---August 2000 TO January 2002--- Prominent Judge Andrew P. Napolitano hosted the most realistic court talk show out there for its first season.  He left the show after one year to work on FOX News and  Judge Lynn Toler from Ohio took over the show in August of 2001.  The show also featured baliff, Joe Catalano, Jr. and some of America's most prominent lawyers.  Chris Darden, Gloria Allred, Dominic Barbera, and Jayne Weintraub all appeared on the show.   The show was cancelled in November 2001 and ran through January 2002.
Woman Sues Mom

A woman brought her mom to court claiming that she stole money from her.  Her mom cried and sobbed throughout the whole trial, wondering why her daughter was so heartless. The judge ruled in the mother's favor, but the drama wasn't over.  After the ruling, the woman's sister who was sitting in the audience got mad and started screaming at her sister.  The verbal fight carried out into the hall and baliff Joe Catalano had to step between the women to prevent a violent confrontation.
Prosecution Gets Pissed
Cheryl sued her slumlord landlord, Latanya, claiming that her house was a mess, she had no heat and that Latanya practiced voodoo.  To top it off, the Cheryl said that the defendant had spread her dead parents ashes in her backyard, which scared her kids.  Latanya denied that she was a slumlord, which made Cheryl's attorney, Shari Karney, very upset.  After winning her case, Karney got up in Latanya's face in the hall and called her a liar.  Baliff Joe had to seperate everyone before an altercation took place.
Handicapped Woman Sues Her Best Friend
Two women who met in high school and were friends for about 20 years came to court over car payments.  The plaintiff was mad because the defendant would not give her back her money after she spent over $500 on a car that the defendant had sold her and took back.  The defendant claimed that the plaintiff made no modifications to the car and was only upset because she was no longer friends with her.  The defendant also said that the plaintiff liked her around as a slave because she was confined to a wheelchair.  In the end, Judge Napolitano found in favor of the plaintiff, granting her over $1,000 in rewards.  She cried as the judge read the verdict and it was obvious that her lost friend has meant a lot to her at one point.
8-27-2001  <SEASON PREMIERE>   "Sharon's Ruined Day"
Season two started will a new judge, Lynn Toler, who is tougher than Napolitano.  The show featured the same graphics and set, but the court reporter was out...In this case, Sharon was upset because her wedding coordinator, Rodrik, messed up her pictures.  Some of the stills came out bad and the video featured close-ups of the guests butts!  Judge Toler gave Sharon $250 for the bad pics, but did not give her all the money she wanted because everything else Rodrik did for her was up to par.
10-5-2001  Bad Wedding Pictures
Sandralee was upset because her wedding pictures came out blurry.  She said she looked drunk in them and defense attorney Chris Darden asked her if she really was drunk.  Sandralee's husband, Jerry, spoke and things got heated after he called the pictures "crap" and started talking over judge.  She yelled at him and told him to be polite in her courtroom.  The photographer, Gary, said that most of his pics came out well, but liked to give people all the pics- even the bad ones.  Judge Lynn did not give the plaintiffs any money because the majority of the pics looked nice.  Jerry got upset when he heard the news and said, "this is bullshit!" and called the defendant a punk.
10-23-2001 A Close-up On The Bride's Breasts
Naudia and her husband paid  $1,100 for a wedding video and pictures.  They claimed that the defendant, Obbrie,  focused on her breasts in the videos and flirted with their guests!  The video was played and clearly showed the camera zoming in on Naudia's boobs.  Judge Toler watched the tape in her chambers and said it was fuzzy.  She ruled in favor of Naudia, but only granted her $400 because some of the pictures came out nice.  After the judge left, Naudia said she was disgusted that the defendant was ripping people off in the name of the Lord.
---June 19, 1996 TO May 22, 2002---Rosie won the hearts of women all over America when her show started in 1996.  Then, she was portrayed as next door motherly figure.  She got all of the big guests and scored huge ratings.  But ratings fell during season 5 when she announced she would end the show in season 6.  Just before she wrapped things up, Rosie told Diane Sawyer in an interview that she is a lesbian with a lover, Kellie Carpenter.  The show ended in May 2002 and Caroline Rhea took over.
Donny Osmond's Humiliation
He implied that Rosie was fat and had to pay the price.  Rosie kept referring to the incident on her show and Donny finally came back on to be confronted by an upset Rosie.  All was not forgiven until he sang "Puppy Love" while wearing a dog costume.
Tom Cruise
After months of begging him and playing "Tommy Can You Hear Me," the love of Rosie's life finally came on the show and came  back several times.  Rosie even had the opportunity to kiss him in front of her audience!
May 1999  Tom Selleck and the NRA
Rosie is against guns, so she confronted Tom Seleck, the former head of the National Rifle Association on her show.  Tom got very upset with Roise and even called her stupid.  She thought he should not have put his name out their as being their spokeperson.  He replied, "Don't put words in my mouth.  I'm not a spokesperson.  Remember how calm you said you'd be.  Now you're questioning my humanity."  After Rosie said she thought he was very humane, he replied, "Let's just say that I disagree with you, but I think you're being stupid."   .
Barbara Streisand
Rosie switched her chairs around on her set weeks before Barabara came to the show, because Barabara does not like the camera to capture her left side.  When she finally arrived, she chatted for a full hour.  Rosie told her that her family used to decoarte their Christmas tree to her music every year. The set was decorated with tons of flowers and Rosie was very nervous to meet one of her heroes.
Rosie Cuts Her Hand
As she prepared food for her kids one night, Rosie sliced her hand and went in for several surgeries as a result.  She even showed off her nasty stitches in Regis & Kelly one morning.  Unfortunately, her hand got no better and Rosie had to miss almost a month worth of shows.  Guest hosts such as Caroline Rhea, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar filled in for her until she was able to return to her show in late April 2001. She even surprised Barbara Walters with a surprise appearance on her own show.  The audience gave her a standing ovation. 
FINAL SEASON  2001-2002
9-18-2001   The First Show After America's Terrorist Attack
Rosie O'Donnell came back on the air one week after the World Trade Center collapsed to the ground.  She began the show with emotional highlights from the terrorist attacks.  Rosie, seated at her desk, then spoke about her feelings and broke down crying.  She said the only way to start to heal was by making a movie of her kids.  Rosie made the movie after the hell in New York and aired it on this show.  Her close friends joined her on this sad show.
12-12-2001   Tom Cruise Returns
Rosie's wannabe lover came back to talk about his movie, "Vanilla Sky."  He gave her roses and hugged her when he came out.  Rosie showed clips of his film and showed her own movie of her going to see the film...Tom told Rosie that he was upset her show was ending and told her she did a lot of great stuff.
3-15-2002   St. Patrick's Day Craziness
Rosie O'Donnell spoke openly about her life as a lesbian the night before this show aired and said she thought gays should be allowed to adopt.  Rosie was absent for this episode and her replacement, Caroline Rhea, hosted.  The show began with a bagpiper who tried to teach Caroline how to play the instrument...Next, Caroline had a rather uncomfortable interview with William Shatner.  It seemed very unnatural because it seemed like they were both faking laughter.  The audience just sat there without laughing back...Things got better in the third segment when Caroline brought out some older Irish dancers.  They tried to teach Caroline and William how to do an Irish jig, but they were not too good at it...The show ended on a high note with a performance by musician Michelle Branch.
5-13-2002    Bette Midler's Special Farewell Performance
Rosie had always looked up to Bette over the years and was thrilled that they got to be friends thanks to her show.  Bette was sad that this was her last appearance on the show, but had a special treat for Rosie.  Bette sang a rather sad farewell song that she had never sang in public before and dedicated it to Rosie.  The crowd was on their feet after the song and Rosie hugged her friend with tears in her eyes. 
5-20-2002    "Rosie Unplugged!"
Rosie was interviewed backstage for her third to last live show and reflected on her most memorable guests over the six years the show was on...She showed clips from the Tom Seleck controversy (above) and said she thought she may have been a little hard on him since he is not usually a controversial figure...Rosie visited the home of her hero Barbra Streisand and took pictures of herself in the star's yard.  Barbra granted her an interview inside of her house afterwards...Rosie discussed how she cut her hand in 2001 and said that it was a major factor in not renewing her contract...The most emotional part of the show came when Rosie discussed September 11th.  She said she did a normal show on September 10th, but John McDaniel came in crying to tell her the news the next day.  She said "it was nearly impossible to come back on the air and do a show."  She said those were the hardest shows to do.
5-22-2002    The Final  Show
After six years, Rosie wrapped up her show because she wanted to spend more time with her kids.  Many of her favorite guests and friends filled the audience...The last show began with a huge musical number from Broadway.  Rosie helped build up a huge interest in musicals over the years, so its no wonder why cast members from The Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast helped her out.  Vanessa Williams and John Lithgow even joined in during the musical tribute, where Rosie even sang and danced...The show started with what Rosie did best:  she gave lots of gifts to the audience.  Lucky audience members got a tote bag full of Rosie show stuff, a TIVO, a camera, and DVDs of Vanilla Sky & Harry Potter.  Rosie also thanked her producer's at Warner Bros. who gave her a $1 million donation to Rosie's charity...During the second segment, Rosie presented her audience coordinator, Joey, and stylist, Donna,  with a touching surprise.  Rosie won 2 Emmy's a few days before this show aired, so she gave them each one.  She also bought Joey a new fishing boat and Donna a new PT Cruiser car...Her first guest was Nathan Lane, who thanked Rosie for her charity work and contributions to Broadway.  He said he didn't know she was gay and said he would have sent her cards on all the gay holidays if he knew....Later, her friend Christine Ebersole sang "My Funny Valentine" and Rosie gave her a big hug... The show ended with a very emotional video tribute of Rosie's family and moments from the show that she put together herself.  After the video, Rosie and her staff were onstage and she thanked John McDaniel for all his help.  He said he loved her and kissed her twice.  Rosie then went to a clip of Tom Cruise mowing the lawn, saying, "Hey, Rosie.  I cut your lawn.  Here's your lemonade."
---September 2001 TO 2002---The former MTV veejay tried her hand at a syndicated talk show and failed.  She didn't have a chance because she premiered the day after 9/11 and, of course, people concerned themselves with the tragedy instead of her show.  It ended after one year.
9-10-2001   <SERIES PREMIERE>   "New Beginnings"
Ananda began her new show with a look at the building of her set.  Her family also appeared to show support for the new host...The first episode featured guests who had started over and changed their lives. Tannika was celebrating a career change, so Ananda surprised her with her father who she had not seen in 3 years.  Her boyfriend, Travor,  flew in from Finland and surprised her with a marriage proposal.  Ananda provided him with a ring...Joan was embarassed about her smile because she had damaged teeth.  A doctor fixed her smile and she was given a new hairdo.  Joan's husband thanked Ananda for bringing out the true beauty in his wife.
9-19-2001   "Should We Legalize Marijuana?"
Both sides collided during this heated debate on whether the drug should be legalized.  Will said he had been smoking pot for 30 years and never used harder drugs.  He also spent 4 1/2 years in prison for it.  Steven said pot should be legalized for medicinal purposes and smokes it daily.  Deborah told of how her daughter smoked it and died in her sleep from drowning in her own vomit.  Robert, a drug expert, yelled back-and-forth with Steven and said that no medical institution backs the use of pot.
10-8-2001   "Meet *N Sync and Their Families"
This show was so big that Joan Lunden and her daughters were in the audience.  The boys sang "Pop" and "Gone" in front of a packed audience of screaming girls.  Ananda also had the opportunity to talk with their parents.  Joey's dad said he bought him a Cadillac, while Chris bought his mom a new home.  Some lucky audience members got to meet their favorite group.  One girl said she celebrated their birthday's with her friends and gave Justin some flowers.
10-22-2001  Exotic Dancers
Tricia appeared on THE WEAKEST LINK and won!  She also works as a topless stripper to support her son and is not ashamed of what she does...Catherine is a classical musician, as well as an exotic dancer, who says stripping earns her a lot of money and gives her more free time...Cherylyn said that stripping leads to abuse from men and asked the audience if they want their daughters to do it.
11-2-2001  Women Who Work In The Sex Industry To Support Their Kids
Deanna works at a legal brothel in Nevada called the Moonlight Bunnyranch to support her kid.  Her sister, Tina, confronted her and said what she was doing was wrong and begged her to quit...Dawn is a phone sex operator and makes $34.50 at home, while raising her kids at the same time.  Dawn told of how some sick clients call and make her pretend she is a kid getting raped!  She said it's better that she pretends on the phone, than if he was to go out and rape a child.  Ananda was shocked.  Musical group City High also appeared and sang their songs, "What Would You Do" and "Caramel."
11-13-2001  Time To Learn A Lesson
Kealy was upset because Robert was too controlling over her cousin, Jessica.  Jessica did not have her license and did not graduate because he did not trust her.  Robert was booed when he came out and called Kealy a "bitch" and a "dyke."  Ananda said he could not call any woman a bitch on her show!  Robert was sentenced to dressing as a woman in public...Laura could not stand the fact that her sister, Madelline, was in love with a convict.  Madelline said that she wanted to be with him forever and would not listen to her sister.  Madelline was sentenced to carrying a sign that said, "I Love A Jailbird."
12-7-2001   People Who Think They Are God's Gift To The World
Jenine said she was a perfect ten and that when she enters a room, everyone looks at her.  She even wears make-up and does her hair up when she goes to the beach!  Jenine said she always gets asked if she is a model.  (Too bad she had a big head with big ears.)...Steven is a goof, but his sister and his ex came on to tell how he is God's gift.  He told Ananda that if she gave him three minutes of her time, her could get her to want him.  (Ananda did not seem too interested; maybe she noticed his uni-brow!)
12-19-2001  A Man Changes His Racist Views
Christina and her uncle Calvin were best friends until she had an interracial baby with Glen.  Calvin said he didn't believe in interracial babies and did not want any part of their kid.  Deborah, Calvin's brother, came out, hugged everyone, and told Calvin to get over his thoughts because Glen was a nice guy.  By the end of the show, Calvin agreed to meet the baby and said it was a great feeling.  Everyone went out to dinner and Calvin had a change of heart.
1-17-2002   People Who Like To Be Nude!
Linda brought her husband, Stephen, to a beach and introduced him to nudism.  Their 14-year-old son, Alex, also because a nudist and had no problems sitting around naked with his parents!  Ananda showed clips of the nude around a pool and on vacation.  They were confronted with Desiree who mows her lawn naked and holds naked parties.  She said that nudity around children is not proper...Dakota Rae and her husband, Jake, both lost their jobs because he was taking nude pictures of his wife and posting them on the Internet.  They said they were not ashamed of they were doing and recently told their 13-year-old about it.
2-13-2002   Teen Prostitutes
"Jackie," 15, appeared in disguise because she felt bad because she felt bad about her prostitution "job," but said that the money was too good.  She cried as her grandmother spoke to her because she had put the family through so much.  She had been a hooker since she was only 13...Mel, 18, was proud to be a legal hooker at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada.  She said that the girls there are very clean because they are tested for STDs weekly..."Alex" is a male escort, who appeared in silhouette backstage, said male prostitution is safer than female prostitution.  He said he often has the same clients and enjoys it.
5-9-2002   Paster Mason Betha
Ma$e shocked the world when he choose the Lord over a multi-million dollar recording contract.  Puff Daddy's protege, now known as Pastor Mason Betha, told Ananda that he used to have sex up to four times a day and got sick of living the crazy life.  He said his life changed when he was in church because the Lord called him to be a preacher.  Pastor Betha said he dropped all his jewelry and cried as his life changed that day.  He told Ananda that he now devotes his life to the church and likes to mentor young people.  The Good Pastor even found a new wife who he is very happy with.  He said that he bought her a small engagement ring at first as a test, but bought her a bigger one once she proudly displayed the smaller one for a few weeks.
---September 2001 TO January 2002---Author Michael Baisden's short-lived talk show, TALK OR WALK, aired during the fall of 2001 and dealt with controversial guests who had to decide whether they wanted to talk things out or walk away.  The show caught heat when one of its guests filed a complaint with the FCC saying the producers told his girlfreind to walk out of his life because their segment was too dull.  Whether or not it was true, the show was cancelled after only 10 weeks on the air.
9-19-2001   "Grow Up or Get Out"
Justin got kicked out of the Big Brother II house for holding a knife to a woman's throat.  Christine, his girlfriend, brought him on because she did not like how other girls were trying to get with him.  Justin was VERY cocky and even bragged about having several girlfriends.  Christine WALKED because she did not want to deal with his player ways and she was tired of worrying about him.
9-21-2001  "Stop Milking Our Friendship"
Carla still breast feeds her 4-year-old son, but her friend Rhonda thinks it's bad.  They showed her breastfeeding her child, Sebastian, before the show.  Carla said that people accuse her of getting off on breastfeeding the child.  Rhonda said he was too old for it and was concerned about how Sebastion will turn out in the future.  Carla decided to walk from the show because she didn't like the way Rhonda wouldn't support her choice.
9-25-2001   "True Red, White & Blue"
Eddie came from a family where all of its men fought for their country.  He got upset after the WTC attacks, so he decided he wanted to enlist in to the Marines.  His mother, Mary, was against it because he was her only son and her youngest child.  The show also featured men from the Navy and from the Marines to discuss the benefits of joining the military.  In the end, Mary decided to back Eddie's decision and gave him her blessing since he was going to fight for our country.

10-1-2001  "Deadly Sex Secrets"

Steve was a gay A.I.D.S. activist who also had the disease.  He said he slept with about 12 men after getting the disease and said there was nothing wrong with it because he has safe sex.  Taba and Vonzella agrily confronted him about his choices.  Vonzellsa was especially mad because her husband gave her and her daughter the disease.  The women decided to walk out of his life, but Steve said he'd continue to have sex with married men.
10-3-2001  "Daddy's Love Toys"
Maggie was ashamed of her dad, Mark, because he makes "love dolls" that men have sex with.  Mark brought one of the $6,000 dolls to the show and talked about how men are lonely and need his services.   Maggie was upset because Mark would leave the dolls all over the house and students made fun of her at school.  Mark decided to remove the dolls from the house.
10-17-2001  "Bride For Sale?"
Peter says he is tired of slutty American women who have no family families, so he looks at mail-order brides for possible wives.  His friend, Linda, told him he was making a mistake and that the woman he would bring to the U.S. would become Americanized.  Liliya was a Russian mail-order bride and said he marriage is a success and is glad that she avoided drunken Russian men.  Peter decided to TALK with Linda because she said she'd be there for him no matter what.
10-23-2001  Elvis Sends A Man Messages and "Your Sexy Website Must Go!"
FIRST STORY:  Elvis Sends A Man Messages Charlie claims that Elvis Presley is coming to him in dreams.  He says that "The King" is giving him country songs to record and says that he wants people to be more respectful to each other because life is a precious gift.  Charlie's ex, Margaret, wanted him to stop talking about Elvis because it is affecting the kids.  One of their sons even got into a fight because of his dads "sightings."  Margaret cried and begged Charlie to say that the sightings were not true, but he urged that they were real.  She threatened to take the kids out of the state and file against him if he did not say the sightings were fake.  Charlie finally agreed to stop talking about it and decided to talk it out with Margaret.
LATER:  "Your Sexy Website Must Go!"  Shiela, 18, has a site where she poses in naughty pics and gets gifts from older men.  Daniel, her boyfriend, told her to stop making the site because she could get hurt.  Keith, a viewer of her site, came on and said that the site was harmless.  Keith was able to find out about her appearance on the show even though they had never met.  Daniel decided to WALK from her because of her dangerous habits.
10-29-2001  "You're Addicted To Me!"
Dali is a wierd, wierd man who is obsessed with a woman named Rebecca.  He says he had a spiritual bond with Rebecca, which he can't find with anyone else.  Dali said that he was bisexual and happy with several lovers before he found Rebecca.  Rebecca told him that he should not depend on her so much and that he needs to get help.  Dali admitted that he needs help and host Michael Baisden said the show would provide it for him.  Rebecca decided to WALK, but said she still wanted to be friends.
11-5-2001  "Deep Dark Secrets"
Abby, 18, has bulimia and had been purging her food since she was 12.  Her mom, Mary, and her brother, Paul, were very concerned about her disease.  Abby showed them the scares on her hands that she got from throwing up.  Abby she purges because she thinks she's fat.  An expert on the disease told her that if she does not stop, she could die.  He took her to a special treatment facility so she could get help...Evelyn had been suffering from a condition where she pulls out her own hair.  She started with pulling out her eyebrows and eyelashes and moved to pulling her own hair on the top of her head!  Her boyfriend, Steve, spoke of how he found out about her disorder, saying he was suspicious of er taking so long to get ready.  Steve said he was stunned when she showed him.
11-14-2001  "I Get Paid For Sex, So?"
Amy was hurt that her brother, Kent, was knocking her job as a legal prostitute at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.  He often referred to her as a "whore" and said she could easily find a classier job, but Amy said he was just jealous of all the money she made.  Ron Jeremy, porn star and one of Amy's lovers, said that he wanted her to quit her prostitution job and become a porn star.  Dennis, the owner of the Bunny Ranch said that prostitution is safe and a great paying job.  After their discussion, Amy and Kent decided to TALK it out.
11-16-2001  "Male or Female?"
Colleen always felt like she was a woman trapped in a man's body, so she started dressing as a woman and changed her name.  She was reunited with her sister, Patti, after 15 years, on the show.  Patti had never seen her brother as a female and said she needed to try to accept it...Kris did not like how Kassy dressed as a male and wanted to take hormones.  Kassy said she was born in a world that does not accept her and wanted to be part of a "middle" sex, where she is not male or female...The final story was DISGUSTING!!  Danny didn't mind her friend Rhani's facial and body hair, but he was worried that she was going to get hurt.  Rhani, A WOMAN, came out sporting a mustache and goatee and said she thought it was sexy!  Danny said he would stay friends with her, but wanted her toi get rid of her facial hair.  She agreed to shave it and did it on the show!
12-14-2001  Implants, Implants, Implants
Boyd does not want his daughter, Antoinette, to get breast implants, but she did not care.  Antoinette was already a 36D and she wanted to be a 36H!  A woman who was an expert on breast implants showed Antoinette an implant that was inside someone that was full of fungus!...Fred wanted his girlfriend, Rebecca, to get bigger implants before their wedding.  He said it would be like an "upgrade" since she already had them.  Rebecca told him he should love her as she was.    EXTRA INFO:  Antoinette decided to hold off on the surgery.
----September 2002 TO January 2003---No one ever heard of Rob Nelson which easily lead to the downfall of his show.  The show was broadcast from Los Angeles and aired on mostly FOX stations.   When the show premiered, it was cleared in 181 stations, covering 94 percent of the country.   Ratings were low from the beginning, so Rob tried just about anthing to get them up.  Yes, he even appeared naked for a moment during a show on nudity.   Pandering to the lowest denominator didn't help and he was canned in December 2002.
9-16-2002    <SERIES PREMIERE>   Street Racing & Bullies 
The first topic of the first show involved street racing.  Rob spoke with Bruce whose wife and daughter were killed by Justin, a street racer.  Justin appeared via telephone and said that thanks to Bruce, he was spared a 30-year prison sentence.  Rob also spoke with three young men who raced on the streets and they said that they race in the early morning hours and that tracks should be built for them to race on...The second topic involved a young man named Edward whose mother, Violet, came home to discover a bloddy knife one day.  He tried to kill himself because he was being teased and threatened at school.  Edward cried as he told his story and touched Steve, a show worker, who said he used to harass kids, but now felt bad about it.  Rob told Ed he was proud of him and told the teen to call him if he ever thought of suicide again.
9-26-2002   Suing For Handicapped Access 
Ed was at a strip club and wanted to get a lap dance, except the room was not accessible.  Ed uses a wheelchair because he lost the use of his legs.  He said that he shouldn't have to ask for equal rights and should be able to get to anywhere he wants.  The strip club owner confronted him and said that they have an accessible room for him and that Ed was just trying to make money.  Ed said he didn't care about the money, he wanted access.
10-2-2002   A Different Kind of Polygamy 
Brian is not a Mormon, but he had two wives, Pam and Kathy, because he can't have one woman.  Kathy couldn't find a nice guy, so she married Brian who was already married to Pam.  Brian said that his purpose was to show people that there's value to their lifestyle because they also have kids who they are raising to be productive members of society.  Rob also spoke with two of their daughters who said that no one ever makes fun of them for having two moms.  They have seven kids in all.
10-7-2002   The Dangers of Raves 
Rob spoke with people who have been affected by the craziness of raves.   John (aka "DJ Monkeyboy) said he does not use drugs and goes to raves for the music and dancing.  Chris also enjoys raves, but likes using drugs like Ecstasy because he gets pleasure from the feelings it gives him.  Host Rob Nelson said he used "E" once and expected to have a good time, but got extremely depressed instead.  Rob spoke with Trinka, an LAPD narcotics detective, who showed off some products related to raves.  She said that people on "E" often used pacifiers to keep themselves from grinding their teeth.
10-31-2002  Extreme Body Modifications
"The Enigma" has full body puzzle tatooes and horns implanted under his head, while his wife, Katzen, has tiger stripe tatooes all over her body and whiskers pierced into her face.  The couple has a 9-year-old daughter and "The Enigma" said he likes to open the minds of young people...Nathan had his tongue split in half and had huge plugs that put huge holes in his ears.  He took one of the plugs out to show Rob the enormous hole in his ear lobe.
11-4-2002  Gang Life & Rap: A Debate With Suge Knight and Maymay Ali
Founder of Death Row Records (now known as The Row Records), Suge Knight, said that rap music is no different than other music.  Maymay Ali, daughter of Mohammed Ali, said she has a problem with the fact that her daughter can turn on the radio and hear dirty music.  Knight said that parents should not be so lazy and go to K-Mart to buy sanitized versions of music.  Knight said that kids shouldn't look up to rappers as role models because the only role model is Jesus.  A young panelist told Knight that she thinks his music made kids want to disrespect women and do drugs and asked him what his music does for the community.  A former gangster who now helps clean up the streets told Suge that he buries kids everyday.  He challenged Knight to help him clean up the streets.
11-7-2002   Selling Out For Money:  Legal Prostitute; Man Wants To Cut Off His Feet!
"Kimberly" works as a legal prostitute at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada to support her young son.  Her boyfriend, "Jason," told her that he could support her and said he wanted her to stop...Paul aka "Freck" lost the feeling in his lower legs in an accident and could not walk as fast, so he decided he wanted to have his feet removed.  Insurance wouldn't pay for the operation, so he decided to cut his own feet off with a guillotine on the Internet with the help of the public's donations!  Rob also spoke with Jarrod, who won a contest on Freck's Website, so he could see the chopping in person.
EXTRA INFO:  Rob had a real guillotine in the studio and worked it to show how fast the blade (covered in red "blood") would come down.
11-25-2002   Nudity In America:  The Host Gets Naked
In a talk show first, Rob Nelson came out holding nothing but a card that said "The Rob Nelson Show," which he held in front of his penis.  He said he came out naked in front of the audience because he wanted to know what it would feel like.  After the theme rolled, he came back out clothed, but welcomed Friendy and Simon, who gave everyone a demonstration from their stage show, "Puppetry of the Penis."  The audience gasped as they moved their members into objects like the Eiffel Tower.  Rob also showed footage of himself at a nudist colony, where he walked around (wearing clothes) among naked people who were doing everything from playing horseshoes and swimming.  They convinced him to shed his clothes and he again got his card out to cover his private area...Later, Della came on to tell her mom that she wanted to pose nude for Playboy.  Her mom accepted it and Rob showed footage of Della posing totally naked!
12-20-2002   Young Adults Who Practice Abstinence
Saving virginity until marriage is a positive growing trend in the USA, so Rob spoke with several people who decided to practice abstinence.  He spoke with teens Matt and Jason and 23-year-old Natalie who said they they want to abstain from sex until marriage.  Motivational speaker Pam Stenzel said their choice was very wise due to all of the STDs out there.  Rob also spoke with Gina who was raped several times as a child, so she was never able to chose who her first sexual partner would be.  Cameras followed her as she went in for a surgical procedure that tightens the vagina, creating a "second virginity."
Power of Attorney, Rosie O'Donnell, Ananda Lewis, Talk or Walk, Rob Nelson