---September 2002 to February 2004---America's Most Wanted host John Walsh discussed serious topics on this show from NBC Enterprises.  It did well in its first season, but was doomed to low ratings in its second which killed the show.
SEASON ONE 2002-2003
9-9-2002  <SERIES PREMIERE>  Tribute to 9/11 John Walsh entered the talk show arena by taping his first show in the field.  To remember September 11, Walsh travelled to Shanksville, PA, Ground Zero in NY, and the Pentagon...First, he spoke with a family who lost their firefighter son, Michael, in the attacks on the World Trade Center.  His former fiance, Jamie, said that she still thinks about her fallen boyfriend everyday.  Michael's dad said that his son was his best friend and he was to be his best man at their wedding.  Sadly, the family never got the remains of their son...Sandy, the wife of the pilot whose plane crashed in Shanksville, PA, brought John to the site of the crash.  They also went to a memorial, where Sandy found her husband's name and wrote a message for him...The premiere ended with an interview with New York governor George Pataki and a perfromace from The Boys Choir of Harlem.
9-16-2002   "Profiting From Murder...Right or Wrong?"  This episode focused on a disturbing new trend of people who collect "murderabilia," items made by serial killers.  Andy was disgusted by these killers and said killers sell everything from their hair to their toenails to make money.  The most disturbing item he had was a Jeffrey Dahmer doll that unzipped to reveal body parts inside of him...John called his next guest a "pervert" before he came out because he collects paintings from men serving time for multiple killings.  Joe said that it was just a hobby, but also ran a Website that sold these horrible products to the public.  Joe was confronted by two women whose lives were ruined by serial killers.  The women and the audience yelled at Joe and said he would kill since he was so obsessed with the paintings.
9-18-2002   "Internet Modeling:  New Career or Dangerous Spotlight?"  "Electra" was only 12 years old, but dropped out of school so she could pose in sexy Internet pictures, which her mom was okay with.  The sites are legal because they don't show any nudity, but congressman Mark Foley wanted them banned because they attract child molesters.  "Electra's" photographer, Harlan, said he wants people to look at her as a girl, not a sexual object and even helped teach her in homeschooling.  Bobbi Jo, 13, also posed in pics, but they were not as sexual.  However, John read emails sent to her site that said she was sexy.
11-22-2002   A Husband's Shocking Secret Life  Jodi was married to Richard for 17 years and even had three daughters with him, but he had a secret to reveal to her.  After establishing a life with him, he told her that he is bisexual and HIV positive!  Jodi stuck by him because she loved him so much.  Richard told John that since he told his wife, he has cheated on her with guys several times, which she accepts!  Richard also said he would live his life as a gay man if Jodi ever left him.  John spoke their daughter's who said they always thought their dad was "a little bit gay,"  however they were shocked to find out that he has HIV.  By the way, Jodi never contracted HIV. 
1-13-2003   Bizarre Phobias:  I Haven't Left The House In Five Years!  Jennifer, 15, was concerned because her once active mother, Anne, suffers from a fear of public places.  As a result, Anne has not left the house in over five years.  Jennifer appeared on the show in New York, but John spoke to Anne and her mother, Ruth, via satellite from her home in New Jersey.  During the interview, Anne was shaking, snapping and holding Ruth's hand because she was so scared.  Anne explained that her home is her safe place and the shows cameramen made her feel unsafe.  John told Anne he would get her help so she could attend Jennifer's graduation...Rachel was so scared of snakes that she would call her boyfriend at 3 a.m. if she saw a belt on the floor because it looks like a snake!  She admitted a fear of pasta because it looks like a bowl of snakes.  John provided her with some therapy during the show and she was able to look at a snake by the end of the program.
3-13-2003   "Exclusive:  Elizabeth Smart Found Alive" The day after Elizabeth Smart was found alive after nine months, John Walsh went live with this memorable edition.  Walsh got an exclusive interview with Elizabeth's father, Ed Smart.  John said he was in the middle of taping his show when he got the great news and said he wanted to do cartwheels.  Ed Smart told John via satellite from Utah that he never gave up hope.  He said he thought he would have to identify his daughter's body when police called him on March 12, but he could not believe his eyes when he saw his beloved daughter.  John also spoke with Anita and Alvin (in studio), who recognized her kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell, and called the police, prompting Elizabeth's return.  The audience gave with couple a standing ovation and Ed blew them kisses.
4-15-2003   Teen Sex Offenders Carrie and Brian's daughter, "Nicole," was raped at camp when she 13.  The 17-year-old rapist admitted to doing it and was given a slap on the wrist.  Her parents told John that they were upset because the boy goes to the same school as their daughter.  "Nicole" said she is afraid to go to school knowing that he could prey on her again..."Gerome" and his son, "Jay," 15, appeared in silhouette from the greenroom because "Jay" had been sexually aggressive since he was 11.  "Jay" had to leave the house because he was a teen sex offender.  He was put into treatment, but still told John that he did not have remorse for his young, boy victims.
4-17-2003   Teens With OCD Susan noticed that her daughter, Nicole, would pick at herself as a child, but did not think much of it.  Nicole has OCD and obsesses over her skin, as well as her schoolwork and organizes her clothes in bags to keep them clean...Elizabeth, 17, can't stop pulling out her hair and does not know why she does it.  Her mother, Patricia, felt guilty about it, so Elizabeth told her it was not her fault.  Elizabeth says she does not tell anyone about it and flips out if anyone goes near her hair...Rachel, 15, realized that she had OCD when she was 13.  When she touches something with one side of her body, she must touch it with the other side.  She also said that she suffers from repeating bad thoughts, like her parents dying.
5-5-2003   People Who Cut and Mutilate Their Bodies Kathyrn was a former cutter who was upset because her daughter, Windi, 20, became a cutter.  She told John that Windi wants to cut her body down to the bone.  Windi said she cuts so she can release pain and see inside herself.  She showed everyone one her arms, which were full of scars and cuts.  Windi said she wanted to quit...Gretchen, 16, cuts herself as a punishment and says no one can stop her.  She said that hospitals refuse to help and one even told her that she is disgusting.
5-22-2003   Hate Groups  Current racists and reformed racists confronted.  Nathan is a member of a white pride organization called Euro.   He wants few people to be imigrated to the USA and says he hates interracial relationships...Shaun is a spokesperson for the National Alliance that produces video games where minorities are targeted and killed .  Shaun admitted that they target a young audience.  He was confronted by T.J. who used to be part of his Neo-Nazi group and accused Shaun of passing out hate flyers to young teens.  John got angry with Shaun at the end of the show and told him to be quiet.  He said different people make the USA great..."Travis" had been part of a skinhead group and wanted to get out, so he appeared in a disguise (his appearance was also blurred) because he was afraid of retaliation.  He said he got hooked with white pride groups through the Internet, but realized that hate is wrong.
SEASON TWO  September 2003-February 2004
9-9-2003   Teen Nudist Camps The second episode oi season two featured young teens who attend nudist summer camps with their parents permission.  Cameras went behind the scenes of a nudist camp and showed kids (ages 11-18) playing water sports and oung pong in the nude!  John spoke with four teens about the camp, including Justine and Kyle who said they were from a family of nudists.  John brought the kids backstage and spoke with their famiilies who allowed them to go to these camps.  The consenting adults were met with huge criticism from the audience and John, who said that nudist camps were a child molester's dream.
11-3-2003   Child Molestors Confronted This was one of the hardest shows for John to do since his son was kidnapped and murderd by a child molestor.  Nevertheless, John confronted two admitted child molestors on the show..."Bob," who appeared in disguise, said he molested his own daughter when she was only seven years old.  He recently married a retarded women who was preganant at the time of the show.  "Bob" told John that he still cannot control his fantasies, but said he would leave home if he ever thought about molesting his new child.   John told him he should not have had more kids...Jake Goldenflame molested his own daughter when she was only three years old and molested several other boys.  He spent only five years in prison for his crimes and had been out 12 years at the time of the show.  He said he still has feelings about child but does not allow them to become plans.  Jake said the public needs to be protected from child molestors.
12-2-2003   People Who Want HIV   "Bug chasing " is when gay men deliberately set out to become HIV positive.  When Doug was 19, he had unprotected sex with many men in the hopes of contracting HIV.  His wish came true and he has been battling the deadly disease ever since.  Doug told John that many young, gay men think being HIV + will make them popular in the gay community.  Despite his initial high hopes, the disease has been nothing but a curse for Doug...Brian appared in silhouette so no one would recognize him.  He was also a "bug chaser" and said he was happy when he found out he was HIV positive.  Brian said that many gay men have approached him wanting to be infected with the disease.  He said he has been offered thousands of dollars to spread HIV, but has not given in yet although he may in the future...Donald Suggs, a gay activist, said bug chasers do not represent the majority of the gay people. 
2-9-2004  Children With Extreme Allergies 17-year-old Raphi wears a special suit whenever he goes outdoors because he is allergic to the sun.  The disease, XP, is so bad that the studio lights were turned down so he could talk to John.  Raphi said he wishes he could go outside like everyone else.  If he did, his skin would blister and burn...7-year-old Acar're is allergic to many things, including water and sunlight.  He has to put a special chemical in water before he can drink it or take a bath.  He wore a special suit as John spoke with him and his mother.  
2-23-2004  Born Against The Odds Jonathan was born with a rare skin condition that makes it hard to perform the simplest of tasks.  If he brushes up against something or falls, he runs the risk of ripping the skin off his body.  His mother, Brenda, has to wrap him up in bandages to protect his skin.  The disease also requires Jonathan to eating with a feeding tube in his stomach...Sue's son, Bucky, was born with half a nose and other facial deformities.  Doctors didn't think he'd survive, but he's still alive after 22 years.  Bucy has had surgeries on his nose and was even married not long before the show.  He said he still has 10 more surgeries to endure.
Larry Joe Doherty is a real Texan who presided over Texas Justice.  The show was different than other court shows because it often features live performances and visits from celebrities.  The set featured many portraits, cacti, and is complete with a ceiling fan, because it gets hot in Texas!   Bailiff William M. Bowers often had to help when  things get out of control.  He took guests into his "closet" for a good talking to, before allowing them back into court.  The show was axed in 2005 after four seasons.  It still airs in a few markets.
1-7-2002 Horse Damage  Joan was driving in her van with her family when the defendant's horse came out of nowhere and destroyed their car.  The defendant, Angelique, said that Joan was responsible for hitting her horse.  Spider, a passerby who stopped to help, yelled at Joan, saying she was speeding.  He also told judge Larry Joe that the horse died shortly after it hit the van.  Joan lost her claim for $5,000 because he did not believe the horse came out of no where because they are big. 
2-8-2002 Crazy Crawfish Case  Leonard & Michelle supplied crawfish to Randy & Nell, but said that they did not pay.   The defendants said that he did not deliver them on time, so their customers were upset causing them to lose money.  They brought some fresh crawfish in a tank and even cooked some for the judge so he could see what Randy & Nell's customers were missing.  The case got funny when Judge Larry Joe sampled the crawfish.  He puit a bib on while he was still at the bench and ate them up.  Leonard won his case, but the judge kept eating the crawfish!  He told Bailiff William that his joib was done, but William still had to get the plaintiffs and defendants out of the courtroom.
2-15-2002  Live Entertainment From A Zydeco Band! This was a court show first.  Guy was a Zydeco music promoter who brought David on the show because he did not pay him.  Guy told Judge Larry Joe that Zydeco music was great and brought out a popular band from Houston to perform right in court!  Judge Larry Joe came down from the bench to enjoy the music with Bailiff William.  The audience loved it and clapped along with the band.   Although Guy's case was dismissed, the Zydeco band kept playing after the verdict and the audience was on their feet again. (The name of the band was Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers.)
2-18-2002  Boy Attcked By A Pit Bull Judge Larry Joe showed some heart during this case because a boy named Brandon was attacked by a pit bull.  Brandon and his sister, Amber, cried as they told the story and Judge Larry Joe came down from the bench to inspect Brandon's scars.  He told the boy that people will not judge him based on his scars.  Brandon's mom, Barbara, brought Kathy to court because she wanted $5,000 in damages.  Barbara said that she could not afford health insurance for her kids because she was a single parent.  Judge Larry Joe said that both sides were responsible and said there wqas $10,000 in damages.  Therefore, Barbara got the $5,000 she wanted because she was half at fault.
3-23-2002   The Dead Ducks Catherine said the defendant's dog killed her daughter's pet ducks.  James said that it was a case of mistaken identity because it was not his dog.  Also, some graphic evidence of the dead ducks was presented to Judge Larry Joe to help him with the verdict.  Later in the case, Bailiff William brought out Catherine's daughter's, Rebecca and Rachel, and surprised them with two new ducks for them to keep!  The audience clapped when William brought out the white ducks.  Unfortunately for Catherine, she lost her case because she could not prove that James' dog killed the ducks.
4-25-2002  Teen Vandals Stacy brought her classmates Cassie, Chantel, and Glen to court because they damaged her parent's home with eggs.  Her dad, Bob, chased them with his car after they damaged his house.  Judge Larry Joe brought out each co-defendant with their parents one group at a time- the others waited in the greenroom.  Glen said he did not believe eggs cause damage to cars, but Judge Larry Joe told him to go crack an egg on his car and see if it did any damage.  At the end of the case, the judge yelled at the defendant teens and told them to take things more seriously. Judge Larry Joe granted the plaintiffs the $5,000 they wanted.
5-13-2002  Angry Hairdresser vs. Plumber Tamekia hired James to install shampoo bowls at her hair salon, but was upset because he did not finish his work before the store opened.  Bailiff William got a workout on this case because Tamekia's husband jumped up  to yell at the defendant.  James said that Tamekia's husbnad told him to make sure everything was done because she was a "bitch."  Tamekia lost it at this point and began screaming and swearing at James.  Bailiff William had to stand between both sides to prevent any violence.  After all the drama, Judge Larry Joe granted Tamekia $5,000.  She got all excited and kissed her husband as the audience stood up and clapped.
SEASON TWO  2002-2003
9-16-2002  <SEASON PREMIERE>   The Dissed Dancer After a long summer of repeats, season two began with a touched-up set.  The first case involved Ira, a male exotic dancer, who brought Fred and Ron to court for $3,000.  Ira claimed that the stripping contest at Ron's club was rigged and said he was also assaulted at the club.  Fred, the organizer of the weekly stripping event, said that Ira often danced naked, which Ira denied.  Judge Larry Joe showed footage of Ira dancing as evidence.  Larry Joe and bailiff William also teased each other, saying that they both attended the strip club in question.  The judge threw out the case because Ira could not prove his claim.
11-8-2002   Judge Larry Joe Plays Basketball With NBA's Robert Reid Raymond wanted Darnell to pay back $3,100 in loans, so he brought him in front of Judge Larry Joe.  Darnell was countersuing because he claimed that Raymond hurt him during a basketball game.  Judge Larry Joe brought out former NBA player (1977-91) Robert Reid for some mediation between the men.  Judge Larry Joe told Reid that he put on his "Texas tennis shoes" for a little courtroom basketball.  Reid went for a layup and Darnell used him to demonstrate what Raymond did to him on the court.  Judge Larry Joe said their claims offset each other, so nobody won any money.  After the case, Judge Larry Joe took off his robe and shot some hoops with Reid as the audience applauded them.  Also, Raymond and Darnell made up and decided to be friends again.
12-20-2002   Gay Strip Club Owners Come To Court Kathryn is in the gay porn Website business and also got the rights to an adult gay club.  Terrance took ownership of the club and worked with Kathryn on a gay porn site.  Kathryn brought him to court because she felt he did not pay her enough from the $10,000+ the site earned.  After some serious talk about the case, Judge Larry Joe put his feet up on the bench as tape of Terrance at his gay club was played.  Terrance showed how he remodeled the club, that featured computers specifically used for gay porn and showers that clients use to bring men for intimate dances!  To make things even wilder, Terrance had a witness named, Tyrel, who was dressed as a woman, but had a deerp, manly voice.  Judge Larry Joe granted Kathryn a fraction of the money she wanted, since Terrance proved he paid some of it.
1-30-2003   The Terrible Tattoo;  Hip Hop In Court William had a dirty tatoo that read,  "Eat More Pussy," on his neck for three years and needed it covered up, so he went to Chassity's tattoo parlor.  William chose a mask design to cover up the x-rated art, but did not like how it came out and brought Chassity to court for $5,000.   Larry Joe and the audience looked at his tattoo on the plasma screen and laughed because it looked awful.  Larry Joe said it was William's fault for not researching things and dismissed his case...In the second case, Kenneth brought "G-Dogg" and his wife, Janice, to court because he alleged that "G-Dogg" breached a contract with him.  Larry Joe wanted to see the talent, so "G-Dogg" performed his rap for the court as Janice jumped around and danced.  The case was dismissed, but the show was not over because Larry Joe and William danced with "G-Dogg" and Janice as the credits rolled.
2-10 thru 2-14-2003    Florida Week! Florida Week began on Monday with Larry Joe and William in Gatorland.  William held a baby alligator in his hand to show Larry Joe, but it wasn't big enough.  Larry Joe brought his bailiff into Gatorland where they met up with larger alligators.  They also sat on one as it moved toward a swamp full of alligators. Of course, Larry Joe and William wore their cowboy hats the whole time...Day two included a trip to an old courthouse in Opa-Locka, where the mayor welcomed Texas Justice.  Larry Joe and William also went deep sea fishing and relaxed on their boat in paradise...Wednesday featured another historic courthouse, but they were visiting Amelia Island this time.  They continued on to a beach where they road horses and took in beautiful views...Thursday, Larry Joe and William visited the Orlando Magic's stadium and played basketball with each other.  They also met their cheerleaders and the Magic's mascot...Florida Week ended with a trip to Cape Canaveral, where Larry Joe ad William looked at some spacecraft.
2-27-2003   Severed Finger On The Job  Caleb worked for Kenneth splitting wood and claimed that Kenneth was drinking when he operated the wood splitter.  As a result, Caleb lost the middle finger on his left hand.  Kenneth claimed the accident happened because Caleb smoked weed before the accident occurred.  Caleb re-enacted the incident in court, using a real wood slitter to show Larry Joe.  Things got dirty when Brooke, Caleb's girlfriend, testified that it takes Caleb longer to arouse her without the middle finger on his dominant hand.  Despite all the drama, Caleb was awarded $4,000 in damages for his pain and suffering.
SEASON THREE 2003-2004
9-8-2003   <SEASON PREMIERE> Renewal of Vows Season three began with a special ceremony, but before the event could start, Larry Joe had to take care of some business.   Edna Faye and her husband, Raymond, brought Lou to court claiming she did not pay them for their services on her wedding day.  The plaintiffs brought along an arbor, flowers, cake and a decorated table to show the work they did for the defendant.  Lou said that the flowers were plastic and the cake was crooked.  Larry Joe ruled for the plaintiffs and even agreed to renew their vows after 35 years of marriage.  A keyboardist played wedding music as bailiff William walked Edna Faye down the aisle.  Judge Larry Joe renewed their vows and they kissed.  As the credits rolled, the happy couple fed each other cake and Larry Joe thanked them for coming.
11-4-2003   Dirty Pool Brandon and Parker were playing pool when Brandon started talking trash.  Parker hit him in the mouth, which split his lip.  Brandon brought Parker to court over medical bills.  After they bickered about the game, Larry Joe surprised everybody with Vivian, a professional pool player known as the "Texas Tornado."  She showed evryone some tricky shots on a pool table that was set up in court.  After her demonstration, the men recreated the shot that caused their argument.  Larry Joe granted $871.66 to the plaintiff for his medical bills, saying Parker had no right to hit Brandon.  Larry Joe and William watched Vivan play pool as the credits rolled.
2-12-2004   Divided Over A Murder Clara said her ex-husband, Marion, never paid half of the money it cost to bury their son when he was brutally murdered.  20-year-old Melvin was found murdered in his car and the punk who did it was the son of a killer who had already been executed in Texas.  Melvin was their only son.  During deliberation, Judge Larry Joe found a signed contract where Marion agreed to pay for half of the expenses, so Clara won her suit.  She applauded the decision.
Larry Elder's second attempt at syndicated daytime televions went about as well as his first.  The Larry Elder Show tackled many controversial topics, but ratings were never high enough.  The show was canceled in spring 2005 after only one season.
9-13-2004  <SERIES PREMIERE!>  Jason Alexander:  Married To Britney Spears For 55 Hours!
Elder began his show with a bang by interviewing the man who married Britney Spears.  Jason Alexander, 24,  knew the pop princess from school, so it was only fitting that she invited him to Las Vegas for New Year's.  Alexander said he and Britney hit it off from the start, even getting "sexually intimate" during their first night in Sin City.  After a few days of romance, Alexander said Spears wanted to get married.  They got hitched, but Britney's family freaked when they found out.  Alexander claimed her mom screamed at him on the phone. and her brother even flew into Vegas to make sure they got their marriage annulled.  They ended it after only 55 hours.  Alexander said he really liked her for who she was, not for being a pop star.
9-21-2004  Husbands Leading A Secret Gay Life
Joy married Darryl even though he told her he was bisexual.  They had several kids and things were going great, until Darryl realized he was gay.  He cheated on Joy with men, but had to tell her the truth.  Joy told Larry she was shocked when she found out but decided to stick by her man!  Darryl and Joy are still married for the sake of the kids.  Joy said it's like any marriage except for that one "little" thing.  Both pledged to stay togetehr unless the other finds a new lover..."Pete" and "Kathleen" were married for 10 years and she was four months pregnant when he came out to her.  "Pete" appeared on the show in silhoutte because many people didn't know he was gay.  Unlike the previous couple, "Kathleen" ended the marriage because she knew it would never work.
9-23-2004  Adults In Love With Teens
Rebecca, 27, was married and had a child when she had sex with two teen boys!  Her husband left her and she wound up in jail twice, but she managed to marry 16-year-old Matt.  He was 15 when they started going out, but they had to wait until he turned 16 to get legally married.  And, to make matters worse, Rebecca was pregnant with Matt's child...I.V. was only 14 when she married 42-year-old Daina.  His much older wife convinced I.V. and his parents that she was pregnant, so his parents reluctantly gave them their blessing to wed.  Turns out, Daina was NOT pregnant, so they the couple ended it.  I.V. told Larry that Daina also expected too much from him -- she tought he should support her and drive her around (he was too young to drive!)  I.V. told other boys in similar situations to "be careful."
11-4-2004  Racists
Alisha says shes always hated white people because they are "liars."  She's raising her 10-year-old son, Haven, to also hate whites.  Haven goes to a mostly white school and told his mom that he has white friends, which she does not accept.  Alisha said if Haven ever married a white woman, she would disown him...Michael says he hates blacks, Jews and gay people.  He referred to black people as "negroes" and raised his daughter to be racist.  Too bad she fell in love with a black man and had a child with him!  Nevertheless, Michael still hated everyone who wasn't white.  Tempers hit a boiling point when Michael told Larry that he was glad the Holocaust happened!  Larry was disgusted by that comment and had Michael removed from the show!  After hearing Michael's racist thoughts, Alisha decided to change.
September 11, 2006 thru September 7, 2007-- Psycologist Dr. Keith Ablow tried to be an alternative to Dr. Phil, but wound up being cancelled after only one season due to low ratings. He now makes appearances on the Today Show and Howard Stern.
2-28-2007 "Wolfman & Medical Marvels"
Larry suffers from a disease that's left his body covered in hait. It runs in his family. Despite his physical appearance, he's accepted in his town and has even gotten married and has a child. Larry says he's been offered lazer treatment to remove the hair, but he's happy the way he is. LATER, Barb was electrocuted when she was just two years old. Her arms were burned so badly, that she had them amputated. It hasn't held her back in life. She uses her feet for everything, even for driving.
2-1-2007 "Racism Caught on Tape"
Syliva was on a past show saying she hates her daughter's black boyfriend, Jeff. Everyone was back for this show and cameras went along as Sylvia went to Jeff's house for dinner. Sylvia was so afraid of going that she brought hand sanitizer because she was afraid to get germs. No surprise, the dinner never happened because Sylvia walked out. LATER, things got very heated after Sylvia called Jeff's mother an n***** in a taped piece. Jeff jumped out of his seat and screamed at Sylvia, telling her that she's the "N." Dr. Keith told Jeff that that's a perfect example of how hate infects everyone around.
1-26-2007  "Britney Spears: Superstar With Trouble"
Milissa is officially out of her mind. She's 22 years old and can't get enough of Britney Spears. So much so, that her room is covered in Britney pictures. She even dragged her friends out to celebrate Britney's birthday. Sadly, Milissa said she knows so much about Britney that she feels they are friends. Dr. Keith also spoke with Milissa's friends and family who thought her obession with the pop star was too much. NEXT, Cameron spent thousands of dollars in attempt to meet Britney, but it never happened. He also claimed to know all of her dance moves, which he demonstrated to Dr. Keith (as the audience laughed at him). AND, Ruben used to operate the biggest britney website on the internet but has shut it down. Ruben closed the site because he's not happy with the way she treats her fans and the way she's been acting in public.
12-18-2006 "Raised By A Racist"
Sylvia swears shes not a white supremacist, but says black people should "get back on the boat" to Africa. Her racist ways didn't rub off on her daughter, Misty, who is dating a black man named Jeff. Sylvia says she once threw up at the thought of Misty dating an African-American. When Jeff caem out, Dr. Keith sat him right next to Sylvia, who said she'd burn in hell before she accepts their relationship. LATER, Corean and Janean were raised by a racist father and told to hate white people. Corean married a white man and Janean and their racist dad, Gene, don't approve. After a break, Gene came out and talked about his Black Panther past and said he was with white women to get revenge. (Update above: 2/1/07)
12-14-2006  "Afraid to Leave the House"
Melissa has only left her home five times in the past five years and appeared on this show via satellite. She says she has horrible panic attacks if she goes out in public, so she just stays inside everyday. Her husband and daughter want to get her help but she refuses. Melissa's husband, Lindsay, has even said she should die because she lives such a miserable existence. Later on, cameras followed Melissa as she ventured out the grocery store for the first time in five years. Of course, she was overcome by fear and panic and had to leave the store. At the end of the show, Dr. Keith told Melissa that he wants her to be able to go to his show in New York with in two months.
11-29-2006  The Women of the Bunny Ranch
It just wouldn't be sweeps without a trip to the Moonlight Bunch Ranch, the infamous legal brothel in Nevada. Alexis has been married for 10 years, but still turns tricks at the Bunny Ranch. ?She even has a dirty menu that she gives to clients, describing some of the sex acts she'll perform for a buck. Alexis' husband says he has his worries but normally doesn't talk to his wife about her work... NEXT, Brooke says she's slept with nearly 100 men since she started working at the Bunny Ranch. Her mother, Debbie, says she isn't thrilled with her daughters career choice, but accepts it... AND, Felicia Foxxx is a grandmother who says she works as a "fetish provider" at the Bunny Ranch. She dresses men as babies and whips them for money... LATER, one of the strangers tories from the Bunny Ranch: Moonshadow, who was shot in the head and is now blind, but still has sex for money! Most of the women say they use stages names so they won't get stalkers and all of the women are tested for diseases on a regular basis.
11-17-2006   Inside the Adult Entertainment Industry
You know it's sweep when a talk show does this topic... Savanna Sampson is not just a well-known porn star, she's also a wife and mother. Sampson said it's much easier for her to have sex on camera than to have Dr. Keith analyze her.... Chris and his wife, Brandi Love, left the stressful work world to star in porn together. Their family did not support the decision and turned them in to child services for endangering their six-year-old daughter. Brandi Love said she would support her daughter if she wanted to be in porn if that made her happy.... Kayden Kross is about to star in her first adult film. She says she's nervous about it and hopes she doesn't look bad on camera.
11-13-2006  Adult Virgins
Sarah is 29 years old and has not had sex yet. She's made it her goal of having sex by her 30th birthday. To help her out, "Jane" magazine has been sending her out on dates in the hopes of finding Mr. Right. Dr. Keith also soke with Sarah's mother who said she worried about the publicity her daughter would get. NEXT, 29-year-old Richard was in a long-term relationship with the goal of having sex when he got married. But the relationship fell apart and he found himself alone and awkward with women. Richard was so timid with women that Dr. Keith had to coach him about touching a woman. AND, 27-year-old Demarcus has always known he wanted to get married before having sex. He's become a professional model and admits it is hard keeping his virginity being around women all day.
10-17-2006  "The Exclusive Interview: John Mark Karr"
John Mark Karr, the man who said he was there the night Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered, spoke out for the first time on "Dr. Keith Ablow." The show aired brief clips of Karr when he knew he was being recorded and clips of when cameras were rolling without his knowledge. Very shady. Karr did admit to some creepy things, like having an orgasm when he was four years old and he loves children's films like "Secret Garden."
9-28-2006  The Modern Face of Polygamy
Valerie shares her husband with two other wives. All together, the three women have 21 children with the guy and they all live together under one roof. Incredibly, the women say they are best friends and don't mind sharing the same man. Dr. Keith also spoke with the husband who appeared in shadow and did not give his name for fear of being arrested. The husband said he's into polygamy for religious reasons. LATER, Dr. Keith spoke with several teens who were raised in polygamous households. One of them, Christian, had 38 siblings and said he wants to have multiple wives someday just like his father.
9-11-2006  SERIES PREMIERE -- Moving On After War, Remembering 9/11
Brandy and Jake married after only months of dating because Jake had to be deployed to Afghanistan. Now that he's home, Brandy says Jake has changed. He's distant and their relationship is falling apart. Dr. Keith told Jake that he thinks he suffers from post-tramatic stress disorder. Jake agreed to see a therapist to help him get over the pains of war. LATER, Dr. Keith traveled to ground zero in New York where he spoke with a firefighter who lost many friends on 9/11. Back in the studio, he spoke with two 9/11 widows and a fire fighter who witnessed the attacks. She said that time is so much more precious to her since the attacks.
September 2006 thru September 2008 -- Judge Maria Lopez was born in Havana, Cuba. When she was eight years old, her father gave up his job as a physician so his family could escape the violent revolution in Cuba. The family wound up in Miami and Maria learned English in just three months. Judge Lopez went on to graduate from Boston University Law School before serving as Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. In 1988, she was appointed as the first Latina judge in Massachusetts. In 1993, she became the first Latina to be appointed to the Massachusetts Superior Court. She is a rather controversial figure in Massachusetts. She was criticized for not giving a transgendered child rapist any jail time. She also yelled at a prosecutor in the case (something that was broadcast all over local news) and was therefore accused of judicial misconduct and ordered to apologize. Lopez refused to apologize and resigned from the bench. Sony Pictures heard about all the controversy and tapped her to preside over the Judge Maria Lopez court show. The show started in September 2006 and is taped in New York City. The bailiff's name is Peter. Despite low ratings, Sony has renewed Judge Maria Lopez for a second season.
SEASON ONE: 2006-2007
Sherri was suing her ex , Nasser, for money she lent him that he never gave back. Nasser was just out of prison and was one cocky son of a bitch. He told Judge Lopez that Sherri knew what she was getting into so he shouldn't have to repay her. He showed the judge a tattoo across his chest which read, "The Mexican You love To Hate," saying he was only living up to his tattoo. Judge Lopez told Nasser that he wasn't that hot. No surprises here, Judge Lopez ruled in favor of Sherri and called Nasser a "scam artist."
Delis brought Eve to court for $5,000 for a Brazilian wax gone wrong. Delis said she was nine months pregnant at the time and wanted to be "clean" for when she delivered. Eve said she warned Delis not to have a Brazilian wax because she was too close to giving birth, but Delis insisted on getting it done. The deed was done, but Delis ound up in the hospital with irritation down below. Eve said she thought Delis was trying to scame her because everyone knows you shouldn't have a Brazilian wax at nine months pregnant. Judge Maria Lopez agreed with Eve, saying Delis only had a minor injury and shouldn't have been waxed in the first place. Verdict: case dismissed.
SEASON TWO: 2007-2008
Tracie and Tony brought James to court for recording their son's funeral without their permission. James, a rap producer, worked with their son before he was gunned down on the streets. So, he thought it was okay to come to his funeral and tape it. Tracie and Tony said they never gave him permission to record it, which James admitted was the truth. Tracie said she told James to give her all of the video so it would never air on television. Instead, James made a PSA with it and broadcast it on public access television. Judge Maria played part of the PSA, which showed their son's casket and a backhoe diging his resting place. Judge Maria told James that the video was in poor taste and hurtful to Traci and Tony. Because of that, she ruled in their favor, granting them $3,000 for emotional distress.
September 2007-September 2008 -- "Jury Duty" was unlike any other court show. Instead of the judge rendering the verdict, a panel of three celebrity jurors deliberated and deliverd a judgement. The celebrities were allowed to question both sides before they sat down to discuss the verdict, which was then presented to judge Bruce Cutler.  The jurors had to come to a unanimous decision otherwise Cutler stepped in to settle the case. Cutler came to fame as music producer Phil Spector's attorney during part of his murder trial. Cutler also represented the late mob boss John Gotti, getting him off the hook in three separate trials.  "Jury Duty" aired in syndication across the country, but episodes could also been seen on many iON affiliates and online at "Jury Duty" was taped at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California.
SEASON ONE: 2007-2008
9-21-2007  "COSIGN MELIGN"
Things got heated as two former friends confronted each other over unpaid rent. Alfonso brought his friend of 35 years, Nate, to court over two months of rent that he skipped out on. Alfonso also co-signed for Nate since his credit was bad. Instead of talking about the case, these two guys yelled at each other. Nate called Alfonso a "ho" and a "punk" who was a womanizer. Alfonso called Nate's ex-wfe a "ho," which made him lose it. The court officer got between them before things got physical.  After debating, the jurors ruled in favor of Alfonso, since Nate admitted her never paid the money.
9-19-2007  "FAMILY BLOWOUT"
Carrie brought her 16-year-old daughter's much older boyfriend, Joe, to court for $3,000. She says he threw a watermelon-sized rock at her Mustang after she broke his glass bong. Joe had quite a lengthy criminal record and was just let out of jail the night before the case! Carried also said that he treated her daughter, Melanie, like garbage. He allegedly physically abused her and cheated on her several times because she refused to have sex with him. In the end, celebrity judges Paula Poundstone, Bruce Jenner and Lisa Guerrero sided with Carrie, granting her the $3,000.