his age, Jack still went clubbing all over Hollywood.  She showed tape of him dancing with young women and even messing around with them!  Mae lost her case and Jack won $500.
KKK Grand Wizard Walks Off
A Reverand who was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan came on because he was upset that his nephew had disowned him.  He tried to make the Klan look good, but Judge Elder didn't believe it and called him an idiot.  The Reverand got so upset that he walked off the show!
The Naked Cowboy!
A guy who runs around in his underwear singing country songs ("I'm the naked cowboy, coming to a town near you...) is brought to the show by his embarassed girlfriend.  He even sang his songs on the show!  The judge ruled in his favor because there is nothing wrong with trying to persue a dream....This show also featured a woman who was mad at a guy who collected feminine hygeine products in his basement.  Judge Elder ruled in his favor, but she got so pissed that she ran from the show and refused to talk to Vivian!
EXTRA INFO: The Naked Cowboy can be found on the streets of New York.  He has shown up on the People's Court viewing areas several times, as well as Ricki Lake.
Mother and Daughter In Disguise 
Megan and her mom Catherine came on because Megan was upset that her mom wouldn't let her hang out with her friend since it was discovered that they used drugs together.  Megan and Catherine came on the show in disguise since they were talking about illegal drugs. Megan lost her case because Judge Elder thought that Catherine was only trying to look out for her daughter.
The World's Worst Mother!
An 18-year-old woman brings her mom to court for being the worst parent in the world.  The girl was raped when she was younger and mom said it was all her daughter's fault.  She blamed everything on her young daughter.  Judge Elder awarded the girl $2,000 after he gave a tearful speach about how awful a mother the woman was.
The Case of the Cussing Husband 
A woman brought her man to the show because of his constant swearing.  She said that he cusses all of the time, even in front of kids.  He said it's because he grew up around people who swore, so it was okay for him to do it now that he was grown.  He proved his wife right in court with his testimony, where he was bleeped out every other minute.  Judge Elder found in favor of his wife.
You Betray Your Heritage!
David brought his good friend, Alan, to Moral Court because he only hangs out with black people.  Alan, who is white and Jewish, came to the show wearing a dew rag and baggy clothes and said that he's more comfortable being with black people.  David lost his case and said that he may try to chill with some of Alan's friends.
"Reindeer Games" / Woman Goes For The Kill! 
This was a great show because it featured two very memorable cases.  The first involved a woman who brought her neighbor to court because he had to wooden Christmas reindeers in his front yard that looked like they were humping!  She claimed that the display was inappropriate for kids and won $500...  In the second case, a woman brought her soon-to-be stepmom to court because she had disposed of her cat.  The outrageous mom lost the case, but went crazy after an audience member called her a name.  A woman in the audience said the mom was a crackhead and with that, mom ran after her to kick her ass!  Mr. Brown was able to stop her and tossed her off the show.
The Insulted Clown
A male clown brought a female clown to court because he claimed that she was defaming the clowning industry.  The female clown, Knockers, was a kinky clown who performed sex acts while dressed as a clown.  Knockers came to court dressed like a slutty clown and her outfit was complete with boob tassels!
"Make Me An Honest Man"
Kenneth brought his lover, Roderick, to Moral Court because he wanted him to agree to marriage.  The gay couple had been going out for 14 years and all Kenneth wanted was to make things final.  Unfortunately, Roderick was scared of the whole concept of marriage, so he refused.  judge Elder found in favor of Roderick because he was providing Kenneth with commitment and love.
"See Your Dying Dad!"
Marsha's husband was never around for her son, Parrish, but now he is dying and Marsha wants them to meet up.  Parrish said he didn't want to see him because he wasn't there for him for over 20 years.  An audience member put it perfectly when she said that his dad wasn't dying because he had already been dead to Parrish for 20 years.  In the end, Judge Elder found in favor of Parrish because his dad was a deadbeat.

Stop Getting Naked At Social Gatherings!

Shannon brought her husband, Brian, in front of Larry Elder because she was sick of him getting naked at parties.  She brought Elder photos of a nude Brian to show him the problem.  Brian said that he shows his goods for shock value and as a joke, but Shannon wanted him to grow up.  As Larry Elder thought over the case backstage, a man from the audience encouraged Brian to show off his assets.  Brian stepped away from the podium andunzipped his pants, but the bailiff quickly moved him back to his podium.  After deliberation, Elder ruled in favor of Shannon, granting her $1,000 for Brian's offensive behavior.
Pawning His Love Away
A woman brought her husband on the show because he pawned his wedding ring!  He pawned it for a mere $25 because he wanted to buy a DVD player, which cost $90.  If he had waited 2 weeks, they would have had enough money for the DVD player anyways.  In the end, Judge Elder dismissed the case.
Phone Sex Operator
Vondra was proud of her job as a phone sex operator, but her friend, Mike, was not.  Mike said that the job was demeaning and like prostitution.  Vondra said it's providing a service.  She told Judge Elder that she "makes men c**."  It turned out that Mike had feelings for Vondra, even though he wouldn't admit it.  judge Elder ruled in favor of Vondra because she wasn't harming anyone.
"3 Way!  No Way!"
Jeff and Norma were in boring relationships before and said that they wanted there's to be hot.  They decided to be open to many sexual acts.  Norma wanted to tie him up and wanted to have sex on a ferris wheel, so Jeff granted her wishes.  Jeff wanted to introduce a second woman into their bedroom, but that's where Norma drew the line.  She said it was an immoral act and only wanted her fantasies to be acted out with Jeff.  Judge Elder granted Norma $500 because Jeff was acting selfish and immoral.
September 2000 TO September 2001
Moral Court was a court talk show by WARNER BROS.  It was hosted by Los Angles talk show host Larry Elder.  The show involved people who what to confront others who have offended them morally.  The plantiff was known as "THE ACCUSER" and the defendant was called "THE ACCUSED."  They argued their cases out and the winner could receive up to $2,000 for being morally right.  When the guests got out of control or said something that was out of line, Judge Elder was not afraid to tell them offf. Unfortunately, bad time slots added up to low ratings, the show was cancelled in May 2001.  Repeats are still broadcast in markets all over the country.